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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Xanathis

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/22/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Revelations: The Demon Slayer Walkthrough v1.1
    Updated: March, 22 2001 (lots of new info near the end of the game
    submitted by Ted Raymond)
    By: Xanathis (Xanathis@hotmail.com)
    If you have any corrections, additions, suggestions,
    or questions, feel free to drop me an email.
    ~~Table of Contents~~
    1. Introduction
    2. Walkthrough
     2.1 - Kishe & Mt. Palo
     2.2 - Saving Uranus
     2.3 - Secrets of the Gaia Masters
     2.4 - End of the Zord
     2.5 - Downfall of the Gaia Masters
    3. Items
    4. Equipment
    5. Links
    6. Copyright
    ~~1. Introduction~~
    Revelations: The Demon Slayer
    Made by: Atlus
    Year: 1999
    System: Gameboy Color
    Type: RPG
    Difficulty Level (On a scale of 1-10): 2
    Time Needed to Complete Game: 14 - 16 hrs.
    Atlus is known for making a large number of new, different, and exciting
    RPGs. Revelations maintains the Atlus reputation with another excellent
    game to add to any RPG player's collection. Revelations is an installment
    of the Last Bible series of Atlus games (Last Bible 1-2 gb/gbc, Last Bible
    1 and Last Bible 3 for Super Famicom, Last Bible 1-2 gamegear...those are
    the ones that I know of) which is an extension of the Megami Tensei
    universe of Atlus games (I won't get into a list of games for that).
    Interestingly enough, this is the only Last Bible title (that I know of) to
    make the cross to America.
    As is common in the Megami Tensei related games, Revelations' story is based
    around demons with a unique blend of gaming involved. The graphics are
    great for a GBC title, better than a lot. Revelations' music is some of
    my favorite music done for the GBC. There is a good balance of gameplay/story
     as well (although the controls can be sluggish at times). If you play this
    game and find that you enjoy it a lot, I recommend Persona and Persona 2:
    Eternal Punishment on PSX as they are also part of the Megami Tensei collection
    of games and quite enjoyable.
    General Notes:
    * Play with a friend! There's a VS Mode in the game :)
    * You are able to 'talk' with monsters to get them to join you.
    You can use them in battle, combine them, etc.
    * When you gain levels, you get to choose where to add points to on
    character statistics.
    You'll notice that I'm not going into the monsters and monster combining
    in this FAQ. That's because there are two most excellent Monster
    and Combine FAQs on http://www.gamefaqs.com that are much better than I
    could hope to do. Go check em out.
    Big Thanks to:
    Ted Raymond (simply-me@myself.com) for providing a lot of end-game info
    after you get the Ark that I had failed to notice.
    ~~2. Walkthrough~~
    -- 2.1 Kishe & Mt. Palo --
    Treasure: Tite Sword, Leather Mail, $300
    (prices found in the item and equipment sections)
    Item Shop:
    Mana Seed
    Silph Wing
    Leather Mail
    Copper Armor
    Copper Shield
    Weapon Shop:
    Tite Sword
    Heat Sword
    You start out in town having just finished your Gaia training to become a
    Gaia warrior. You'll walk into the shrine and recieve a Tite Sword. Open
    the chests to get a Leather Mail on the left and $300 on the right. Leave
    the shrine by the front door and walk down-right to enter the info stand.
    Talk to the man in the middle (Gaia Warrior Zodia). He will ask you to take
    some children up Mt. Palo, but then monsters will attack. After he leaves,
    talk to the town people and they will ask you to go to Remlia (south of
    the mountains to the west), before climbing Mt. Palo.
    Leave town and walk west until you can go south. Go south between the
    two mountain ranges. You'll see desert to the east. Go east to see a town
    in the desert. If you try to enter it, you'll find a Gaia barrier
    created by monsters preventing you from going in. This is the town of
    Arrow which was mentioned back in Moila as being under attack.
    There's nothing you can do for Arrow yet, so go south-west and enter
    the town of Remlia.
    Item Shop:
    Mana Seed
    Silph Wing
    Leather Mail
    Copper Armor
    Iron Armor
    Copper Shield
    Iron Shield
    Weapon Shop:
    Tite Sword
    Heat Sword
    Kill Whip
    Scare Claw
    Kintal Sword
    Talk to the townsfolk outside. They will mention that you need Lete
    Water to save Arrow. A person will also say that the Lete Water
    is in the South Oasis. Enter the buildings on the sides of town
    to find the shops and to find a house of a man named Kishe. He
    was injured taking on some monsters and needs the doctor in
    the town of Arrow for help. When you get done with the shopping
    and talking to people, enter the building in the center of town
    and go talk to the Gaia masters. It seems that the monsters
    want something known only as The Orb. A very important artifact.
    Now that we're done checking out Remlia, we need to help out
    Kishe and the town of Arrow.
    Cave of Oasis
    Treasure: Lete Water
    Once you're ready to go, head south into the desert along
    the mountains. You'll see a path that weaves through the mountains
    on your right. Get on that path and follow it. You will most likely
    want the most powerful equipment you can buy since you'll reach
    a point where new monsters will attack. Eventually, you'll reach what
    appears to look like a fountain. Step on it to enter the Cave of Oasis.
    This is really easy. Just walk onto the little bridge and you'll get
    the Lete Water. The challenge is surviving the powerful monsters here.
    Once you get it, run out and use a handy silph wing to zip back to
    Remlia. Walk over to Arrow and El will use the Lete Water so you can
    Town of Arrow
    Treasure: Medicine
    Item Shop:
    Mana Seed
    Silph Wing
    Armor Shop:
    Sky Armor
    Wolf Shield
    Weapon Shop:
    Iron Cutter
    Spirit Sword
    Prepare for your first boss fight and walk up to take on Jabba.
    He doesn't have very many hit points and will die in a couple of
    rounds if you hit him each time with the Kintal Sword for 50 odd
    damage. He has a nasty spell called Curse1 that can instantly kill
    a character though. Once he's dead, talk to the townspeople and
    go to the doctor's office. He will give you the Medicine item for
    saving the town. Go back to Remlia and give the medicine to Kishe.
    He'll revive and join your party. He comes with the spell Combine,
    which you can use to combine 2 monsters to make a new monster. Talk
    to the guardians of the orb in the back room and they'll ask El and
    Kishe to go to Mt. Palo and destroy the monsters.
    Leave Remlia and head west. Enter the first hut object you see on the
    Mt. Palo
    Treasure: Pass
    Talk to Zodia and find out he couldn't save the kids. Talk to the other
    person and he'll move out of the way so you can climb along with saying
    that they are going to take Zodia back to the Remlia Inn. The mountain
    is very straight forward. Climb all the ladders then walk all the way up.
    Go right and follow the path, climbing any ladder you come across until
    you see the boss at the top of a ladder.
    Heal up and then go up to take on Devil. He can do a whole heck of a lot
    of damage so be sure to have decent levels and the best armor. Weapons
    seemed to do more damage to him than spells. When he is defeated, the kids
    will run back down the mountain. Climb back down yourself and return
    to Lemlia. Go to the inn and talk to the man in bed to find out that
    Zodia has gone on a mission to gain more Gaia power. Now go talk to the
    keepers of the orb in the back room of the shrine. They will give
    you the Pass item and ask you to find out why the monsters wanted
    the orb.
    Leave Lemlia and head west past Mt. Palo and enter the other hut looking
    object on the world map. Talk to the guard, he'll see the pass, and let
    you walk through the West Shrine. When you exit, enter the town of Harappa.
    -- 2.2 Saving Uranus --
    There isn't anything to do here but talk to the people. You'll find out
    that a priest's daughter named Uranus was kidnapped and that she
    had the ability to talk to animals. The animals try to ask you to save
    her, but nobody knows where she was taken to. Leave Harappa and go south
    to enter the town of Meruha.
    Treasure: Magnetite, $600
    Item Shop:
    Mana Seed
    Silph Wing
    Iron Armor
    Sky Armor
    Shock Armor
    Iron Shield
    Wolf Shield
    Kintal Shield
    Talk to the people to find out that you need to go through the Shrine of
    Hypnos to get to Ramuh. Go into the right building and into the first room you
    come across to find 2 treasure chests which contain a magnetite and $600. It
    also seems that other people have been by the town...a man named Hata
    researching the monsters and a group called the Zord who are fighting
    the monsters.
    Only thing to do is go to the Shrine of Hypnos south-west of Meruha. When you
    come out, go south-west to town of Jalawan.
    Treasure: Rune
    Weapon Shop:
    Spirit Sword
    Iron Cutter
    Kintal Sword
    Hecto Axe
    Climb the stairs. Go right and enter the first door you come upon. Get the
    Rune from the chest. You will find Hata here. He's trying to find a way
    to extend the lives of monsters and due to it, got banished. A person
    mentions that the priest of Ramuh has something called the Sol Ring that
    lets you talk to animals. Leave Jalawan and walk far south-east. You will
    come upon the town of Ramuh.
    Item Shop:
    Mana Seed
    Mona Branch
    Silph Wing
    Rei Robe
    Aura Robe
    Ice Armor
    Weapon Shop:
    Iron Cutter
    Spirit Sword
    Hecto Axe
    Cross Sword
    Moon Sword
    Talk to everyone and find that Ramuh's priest, Rafael, has gone to
    to the Tower of Magan in pursuit of the monsters who stole the orb.
    Stock up, go a little east, and enter the hut.
    Tower of Magan
    Treasure: Bamora, Light Charm, Magnetite, Dragon Bone 1, Sol Ring,
    Black Key
    Just climb the steps on each floor to advance your way up
    the tower. On the 3rd floor, you'll find 4 chests which contain
    a Bamora, Light Charm, Magnetite, and Dragon Bone 1. On the
    4th floor you'll come upon the boss - MinTaur. Keep your hit
    points up while hitting him with all you have and he'll go down
    in no time. Talk to the priests and they'll ask you to come
    with them to Ramuh. Go down the tower and return to the town.
    The priest will give you the Sol Ring and you can talk to animals
    now. A person in Ramuh will also mention that the Zord would do
    anything for Gaia.
    Go back to Harappa and talk to the animals. They will tell you that
    the Zord took Uranus away. The duck will give you the Black Key so
    you can get past the rock. Walk north-west and enter the cave.
    Nest of Zord
    Treasure: Kirin Bone 3, $1500
    Hike to the right and use the black key on the rock. Open the
    chest for a Kirin Bone 3 then face the monster - Zord P. He's
    nothing and dies in a hit or two. Go straight left and get
    $1500 from the chest then go up. You'll see 3 branches, take
    the one to the far left as the other 2 are dead-ends. Take
    on the Zord H and continue along the cave. You'll see
    yet another monster who is guarding a person. This one is the
    boss - Buster. He is pretty weak and you can take him down
    right quick. Talk to the girl and she'll get upset at you
    for killing the monsters and leave. Go back to Harappa and
    talk to her again. This time Uranus joins your party.
    Go back to Ramuh and walk east, following the land. It'll
    curve down and then back west. Enter the town of Tilmun.
    -- 2.3 Secrets of the Gaia Masters --
    Treasure: Arce Sword
    Item Shop:
    Dew of Lete
    Mana Seed
    Silph Wing
    You'll find that Zodia has been by here, but he's headed to the
    northwest to the Mt. of Sages. Somebody will say that you can't go
    south without the Dolphin. You'll also get the Arce Sword that was
    made for Zodia but he never picked it up. There's also rumor of Zodia
    being the leader of the Zord. The son of the priest ran off with the
    town's treasured firestaff; supposedly he eloped. Find his girlfriend
    who says that the zord are after him and he's hiding on an island.
    Go all the way right from the town entrance then all the way up. Talk to
    the dolphin who says you need a permit to ride him. Go all the way left
    from the town entrance to talk to Triton's (the son of the priest) girlfriend.
    Now talk to the woman (Triton's mom) in the shrine and she'll give you
    permission to ride the dolphin. Ride the dolphin to the island.
    Cave of Orthrus
    Treasure: Kirin Bone 1, Heal Staff, Fire Staff
    Bring a Rune item along. Follow the cave to the right and up. Ignore the
    doorway and continue left. Go up the first path and open the chest for a
    Kirin Bone 1. Continue left and up, open the chest next to the person
    to get a Heal Staff. Talk to Triton who will think you are part of the Zord.
    Suddenly Orthrus will appear and attack you to protect Triton. After you defeat
    Orthrus, Triton learns the truth. He'll use your Rune to revive Orthrus and
    then gives you the Fire Staff. Talk to Orthrus and he will join your party,
    yay. Go back to Tilmun. Talk to everyone. For now, head north-west and enter
    the mountain.
    Mt. of Sages
    Treasure: Emblem, Revive 1 spell
    There are men here who can create monsters if you have 3 bones.
    Climb up to the top where there are 3 sages standing. Talk to the one on the
    right and Uranus will learn Revive 1 from him. The middle one gives you
    an Emblem, something Zodia left behind. In Tilmun, you will find 2 dolphins
    now that you can ride. Hop on the right one to the Zord Castle.
    Zord Castle
    Treasure: Mana, Light Charm, Magnetite x3, Wind Charm x2, Dew of Lete,
    Dragon Bone 3, Kirin Bone 2, Mana Seed, Earth Charm
    Talk to the monster and he will ask you to come in. Enter the building.
    The first room on your right has two chests which contain a Mana and
    a Light Charm. Outside the next room you'll find none other than Zodia.
    He'll say that Uranus' father was murdered and that if you want the details
    you have to follow him.
    Go right into the next room and walk up.  You'll come to a spot with doors on
    both sides. Go left and then go up through the next door to a room with 7
    chests. In them you will find a 2 Magnetites, 2 Wind Charms, Dew of Lete,
    and Dragon Bone 3. Go back and enter the room on the right to find 4 more
    chests which have Kirin Bone 2, Mana Seed, Magnetite, and Earth Charm.
    Go back again and continue up to see Zodia and a monster.
    Talk to Zodia and it will sound like he is going mad in his pursuit of Gaia.
    He created the Zord to defeat the monsters. He then forces you to fight
    his right hand man, Morgan. Morgan isn't too bad, just has a lot of HP.
    Keep your hp up and you'll be alright. Zodia will tell you that the Gaia
    Masters killed Uranus' father Rafael. He says they know all about the monsters
    and are meeting in Atlantis for the meeting of the gods. Zodia then disappears.
    Strange how the Zord had kidnapped Uranus before and now claim to be good.
    Area Near Zord Castle
    Treasure: Cerbero (monster), Water Charm, Amon Bone 3, Blood, Magnetite x4
    Exit the castle and walk west across the bridge. The hut you see there
    is an inn so no need to worry. North-west from the Inn is a Shrine of Monsters
    and to the west is another Shrine of Monsters. Go to them and talk to the
    monsters to learn that they need the orbs to survive. You'll also find a
    monster in each that will trade items for your magnetite.
    Shrine 1:
    Tote's Eye
    Shrine 2:
    Flute of Magi
    Cult Mask
    Go north-west of the second shrine to reach a Monster Nest (town). 
    Hata will be here again. Talk to the monsters and one will mention a cave
    to the east. North of the Monster Nest is another inn. Walk east and north.
    You'll see a little spot of grassland in the middle of trees. Step on it to
    enter the Cave of Cerbero. Talk to Cerbero and he will join you. You'll also
    find several chests in here that have Water Charm, Amon Bone 3, and Blood.
    Upon exiting Cerbero's cave, take 2 steps west, then walk south until
    you enter the cave of fairy. You'll find 2 magnetites inside.
    Walk 2 steps north of the monster nest then straight east to find another
    fairy cave. This also has 2 magnetites in it. Go northwest of the Monster Nest
    and use the Shrine of Hypnos. A man on the otherside will say that Atlantis is
    to the north east. Leave the shrine and walk north-east to the town of Crotona.
    Treasure: Rune
    Item Shop:
    Mana Seed
    Pana Care
    Mona Branch
    Dew of Lete
    Silph Wing
    Weapon Shop:
    Hecto Axe
    Kintal Sword
    Evil Buster
    Hecto Mail
    Shock Armor
    Ice Armor
    Bull Shield
    Hecto Shield
    You'll find a duck on the north-left side of town. Talk to it and it'll give
    you a Rune that it accidentally swallowed...silly duck. Walk east from town and
    you'll find Atlantis.
    Item Shop:
    Pana Care
    Dew of Lete
    Mona Branch
    Magus Robe
    Nano Mail
    Magus Armor
    Saint Armor
    Bull Shield
    Saint Shield
    Weapon Shop:
    Aaron Rod
    Wind Sword
    Talk to the gaia masters in the shrine and they will just laugh away the
    accusations by Zodia and say he's lying to you. (But if you remember, a duck
    in Ramuh also thought the gaia masters were fishy). Everyone will tell
    you that the Zord are the true enemy. Now go outside of the buildings and
    walk straight up to the next screen. You'll find monsters here. Kill them
    and then enter the sewers.
    Atlantis Sewers
    Treasure: Water Charm, Muramasa, Earth Charm, Amon Bone 1, $2000, Magnetite,
    Jail Key
    Walk left from the entrance and up (ignore the path that branches off to the
    left for now). On the first chance you get, walk right to get 2 chests which
    have a Water Charm and Muramasa. Go up and all the way right to get an Earth
    Charm. Walk down and enter the second door (first one leads to a dead end).
    Open the chest there for Amon Bone 1. Now return to the path we ignored before.
    Follow it left and up. Walk past the door (leads to empty treasure chest)
    to the left and continue up. You'll find 2 chests that have $1000 each.
    Go through the door there to get a Magnetite in another chest. Re-enter
    the sewers and make your way to the bottom most door. Go through it and
    follow the hallway.
    You will spot a Gaia Master and 3 monsters to your right. When you start
    to walk through the narrow area, you'll overhear the Gaia Master talking
    to the monsters. It turns out that the Gaia Masters really did take the orb
    and they also created the monsters! Zodia wasn't lying after all. Go up
    the steps. Talk to the Zord man and he'll tell you Hilam was imprisoned
    in the Zord town of Dalo and then gives you the prison key. The man will then
    run out of the room. Exit the room, go left, and enter the shrine. You find
    out that everyone has left to attack the town of Dalo.
    -- 2.4 End of the Zord --
    Treasure: Dragon Bone 2, $3200, Light Charm, Bard, Lapis
    Exit Atlantis and walk west; following the mountains. When you reach what
    looks like the end of the mountains, go north-west. You will soon come upon
    Dalo. Enter the Zord town.
    Immediately from when you enter the town, go right
    and up all the way. You will come upon a chest with Dragon Bone 2 inside.
    Now go in the door at the front. Talk to everyone there to find that
    they sadly annihilated all the Zord and seek to kill Zodia. The blind
    foolish people believe the Gaia Masters without question. Enter the
    room on the right to find 2 chests - $3200 and a Light charm. Now in
    the main room go up and search the door. You'll use the Jail Key
    to free Hilam, maker of the Arks. Talk to the Zord and one of them
    will give you the Bard, which allows entrance into Zord Headquarters.
    Go back to Crotona and talk to Hilam's wife in the courtyard area.
    She'll give you the Lapis, which allows the Arks to fly. Walk over
    to Atlantis and go back to the room where the Zord was hiding. Talk
    to Hilam and he'll begin working on making an Ark for you.
    Zord Headquarters
    Treasure: Wind Charm, $5000, Photon Shield, Amon Bone 2, Photon Sword,
    Photon Armor
    From Dalo, walk north-east through the ice. You'll spot an area with
    a ring of stones. Step into the very middle of the ring and you'll
    be warped to the Zord's HQ.
    Walk all the way up. You will come upon 2 chests. One is empty and
    the other has a Wind Charm. Now you want to walk down and go through
    the top door on the right. Walk across the hallway into the next room
    on the right to find 6 treasure chests. Inside them are $5000, Photon
    Shield, Amon Bone 2, Photon Sword, and Photon Armor. Return to the hallway
    and continue up and through the door. Walk straight up all the way and
    go through another door. Again walk all the way up and you'll find
    Zodia. Heal up and then talk to him; you'll end up fighting him. Keep
    your hit points up and use physical attacks since they do more damage
    than your magic. Also use Kishe's Offense Up spell so that you can
    deal more damage. After Zodia is defeated, he'll ask you to defeat
    the Gaia Masters and then die. The Gaia Masters will appear and
    laugh about the death of Zodia. Two will go away but Mephist will
    stay behind. He admits that they killed the priest of Ramuh, Uranus'
    father, too. Then you'll go into a boss fight with him. Use the same
    tactic as with Zodia. He can deal more damage than Zodia, but has
    about the same amount of hit points and less defense. Once you kill
    off Mephist, walk up through the door to find yourself back at the stone
    -- 2.5 Downfall of the Gaia Masters --
    Treasure: Ark
    Return to Atlantis and talk to Hilam to find that your Ark is done. Exit
    town and hop in the Ark. 
    Treasure: Charms, Revive 2, Light Dew, Spark 2, Holy 3, Force Armor, Force
    Shield, Force Sword, Impact 2, Force
    (Any text between two sets of *** are by Ted Raymond)
    If you've noticed, as you play, The Goddess of the Force will come to you
    at certain inns and tell you things, now this is relevant because after you
    get the ark, you can fly south from Dalo and find another continent with three 
    uts on it. The rightmost hut, which I suggest you go to first, has treasure in it.
    The Spark Sword for Uranus and various Charms. There are also 4 sages, three of
    which increase the strength of Kirin, Dragon and Amon making them exceptionally
    powerful with added HP, MP and spells. The other sage will teach Uranus the useful
    Revive 2 spell. When you leave, go to the west and talk to the sage there. He will
    give you a Water Charm. If you talk to him again, he will say that one of the Gaia
    Masters you defeated has returned to life. You will then be attacked by Mephist in
    his Demon Form. If you are at Level 44 or higher, have Kishe cast offense up and
    then set it to Auto, Mephist is a pushover. Now, go north to the last hut. Give the
    sage a Rune to revive him and he will give you a Light Charm. The sage there will tell
    you to talk to the big tree in the nest of monsters, which is southwest of the cave of
    Cerbero. When you talk to the big tree, Hata will tell you to talk to the Sacred tree
    behind the Shrine of Ramuh. When you do that, the tree will give you the Light Dew. Now
    hop in the Ark and, from Jalawan, go straight up. You will stop at a lake and be warped
    to Nova. Talk to the Sage, who turns out to be Michael, and he'll give El the Spark 2
    spell. The tree at the top gives Kishe the most powerful spell in the game, Holy 3,
    which takes 4 rounds to complete but deals 900+ damage to all enemies. Then go inside
    the building. At the top right you will find the Force Armor, Sword and Shield for El.
    Solion is at the bottom. Talk to him and he casts Combine on Orthrus and Cerbero to make
    them into Soloin. Go up and talk to the Nymph who gives El Impact 2, then talk to the
    Goddess of the Force and she will teach El the Force spell. 
    From where you got the Ark, fly north-west past the mountains into the desert
    area. In the left hut is Monster Shrine 3. A monster mentions that the
    Gaia Masters are in Terra and to get there you have to go through the
    Petrography.In the right hut is Monster Shrine 4. As before, the shrines
    have monsters that will trade items for your magnetite.
    Shrine 3:
    Magi Flute
    Cult Mask 
    Shrine 4:
    Tote's Eye
    Treasure: Alpha Sword, Alpha Mail, Omega Sword, Omega Mail
    Now in Terra, as you travel, gaining any levels you need to manage to beat
    Baal and Lucifer, you will find a hidden cave in the northwest that contains
    the best equipment for the other Characters. You will find the Alpha
    Sword and Mail for Kishe and the Omega Sword and Mail for Uranus.
    Now you can beat the others easily!
    Treasure: Demon Buster, Pana Care, Light Charm
    After visiting the shrines, fly onto the bird marking in the desert.
    If you're ready, say yes and watch as your Ark flies through space
    and crashes into another Ark. Another Gaia Master is in the other
    Ark, Vaerial. Vaerial apologizes for not being able to give you the orb
    and says the monsters need it. You then enter a boss fight. Vaerial
    is relatively weak, but has a whole ton of hit points. Also be on the
    lookout for Vaerial's curse2 and sleep2 spells. Now that Vaerial has
    been defeated, you will continue to Terra.
    Fly a little south-west to find another Monster Shrine. If you talk
    to the monster, he will let you bathe in the fountain which heals
    your party. Also in here are 3 chests that hold a Demon Buster, Pana
    Care, and Light Charm. Go west and enter the strange building in the
    Walk left and climb the ladders. Cross the bridge to the right and climb
    down the first ladder. Walk right and climb up the next ladder. You'll
    find another bridge and across it sits another Gaia Master. Prepare
    yourself and then fight Baal. He is much like the last Gaia Master.
    He takes a good bit of damage from the Impact spells. Pound on him
    with your greatest monsters and your characters and he will eventually
    be defeated. Climb the ladder on the right and you'll find a creature
    with all 3 orbs. Prepare yourself for yet another boss battle. Talk
    to him to enter battle with the greatest of Gaia Masters...Lucifer.
    Upon Lucifer's defeat, you will get the orbs back and now the ending
    takes place. Good job on beating Revelations. If you wait for the
    credits to finish, it'll give you the option to keep playing just
    for the fun of it ^_^.
    Once the credits are done and the game asks you to continue, you can
    round up the Gaia Masters to join your cause and fight with you. This
    only has any real purpose for the Vs. Mode. Michael is in Nova, Lucifer
    is in the Cave of Oasis south of Moila, Baal is on Mt. Palo and Vaerial
    is in the Nest of Zord. The only one you cannot get is Mephist as he is
    actually dead. You killed him. Even if you don’t fight his demon form,
    he cannot be found. You can also Combine the Gods you fight in Terra into
    stronger forms like Pazuzu, Odin, Ashura and Loki.
    ~~3. Items~~
    Item          Cost    Effect
    ----          ----    ------
    Mana Seed     $15     recovers hp
    Mana          $300    recovers hp
    Antidote      $100    cures poisoning
    Silph Wing    $75     warp to previously visited town
    Pana          $450    recover mp
    Pana Care     $1200   mp recovery
    Mona Branch   $150    cure paralysis
    Rune          $750    revive dead
    Dew of Lete   $450    paralyzes monsters
    Blood         ----    scares monsters away during battle
    Flute of Magi ----    confuses enemy
    Cult Mask     ----    prevents enemy from using magic
    Magnetite     ----    traded for special items in monster shrines
    Light Charm   ----    increases a character's strength by 1
    Wind Charm    ----    increases speed by 1
    Earth Charm   ----    increases endurance by 1
    Water Charm   ----    increases intelligence by 1
    Bamora        ----    increases offense during battle
    Tote's Eye    ----    increases defense in battle
    Amon Bone 1   ----    used to get an Amon
    Amon Bone 2   ----    used to get an Amon
    Amon Bone 3   ----    used to get an Amon
    Dragon Bone 1 ----    used to get a Dragon
    Dragon Bone 2 ----    used to get a Dragon
    Dragon Bone 3 ----    used to get a Dragon
    Kirin Bone 1  ----    used to get a Kirin
    Kirin Bone 2  ----    used to get a Kirin
    Kirin Bone 3  ----    used to get a Kirin
    Heal Staff    ----    used in battle to heal party
    Fire Staff    ----    used in battle to cast a flame spell
    Light Dew     ----    ???
    Story Items:
    Item       Where to Find It                     Effect
    ----       ----------------                     ------
    Lete Water Cave of Oasis                        breaks barrier around Arrow
    Medicine   gotten from doctor in Arrow          heals Kishe
    Pass       orb keeper in Remlia after Mt. Palo  allows passage in west shrine
    Sol Ring   priest of Ramuh after saving him     allows talking to animals
    Black Key  duck in harappa                      enter zord cave
    Emblem     mage on Mt. Sage                     enter Dola
    Jail Key   Zord man in Atlantis                 used to free Halim
    Lapis      woman in Crotona                     let's the Ark fly
    Bard       Dalo                                 enter Zord HQ
    ~~4. Equipment~~
    El  - all swords and most assorted weapons along with the armor and shields.
    Kishe - most swords and all assorted weapons, armors (not mail) and shields,
    can equip alpha mail
    Uranus - priestess (maybe a few from assorted), robes, can equip omega sword/mail
    Equipment        Price
    ---------        -----
    Tite Sword       $45
    Heat Sword       $300
    Kintal Sword     $6000
    Spirit Sword     $3000
    Cross Sword      $12000
    Excalibur        $15000
    Wind Sword       $22500
    Arce Sword       -----
    Force Sword      -----
    Alpha Sword      -----
    Omega Sword      -----
    Kill Whip        $600
    Scare Claw       $900
    Iron Cutter      $2700
    Hecto Axe        $15000
    Evil Buster      $13500
    Muramasa         -----
    Damascus         $1500
    Moon Sword       $1800
    Tangaloia        $9000
    Equipment        Price
    ---------        -----
    Leather Mail     $37
    Copper Armor     $225
    Iron Armor       $600
    Sky Armor        $5850
    Shock Armor      $9000
    Ice Armor        $9000
    Hecto Mail       $12000
    Nano Mail        $15000
    Magus Armor      $30000
    Saint Armor      $81000
    Force Armor      -----
    Alpha Mail       -----
    Omega Mail       -----
    Copper Shield    $100
    Iron Shield      $450
    Wolf Shield      $1500
    Kintal Shield    $3000
    Bull Shield      $3500
    Hecto Shield     $7500
    Saint Shield     $30000
    Force Shield     -----
    Rei Robe         $1800
    Aura Robe        $7500
    Magus Robe       $45000
    Aaron Rod        $22500
    ~~5. Character Spells~~
    Spell   Level Acquired  MP    Effect
    -----   --------------  --    ------
    Blaze1  level 3         5     fire damage to a group of monsters
    Heal2   level 10        8     recover hp for one person
    Escape  level 18        10    escape out of dungeon
    Blaze2  level 24        18    strong fire damage to a monster group
    Flare2  level 44        15    great fire damage to all enemies
    Spark2  sage            ??    ??
    Impact2 nymph           ??    ??
    Force   goddess         ??    ??
    Spell       Level Acquired  MP    Effect
    -----       --------------  --    ------
    Combine     none            5     combines monsters
    Curse1      level 10        12    instantly kills monsters
    Offense Up  level 17        15    increases attack power of the party
    Recover All level 24        5     heals party status effects
    Heal All 2  level 33        28    heals the party
    Holy 3      a sage          ??    strongest attack spell in the game
    Spell            Level Acquired  MP    Effect
    -----           --------------  --    ------
    Cure Poison      none            5     cures poisoning
    Heal All 2       none            28    heals the party
    Revive 1         Mt sage wizard  20    revives a dead character
    Impact 3         level 21        14    damages all monsters with holy magic
    Cure Paralysis   level 29        7     cures paralysis
    Heal 3           level 36        15    great healing to one character
    Heal All 3       level 44        50    heals party for a large amount of hp
    Revive 2	     sage            ??    stronger revive spell
    ~~6. Links~~
    The Worm Hole - http://xanathis.cjb.net
    The GIA - http://www.thegia.com
    RPGamer - http://www.rpgamer.com
    GameFAQs - http://www.gamefaqs.com
    ~~7. Copyright~~
    This walkthrough is ©2001 Xanathis. Websites are free to
    display/distribute this on their site as long as:
    1. It is not done for commercial gain
    2. It is fully intact which means no editing done to it
    3. You do not try to claim it as your own work

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