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"A nice racer from Disney"

Well Disney has done it again with yet another hand held game. This time it's a racing game. The question is going to be is it good? Or did it lay an egg. When I come on here and I see no review for a video game, I know it don't look god for the game. But this was not the case here, I guess people was too l azy to write something about this game. Then again most racing games don't get too much player reviews, cause it's basically all the same, you drive and race.

This is where it gets interesting. This is a fun style of racing. You can decide which character to race with, and as you advance you unlock more tracks to race on. But the bottom line is, it is still racing over and over again, but on different graphics. It does have a cute little story to it for some entertainment value. The object is very simple it is always you against three other racers. You must come first in every stage to advance. You can collect special items on the course, for bonuses, and juice up you car. For a hand held racer, I think they did a pretty good job. For die-hard racing fans, they should love this game, for the non-racing gamer; they might get bored of it after awhile.

We all know by now, Disney is a master at animation. They have been doing it for years, and keep getting better and better as time goes along. No disappointment in this game for graphics and appearance overall. For what little space they got to work with, it is truly amazing. Other game boy color games should look at this and learn something from the developers. The sound is not too good, let's say at best average. Hey most driving games don't give you great sound. You can't have good graphics and good sound together all the time; you need to make a small sacrifice somewhere. Otherwise if you looking for the perfect video game, you probably end up playing very little games.

Now here comes the bottom line. Disney always makes fun for all age's games. We should all know that by now and expect that by now. If you looking for adult oriented games, then this is probably not for you. But it you want a fun racer where you can play over and over again at different times to pass the time away, then you found something good.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 10/15/07

Game Release: Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour (US, 12/07/00)

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