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    FAQ/Walkthrough by NightWalker Duelist

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/07/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Game     :Yu-Gi-Oh! - Monster Capsule GB
    Game type:Strategy RPG
    Platform :Gameboy Color
    Company  :Konami
    Author   :NightWalker Duelist
    FAQ title:FAQ/Walkthrough
    FAQ note :Don't blame me..
    Email	   :blood_clan36@hotmail.com
    Version  :1.1
    0.2-Some Stuff
    0.3-Legal Stuff
    0.4-Author's Notice
    0.5-About this game
    0.9-Menu Translation
    -1.10-First Floor
    -1.20-Second Floor
    -1.30-Third Floor
    2.0-Gameshark Codes
    2.1-Update Plans
    2.2-Version Info
    0.2-Some Stuff
    This document is best viewed in Courier New,Size 10.Just to let you know.:)
    0.3-Legal Stuff
    Yeah..here we go again.I'll always put this thing in the beginning of the
    document so later when you read the FAQ you would feel less
    disturbed.Plagiarism is BAD!
    This FAQ is only to be used for self purposes only.It shall not be distributed
    or given out in any way at all.The contents of this document shall not be
    changed at any cost and It can only be found at http://www.gamefaqs.com.If you
    find it in any other site please inform me.If you wish to post up at your site
    you may but please email me first at blood_clan36@hotmail.com.
    0.4-Author's Notice
    Wor..This is my second FAQ writing..but so far no one has any questions for me
    YET.So In this game I hope you give me support.All these codes were hacked by
    me BTW and this guide is written by me,as always..I take no responsibility for
    anything that happens to your game or cartridge.If you spot any grammar
    mistakes give me a shout at blood_clan36@hotmail.com or MSN me if you want
    to.Don't bug me with small stuff, and If you want to email me please put the
    title of the FAQ as the topic.This game is supposed to be titled Yu-Gi-Oh!
    -Monster Capsule Gb not Monster Capture BTW.
    0.5-About This Game
    This is a strategy RPG type of game and it is really cool,but it has one
    problem...It's not in english!!LOL.Overall this is a great game and it deserves
    more than this.And if you don't like spoilers bear with it, because I'm gonna
    put parts of the storyline into detail anyways.
    The storyline of the game is NOT based on the original series but I assume it
    took place after the Death-T incident and the first appearence of Yami Bakura
    which is in Volume 4-7 of the YGO manga.It starts with Yugi and his friends
    getting an ivitation from Kaiba, and they arrive at Kaiba Corp(I think so!)and
    is greeted by Kaiba with the Millenium Ring!!!Seems that he has harnessed the
    power to remove the souls of your friends and put them into small clay dolls
    which are from the board game which you played with Yami Bakura before.He wants
    you to accept his challenge and beat all his team of idiots which consist of a
    few guys like Weevil,Rex and his brother Mokuba.Don't worry though I'll cover
    that in my Walkthrough later.So let's get ready to duel!!
    0.6 - Characters
    Yugi Muto - A kind hearted and shy student of Domino High School.He posseses
    the Millenium Puzzle which contains the powers of a pharoah who is also Yugi's
    ancestor.He's the main character of the game and has a crush on Anzu/Tea.
    Masaki Anzu/Tea Gardner - Yugi's best friend since childhood.She has a crush on
    Yami Yugi,Yugi's alter-ego.She is trapped in the clay-doll of a Mage-Elf and
    you will have to save her later onwards.
    Yami Yugi - Yugi's dark half.He was a pharoah who is trapped in the puzzle
    which now is in Yugi's hand.When you battle a boss,you send Yugi's soul into a
    clay doll so you have control of Yami Yugi while Yugi is on the table.
    Katsuya Jyounichi/Joey Wheeler - Joey is Yugi's best pal ever.He has this thing
    about friendship which makes him a good person despite the fact that he likes
    to fight a lot.He is trapped in the clay-doll of a Swordsman and you can obtain
    him after defeating Mokuba.
    Hiroto Honda/Tristan Taylor - A pretty obnoxious guy who has a serious crush on
    a girl in school.He freak everytime you speak about it.He is also supports Joey
    and the gang although he doesn't do much.He is trapped in a clay-doll of a
    Gunsman,VERY VERY good character to use.
    Leo Bakura/Ryo Bakura - A very friendly guy who posseses the Millenium Ring
    which is unfortunate, because that is very bad IMO.He has an alter ego like
    Yugi,Yami Bakura.But somehow,Kaiba has got hold of his Ring,but I don't know
    how.He is trapped in a White Mage's clay-doll body.
    Seto Kaiba - Yugi's eternal rival, after the Death-T incident in which he lost
    to Exodia,he has another exciting event planned out for Yugi, this time with
    the help of all Yugi's rivals, and combining three games,chess,Monster Capsule
    and TTRPG.
    Solomon Muto - Yugi's grandad,and he's coming along to see what Kaiba has
    planned for them.It is unknowned what he is trapped in because I've never
    gotten that far.I've only played untill Kaiba's table,which is really hard.And
    then my save data was erased!!!So this time I will get you the information.
    Other Characters - Other characters are from the series, but some don't appear
    in them at all because they appeared in the original Japanese series
    already.Again I suggest you to read the manga.Others are like Weevil
    Underwood/Insecter Haga,Rex Raptor/Dinosaur Ryuzaki,Mokuba Kaiba,Hanasaki,Mai
    Kujayaki/Mai Valentine and some others which I don't need to mention.
    In Reality
    D-Pad-You move of course!!
    Start-Opens up the menu.
    In Battle
    D-Pad-Controlling your monsters,moving them..etc.
    A-Same as In Reality
    Start-Set your team after forming them and placing them in their places.
    0.8-Menu Translation
    When you hit start you get three options.
    On the MC(Monster Capsule) screen you get 5 more options,the first lets you see
    your monsters,the second your Stat Chips,the third the formation option where
    you set your current team in battle,the fourth is to switch the places of your
    monsters for better viewing and the last is to get rid of your monsters which
    is only used if you have too much monsters and you need new ones.
    On the stas screen you see how many capsules you have and how many Star Chips
    you have won from people and it shows the friends you have rescued.
    The save screen saves your screen of course.
    0.9-Battle and Battle Strategies
    Battling is not easy in this game if you think brawn is more powerful than
    brains!Most of the time your enemy tires you out and takes you down easily, but
    if you relax..you have ensured yourself victory!
    The battle screen is set on fields(Mountains,Wasteland,Sea..etc.) which
    sometimes gives advantages to certain monsters.There are boxes like a chess
    game in which your monsters are placed on and some monsters can only attack in
    some certain areas depending on their attack range.You can change the attack
    range if you have the Stat Chip - Range Change.You have to roll a dice before
    you can attack BTW.If the dice says 90%-100% its not good..It means attack
    yourself.And 00% means critical hit.You can move ONE monster and use that
    monster to only attack ONCE.So plan wisely.Monsters have only 3 types of
    attacks,terrain bonus attack,normal attack and twin attack.
    Here are some simple strategies:
    1)Have different monsters with large range,short range and healing.
    2)Put them in proper places in which they can have advantage.If the terrain is
    not of your advantage reset your team formation before you battle.Note:The
    terrain always changes unless you're in a boss fight which means that the
    terrain is always same.
    3)If two of your monsters are in ADVANTAGE which means they're focusing attack
    on one monsters..i.e.their range is in contact you can have a x2 damage
    depending on the situation and you have a bonus if you are in a terrain
    ADVANTAGE which ensures 4x the damage.
    4)If you lose a monster in battle it is gone forever,so reset if you loose an
    important monster.
    5)Have a monster with the attack Swords of Revealin Light which works the same
    in the card game.
    I hope that was helpful,if you can't win against a tough enemy you should fight
    weaker ones untill you have enough star and stat chips and power up your team
    as you please.Remember find a good team.
    Here are a few good beginner teams:
    Swift Team-
    A terrain advantage monster       -i.e with high SP
    A healer monster		          -i.e Holy Elf,Dig Mole
    A monster with large range        -i.e Joey would do fine.
    At least one monster with high AT -i.e Winged Dragon is good
    Hold-up team-
    A monster with Swords of Revealing Light Attack -i.e Blue Eyes White Dragon or
    Winged Dragon
    A monster with Magic Seal Attack			-i.e Bakura is good.
    A monster which can cover a large range		-i.e Joey again!or Tristan could do!
    An evolved monster					-i.e Worm which can evolve into Hercules Beetle
    1.1-First Floor-Mokuba Kaiba
    Boss-Mokuba Kaiba
    Hard Enemies-Kokurano,Nezumi,Hanasaki,Kaiba's House Servant
    Number of Enemies-6
    Rare Monsters-Winged Dragon,Corroding Shark,Worm Thingy and Torrigan
    You start and get 5 star chips.Then the you are asked to get your 1st monster
    from the machine.The monster you get is random,I got Winged Dragon as my 1st
    Note:1 monster/1 stat chip costs 1 star chip.If you get a monster you don't
    like you may reset the game.Sometimes it depends on luck.
    I'd advice you to level up your monster before fighting with the characters
    from the SERIES.The character from the series are hard to beat so level up by
    duelling some low-lives and earn yourself some star chips.Level-7-9 would do
    good.Once you done that get some other monsters from the machines.Get at least
    6.You can get Winged Dragon,A worm thing(Sorry,I don't know much
    japanese!),Corroding Shark,Feral Imp,Holy Elf,and a couple of other monsters on
    this floor.You can only get to the next floor by beating the floor boss in a
    board game and by battling his monster in a TTRPG(Table Top RPG).There are
    various people to battle here,some are not even tough if you leveled up as I
    said.Kokurano,Nezumi and Hanasaki are here,you could battle them for decent EXP
    and they're not that hard to defeat anyways.Be warned that Kokurano uses Apes
    which have high attack but they're attack range are small,Four squares.Hanasaki
    uses the worm thing and Nezumi uses random monsters.They are easy to beat and
    give decent EXP.
    When you have about 20-30 star chips spend them for some monsters or if you
    want you can take on the level boss if you think you're good enough.Approach
    the door which are heavily guarded by two bozo guards which will be in every
    floor in the game.They won't do anything though.Get to the right-hand side of
    the door and you must insert star chips in there in order to open up the door.
    When you get in the door you would find the tour guide who guided you here who
    is strangely also Kaiba's house servant!He is really creepy if you ask me.He
    uses two apes and a thing which I don't clearly remember.Beat him with ease and
    proceed to the door,there you would find Mokuba the floor boss,speak to him to
    play his 'little story'.You find this in every boss fight,you have to play
    through a story they set up for you in a TTRPG format and then when you finish
    the story you fight their toughest monsters.
    He seems confident that this time he would beat you in this game because he
    said he practised with 'Big-Bro Kaiba'.Heh,this guy never learns.He has Joey
    hostage BTW,and you can use Joey who
    is trapped in a swordsman's body later when you rescue him.
    Your piece is placed in a village.Look into the barrel and table to find a DF
    Chip and a HP Chip.Wohoo!Power-ups!!It seems that the village people are
    troubled...One of their little girls are missing and they think a monster
    kidnapped her!!OMG!Head out of the village.(strange..he puts you in a village
    with the entrance which is also the only exit!)
    Enter the forest.The terrain here is mostly grassland and trees with some other
    stuff like black holes too.There are random encounters when you are in story
    realm.Depending on the dice thrown for every few steps you take a weak or
    powerful monster would appear.Destroy these for EXP if you are forced to
    fight.Head to the rightmost-bottom to find another DF chip. Head north-west to
    find an AT chip.Head north-east to find an exit.Exit the forest and enter the
    When you enter there will be one straight road untill you head further where
    there would be two forks.Head left because the right would lead you to a dead
    end and more crap battles.The terrain here is Black Hole which advantages
    Zombies,Lightning and Fiend type monsters.Oh and some wasteland too with other
    random stuff.Head Jackals appear a lot here and if you don't watch out the
    could use the terrain advantage to kill you.
    Head north to find Joey lying down beside a rock.Speak to him and save.Head to
    the left forking road to get yourself a nice HP chip.Head west to find a switch
    which would lead to Stat Chips and to the next area. Pull the switch to see
    what you get.If you get C-you get a DF chip and if you get A you get an AT chip
    I think.And if you get B you don't get anything.
    Head right after that to find a SP chip.Head left to another switch.A is a HP
    chip.C is an AT chip and B is nothing but a straight road to two forked
    roads,which lead to another switch...Whats with all the switches Mokuba!!??A is
    a DF chip.If I'm not mistaken C is a trap Chip,which gets you into a fight.(Why
    that dirty little...!)
    When you head up there would be two guards who are blocking your way to
    Mokuba's final challenge.How do you pass?Head to the path on the right to find
    a pot.Pick if up and talk to the guards they would then let you through.Beware
    though!I suggest you save before this if you value all the hard work put into
    your monsters levels!!Mokuba is no joke!He uses three Monsters two of them I
    think are Imps which are average but with high SP and the terrain boosts their
    abilities.His trump card is a thing which I think Is a Slot Machine(again..I
    can't read jap!)and has HIGH range of attack.It's attack covers almost the
    whole field and it has terrain advantage!Ugh!Not fair!Your monsters should be
    at Level - 12-15 by now or else you could be dead meat.
    And after the battle you save the little girl that was kidnapped from the
    village you were at earlier.After a short conversation with Mokuba,he gives in
    and hands you the clay doll containing Joey's soul.You have now rescued your
    best pal.And Trust me,if you train Joey well enough he'd be your best in the
    team you have,plus he won't die if you loose him in battle.When you actually
    upgrade his range it actually hits almost every single enemy in front of
    him!!So train him up to Level-15 or so and try to get his large range attack
    with the Range Change chip.
    Few things to do before heading to the second floor:
    1)Get yourself a worm thing.Train it hard because it will be useful later
    onwards.You'll see!
    2)Get a Winged Dragon and train it if you want to.
    3)Train Joey untill he is powerful enough to beat down enemies on his own.Get a
    Range Change chip to power him up!
    4)Get LOTS of star chips from the weaklings!!
    Do these only if you want to do so.I advice you to do so because all these
    things will help you on making up your perfect team and beating down the next
    1.2-Second Floor-Weevil
    Boss-Weevil Underwood/Insecter Haga
    Hard Enemies-Mako,Souzoji,Kokurano(II) and Imori
    Number of Enemies-6
    Rare Monsters-Kuriboh,PumpKing,Wolf,Snowman Thing(I don't know its name),Giant
    Flea,Giant Insect,Jellyfish thing(Again I dont know its name) and Great White.
    Yay!!You finally made it to the second floor!!You have lots of enemies to fight
    and more monsters you can get from the better machines.The monsters here are
    random and the terrain is mostly forest,sea and plains.The bad thing about the
    machines here is most of the time they give out the useless monsters like Great
    Pa which don't really help out.So reset again if you get a useless
    monster.Wolf,Torrigan,Worm and Joey are a good combination against these
    fellas.They use mostly wolves,Eyemouth,Flowermen,Giant Fleas and Squid Ninja.
    Mako Tsunami is here!!He uses Fortress Whale whose attack range covers the
    WHOLE board!!Ugh the worst part is that he has terrain advantage because all
    his monsters are sea-type and the terrain is 80% sea,10% plain,and 10%
    others.His monsters can attack at large range so be careful.Try to attack his
    monsters from afar because Fortress whale has a bonus if he places his other
    monsters near yours.
    Souzoji uses wolves ONLY.And he's pretty useless even though he has terrain
    advantage.Fight him for some decent EXP.Walk around and battle the other people
    if you are low on Star Chips.Imori uses some bugs like Giant Flea and Giant
    insect.Be careful or you can be whopped by him.Kokurano is here again and this
    time his Apes has increased their attack range and they still have that terrain
    advantage like before.
    So far the hardest enemy to beat here is Mako Tsunami and he gives out the most
    EXP of all the enemies you have fought before this.Train up to Level-18-20 and
    its try pulling out some new strategies.Strategies are important!You can trap
    enemies and use double attack bonuses when you get the hang of it.When I was
    here my team was Joey,Worm,Torrigan and Winged Dragon.I also randomly switch to
    Corroding Shark,Holy Elf and Feral Imp as my spare team just in case one of my
    monsters is lost.And please get some spare monsters before you do anything else
    and put them into your formation.When you think you are ready please head to
    the door where you will face this floor's boss...!!Guess who he is:He's
    nerdy,geeky and LOVES insects!Yep,you guessed it right!It's Weevil!You get
    Bakura if you beat him.
    Alright it's time for our second TTRPG game.Don't you just love it when you
    turn into a little clay doll and let your Dark-Half help you??Wow..this place
    is LARGE!Most of it is only forest and sea terrain!It gives advantages to bugs
    and animals BTW.
    Your piece is placed in a forest.And when you get there...OMG!!You got
    mugged!!Did you get some spare monsters?Yeah,those were meant to be stolen.And
    because this game is sometimes unpredictable your monster might be lost
    forever.Better than losing your hard earned monsters right?Head out of this
    forest simply by just heading north because there is not much to do in this
    forest.Head to the next area which is a village.
    Look around the north-east and look into the house with the old man in it.Check
    the barrel for an AT chip.After picking that up speak to ALL villagers at least
    twice and head out.You can now choose which road you would pick.
    Head right into a dungeon because thats what I'm covering.You could do the
    forest too but I'm covering the dungeon first.The only difference between the
    two paths are that in the forest you have more better enemies to fight which
    means you get more EXP.Train up if you want to.I suggest Lvl-20 by now.
    A-Dungeon Path
    The dungeon is pretty straight-forward,you just go throught the paths until you
    reach a switch.Pull it to get A-a straight path and B which you get a AT chip
    but you also get a different path than A.When you head left and up,you get
    another switch,A-It's a Range Change chip!!Use it immediately on Joey if you
    are using him!!B-There's nothing here but a path.Once you pulled the switch
    head left to find a guy,speak to him.After that head further left to find
    another switch.B-you get another AT chip and A just sends you further.Just head
    up to find the exit.
    B-Forest Path
    It's harder if you take the forest path but you get to see more things
    here.Head west to find a SP chip.There are lots of insects and animals in the
    forest.The toughest enemy here is Basic Insect.And trust me they are really
    tough!They now appear in numbers and they attack fast with a long range.Fire
    monsters like Winged Dragon and Fire Turtle work well here.They too get some
    advantages and are able to use FLAME elemetal attack here.The DUMB thing is
    that there are Fiend Kraken and JellyFishes here!!What are they doing
    here?!Waste them if you encounter them.
    Whichever path you take it leads to the same part of the forest.When you see
    the lake take the North-Western path.Before heading to the exit.Talk to the
    Bandit and Head left to find a SP chip.Then after that exit.
    Enter the next forest to find a bandit with a Great Moth with him.However he
    challenges you with to a duel!Take it easy..try to speak to him and he battles
    you with his Great Moth.Take it down!If you haven't trained to around level-19
    or 20.You better now...He's going to re-challenge you later with a Perfectly
    Ultimate Moth!!
    Head up to find Bakura lying down on the ground.Speak to him and save.Bakura
    says that the Holy Elf has been kidnapped and he requests you to save the Elf
    for the sake of the village.The enemies here are getting tougher!There's a new
    enemy here,the Killer Needle,the Wolf and the Larvae.Don't fear the enemies
    here.Try to pick up the chips if you want.But this forest is sooo irritating
    that I left them out sometimes.Head left to a path and find a log there.Push it
    and lets see where it goes.It's random so I can't cover it for you.I'll only
    cover the path which I took.
    There are three paths which the log can lead you to.I got the rightmost
    path.All the paths take you to a different forest with different chips and
    stuff there.But unfortunately I can't cover all of them so If anyone could do
    the paths for me and email me what are there I will give you full credit for
    your work.
    Now,the best thing to do is to NOT waste time picking up stuff.Exit whichever
    forest the path took you and please remember that you can always reset if you
    lose.There are 4 chips in the path I took.One of them an AT chip,a SP chip and
    the other two I didn't get.At every end of the forest of whichever path you
    take,there will be the bandit again with his team of monsters.Take him out
    After exiting the forest.Head to the large cocoon.Guess what it is.Yeah..It's a
    Perfectly Ultimate Moth!!And the bandits are planning to sacrifice a Holy Elf
    after the Cocoon if opened!How mean!The really dumb thing is...the P.U.Moth
    instead of eating the Holy Elf,consumes the other bandits,including the bandit
    leader himself!!OMG!You can see a short cut-scene in which the P.U.Moth emerges
    from its cocoon!And then you fight it!It has two wolves as partners.Take them
    down quickly.The moth can attack DIRECTLY if its in your path..i.e In front of
    you!The P.U.Moth attacks with a Beam type attack which does heavy damage if its
    under 50%.Once you beaten it you get decent amount of EXP and you gain a new
    partner:Bakura the Priest!
    Weevil complains that you could even beat him in this game..But he thinks that
    this game is boring and decides to go back to playing cards.He leaves the room
    in temper and you pick up Bakura as he thanks you for rescuing
    him.Congratulations!You have made it to the third floor!Yahoo!
    Things to do before going to the third floor:
    1)Train Bakura and try to get his new range attack.He can heal I think.
    2)Train the worm If you haven't.Get a few Evolution Chips if you can.
    3)Grab some star chips before going to the 3rd floor and make sure your
    monsters levels are high enough.Lvl-20-21 is fine.
    1.3-Third Floor-Rex
    Boss-Rex Raptor/Dinosaur Ryuzaki
    Hard Enemies-Nezumi(II),Imori(II),Haunted Kid(?),and Kujirada
    Machines-2,but one is blocked for the meantime
    Number of Enemies-6
    Rare Monsters-PumpKing,Red Eyes Black Dragon,Koumori Dragon,Zombie Dragon,Swamp
    Battleguard,Lava Battleguard,Masaki the Legendary Swordsman,Basic
    Insect,Hitotsu-Me-Giant,Larvae Moth
    Congrats.You made it to the third floor.This is a big achievement you know.It's
    rare for someone to reach the third floor because they usually throw out the
    game before the second floor.Enough said,lets get moving.There are better
    enemies here and of course better monsters to get.If you prefer using the
    monsters you got since the first floor you can of course,but its better I
    explain the evolution system now.
    Some monsters can evolve but some can't,I have so far only discovered 3 which
    can.Baby Dragon,Larvae Moth,and The Worm Thingy.Baby Dragon of course would
    turn into our great Thousand Dragon,Larvae Moth can turn into Cocoon Of
    Evolution,Great Moth and P.U.Moth,and The Worm Thingy can turn into Hercules
    Beetle.All of them are great except that they have to be at high level in order
    to evolve.I think you need to be at least level 30 to evolve.The downside is
    that the levels go down after you evolve them.The stats go down too.But they
    are much stronger than regular monsters.You need Evolution chips to make them
    evolve.Beware of the side effects........Just Kidding!
    There are new enemies to fight on the third floor,which is great.One of the
    guys here is Haunted Kid(I don't know his name),and he uses PumpKing,Crawling
    Dragon and lots of Fiend types.He is really tough,he has terrain advantage and
    his monsters have high stats.His PumpKing and Crawling Dragon are really
    irritating and really make you mad sometimes.Luckyly I trained hard and beat
    them hands down.Imori is also here and he uses his same lame team of Giant
    Fleas and Giant Insect.The only thing which has changed is that Imori has new
    Range of attack.So does Nezumi.There's a guy here,a fat guy who seems to be
    interested in Digital Pets(Digimon??),and his name is Kujirada.He uses Left and
    Right Hand of Forbidden,Exodia parts.Be careful they can be a pain if you don't
    be careful.
    To be continued....I'll update again.Soon.
    2.0-Gameshark Codes
    Infinite Star Chips     - 0163edc2
    Infinite All Stat Chips - 0163efc2
    I've hacked all these codes by myself and I've tested them.So use them if you
    like.They're really useful if you want stat chips and monsters!Switch off the
    codes after using or regret it.If you have any more codes please email them to
    me at blood_clan36@hotmail.com
    2.1-Update Plans
    I still need help on this FAQ and I'm replaying it so have patience.If you do
    have any questions please ask me and don't send me spam mail and all those
    stuff.I plan on finishing the guide and adding a better contents section as
    well as a ASCII art if anyone would help me with that.And you get full credit
    if you do.I don't intend to delay anything so If anyone could help please do
    so.I need some help translating some monster names and some part of the
    storyline if anyone could help me with that.:P
    2.2-Version Info
    Version 1.0-Made this.Sent it.6/3/04
    Version 1.1-Updated a bit.Added some stuff to the walkthrough about the second
    floor and third floor and some teams have been added to the Battle section.Made
    a content.Changed the formatting a bit.Made some grammar corrections.7/3/04
    To me               - For Writing this
    To you              - For reading this and giving morale support!
    To CJayC            - For having this great website!!
    To Kazuki Takahashi - For inventing YGO!
    To Konami           - For making this great game!
    To Annoyboy		  - For teaching me to hack!
    And To God          - For making life so wonderful!

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