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"Improving upon the flaws of the previous game, Army Men 2 is what a sequel should be"

The tan soldiers are on the run after being dealt a severe blow, but the tan forces has escaped through a portal and are now regrouping under a tan general. While the iron is still hot, the green army chase after the tan to stop them for good.

There is very little story telling in the game other than briefing and mission completion summary, but what story there is, is not that bad. The ongoing battle between the tan and green army is still enjoyable, but I feel that the story could have been more developed and some potential was wasted.

Army Men 2 plays just like the first game and the campaign is split into two operations: field and assault. There are in total thirty-one levels, and while that may seem like a lot most of the levels can be completed in only a few minutes or less. The objectives are no longer varied instead every level is beaten by killing all enemies which can get old quick but there are one or two levels where the objectives are either find an item or destroy all objects. A helpful map shows where all the enemies (white) and where the player (green) are located. There is a nice variety of levels from garden, garage, and counter top to name a few. The password system returns again, and each password is composed of four characters.

Graphics have seen a huge update, and everything looks a lot more beautiful and interesting. The first level takes place on the sidewalk and stone walkway to the front steps, and the textures are bright and vibrant. Player and enemies are bigger and more pronounced so they do not blend into the background and bullets are a lot easier to spot this time around. One nice touch that I like with the graphics is that when a bazooka or flamethrower is equipped the weapon the green soldier is holding gets larger to show the change of weapon. The melting animation for the army men look great and another nice touch is that certain parts of the scenery can be destroyed.

Soundtrack sounds great and music plays throughout the level instead of just at the main menu. The amount of different tracks is limited so the player can look forward to hearing the same song several times however each track sound great so listening to them several times is not that bad. There are a few voice over clips that play when Sarge picks up an item, but the music stops while the spoken line is played. Character's lines can be tough to hear since the music is much louder than the spoken clips and the music stops suddenly right before the line is said. Sound effects are minimal, and the guns make noise when they shoot yet that is about it.

One of the areas that did not receive an update is the controls, and the layout of the controls is still the same. Most of the controls are simple and easy to grasp however movement will take some time. Up and Down moves Sarge forward and backward however pressing Left or Right will move a cursor and the cursor indicates where Sarge will move/shoot. Biggest problem with this is that the movement controls still feel slippery so it is easy to overshoot an enemy. Boot camp is included to help teach the controls, and this is worth playing through for players new to the game.

There is a nice variety of weapons that Sarge can use in the game, and he can only carry a rifle and two other weapons. Weapons that he can pick up along the way include bazooka, mortar, grenades, auto rifle, and flamethrower plus he can also pick up health kits or minesweeper. At certain points in the game, Sarge will be able to control either a tank or jeep, and with these vehicles, Sarge can run over enemies to kill them. Unfortunately one down side to the weapons is that they do not carry over to the next level also getting in and out of vehicles is still performed by pausing the game and selecting the option from the menu.

Enemy types are one area where the game comes up short, and all of the enemies are tan colored yet most of them are foot soldiers. There are a few different types of enemies including mortars, bazooka, flamethrower, tank, and jeep however most of the enemies are simply riflemen.

Multiplayer has been included this time which allows for two players, and there are three different difficulty settings which help with the replay value.

Army Men 2 is a great sequel that improves upon almost all of the flaws of the first game, and the short levels make it perfect for gaming on the go.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/06/12

Game Release: Army Men 2 (US, 02/28/00)

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