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Reviewed: 02/12/02 | Updated: 02/12/02

A really good RPG

Revelations: The demon Slayer was released in 1999, It is among one of the first few RPG in Gameboy Color. While not as well-know as RPG such as Pokemon, Dragon Warrior, this games is worth playing.

Revelations is a unique combination of Pokemon and Final Fantasy games. It allows you to recruit monster while its retaining the classic Dungeon and Dragon theme.

Graphics 9/10
Compared to Pokemon Yellow, this game's graphics is a lot of times better and captivating. The graphics is detailed, and you can see the texture of the mountain and each caves clearly.

Storyline 6/10
To summarize, the storyline of this game is about a knight who travels and to discover the reason for the appearance of the monster only to found a conspiracy by the highly respected Gaia master which involves his teacher as well. While the storyline might sound exciting, however it did not lived up to its full potential. The storyline are too fast-paced, shallow and too short. Probably storyline is one of major flaw of this game, which could be improved.

Gameplay 8/10
You went around battling monster, there are an option for you to negotiate with the wild monster, if you are successful the monster will join you. This concept is just like Pokemon games in which you went to capture Monster and use it to battle. I would give gameplay 9 or 10 if not for the lack of Originality. However, there is a new concept in this game which allow you to combine two monster that will create stronger monster.

Replay Value 9/10
One of the best thing about this game is link battle. You can battle your friends if he has another Revelations game by link cable. Therefore, with this option the game won't end up at the shelf after you finish the game.

Final Score 8/10
Revelations : The Demon Slayer is a fun RPG games, while its lack of originality and less well known compared to other famous RPG, you should try it. The graphics of this game will amaze you, and if you are looking for Pokemon kind of game with more serious theme, this is the game that you should get.

To Buy or To rent
Because this game is not that popular, it might be hard for you to find a store that sell this game. However if you can find one I would recommend you to buy it instead of rent as you can play with your friends after you beat the game

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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