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"<b>Warning:</b> Suicide is a known side-effect of this game"

Ah, Grand Theft Auto, a thug simulator with an overhead view, which was made popular with GTA 3 on the PS2. Now Grand Theft Auto on the Playstation wasn\'t anything particularly too bad, but this is just awful. You start out and you get to pick your thug, amazing! The only thing is, when you play the game, they are all the same sprite, so why do you need to pick a thug? Next you are dropped somewhere in Liberty City (New York), and you have to answer the phones and get missions, such as killing some guy, or planting a car bomb. Sounds like fun, right? on this version, it isn\'t. Once you finish your mission, its back to the phones, when will it end? When you complete all the missions or get enough money, something like that, that\'s when. Then you go to Vice City (Miami, see a pattern here?) and you have to do more missions, when done with that level, its off to San Andreas (San Francisco) and you do the same thing. After that, you are done. Now, this all sounds good, but there are several problems. First, there are almost no cars driving around, you\'ve heard right, there are big cities where the main point of the game is hi-jacking cars, but there are no cars to be found. Occasionally you see a car driving around. Now here is your chance, to steal the car, you have to push some odd button combo using the select button if you aren\'t on the driver\'s side, now if you manage to remember the combo, the car is yours, but the cars usually drive away by the time you get over to it. Oh well, better wait for another. There are almost no cop cars in existence, but you will see a bunch of them chasing you if you manage to do something bad enough, I wonder how they do it. Now, you can get out of your car and try to shot them, but that is just hard to do, you have to hold either the A or B button to walk, use the D pad to move and another button to shoot, which is just plain annoying, its just better to run them over. If you manage to get killed or arrested, you end up at the Police Station/Hospital with no weapons and the mission you were in failed. Oh well, time to rate it...

Graphics 7/10
Yes, the only thing good about this game is the nice graphics (for the GBC anyway), that\'s about all the good I will credit it for.

Sound 2/10
Annoying car engines humming, gunshots, and an awful radio in the cars with relentless beeps, it is torture!

Gameplay 2/10
This game is relentless and boring, most of your time is spent looking for a car to do a mission, or a gun for when your car explodes.

Controls 1/10
The controls are awful, you have to push an action button to walk and steer yourself with the D pad, stealing cars is a nightmare, and the cars handle horribly. You will probably be driving south and press the button to go in the wrong direction with the way it\'s set up.

Rent or Buy
Neither, this game isn\'t worth your time or money. Go to Rockstar\'s website and download the PC version of GTA, best yet, its free there. If you do find yourself with this game, you may be able to get a decent amount of money since some casual gamers will treasure it since the name GTA is on it.

Final thought
Do not buy, I\'ve warned you and told you of a nice alternative way to play a better version of GTA for free. If you have this game, glue it into your enemy\'s Gameboy, or sell it to them, either way will get them mad at you, but then they may firebomb your house. Forget that idea, you like your house, don\'t you? Well, if you are brave enough to pull that trick off, I am not responsible for your death.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 08/06/03

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