Review by Mr Pibb

Reviewed: 02/02/00 | Updated: 01/17/02

A good game, but its really hard to see the cars!

To start off this review, I want to say that Grand Theft Auto for the Playstation was a good game. The only flaw in it was the hardness of seeing your character. The Game Boy Color version also suffers from this.

The GBC game is a direct port (same game) of the PS version, only the curses were removed and the graphics suck even more. The character is ---VERY--- hard to see, and is even harder to control. Lets just say if an ant crawled on your screen, it would cover up the character. The cars are also hard to see, and control. You have to hold down a button and push a direction to walk/drive. Whats up with that?

I'll rate the game now, each catagory, from 1-10.

Graphics: 3
Replay Value:8(for the first day)
Fun Factor(thanks gamepro for this catagory):3

As you can see, even though I liked the PS version, I think the GBC one stinks. You should get this game if you LOVE the PS version and are on the go, if you dont have a Playstation and love the game, or if you are twisted enought to want to own every Grand Theft Auto game(but why would you?????). Anyway, try your hardest NOT to get this game, I'm sorry as hell i did, for that price (30.00) you can get a great game like King of Fighters Dream Match '99 used.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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