"The second installment in the Game & Watch Gallery series--and this one's a doozy!"

In 1997, ''Game & Watch Gallery'' was released for Game Boy, and old-schoolers rejoiced. Now the phenomenon is back--this time for the Game Boy Color! ''Game & Watch Gallery 2'' is just as great as the one before it!

''Game & Watch Gallery 2'' contains five games:

Parachute--Of all the days to go skydiving, they chose this day! There's a shark down there with a smile on his face, and you know what that means! Help save the skydivers by catching them in your boat, because if you miss one, the only one who'll be happy is the shark!

Donkey Kong--An ape is on the loose, and he's captured Mario's girlfriend and taken her to the top of a construction site! And he's hurling barrels, too! (Looks like that monkey's REALLY desperate for a girl, huh?) As Mario, you must make it to the top of the construction site to save Pauline by unhooking the loose floor Donkey Kong is standing on, all the while avoiding the barrels he throws and flying steel girders. Go get that girl, plumber!

Vermin--Those pesky moles are trying to enter your garden! Stop them by bashing them flat with your mallets!

Chef--There's trouble in the kitchen: Food is flying everywhere! Unless you like your food on a dirty floor, you better flip those yummy treats and make sure they stay in the air.

Helmet--Yikes! There's a bunch of tools falling from the sky, heading straight for YOU! (Yes, you--the one with the hard hat.) Dodge those tools and make it to the shed. Why? Because that hard hat isn't gonna help your head much, I can tell you that!

Not only can you play the originals, but Mario and crew appear in modern versions, giving the games a little more flavor.

The ''Stars'' system is important here: Get a ''Star'' for every 200 points you get in a game. These ''Stars'' will help you to unlock a viewable gallery of Game & Watch games, and even an extra playable game! I won't tell you which one--you'll have to figure that out on your own!

Now you don't really need to play the games just to hear the great tunes. ''Game & Watch Gallery 2'' contains a music gallery where you can listen to your favorite jams from each modern version.

Like its predecessor, ''Game & Watch Gallery 2'' is a very cool game. Make sure you add this one to your collection as soon as possible!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/12/04

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