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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Katman

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/12/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Robopon: Sun Version FAQ
    l /       ______             __               l
    l/          l               /  \              l
    l   ___     l   _______    /____\     _____   l
    l\  l  l    l   l  l  l   /______\    l   l
    l \ l__l__  l   l  l  l  /        \   l   l   .
    This FAQ is dedicated to Incubus, whose music I listened to in the creation of
    this FAQ. They rule, Katkateers!
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    1.1 My Review of Robopon
    2. Walkthrough
    3. Robopon List (Err...As many as I have at the moment, which isn't many!)
    4. Hints and Tips
    5. Credits
    6. About the Katman
    7. Other Katman Projects (He's still writin' 'em, it's just taking him longer!)
    Version List
    0.5 First version. Full walkthrough, partial Robopon list. Need plenty more
    Robopon entries. Forgot version list :-)
    1.0 Second version. Added info on Viggy, Heylow, and Robby to the walkthrough
    and entry guide. Also added Palmer, Major, Hogbot, Angie, Uggy, and a bunch of
    others to the entry guide.
    1. Introduction
    Robopon. I doubt there's any game on the whole darn PLANET that's as much of an
    obvious rip-off as this (well, we won't talk about Jade Cocoon in this
    particular FAQ). IGN.com's said it, Nintendo Power's said it, heck, anyone
    that's HEARD of both the games in question has said it - Robopon is merely a
    way to make a quick buck off the once-huge-yet-slowly-dimishing Pokémon craze.
    There's two versions, 153 different Robopon, an infrared trading segment, even
    the fonts are the same as far as I can tell.
    Due to Atlus's annoying habit of screwing the crap out of American gamers
    (Persona 2: Innocent Sin, anyone? 3rd ending of Persona 1, anyone? Well, we DID
    get Kartia, so I guess they're OK...Kartia was pretty cool...), we recieve the
    now-redundantly-named Sun Version of Robopon, and not the Star Version (which
    means, essentialy, that it's impossible to "catch 'em all"). The most
    well-known Robopon we're missing are Muri, Necro, and the S-Bot line but we'll
    talk about individuals later.
    The game cartridge itself is a bit unique - similar to the Gold and Silver
    versions of you-know-what, it uses a real-time based timer, and there's a built
    in (annoyingly loud) alarm, which exists solely to destroy whatever semblance
    of stealth you had while playing the game during class. It also has a function
    called, oddly enough, the GB KISS, which is used in conjunction with ANY remote
    control to unlock certain treasure chests and give tiny power boosts to your
    Robopon. It's not as great as it sounds, though I admit I did try repeatedly to
    use my TV remote with my copy of Pokemon Gold (to no avail, since it doesn't
    Other features are a bit more innovative - certain items, called Schedule
    Panels, are only in effect during certain times of day, and these times are
    chosen by you for when you'd like to use them. A particular town/dungeon, while
    mainly just a bonus area, is only accessable between 3 to 6 PM (convieniently,
    these are typical after-school hours!). That's about all the new stuff there is
    to see.
    All in all, it's worth your money, but if you'd really like to play it, just
    download the REW emulator (my favorite emulator, SMYGB, doesn't seem to work),
    and the ROM (easily found with a search at www.holymonkey.com - look for the
    ROM sent in by Menace) and play it like that. Sure, you're missing the annoying
    alarm (actually, not much of a loss) and the KISS, but neither is actually that
    1.5 My Review of Robopon
    Here it is, folks! The first known non-commercial review of Robopon! Well,
    actually not, but I like to break new ground ;-)
    Graphics: 5/10
    Oh, yuck! This is worse than most original Game Boy games! The battle
    animations, while OK-looking, take wayyy too long, and the indvidual Robopon
    have very little individuality, and it's easy to mix them up. Otherwise, it's
    pretty much Pokémon all over again.
    Oh, and I think there's something wrong with the menus, since in every version,
    the actual cartridge included, that I tried, I actually had to wait for them to
    Sound: 6/10
    Eecchh! At least Pokémon had sounds for each individual monster! Robopon has
    nothing of the like, and the music is really annoying. I usually keep the sound
    on my emulator turned off while playing, since there's nothing worth hearing.
    Oh, the music in the first town is cool though.
    Control: 10/10
    Uh, how could you have control problems in a 2D RPG?
    Gameplay: 8/10
    This part is the most important bit of any game, and I won't write an FAQ for
    any game that gets below an 8 here, by my own standards.
    It's Pokémon all over again, yeah, but it's good because the Pokémon thing
    WORKS. You WANT to see what the new moves or creatures look like, and it's
    that, instead of the storyline (which isn't great either) that keeps you
    The Schedule Panel system is very innovative, as is the evolution system (your
    'Pon don't have to fight in order to get stronger).
    It's worth a play, though not necesscarily worth buying.
    Overall: 8/10
    Go and get the ROM, or if you can't find it the real game, and pray that Atlus
    hears the RPG community's pleas and releases Persona 2: Innocent Sin. And then
    Robopon: Star Version, since otherwise you really can't "catch 'em all".
    2. Walkthrough
    After setting the game's clock, you are given the option to name your
    character, which has to be less than 6 letters. Crap. Uh... CORY is good. KAT
    is good too. CODY is the actual name, says Nintendo Power, but that's not that
    much different from CORY.
    After the entire naming thing, you find yourself in your room in Capri Town on
    less-than-creatively-named Porombo Island. Automatically, you head downstairs,
    and meet your Mom, who's going to the market, and tells you to go see Grandpa,
    so that's what you do.
    Outside, you see Grandpa Hogle (so, apparently, the default name is Cody
    Hogle?) battling two Robopon. He tells you you're the new president of his
    Robopon Dispatching Company, and you really can't refuse a business chance like
    that, can you? Actually, you're not given the option of refusing, as he drags
    you back inside the company and tells the secretary 'Pon that you're the new
    He then takes you into the back room and is kind enough to give you a crappy
    new Robopon called Sunny, which appears to be a giant pink rabbit. Eww. Oh, and
    if you don't like the name Sunny, deal with it, since it's impossible to change
    it, and will stay that way for awhile. :-) If you were playing the Star
    Version, you'd get Digit instead - he's about the same as Sunny, except he can
    eventually evolve to C-Cell, which is awesomely strong.
    It's not a good Robopon, but it's all you have for the first few segments, so
    live with it. It has the FIRE1 software program equipped, giving it the
    FIREPUNCH ability.
    Gramps also gives you 1000G, that's quite a bit BTW. Take this money, and when
    you get to move around, head right back out to the main area of your building,
    and take the stairs down in the upper-right corner. There's a guy named Ken
    there, who's a carpenter, and he'll upgrade your building for varying amounts
    of money. Pay him 150G to get an Item Shop in an hour or two.
    Head back outside, and head east. There's a guy bullying your sister Lisa
    there, and he decides you'll be a much better target. He has a Stimy Robopon
    (Evil-Attribute), so use FIREPUNCH to kill it in 2 or 3 hits.
    After the easy fight (note the Energyballs you get but can't use, and how you
    just got reimbursed for your Item Shop), head to the house west of yours, to
    meet Dr. Disc. Disc, when you talk to him, gives you a Robopon free of charge.
    I've heard that which you get is random, but all I know is that all I ever get
    is Robby, an Earth-Attribute that evolves into Rob-O at 200 EP. It's really
    good as Rob-O, but it takes a long time to evolve.
    Your birthday determines which Robopon you get here. Mine is September 17th -
    thus I got Robby. Try March 3rd for Heylow, an angel-like Water-Attribute, and
    April 1st for Viggy, a tiny pig-like superhero that's Fire-Attribute both of
    which are as good as Robby, if not better - Heylow's name is cute, and it can
    heal, and Viggy can fight, fight, fight. Heylow evolves to Angie, then to Uggy,
    and Viggy evolves to HogBot.
    Afterwards, head north from this house into another similar fight. Beat up the
    thug, and you're allowed to leave. North is Tail Castle, East is Libra Town,
    and we're going to Libra Town.
    Before you leave, make sure to check all the houses. In one of them is a teddy
    bear. The creature inside the bear offers you one of three chests. One has the
    2X EP Schedule Panel (which gives you twice the normal number of Energyballs
    between the hours you put it in), another has the 10EP Panel (10 Energyballs,
    no matter what), and another has the less-than-awesome 1EP Panel (1 Energyball,
    no matter what)
    At Libra Town, you can talk with folks, and you'll likely meet a girl named
    Rena who wants to trade for your Gidget Robopon. You don't HAVE a Gidget, so
    we'll come back to her later.
    There's a Laboratory here, which is mainly used for upgrading (read: EVOLVING)
    Robopon, assuming they have enough EP to evolve, it's free. You can also sell
    Robopon you don't need (a feature that could've been handy in Pokémon!), and,
    after selling a bunch, buy new ones. Finally, you can Invest in a Laboratory
    for a whopping 2000G, after which you'll find they sell higher-quality Robopon.
    It's fun to play with, but wait until you have plenty of money.
    Also here is a Robopon Center...er...a Mechanic, who will fix your Robopon for
    Finally, there's an Item Shop and a Parts Shop. Buy a few Barmagnets (Catches
    Robopon - think Pokéball) at the Item Shop, as well as an Oil (Restores HP) or
    two, and maybe a 10 Volt (Restores EP, which power moves) at the Item Shop, and
    get a copy of EVIL1 and a copy of HOLY1 at the Parts Shop, as most of the
    enemies you'll be fighting soon are of the Holy and Evil attibutes. WATER1
    would help too, but if you have Robby, he already starts with 3 equipped.
    Likewise, Heylow has HOLY1 and 2 KISS1s (KISS contains this games' healing
    spells), and Viggy has 3 FIRE1s.
    It's worth noting that a girl named Rena here offers to trade you a SumiSu for
    a Gidget - you don't have Gidget, and won't for a while, so ignore her for now.
    She's part of the Elite 8, who trade Robopon with each other, and eventually
    when you finish this little 'side-quest' you get a Golden Sunny - a very strong
    Robopon in the Sun Version, or a Silver C-Cell in the Star Version.
    When you're done, head NORTH to the School. Bisco, the local bully, and a
    couple of his cronies are there, and they challenge you to a fight. How could
    you refuse?
    After beating them, Bisco tells you that to fight him in his tournament in the
    school gym, you need a Participation Certificate. So, our next quest is to get
    one of those.
    HOWEVER! Before we do that, we'll need a new Robopon or two. Head west to find
    some stairs into the school's basement, and a girl standing next to them. The
    girl will fight you - she uses a low-level Meddy Robopon. Meddy is
    Holy-Attribute; you ought to have a copy of EVIL1 equipped on Sunny to counter
    that. If so, 1 shot from EVILPUNCH should do in Meddy. What's more, if you have
    both HOLY1 and EVIL1 together at the same time, you get the BABBLE skill, which
    is arsenic to Holy-Attribute Robopon and will thoroughly kick the butt of most
    anything else.
    The SKY1 and HOLY1 software combo gives you a SUN attack, a very strong Sky
    attack. It's unlikely you'll need anything but BABBLE though.
    WHen you kill Meddy, you can talk to the girl again, and she'll fight you with
    Meddy AGAIN! Good leveling-up opportunity, bad scripting, or both? Try to get
    to level 10 with Sunny, which allows you to be a lot more butt-kickingly
    powerful than most everything else in the coming dungeons. This'll also get you
    a lot of money, since the Meddy girl drops a few hundred. If you can, get
    enough EB to evolve Robby to Rob-O, which is ridiculously strong for the start
    of the game. HogBot and Uggy are also very, very good here.
    Head downstairs into the school's basement dungeon. It's easy enough - it's the
    first dungeon, what'd you expect? :-)
    You often see Sumito Robopon here - they're the first Thunder-Attribute 'Pon in
    the game. They're not very strong at first, but with a lot of Energy, they
    evolve into Sumo, then into Yokono, both of which are quite powerful. Also,
    Coballs are here too - they're very weak Robopon, so don't bother with them
    except for selling.
    If you see Stimys here, try to get one as they're very powerful when evolved to
    Hyme, then to Chills. Stimys are tough to catch, though, since they are 'out of
    control' when you see them, and that means they tend to self-destruct. The best
    way to catch one is to place the BUG status on it, meaning it'll sometimes skip
    a turn as well as making it easier to catch.
    Probably the most updated thing about Robopon's battle system over Pokemon, as
    you'll see here, is that wild Robopon tend to drop items when defeated, so you
    can get more Magnets here, as well as some Cupnoodles (Heals 20 HP, valuable at
    the start!).
    There's a few trainers here - they tend to use Stimy and only Stimy. Winning is
    easy - use SUN against Stimy for a one-hit kill.
    Sunny and Robby (or Rob-O if you evolved it) should be around Level-10 before
    you finish this dungeon. If you caught any Robopon (not a very good idea -
    these 'Pon are crap!), try for Level-9 with them.
    If you're really lucky, you might be able to find Sammi here - it's a very
    powerful Arm-type, and is probably better than Sunny and Rob-O. It also comes
    with some good software as well as it's own weapon. If you happen to be playing
    the Star Version, you would find Muri instead, who's almost as good (it's
    faster with less attack).
    Head back out when you've gotten that level, and go on inside the school.
    There's teachers here to fight - you need to do that to fill up your Stamp
    Card. Get the card from a person in the first room, and get to battlin'! SUN
    works well on most everything here, as does BABBLE and any elemental attacks.
    There's 9 teachers total, as I remember - they all use only 1 Robopon each (as
    do most people through this part of the game), so it's an easy win. When you're
    done (you'll know when you're done when you're told to go see the Principal) go
    check the first floor for the Principal. He's not there. Crap.
    Head on back into the dungeon. After quite a walk, you'll meet the Principal at
    the end of a long three-tile-wide dead-end. He allows you to participate in
    Bisco's tournament by giving you a Participation Certificate. (Come to think of
    it, why're these deliquents fighting instead of studying? :-)
    Head alllllll the way back out (hopefully getting around Level-13 on all your
    Robopon, not a hard task since you can only carry four), and, again, try to get
    Stimy before you're done - he's strong against many of Bisco's Robopon's
    It's worth noting that you can't enter the school at night real-time - the
    lights are out and you can't see without a lamp. We'll be getting a lamp soon
    enough, which is good since the Robopon in there at night tend to be really
    good. If you feel the need to play at night, reset your clock via the main menu
    Go into the arena/auditorium at the eastern side of the school. Make sure your
    2X EP schedule panel is active (Of course, this might not be convienient if you
    put it from 1:00-3:00 or such...), before challenging Bisco - it can really
    help in evolution, since most of Bisco's Robopon give 20 Energy per scrap.
    After a short chat, Bisco challenges you. He uses Hexbot, Urchy, and Razor.
    Razor is Holy-Attribute (Try BABBLE!), everything else is Evil (SUN!). It's not
    a hard fight - SUN is incredibly strong for this point in the game, and should
    KO all of his Robopon in one hit (except for Razor, who once again you should
    use BABBLE on!).
    When you win, Bisco heads off to the Robopon Dome in Tail Castle. Follow him,
    and you'll find out that he's already become the Legend #7 (The lowest being 7
    and the highest being 1!). After a quick chat, you fight - he's really easy,
    just use the same tactics that you used last time to win. He's added in Granit,
    who is really weak to Water, so try Rob-O's attacks.
    If you have any trouble, go back out to Tail Castle town, buy a few WHITE1
    softwares, and try again - they grant the WHITE attack, which is deadly to
    You get your Legend 7 certificate after this, and a new section opens up so you
    can head to the next town - Caleyu Town (I swear, where do they come up with
    these names? :-). Here lives Amron, the Legend #6 who you have to fight.
    Before we go there, however, go back to Capri Town, where inside your company
    building Grandpa Hogle has made a 'suprise' for you. Behind the
    receptionist-bot's desk lies 5 Robopon - Sammi, Punchy, Rotor, Speedy, and
    Virus. They represent the 5 'Genesis 5' games - Battler, Puncher, Jumper,
    Speeder, and Shielder.
    These are relatively easy to figure out. Battler is the actual fighting between
    Robopon - you've been doing that all along. Puncher is where Robopon punch
    machines to get numbers, and the 'Pon with the higher number wins. Jumper is
    where Robopon jump off ramps - tap A to jump farther and win. Speeder is the
    hardest, as Robopon must go through a maze on their own, without intervention
    from you (extra CPUs help with this!). Shielder is the easiest - you draw cards
    from a group of six, which do damage to you, as does your opponent, and the
    first scrapped Robopon loses.
    You can make a lot of money from these games, so stick around and play for
    awhile. Note that the Battler game here is the ONLY place where you'll see Muri
    in this version, and that that's the easiest game here. You get items from
    these games as well. Don't mess around with Speeder just yet, as it's extremely
    boring and hard.
    Another Elite 8 member is here - Sandy, who wants Rotor from you for Card. Card
    is actually pretty good, so it's worth your time to find Rotor. Rotor, by the
    way, is very common, so you shouldn't have much trouble.
    There's two TV towers here, a small and a large. After checking out the shops
    and such, head over to the small one. Here you'll find Ralph (a very cool
    Karate Robopon) and SumiSu (a Fire-attribute one, kinda puny). SumiSu evolves
    to Loopy, then to Chubba. This is all well and good, but Sumi suffers from the
    same problems as Stimy, in that is tends to self-destruct at inopportune
    moments. Try BUG-ing her.
    Something you might notice about Robopon like Stimy and SumiSu is that they
    still tend to not listen to you even after being captured. To fix this, go to a
    lab and upgrade their CPUs. 2 CPUs should do it - if you check the status
    screen and see a white circle (instead of a black X) next to the CPU number
    that means that the Robopon has enough CPUs and will listen during battle. It's
    that easy :-) Well, it WOULD be that easy, if it weren't for the fact that CPUs
    can be very expensive.
    Feel free to get as many Robopon as you want here and in the Big Tower to the
    north as well - Ralph is in the Big Tower, and he's very rare and good, so try
    to get him. Also, intrestingly enough, Sunny is very common in the Big Tower,
    so if you just can't get enough of it, get another!
    When you're done with your Robopon-catching schemes, go to the Small Tower and
    head through it, eventually ending up at a TV. Turn it on using the dresser to
    the right of it, and use it. It'll teleport you to Vanza Village (What's up
    with these names?! :-).
    Vanza Village is a seaside town, and there you'll find a cave that you can't
    enter because you don't have a lamp. Crap. Talk to everyone, check all the
    houses (particularly for the teddy bear here!), and go back to Caleyu. Go to
    Dude's Lamp Store in the northwest corner of town. Dude won't give you a lamp
    unless he gets a Sea Grape for it. So head back to Vanza and check out the
    newly-made beach area at the south end of town. Just walk around tapping A, and
    you'll eventually find the Sea Grape, as well as boots, seaweed, and the
    occasional Pearl, which sells for a whopping 10,000 gold! The boots and seaweed
    don't seem to do anything, so sell them too.
    Head back to Caleyu, get your lamp, and ignore Dude's requests for another Sea
    Grape (you don't get anything for it, he won't even notice you have another!).
    Now you can enter the school at night - there you'll find Zombie, Boobot, and
    Leachy, as well as several others.
    More importantly, you can now enter the Eraboo Cave at Vanza, so do so. Here
    you'll find a bunch of good Robopon, like Rex, Fetch, Molbot (looks AWESOME
    when it evolves!), and Chimp (tends to give a massive amount of EP when
    To the western path is a pond which can apparently fix your Robopon to full
    health (hydro-powered?). Use that, then take the eastern path, then south to
    find a simple puzzle. Push the rocks in the holes to block off the water flow,
    then head north to go across the lakebed you dried out. There's a bunch of
    people to fight in the cave - kick their butts for money, you goon you.
    You'll find another TV at the end of the cave - turn it on and use it. A guy in
    the house you appear in will offer to show you where to go for some gold.
    Accept his offer. Whenever you don't see him, use the TV on the right. When you
    DO see him, follow his directions. Eventually you'll appear in the Big TV
    Follow the simple path here, picking up all the objects and fighting all the
    foes along the way. There's wild Robopon here, but they're not very good. Paws
    is cool, but I only like it because it's a cat :-)
    There's a bunch of people here who want to play a Genesis 5 game with you -
    hopefully you're good at them. At the end of this easy dungeon, you'll find
    Amron. She'll fight you back at the Robopon Dome.
    If your Robopon are around, let's say... Level-20, you shouldn't have any
    trouble at all. You get 3,400 Gold for the win, and Amron gives you her
    favorite Robopon - Unibot. You will probably also get a nice item, like
    Gasoline, for the win, as well as your Legend #6 certificate.
    A new path has opened on the map, to Carol Village. Before that, though, set
    your timer to a time from 3:00 to 6:00 PM. Another new path will open up, to
    Illusion Village. Go there to find a very nice Parts Shop, as well as some good
    items. The coolest part of this place is the 3 dungeons in the north, though.
    The dungeons are ranked - beginner, intermediate, expert. They all cost Gold to
    enter, and have wild Robopon inside. If you manage to get to the bottom, you
    get a prize (though doing so is very boring). The beginner and intermediate
    dungeons get you software, but the expert dungeon (a very tough, though
    interesting, blend of a town and a dungeon) nets you one of the game's
    strongest Robopon, if not THE strongest, #153 Scar.
    Scar is immensely powerful. An Ice-Attribute, it uses FIREBEAM, ICEBEAM, TOTAL,
    and DESTROY (TOTAL and DESTROY in particular will usually instantly kill
    anything!) to mangle its opponents. If THAT'S not enough, when it ATTACKs, it
    hits a whopping 4 times! It's definately worth the time and money you have to
    spend to get it (though it does look sort of strange, like a crab with a bubble
    for a back, two claws, and four legs).
    When you're done here, go to Carol Village. There, a girl will give you a
    Dosbot, but before you even have a chance to check it's stats, a bunch of
    bikers lead by a guy named Veno will run you over and steal it right back!
    After talking to everyone and checking all the houses, as well as the Parts and
    Item Shops here (make sure that you're using at least level-2 software, and
    also note that RAM space is most important in a weapon), head back to the map,
    where yet another path leads to Cools Town.
    Go there - the 'Smiley Gang' (WTH?) has taken over the town, and you have to
    take it back by opening a can of you-know-what on their behinds. Do that (they
    mostly use Speedy and Cycool, who have an annoying ACCEL attack but are weak to
    Sea and Normal attacks), and then go downstairs through the path that the town
    mayor shows you.
    There you'll find yet more Parts and Item Shops, as well as find out that the
    'Smiley Gang' (Oh, yeah, very threatening name!) has taken over the town. Feel
    free to talk to everyone - another girl from the Elite 8 is here. When you're
    done, talk to the southwestern mechanic, who will convert that Unibot that
    Amron gave you into a Cycool if you give him a Golden Wrench. They're not very
    strong fighters
    Go into the well in the center of town. Boobot is commonly seen here, so get
    one if you want it, and go all the way down to find the Wrench. There's a guy
    named Joe down here too - remember him.
    The Mechanic will do the modification for you, and another path will open on
    the map to Grease Mountain. Go up the mountain, using the caves to climb, and
    fighting the gang members as you go. Try to get Spike here - it's very strong.
    In one of the caves you'll find rooms with rocks and a hole. Push the rocks in
    the hole. It's that easy! Also, you'll find a seemingly-clear room. It's full
    of sinkholes, so when you fall in, note the white spots on the floor - these
    are the locations of the holes.
    Eventually, you'll find that you can't climb any further due to a wierd-looking
    slope in the way. A gang member in front of it will fight you, then tell you
    about a mechanic in Carol Village who can turn Cycool into Speedy, who can then
    go up the slopes.
    Go to Cools and find the mechanic (he's near one of the houses, just check
    everywhere in town). He can't remember how to modify Cycool, but his son Joe
    does. Joe's back in the well, remember?
    Sigh...go alll the way back to the well and talk to Joe. He'll modify Cycool
    for you, giving you Speedy. Speedy can evolve to Tread - if you'll be using it
    to fight, I reccomend doing that (Tread can still get up the slopes). Climb up
    Grease Mountain using the slopes. At the top, you'll fight Ven (He uses Speedy
    and Tread), and meet the gang's leader, Mr. Wild.
    Wild is also the Legend #5, so it's time to kick butt and drink lemonade - and
    you're all out of butt...No, wait, that's not right...Go to the Dome and make
    his Dosbot (actually YOUR Dosbot), Deemo, Snipes (can give you some trouble)
    and Mack (Uses ACCEL! Ack!) learn the true meaning of pain - with YOU as the
    dictionary! This earns you quite a bit of EXP, EP, Gold, and probably a nice
    item. As usual, you get your Legend #5 certificate for winning, as well as the
    Dosbot that was stolen from you.
    You might have noticed in several towns that there are pools that you could
    have dived into. Well, now that you have Dosbot, you can do just that. There's
    good Robopon (Hydro, a robotic whale, is especially nice) and items down here
    (if you get the Atomicsys, SAVE IT! It's valuable!), as well as a path to a
    'Health Spa'. You can't go into the spa yet.
    You've also probably noticed an 'underwater creature' in your building in Capri
    that keeps asking for Dream Shells, and that you get those Shells whenever you
    talk to other 'underwater creatures'. When you've given him all the Shells you
    can find, he'll let you into the Spa, where you can fight some good enemies for
    lots of EXP, EP, and Gold.
    As usual, again, a path opens on the map. This leads to Dine Town (No relation
    to Dyne of Lunar fame, or Zidane's Trance skills from FFIX, or anything like
    that...), so go ahead on over there. A chick named Kamat who is building an
    army is the Legend #4, so to even get to fight her you need to join her army.
    The Genesis 5 games are the 'squads' of her army, so join the one you're good
    at. Head over to Apollo Fort on the map after defeating the recruiter of the
    army in that type of battle, and go to the tower corresponding to that game.
    Climb up it, fighting the wild Robopon and soldiers here, and at the top you'll
    fight a tough soldier in the type of game you're working on. After winning, go
    back to Dine Town and join another squad, and repeat until you're done with
    them. Trust me, you're going to HATE this game when you get to the Speeder
    Of note is Rotor in the Jumper tower, and Punchy in the Puncher tower. Rotor
    can be traded to Sandy in Caleyu later, and Punchy evolves to K.O., then to
    Brute, who is immensely powerful with high stats.
    Go to the central tower in Apollo Fort. Fight, fight, fight until you reach the
    top and meet Kamat, who will now fight you at the Robopon Dome (Lord knows you
    deserve it after those 5 other boring towers!). Kick her butt (she uses around
    Level-32 Snorks, Peach, Pirate, and Skullby, but if you've already gotten Scar,
    or have at least Level-35, she'll be a cinch!), for a lot of EP, EXP, Gold, and
    an item, as well as the, you guessed it, Legend #4 certificate.
    Back at Capri, you'll find out that your sister Lisa is being held hostage by
    Dr. Disc, the Legend #3 (Remember, he gave you Robby?) in Libra Town. Go there
    to find he and she up at the top of a big, doorless tower. To get in, you need
    to blow up the tower, but where to get the explosives?
    Go to Poro Village, which is open now, and make sure to take Rotor with you if
    you have it. Go to the dock at the bottom of town. There, you can use Rotor to
    fly you to get to Bird Island, an optional dungeon. Go through it, collecting
    flying Robopon as you go (Pegs looks wierd, but it's good, and Rotor will
    evolve into Topbot, which is also good), until you get to the end. Bisco
    (remember him?) is there, and he'll fight you with the same Robopon he used at
    the Dome when you first fought him (though now around level 40). Winning earns
    you Rudy, at Level-40. It's pretty strong, and has very good stats, so it's
    worth going through the dungeon for.
    A path has opened on the map to Ghana Lake, but when you get there it doesn't
    seem to be anything but a fishing pond. Go and get a free rod at the store
    here, as well as buying some Sukiyaki. Go and fish at the pond with the
    Sukiyaki (nothing else works!), and a kid will DRAG YOU UNDERWATER to get the
    The kid's mom gives you a snorkel, so now you can breathe underwater. This is
    good, since the actual town of Ghana Lake is completely underwater. Buy new
    Parts and Items, and check all the drawers and such in all the houses. You'll
    find bombs, so go back to Libra Town and use a Red Bomb to blow up one of the
    building's floors.
    Go back to Ghana Lake, where a kid will make a bomb blow the town back to dry
    land. The stairway you might have noticed in town is now unguarded, so go on in
    to find a simple maze. Go through it to find a bunch of bombs, which you should
    take back to Libra Town to finish the demolition job you started :-)
    When you're done with mindless destruction, Dr. Disc will fight you at the
    Robopon Dome with his Crowle, Zap, Gello, and Stinky. The only one to really
    worry about is Zap, but a good Earth- or Thunder-Attribute shouldn't have much
    trouble. Winning gets you around 4,500 Gold, some EXP and EP, an item, and the
    Legend #4 certificate. Tired of this game yet? Don't worry, we're almost done.
    A path opens up on the map to the Gold Plane, so you should move your butt over
    there, where you'll encounter Dr. Zero. He sics 3 robots on you, which each use
    3 Robopon at Level-45 exactly. Scrap 'em all :-)
    Disc has made a new Castle, called Zero Castle. He adds the Gold Plane to it,
    and now dumps you on the tenth floor. Bisco (where did HE come from?) appears
    suddenly, and shows you a teleporter to the sixth floor. Use it, then take the
    warp pad on the right side here. This takes you to the first floor, and now the
    exit is on the right side.
    Zero will beat the crap out of Prince Tail, making him the Legend #1. Your job
    is to be the Legend #1, so we can't have that, can we? Go to Cherry Hill, which
    is accessable by yet another path on the map. You need Tread or Speedy to get
    to the top of Cherry Hill, so take them. At the top is a cave, which you should
    enter. There's all kinds of tough Robopon here, the best being G-bot. G-bot
    evolves to GG-bot, then to GGT-bot, which is almost as strong as Scar and
    Golden Sunny.
    Go on through the cave until you find Prince Tail. He has been training his
    Robopon here, and he will now fight you at the Robopon Dome. Go on back there
    and punt some rear. He uses Level-50 Seabee, Puff, Draco, and SST-Bot, none of
    which should give Scar, GGT-Bot, or Golden Sunny any trouble. For winning you
    get EXP, EP, Gold, a GOOD item (Atomicsys!), and the Legend #2 certificate.
    Almost done! Just a little further! After you win, Princess Darcy, who did
    nothing the entire game, is turned into a mirror by Dr. Zero. This'll
    be...er...rather unimportant later...
    If you don't have Scar by now, go and get him. Trust me.
    Go to Tail Castle - from the Robopon Dome, go down the western path. From
    there, head north along the path until you enter the location of the last
    battle - the Zero Dome.
    Dr. Zero fights you, and he WON'T be easy. He uses the entire G-bot line, very
    tough. G-bot and GY-bot will fall to Scar's TOTAL or DESTROY. GGT-bot might
    take out Scar is he's a higher level, so send in your next best Robopon
    (probably SST-bot/GGT-bot or Golden Sunny/Silver C-Cell) and take him out.
    Finally, he uses Brute, who you could probably match with your own Brute, or
    any Evil-Attribute Robopon you might have. His Robopon are all at Level-57, so
    try using Level-65 or so for an easy win. Of course, Level-99 won't hurt :-)
    Don't bother saving your Atomicsys, Hydrosys, or anything like that - use it.
    When you win (not hard, if you have been consistently training throughout the
    game or if you have at least one Level-99 Robopon) you are officialy made the
    Legend #1 - you get the Laurel to prove this.
    After watching the (rather boring) credits, you can Continue from where you
    left off, though there's really not much to do. You can go to Cherry Hill for
    training, as well as a guy who'll let you get the Teardrop of Morris, which
    allows you to free the princess from the mirror that Dr. Zero turned her into.
    There's really no point to doing this...
    Go ahead and finish your Robopon collection if you feel like it, though you
    should note that without a Game Shark you can't REALLY finish it...How
    Fun game, huh?
    3. Robopon List
    Note: This list will not list the type, height, weight, or attribute of the
    Robopon, just the data, since to tell you the truth that stuff really doesn't
    matter (even Attribute, since at high levels this game is so unbalanced that is
    doesn't matter! Scar kills everything!)
    For Robopon I haven't caught, no description is listed. SEND YOURS IN!
    Actually, the descriptions are pretty bad too...Someone at Atlus needs to hire
    a writer...
    001. Rocker
    Flying at high speeds with his jetpack, he's unconcious from the ghastly speed.
    002. Sunny
    Basic Robopon not made anymore. Its search antennae have low capacity.
    003. Ramjet
    Old-fashioned flying Robopon. Doesn't fly much since it is very loud.
    004. Molbot
    Seaching Robopon that is weak to sunlight, so it wears sunglasses.
    005. Digger
    006. Cookey
    Great cook, but a bad fighter. Uses frying pans and knives as weapons.
    007. Boomer
    Soars through the sky while attacking with deadly aim.
    008. Coball
    Dislikes fights. Floats to a safe place when it senses danger.
    009. Unix
    Robopon returning from a journey. Has some grit, but still timid.
    010. ???
    011. Romby
    012. ???
    013. Zap
    014. Dotcom
    Broadcasts radio waves with it's antennae. Not made anymore.
    015. Dosbot
    When fighting in water, it displays amazing quick move and ability.
    016. Punchy
    Loves to rumble with other Robopon. Lives without fear.
    017. K.O.
    Legendary Robopon with a knockout punch. Never lost a boxing match.
    018. Brute
    Made for pro-wrestling. Destroys enemies with power-fist.
    019. Card
    Belives in the machine god. It tends broken Robopon.
    020. Viggy
    It dreams of being a hero, but can't stick to its training.
    021. HogBot
    A modifiedfied Viggy that learned to work and became a cleaning Robopon.
    022. Teabot
    023. Gidget
    Very popular among girls. Her many gadgets are used for attacking.
    024. Betty
    025. Granny
    026. Gramps
    Loves to lecture and complain. His meaningless stories go nowhere.
    027. B-Bot
    Baby Robopon. When it loses its pacifier it cries constantly.
    028. ???
    029. Crowle
    030. Unibot
    Transport Robopon with one wheel. It actually can go over 150 mph.
    031. Speedy
    Bike Robopon that moves on it's own. It doesn't like to show off.
    032 Speedy
    Car Robopon that likes cruising on a highway along the beach.
    033. Tread
    Its 3 eyes find hidden enemies, while the treads run them over.
    034. Dollby
    Old Robopon made 2000 years ago. Mysterious energy keeps it working.
    035. Moabot
    Rarely damaged from extremely thick armor and heat-beam attacks.
    036.  ???
    037. Sputer
    Reformed radio-control Robopon. Can only fly for periods of time.
    038. Rotor
    Improved version of Sputer. Flies higher & analyzes enemy's data.
    039. Topbot
    Flying attack fortress. It spins around with its laser beams.
    040. Sammi
    Avoids 1 on 1 fights. Fears Muri's skill. Always training.
    041. Muri
    Lifelong rival of Sammi. Confuses enemy with quick moves and cuts.
    042. Sumito
    In training to be a Sumo. If thrown it stands back up again.
    043. Sumo
    Sumo Robopon that fearlessly faces larger opponents.
    044. Yokomo
    Mighty fighting Robopon. Respected by others for its refined attitude.
    045. Q.B.
    Robopon Athlete. Dislikes studying. Loves football. A reliable guy.
    046. Vic
    Pirate Robopon. Encountered many adventures while sailing the seas.
    047. Ralph
    Records attacks of opponents. It breaks rocks and tears steel.
    048. Screwy
    049. Skullby
    Looks tough, but loves to study. It reads books rather than fight.
    050. Pirate
    Pirate Robopon known for its saber, and uses it for defense.
    051. Rex
    Pet Robopon liked by little Girls. Cute but not made to fight.
    052. Fetch
    Puppy Robopon. Cute and popular with little boys. Shocks w/ tail.
    053. ???
    054. Pegs
    055. Medbot
    Provides medical treatments. He lacks experience but has potential.
    056. Meddy
    057. Docbot
    058. Snipes
    059. Deemo
    060. Cadet
    061. Pss't
    Detective Robopon that solves cases with keen sense of intuition.
    062. Major
    Brave soldier Robopon fighting for world peace. Handles weapons.
    063. Toona
    Proffesional cartoon star. Well known for his dances.
    064. Ping
    Lives in water but can't swim. Dreams of living on land.
    065. Hydro
    King of the sea. His large mouth is as feared as the black void.
    066. Leachy
    Crawls the ocean floor & flings up sand when it senses danger.
    067. Boobot
    Ghost Robopon. Shoots hypnotic beams if he feels threatened.
    068. Jackey
    069. ???
    070. Hexbot
    071. Chimp
    Popular jungle Robopon. Its cute appearance increases defense.
    072. Sandy
    Moves quickly through the blue seas. Loves the ocean.
    073. Whacky
    Carpenter Robopon that works very fast. Always has a nail to pick.
    074. Filrup
    Cleans and fills gasoline for many Robopon. A hard worker.
    075. Batty
    076. Wolfe
    077. Bolton
    Nobody can stop his mad rage. Tighten his screws to weaken him
    078. Boiler
    Steam-powered Robopon. When it gets mad it leaks hot vapor.
    079. Urchy
    Using tentacles to paralyze its prey, it searches for spare parts.
    080. SubRio
    Happy Robopon who enjoys playing musical instruments.
    081. SumiSu
    With a concealed beam inside her ribbon, it attacks without warning.
    082. Loopy
    083. Chubba
    Has the mind of a polite girl. Packs a mean slap if offended.
    084. Boom
    Dangerous in large numbers. Usually travels in packs.
    085. ???
    086. Chomps
    087. ???
    088. ???
    089. ???
    090. Robby
    Light and soft, it is intended as a child's toy. A popular gift.
    091. Rob-O
    Programmed for child-care. Works 24-hours nonstop. Fully equipped.
    092. ???
    093. ???
    094. Egger
    A very weak Robopon. Always complains while running away.
    095. ???
    096. Cluck
    Equipped with explosive eggs. This chicken means business!
    097. Razor
    098. Rootix
    Robopon that thrives on oil and mild steel. Uses roots to move.
    099. Rooter
    Sea-dwelling Robopon enhanced with telekinesis.
    100. Ribbot
    Sea dwelling Robopon that explores the deep ocean floor.
    101. Palmer
    Strange plant that makes its home in abandoned Robopon. Considered deadly.
    102. Spike
    Plant Robopon. Uses its thorns as projectiles to attack enemies
    103. Woody
    Often located next to haunted houses. These menacing trees cause havoc.
    104. Zappa
    Parasitic Robopon that destroys its victims from within.
    105. Viper
    Using its slender body, it coils around the enemy and drains energy.
    106. Detno
    Tempramental Robopon equipped with an internal exploding device.
    107. Paws
    Cat Robopon. Has a crime-prevention sensor. Meows if a thief is nearby.
    108. Heylow
    Fulfills wishes of love. High in demand with high school girls.
    109. Angie
    Fights for the weak with its gentle words. Dislikes violence.
    110. Uggy
    Lectures and meddles. But you don't want to see its ugly face.
    111. Scorch
    112. Crysty
    Gorgeous Robopon made out of ice crystals. Fears Fire attacks.
    113. Beaker
    Drug Transport. Delivers medical supplies to many hospitals in need.
    114. Granit
    Heavy and sturdy. Rotates and smashes opponents with its massive body.
    115. Snorks
    Robopon with attitude, don't catch him on a bad day.
    116. Peach
    Robopon locally used for it's sweet-smelling fragrance.
    117. Apebot
    118. Orbit
    Hails from outer space. Reads other Robopon thoughts with telepathy.
    119. Smacks
    Kisses Robopon to absorb energy. Feared! Lipstick can't be removed.
    120. Peedo
    121. ???
    122. Splat
    Head lights up like a firefly when exposed to smelly gas.
    123. Johnny
    Toilet Robopon that's very cleans. Since he's creepy no one uses him.
    124. Slots
    A giant screwdriver whose main strength lies in battle and repair.
    125. Checks
    A cruel Robopon that isn't happy until the opponent is unconscious.
    126. Mack
    Tries to follow traffic rules but cannot stop speeding.
    127. Honey
    Stewardress Robopon that serves plane passengers. Capable of flight.
    128. Seabee
    129. Puff
    130. Draco
    131. Gigo
    132. S-Bot
    133. GV-Bot
    134. SST-Bot
    135. G-Bot
    Small and hardworking. Good power, speed, and intelligence.
    136. GY-Bot
    Modified G-Bot with a hovering device. Expanded movement range.
    137. GGT-Bot
    Most precious Robopon that all dream of. Each one is made by hand.
    138. Stimy
    Robopon avoiding his homework. Always goes to the arcade.
    139. Hyme
    Jr. High Robopon. Always tardy and ditches school for the pool hall.
    140. Chills
    High School Robopon that loves to fight. Thinks about his future.
    141. Stinky
    His gas is very toxic. It will cause you to faint in a few seconds.
    142. Inviso
    Airplane Robopon with advanced stealh technology.
    143. Mochi
    Uncommon wooden Robopon. Weak against fire, but has other powers.
    144. Tacbot
    Cellular phone Robopon. Can't fight in areas w/ low radio signals.
    145. Gello
    146. Ticker
    A michevious alarm clock that wakes people up with a hammer.
    147. Timzup
    148. ???
    149. Rudy
    Delivers presents to the children at Christmas. Santa's #1 helper.
    150. ???
    151. ???
    152. ???
    153. Scar
    Unidentified skeletal Robopon. Believed only to exist in dreams.
    4. Hints and Tips
    -Always upgrade your Software, and this game will be easy. It's that simple.
    -Likewise, always get new Parts. Speaking of which, Boot-types can't use parts,
    and Arm and Move-types equip seperate types of Parts.
    -In a Part, always look for high RAM capacity first. More software is better.
    -Don't really bother with healing items. If you can't kill something without
    them, you probably can't kill it at all.
    -DO bother with Energy Point (EnP) items. EnP is scarce at the game's
    beginning, though later it's more abundant.
    -Schedule panels are important, so reset your clock to make use of them :-)
    -After the fourth floor or so, don't bother with the carpenter in your buliding
    until you have a lot of money. He wastes time and money building stuff like
    Restrooms until he makes the greatest cheating device in any game - the
    Dispatch Center!
    -The Dispatch Center is great. Pick 4 Robopon around level 50, and send them
    to, say, Libra Town. Set the time for 25 hours, then reset your clock for when
    it says the Robopon will be back. They'll have gained around 7 levels! If it
    says they failed, pick a shorter time. As they get stronger, you can send them
    farther away for more time. The best thing is - this is FREE!
    -The Remote Control chests usually have good stuff in 'em. Make sure to check
    them out.
    -The Remote Control upgrade device that Grandpa Hogle gives you is OK, but the
    boosts it gives are rather minimal.
    -Don't Invest in Labs until you have lots of money.
    -Do catch every possible Robopon, since they can be sold.
    5. Credits/People I Don't Like (PIDL)
    This FAQ was written by ME, Katman, and at the point no one's helped. I planted
    the seeds, I watered the seeds, I grew the weat, I harvested the wheat, and now
    I'm gonna EAT the wheat! Er, OK...
    Katman's E-mail adress is cgalliher@cablespeed.com. Cool, huh?
    Quick, shameless plug - a friend of mine has a Dragon Ball Z RPG at
    And another friend has one at
    So check them out! And join them too! And play Robopon and have FUN! And end
    war! Joy!
    *I Don't Like Dragon Ball Z...Well, those RPGs above are actually fun, but...
    *I Don't Like Rush Limbaugh, because no one else does.
    *I Don't Like Magi-Nation GBC, since it's boring.
    *I Don't Like Finals, since they're hard.
    *I Don't Like Saga Frontier, since it sucks.
    *I Don't Like running out of things to not like.
    6. About the Katman
    Katman is 14 years old and lives in Spain. The first rule of the Katman is -
    don't tell anyone about the Katman. Unless it involves giving him money. Then
    it's OK.
    If you don't like '14-year-olds' writing information to put on the internet,
    for whatever reason, please do not write me, and go stuff yourself.
    If you want to argue with Katman about his position on the Sega Dreamcast
    (Let's just say it's NOT his favorite subject), follow directions above. I
    don't want to hear what you think of it.
    Katman has a fan club called the Katkateers, which currently holds 12 members.
    Join by asking, it's that easy. You have to sing the song too.
    Katman has written FAQs on Sacrifice, Azure Dreams GBC, Fallout 2 (An M-rated
    game, all you shmucky parent-types who think I shouldn't post FAQs due to my
    being 14!), and Sanity: Aiken's Artifact. Thus, this is his FIFTH FAQ! Can all
    you kiddies say "five"? I knew you could!
    Again, Katman's E-Mail is cgalliher@cablespeed.com. Write much and often.
    7. Other Katman Projects
    Um...He's really out of projects right now...Maybe a guide for one of the
    Persona games? Kartia? Maybe something for one of the more popular games?
    This document copyright Cory "Katman" Garett Galliher 2001. All Rights
    Stealing this would result in a plague of locusts o'er the land.
    Being loud is not the same thing as being funny. Take note.

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