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Reviewed: 07/15/02 | Updated: 07/15/02

One of the few GOOD Playstation-to-GameBoy conversions...

So, finally, Grand Theft Auto made it to our GameBoy/Color. But, is it what we hoped for?

Graphics -8-
Good... for Game Boy. Kind of hard to see in this little screen, but I figured something out. It's much better playing it on the GBA with the widescreen on. You can see everything without having to move your handheld 2 centimeters away from your face. Just, make sure it's in good lighting.

Sound -4-
...bloop bloop... bleep bleep... bloop bloop... blup blup... bleep bleep... bloop bloop... blup blup... bloop.. pinga pinga pinga pinga pinga bleep bleep boo doop a doo, bloop bloop ba dooydoo... doop doop da doodydoo... deep deep da doodydoo... DOOP DOOO... DOODY DOOO doop doo DOODY doo... Doply dah doop... *repeat*

See that? That's the intro right there... Same song as the PSX version, only sounds like Pacman on the old Atari 2600. Sounds like that every time you walk in a car. Still, there's the options menu to turn it off. The sound effects aren't too bad. I mean, you can tell if there's a gunshot, right? You can hear an explosion.. But when you drive in the water, just what the hell is that noise? Horn? Car engine? Scream? I don't know...

Gameplay -6-

Your a frickin' turret. You spin left or right with the control pad, yet you hold down (A) as if you're driving... Oh well, (B) shoots if you have a gun, |Select| gets in a car (if you keep walking) and |Start|, of course, pauses. Driving is better, except you go one speed. You press (A) for one second, you go 50 MPH. I tap it to control speeding and hitting people.

Story -10-

Heh heh... No story, but each of the 100 missions is pretty neat, each with their own side-story. It can span from killing an enemy lawyer, to blowing up a police station. I still laugh at the mission where you have to kill a guys brother because he's having sex with his wife. So, high ups for every mssion story.

Difficulty -8-

Each mission is different. Some are just stupidly easy, like running over a guy. Others are insanely difficult, like bringing a whole bunch of cars to a city for a bank robbery (note, there aren't as many cars in the streets as the PSX had). So, yeah, little frustrating here and there, but endless fun.

Replay Value -9-

It's just like a Simpsons rerun. You can still have fun after plenty of times. You can always try new missions, finish missions you failed before, or just causing reckless mayhem through the city. It's a keeper!

Overall -8-

So, it is worthy for one of the best PSX-GBC ports, also note there aren't many of them. If you find it for less than 18$ you might as well try it out. It won't hurt the rest of your library, and it's compatible with the older GameBoys and Super GameBoy. You can play it on ANY GameBoy. Try to find it at a good price.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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