"Earthworm Jim: An average game, unfortunately not meeting its standards of the first EWJ."

Earthworm Jim for the Game Boy Color. A pretty bad game in my opinion. The first Earthworm Jim, which was for Genesis/Super NES, was much better and was an excellent game compared to this. This game is pretty weak and isn’t very long.

Story: (3.2/10)

Ugh, the story. Not much story at ALL in this game. You are Earthworm Jim. When you start out, it doesn’t really tell you anything, and the first level begins. The objective is to find all the nuts of each level to progress to the next. Once you find all the ‘nuts’ you beat the game. Pretty dull if you ask me.

Gameplay: (6.5/10)

The gameplay is quite average. There are 12 levels you must go through. The levels are strangely immense and take some time and skill. But you can only shoot and jump, making it less fun. It’s fun and long and times to find every single nut at a quick pace. Sometimes I just run through the level, grab the nuts, and jump over enemies. A downside to the gameplay is how much it had changed since the old game on Genesis/ Super NES. In the old game, it used to be exceptionally funny, and so fun! The game was longer too. Unfortunately, I guess Crave couldn’t make it that good on a Game Boy. I sure wish they could’ve.

Graphics: (5.6/10)

Average part of the game - the graphics of this game are Game Boy Color’s standards. Jim is done with okay sprites and the backgrounds of the levels you go through are shown obviously without much effort, and that makes the game a little worse than it already is. Otherwise, in some and most parts of the game Jim is shown with blocky graphics - and again I must say that they made the game worse.

Hardness Factor: (7.8/10)

Good part about the game. The levels are huge and challenging. It’s pretty hard to find every single nut in the level, as you will probably find yourself going back to search spots for nuts you may have missed. In one level there must have been hundreds of nuts through the whole thing! I like the concept about the ‘nuts’, as it lengthens the game greatly and gives it some fun.

Replay Value: (8/10)

Great part about the game. It’s always fun to play through this game again. I must say, again, that the nuts aspect is great, especially for replay value. You never find yourself bored with this concept. It’s fun every time through- which gives this is a major pro.

Overall: (5/10)

This game only deserves this score because of its weak Storyline and graphics. It’s a solid game- it’s just that it could be better. Something is this game is missing. In the first Earthworm Jim, you could whip your head out of your suit, attack enemies with it or latch onto hooks. The first had story in it and had amazing graphics for that system. But in this one, you could only jump and shoot. What’s up with that Crave? Why couldn’t you make another great game like the first Earthworm Jim???

Buy/Rent/Not? Definitely rent this first, and play through it. It is a fun game, and it lasts for a long time. It’s just that a lot of gamers wouldn’t buy this game mainly because it has too many flaws and weak points. And that’s enough to stop anyone from buying this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 08/09/02, Updated 08/09/02

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