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    FAQ/Walkthrough by jalt

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 02/08/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                    _         |/                         
                                   | |      ___                           
                  ______           | | _  .° _ °.    _______               
                  \   _ °.   ___   | |/ / | |_//_  .° _   _ °.   ___       
                   | |_| | .° _ °. |   <  °._____| | / | | \ | .° _ °.  ___  
                   |  __.° | |_| | |_|\_\     ___  |_| |_| |_| | |_| | |   °.
                   | |     °.___.°          .°   °.            °.___.° | |°. |
                   |_|                     /   _   \                   |_| |_|
                                          |---( )---|                         
                                           \   ¨   /                         
                            _____   _____   _____    22222
                           |_   _| |  ___| |  ___|  2     2
                             | |   | |     | | __        22
                             | |   | |     | ||_ |    2222
                             | |   | |___  | |_| |   22
                             |_|   |_____| |_____|  22222222
                         *                                           *
                         * jalt's "Pokémon Card GB2" FAQ/Walkthrough *
                         *                                           *
                      Copyright (C) 2001 by jalt    All right reserved.
                             Version 2.0 - Last Updated 08/Feb/2002
                     Latest version can always be found on Gamefaqs.com!!
    Welcome to my "POKÉMON TRADING CARD GAME 2" for Color Gameboy FAQ/Walkthrough.
    This was entire and exclusively written by me, jalt, and it's supposed to
    help you to beat the game in the best way possible, hopefully collecting all
    the cards and discovering every single feature.
    MAIL ME.
    By the way, I'd just like to mention that I don't like Pokémon, indeed, I hate
    Pokémon. But what I like in this game is its interesting way of battling.
    Another thing: Pokémon is not ANIME (although it is made in Japan), cuz ANIME
    rulez and Pokémon sucks!
    |**                                        **|
    |*                                          *|
    |    III  NN  NN  DDD     EEEEE  XX  XX      |
    |    III  NNN NN  DD DD   EE      XXXX       |
    |    III  NNNNNN  DD  DD  EEEE     XX        |
    |    III  NN NNN  DD DD   EE      XXXX       |
    |    III  NN  NN  DDD     EEEEE  XX  XX      |
    |                                            |
    |          aka Table of Contents             |
    |                                            |
    | 1--> Version History                       | 
    | 2--> Introduction                          |
    | 3--> Understanding (kinda) Japanese        |
    |      3.1--> MENUS                          | 
    |      3.2--> Gameplay                       |
    | 4--> F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)   |
    | 5--> Walkthrough                           |
    | 6--> Coins                                 |
    | 7--> Decks                                 | 
    | 8--> Rocket Game Corner (Casino)           | 
    | 9--> Trading                               |
    |      9.1--> With your friends              |
    |      9.2--> Within your own game           |          
    |10--> Misc. Stuff                           |
    |      10.1--> Trainer Requirements          |
    |      10.2--> Characters                    |
    |      10.3--> IMAKUNI?                      |
    |      10.4--> Challenge Cup                 |
    |      10.5--> Computers                     |
    |      10.6--> Mail                          |
    |11--> Gameshark Codes                       |
    |12--> Conclusion                            |
    |      12.1--> Credits                       |
    |      12.2--> Contacting me                 |
    |      12.3--> LEGAL INFORMATION             |
    1--> Version History          
    Version 2.0 - 08-Feb-2002
    Version 1.1 - 23-Oct-2001
    -Added info on casino slots and dugtrio/gengar coin
    -Added GAMESHARK section
    -Corrected the name of the "EVOLVER" trainer card to "Bill's Computer"
    -Minor fixes
    Version 1.0 - 01-Aug-2001
    First release.
    2--> Introduction
    Hi, I'm jalt, the creator of this FAQ/Walkthrough.
    The purpose of this file is to help everyone who, like me, experienced
    difficulties in this extremely addicting game. I'm currently playing the
    Japanese version of the game because I don't have the english version yet (and
    I don't know when it's going to be released).
    This file is about PTCG2 for Gameboy Color, so if you're looking for info on
    REAL PTCG cards, just forget about it. I don't have ANY real PTCG cards
    (because they're a big waste of money), so don't ask me anything about it.
    Now here comes an important warning:
    WRITTEN IN THE GAME and if you have any questions about it, just forget it.
    Anyway, I've completely finished the english version of "PTCG" for GBC and
    collected every single card, and both games are very similar (obviously...),
    so, I've managed to ALMOST beat P. CARD GB2.
    As there wasn't any other FAQ for the game, I decided to write my own and post
    it in the best place for FAQs/Walkthroughs, www.gamefaqs.com!!
    I will not cover the basic aspects of the game. If you are a beginner in this
    type of game, please check the existing FAQs on "POKÉMON TRADING CARD GAME"
    for Color Gameboy in Gamefaqs.com, as they've helped me a lot in the previous
    If you already know what's the game all about keep on reading, if not, go get
    yourself informed!!
    3--> Understanding (kinda) Japanese
    As I've already wrote, I CAN'T READ JAPANESE, but if you think a little,
    you'll be able to complete most tasks in the game.
    3.1--> MENUS
    These are the menus you'll find in the game. The translation I used is based
    in the previous game (PTCG for GBC), but it may be inaccurate!!
    * - Items with sub-menus are indicated with the use of this symbol (obviously,
        the asterisk isn't shown in the real game's menus)                      
    |       NEW GAME      | When you first start the game, your only option is NEW
     ---------------------  GAME. From there on, you'll have 3 or 4 options
                            depending if you finished your last duel. If so,
                            you'll have 3 choices, if not, there'll be a fourth
                            option allowing you to resume the duel at the point
                            where you left it. 
    |      CARD POP!*     | -(Check out below)
    |    CONTINUE GAME    | -Continues game from your last saved point in diary                
    |  RESTART NEW GAME   | -Erases the saved game (confirmation is asked)    
    |     RESUME DUEL     | -Resumes duel              
                             Note: If you quitted the game in the middle of a duel
                             but want to continue from your last saved point in 
                             diary, choose CONTINUE GAME (confirmation is asked).
                  CARD POP! MENU
             |      CARD POP!      | -CARD POP! with someone
             |     VIEW RECENT     | -View info on recent CARD POP!'s
             |         END         | -Go back to the previous menu
    CARD POP! is an option given to you before beginning a saved game. Using the 
    Game Boy Color's IR (InfraRed) port, you and a friend will each receive a
    random free card chosen from the other cards. The CARD POP! allows you to do
    this only once with each person. The game records the other person's ID # and
    if you CARD POP! with the same person you will get an error saying that you've
    already CARD POP!ed with that person. The only way to overwrite the ID # is to
    CARD POP! with so many people, that the game overwrites the ID # allowing you
    to CARD POP! with them again. There were in the previous game two promo cards
    that could ONLY be obtained this way (Pxx or Phantom Cards, now obtained in
    the Rocket Game Corner, aka Casino), so CARD POP! with everyone that has this
    cartridge, as it is very likely that this game also has new Phantom Cards.
    VIEW RECENT allows you to see the last 7 CARD POP!'s that you've made,
    including the other trainer's name as well and the cards that each of you got.
    When you're in a building (but not during battles), pressing Start brings a
    Main menu:
           MAIN MENU       
    |       STATUS        | -Displays your playing time and number of cards
    |        DIARY        | -Allows you to save your game (confirmation is asked)
    |        DECK*        | -(Check below)
    |    ??POKEGEAR??*    | -(Check below)           
    |     COIN ALBUM      | -Choose the coin you which to toss
    |       CONFIG*       | -(Check below)
    |        EXIT         | -Closes menu
                              DECK MENU
              |  MODIFY DECK*             SELECT DECK  |
              |  CHANGE NAME              CANCEL       |
                                      MODIFY DECK MENU
                        |  CONFIRM        MODIFY           NAME  |
                        |  SAVE         DISMANTLE        CANCEL  |
    The DECK MENU allows you to:
    -MODIFY DECK (will open the respective menu)
    -CHANGE NAME (rename that deck)
    -SELECT DECK (choose your active deck)
    -CANCEL (go back to the main menu)
    The MODIFY DECK MENU lets you: 
    -CONFIRM the cards in your deck
    -SAVE your deck (confirmation is asked and then it is also asked if you want
     to save the deck in the DECK SAVING MACHINE)
    -MODIFY the cards that are part of that deck
    -DISMANTLE that deck
    -NAME that deck (or rename it)
    -CANCEL (goes back to the previous menu)
                  ??POKEGEAR?? MENU
              |  DECK SAVING MACHINE* | -(Check below)
              |         MAIL*         | -(Check below)
              |       CARD LIST       | -Lists all of your cards
              |        CANCEL         | -Returns to main menu
                                   DECK SAVING MACHINE MENU
                        |  SAVE A DECK IN SLOT   DELETE FROM SLOT  |
                        |  RESTORE DECK          END               |
                        In order to SAVE A DECK IN SLOT, you first select the
                        target slot in the machine and then you choose the deck
                        you want to save from your hand.
                        If you want to RESTORE A DECK, make your selection from
                        the ones available at the machine and then select the
                        target slot in your hand.
                        In order to DELETE FROM SLOT, you must confirm your
                                         MAIL MENU      
                       |  READ MESSAGE    DELETE MESSAGE    END  |    
                        If you select DELETE MESSAGE, it's asked for confirmation.
                        END sends you to the previous menu.
                              CONFIG MENU                     
              |  MESSAGE SPEED:                         | -MESSAGE SPEED (duh!)
              |  SLOW    1    2    3    4    5    FAST  |  
              |                                         |   
              |  DUEL ANIMATION:                        | -DUEL ANIMATION (duh!)  
              |  SHOW ALL       SKIP SOME         NONE  |   
              |                                         |   
              |  ?????????:                             | -???????? (whada heck?!)  
              |  ?????????                   ?????????  | 
              |                                         | 
              |  BORDER COLOUR:                         | -BORDER COLOUR (duh!) 
              |  RED       BLUE       GREEN      WHITE  |  
    When you duel, this is how the menu looks like:
    |  HAND          CHECK            RETREAT  |
    |  FIGHT         PKMN POWER       DONE     |
    -HAND lets you browse through your current hand of cards
    -FIGHT lets you choose the attack (when you attack, your turn ends)
    -CHECK lets you check the play area (all, only yours, only your opponent's)
    -PKMN POWER lets you activate PKMN POWERs
    -RETRERAT lets you retreat to the bench your active pokémon
    -DONE lets you pass your turn
    3.2--> Gameplay
    During gameplay there will be only 2 main situations where you need to "read"
    Japanese: when you have to answer YES or NO (either to other
    trainers/traders/slot machines, etc.) where YES would be the leftmost
    two-lettered option and NO would be the default rightmost three-lettered
    option. Extremely easy!! The other situation would be when certain trainers
    require you to have or not to have certain cards in your active deck. (Some
    trainers will only battle if you have certain cards while others will only
    battle if you don' t have certain cards). This is the tricky part:
    -Most of these trainers will require you to have specific POKÉMON (usually 4)
    in your active deck:
    If you talk to a trainer and say YES to battle him but he still doesn't battle
    you, pay attention to the characters displayed in brackets (not REAL brackets
    but two small symbols in the beginning and the end of some words) and write
    them down in a piece of paper. Write them as carefully as possible. They are
    normally preceded or forwarded by a number (the amount of the specific card).
    After writing the name of the card in the paper browse through your card list
    and try to find a perfect match, if you are unable to do this most likely you
    don't have the needed cards, but keep trying combinations of cards until you
    get it.
    Example: The 1st trainer in the Rocket Lightning Club (Rocket Island) will
    only battle you if you have 4 pikachus in your deck. It doesn't matter the
    level or their type (GB, Jungle, Fossil, etc.) all it matters is that the card
    is named exactly the same as it is written in the piece of paper.
    -Other trainers will only battle you if you have EXCLUSIVELY one type of
    energy cards. This means that you can only have a specific type of energy
    cards in your deck.
    Example: 3rd Girl in Rocket Grass Club requires you to have only grass energy
    cards, so build a deck with grass pokémon and grass energy cards. Remember
    that you cannot even use colourless energy - only grass energy is allowed.
    -A few trainers don't want you to use Trainer cards such as Full Heal, Potion,
    Energy Removal, etc. Just replace them from your deck with other cards (full
    heal energy and potion energy are good options if you are allowed to use
    These trainers will be specified in the Walkthrough (as well as their
    requirements), but keep in mind that I cannot be absolutely sure about it.
    There may be some situations where the information I collected isn't very
    accurate (Example: If my active deck contained only Grass Energy and I engaged
    battle with a trainer whose requirements would be the exclusive use of grass
    energy, I could not realise that the trainer had any requirements at all).
    Other quite unusual situation is the requirements to battle the Rocket
    Colourless Club Trainers. Thomas Lei ( <thomas_lei_86@yahoo.com.hk> )sent me
    the explanation, which was proven correct by Dirk ( <djcat@planet.nl> ). 
    |       3       |
    |     2         |
    |        1      |
    |               |               
    The person standing in no.1 needs 4 "Double-Colourless Energy" OR 4 "Pidgey"
    The person standing in no.2 needs 4 "Jigglypuff" OR 4 "Mysterious Fossil"
    The person standing in no.3 needs 4 "Meowth" OR 4 "dark pokémons"
    4--> F.A.Q.
    Here are some important questions and answers...
    1. Why do some trainers refuse to battle me?
    A: Read the above section.
    2. What are the requirements for this "trainer" in this "club"?
    A: Read the Walkthrough.
    3. How do I travel from one island to another?
    A: You must have GR coin. Talk to GR-5 in Rocket base.
    4. How do I get GR coin?
    A: You must defeat all 4 GR members (grass, colourless, electric and psychic).
       Read the Walkthrough.
    5. How do I get all coins?
    A: I don't have a clue, but I'm working on it. Meanwhile, check the coins
    6. Who's that strange looking guy that appears in clubs? How do I find him?
    A: He's IMAKUNI?. He appears randomly in clubs, so try your luck.
    7. How do I exit from GAME CORNER?
    A: You must deposit your credits before leaving. Don't worry, they'll be there
       when you come back. In order to deposit them, talk to the girl on the left
       (say YES). Do the same to withdraw them.
    8. What's the Challenge Cup?
    A: It's the competition in both Challenge Hall and Rocket Challenge Hall.
    9. How do I enter Challenge Cup? What are the prizes?
    A: It opens randomly. You can see it's happening if the stairs are being
       blocked by girls. Talk to them and you're in. The prize is a promo card
       (random). Check the respective section.
    10. How do I enter the "TEMPLE" ?
    A: I'm not sure, but I think that you must defeat the Rocket King twice.
    11. How can I get lots of booster packs?
    A: Battle every single trainer at least twice... And remember to check your
    12. How do I beat the Dr. Mason's assistant at the table?
    A: You must follow his instructions. They're at the Walkthrough section. Thanx
       to webheadwiz@hotmail.com!
    13. What happened to the Elite 4?
    A: Who knows? Perhaps they've just disappeared in thin air! You'll find out
       during the game (or in the Walkthrough section).
    5--> Walkthrough
    I've battled EVERY single trainer in the game (at least twice),anyway, I might
    have forgotten some aspects of the game. If you find an error or bug in this
    FAQ or you have some NEW information, send it to me and I'll give you credit
    for it.
    If you are stuck and can't find the solution DON'T E-MAIL ME. I WON'T BE ABLE
    Anyway, here it goes. (Don't expect me to play the game for you, so 
    |     NEW GAME     | When you first start the game, choose NEW GAME
    Now, select your character. Confirm your selection by choosing YES (the
    leftmost, two-lettered option) or cancel it by selecting NO (the rightmost,
    three-lettered option). Name your character (you can use occidental language
    - alphabet) and then select END (the downrightmost, three-lettered option).
    Once again, confirm (leftmost, two-lettered option) your selection or cancel
    Watch the intro until you end up in DR. Mason's Lab.
    Talk to DR. MASON. He'll ask you something (just say yes) and eventually
    give you a deck (Fire + Fighting). Now let's get used to the battle menu
    and win some booster packs: head left to the next room and talk to the upper
    scientist. Battle him 3 times (once for each level) and get a glance at the
    game's structure. Get familiar with controls and menus:
    |  HAND          CHECK            RETREAT  |
    |  FIGHT         PKMN POWER       DONE     |
    -HAND lets you browse through your current hand of cards
    -FIGHT lets you choose the attack (when you attack, your turn ends)
    -CHECK lets you check the play area (all, only yours, only your opponent's)
    -PKMN POWER lets you activate PKMN POWERs
    -RETRERAT lets you retreat to the bench your active pokémon
    -DONE lets you pass your turn
    (I can't give any further help - check existing FAQs on "POKÉMON CARD GB")
    I do not advise you to battle the guy standing next to the game table (left of
    DR. MASON) because if you play a practice match with him you MUST follow his
    instructions (and they're in Japanese)...However, webheadwiz was able to get
    through this section and provide the needed information:
    INITIAL DRAW: Put down DIGLETT and then PIDGEY
    FIRST TURN: Attach FIGHTING ENERGY to DIGLETT and attack with "DIG   10"
    SECOND TURN: Attach FIGHTING ENERGY to DIGLETT and attack with "MUD SLAP   30"
                and attack with "SLASH   40", and pick up a PRIZE
                 and attack with "SLASH   40"
                attack with "HORN ATTACK   30"
                NIDORAN(M), and attack with "DOUBLE KICK   30X", and pick up FINAL
    Exit the lab and head for the Lightning Club (see my map at Gamefaqs.com).
    Rival (that guy will show up often) will appear and CARD POP! with you. Head
    up and battle the bottom trainer, then the middle one and you'll receive a
    PIKACHU coin. GR-4 (Psychic) will leave.
    Head to Rock Club. Head up. GR-1 (Grass) will leave. Battle Club leader and
    receive KABUTO coin, as well as GR-1 deck. Exit Club.
    Head to Fighting Club and battle GR-1. Receive a part of GR coin. Exit.
    Go to Water Club and fight GR-3 (Lightning). Receive STARMIE coin and GR-3
    deck. Exit down and rival will give you a booster pack. Exit.
    Go to Grass Club and head left. Talk to the girls standing and get some
    boosters. Battle the girl sitting near the table (she's wearing blue). She
    will tell you to go to Mr. Ishiara's House. Do so. In there, talk to girl
    (she's Grass Club leader) and you'll receive the ODDISH coin as well as GR-2
    deck (you must have an empty slot to receive the deck). Exit.
    Go to Fire Club and defeat GR-3. Win a part of GR coin and CHARMANDER coin.
    Head down and fight RIVAL. Win a promo SUPER ENERGY RETRIEVAL P43.
    Go to Psychic Club and beat the leader to receive the KADABRA coin and GR-4
    deck (remember to have one free slot for this). Now battle GR-4 (Psychic) and
    receive part of GR coin.
    Go to Science Club and defeat GR-2 (Colourless). Win last part of GR coin.
    Head down and receive booster from RIVAL.
    Go to Rocket Base and talk to the guy blocking your path (GR-5).
    Congratulations, you've beaten about 40% of the game and you're ready to meet
    a new world:
    Yay!! An entirely new island! Here you must collect coins to open the doors.
    Let's not waste time and proceed to R. Grass Club.
    Fight GR-X (RIVAL) and win a booster. Head up, beat the trainer and rescue
    Science Club leader. He'll give you a SNORLAXLv50 P38. Go up and beat another
    trainer (GR-1). Head up.
    Now let's face the first trainer that has requirements:
    That girl will only battle you if all of your deck's energy cards are grass
    energy cards. There cannot be a single energy card other than grass energy in
    your deck (you can't even use colourless energy, only grass energy is
    allowed). Now beat her and head up. Defeat club leader (uses special rules)
    and win ZUBAT coin.
    Now it's a good time to take a small break and head for GAME CORNER. RIVAL
    then gives you P45 Bill's Computer card. (You should now skip to GAME CORNER
    section and find a way of getting more than 500 credits. Then buy the
    JIGGLYPUFF coin (costs 500 credits) from the rightmost girl in the
    entrance). After you get the coin and had a bit of fun, let's get back to the
    Head to R. Lighting Club and prepare for the 1st trainer: he requires you to
    have 4 pikachus in your deck (any level). Defeat him. 2nd trainer (GR-3)
    requires a lightning energy only deck. Build a good electric deck and defeat
    him. He'll free Grandmaster Steve who will award you with ELECTABUZZLv20 P17.
    Now face the leader (uses special rules) and win MAGNEMITE coin.
    Go to R. Fire Club and beat 1st trainer. 2nd one requires you to have
    exclusively fire energy cards in the deck, so build a good fire+colourless
    deck. Next trainer requires you to have 4 Eaves. Grandmaster Courtney will be
    set free and you'll win an ARCANINELv34 P03. Now beat the leader (uses special
    rules) and receive MAGMAR coin. Before leaving the club you must fight your
    rival and receive a promo Trainer Card P44 (I don't know it's name).
    Head for R. Water Club and defeat the 1st trainer that requires a deck with
    water energy only. You know what to do, right? Build a good water deck and
    kick his ass!! The next trainer requires 4 Magikarp (thanx to Alp Özçelik and
    Thomas Lei). Grandmaster Jack will come out and award you with MAGIKARPLv10
    P06. The next trainer uses special rules (you can only use 4 pokémon at a 
    time, NOT the usual 6 - thanx to Thomas Lei), but requires no special deck.
    Next beat the leader (special rules) and collect PSYDUCK coin.
    Go to R. Fighting Club. A trainer will say something and then the others will
    run away. You must find the other island's fighting club leader who is kept
    captive in here. It's better to use my map (www.gamefaqs.com), as this club is
    a maze.
    First make your way to the rightmost trainer collecting chests and avoiding
    holes (if you fall you'll end up in the basement by some stairs and a chest
    that contains a single fighting energy card. Just climb up the stairs).
    Beat the trainer (requires fighting energy card only deck) and collect the
    DUGTRIOLv40 P20 in the chest.
    Now be sure to collect the remaining chests (including the one with
    DIGLETTLv16 P19) and head for the top-left trainer (wants your deck NOT to 
    have "Energy Removal" and "Super Energy Removal" - thanx to Thomas Lei). After
    you beat him, the Fighting Club leader will be set free and award you with
    PORYGONLv15 P37.
    Return to the entrance and fight the remaining trainer (uses special rules)
    and win the MACHOKE coin. Go through the door.
    Head to R. Colourless Club.
    Rival says something (I wonder what...) and then leaves.
    Thomas Lei ( <thomas_lei_86@yahoo.com.hk> )sent me this explanation: 
    |       3       |
    |     2         |
    |        1      |
    |               |
    The person standing in no.1 needs 4 "Double-Colourless Energy" OR 4 "Pidgey"
    The person standing in no.2 needs 4 "Jigglypuff" OR 4 "Mysterious Fossil"
    The person standing in no.3 needs 4 "Meowth" OR 4 "dark pokémons"
    These requirements will allow you to defeat'em all to win SNORLAX coin.
    Go to R. Psychic Club.
    Head up. Hey, this club's empty! Exit down. What? Where did they come from?
    What do they want?
    Here's what they want:
    Psychic Club    -      ===============
                          |      (~)      |
                          |               |
                          |  1         2  |
                          |    3     4    |
                          |               |
    1 - no requirements (but there are some special rules...)
    2 - no Trainer cards are allowed
    3 - GR-4 (Psychic) only psychic energy is allowed
    4 - 6 GASTLY/HAUNTER (any combination will do)
    Beat any 3 trainers and the leader will come out allowing you to follow him.
    Defeat him and free Grandmaster Rod. Receive DRAGONITELv43 P40 and MEW coin.
    It's time to enter the castle. Open the door and RIVAL will come out to battle
    you. Win and receive SUPER ENERGY RETRIEVAL P43. Head up and talk to the
    people inside and you'll know that you need the legendary cards, so you must
    return to the first island and head for the Pokémon Dome.
    Now head up and talk to Rod. Battle the 4 grandmasters (they're not very hard)
    and receive the 4 legendary cards: MOLTRESLV40 GB P04, ZAPDOSLv68 GB P18,
    ARTICUNOLv37 GB P08 and DRAGONITELv41 GB P39. Now return to Rocket Castle.
    Build a deck with all 4 legendary cards and defeat the trainers. Head to the
    Rocket King.
    He'll play a double match, which means that you must defeat him twice to
    receive the TOGEPI coin and MEWTWOLv35 GB P30.
    You finished the game. Congratulations!!
    But is this the End?
    Now you should trade with all the people, play the games at GAME CORNER,
    search for IMAKUNI?, go to the TEMPLE (I think you need to beat Rocket King
    twice) and win some Challenge Cups.
    Try to get all the cards!
    more (probably) coming (not that) soon...
    6--> COINS
    There are 24 coins. 1-16 are obtained through normal gameplay (look in the
    walkthrough). Jigglypuff is bought in Game Corner (500 credits).
    <ROXASM@aol.com> sent me an email telling that he obtained DUGTRIO coin by
    winning 50 times in a row in Dr. Mason's PC in his lab (1st island). THIS IS
    CONFIRMED BY ME. I guessed that probably you get another coin by winning 50
    times in Rocket PC in GR CHALLENGE HALL in Rocket Island - and I was
    absolutely correct!! Beat 50 times in a row the Rocket PC and you get GENGAR
    I've read in Gamefaqs.com Message Board that PONYTA and HORSEA and obtained by
    winning Challenge Cup and Rocket Challenge Cup 10 times each (UNCONFIRMED).
    The other coins are LUGIA (TEMPLE), RAICHU (RIVAL) and ARBOK (guardian of
    Rocket Castle). But I don't know how to get them. I just KNOW that they exist
    and that there aren't any other coins.
    7--> Decks  
    Deck management isn't very hard:
    In the DECK menu select MODIFY DECK. Now just select 60 cards. Here's the
    |  CONFIRM        MODIFY           NAME  |
    |  SAVE         DISMANTLE        CANCEL  |
    If you select save, you'll be asked for confirmation and then you'll be asked
    if you want to save that deck in the DECK SAVING MACHINE.
    I won't post any information on KILLER DECKS, so don't mind sending them to
    me, as they'll be ignored.
    My advice is to always have different decks and to choose a deck with
    advantages over the opponent (if possible).
    Anyway, I have two decks that I like a lot and are quite good against any type
    of deck. One, only has water pokémon and is based in Gyarados and Blastoise
    (some of my pokémon have weakness to grass, while others have weakness to
    lightning, so it's well balanced). I use Magikarps which have one attack that
    allows me to search my deck for Gyarados and then evolve!
    The other deck is based in Wigglytuff's DO THE WAVE attack (causes 10+ 10 for
    each benched pokémon). It has only colourless pokémon (some with fighting
    weakness, others with fighting resistance).
    In the first part of game you'll receive 4 decks concerning GR members.
    Remember to have a free slot in your hand for each (refer to walkthrough).
    8--> Rocket Game Corner (Casino)           | 
    Here you can play loads of mini-games. Check out my new map of this building
    (available at www.gamefaqs.com)
    More will be added when possible. Try these:
    When you enter the building talk to the girl in front. She'll give you 10 free
    The girl with purple hair in the Big-Computers Room will give you a promo MEW
    Lv8 (P31) if you can flip 10 heads in a row (if you get a tail, you loose).
    Each try costs 1 credit, but if you flip 3 or more heads you'll receive a
    prize money (from 20 to 3000 credits, depending on the number of heads). It's
    hard, not impossible. I do have 2 MEW's P31.
    The left computer in the Big-Computers Room can evolve some of your stage 1
    pokémon cards. Just talk to it and select the pokémon you want to evolve.
    Later on you'll receive by mail an evolved stage 2 version of the card you
    desired. In order to do this you must have a P45 Trainer card (Bill's
    Computer) and 20 credits for each pokémon. The available pokémon are
    OMASTARLv36 P07, MACHAMPLv40 P22, GOLEMLv54 P23, GENGARLv37 P26 and
    ALAKAZAMLv45 P24.
    In the slot machine room, talk to the upper girl. Now you have to battle some
    CHESS trainers in order to get some credits. You can get about 200 credits
    this way. Repeat the necessary amount of times to win lots of cash.
    The slot machines work in the following way:
    Rightmost ones->you bet 1 credit
    Leftmost ones ->you bet 5 credits
    I advise you to play the leftmost ones in order to win more cash. It's very
    simple to play, you should be able to figure it out how to operate the
    machine. As far as I can say, the machines look equal - they have the same
    odds of winning. In order to win you must line 3 equal symbols in the middle
    line. The payoffs vary according to it.
    If you line up 3 RAINBOW ENERGIES you go to a BONUS stage.
    BONUS STAGE - you have 10 attempts to line up either 3 ZAPDOS, ARTICUNO,
    MOLTRES, DRAGONITE or BAG OF MONEY. If you line up a pokémon, you'll receive
    two boosters that only contain energy cards. If you line up the BAG OF MONEY
    you receive 500 credits (can't remember in which machine- right (1 credit)
    or left (5 credits), probably left).
    You can buy them from the girl at the entrance:
    Pxx VENUSSAUR Lv64 (Phantom Card) 2000
    Pxx MEW LV15 (Phantom Card)       2000
    P45 Bill's Computer               1000
    3 boosters                         500
    1 booster                          200
    more to come...
    9--> Trading 
    You can trade within your game or with friends.
    9.1--> Within your own game 
    Here's my current list.
    "location of trader"
    "card you loose"  -  "card you get"
    FLAREONLv28 JUNGLE      B15 - MEOWTHLv14            P33
    ALAKAZAMLv42            C40 - KANGASKHANLv38        P36
    HITMONLEELv23 (O)       B38 - MEWTWOLv60            P29  (O) - PKBALL SYMBOL
    4xVOLTORBsLv10          C32 - PIKACHULv16           P12
    SNORLAXL20 JUNGLE       A50 - JIGGLYPUFFLv12        P32
    Rocket Grass
    DARK VENUSSAURLv37 GB   H03 - VENUSSAURLv67         P01
    Rocket Lightning
    DARK RAICHULv31 GB      H19 - PIKACHULv16           P12
    Rocket Fire
    DARK CHARIZARDLv38 R    G08 - CHARIZARDLv76         P02
    Rocket Water
    DARK BLASTOISELv28 R    G15 - BLASTOISELv52         P05
    Rocket Psychic
    DARK HYPNOLv26 R        H28 - MEWTWOLv60            P28
    Rocket Challenge Cup
    CHANSEYLv55             A47 - BILL'S COMPUTER       P45
    Challenge Cup
    OMANYTELv19 FOSSIL      C27 - LAPRASLv37 FOSSIL     F19
    HAUNTERLv17 FOSSIL      D34 - BILL'S COMPUTER       P45
    Mr. ISHIARA (probably at both houses...)
    CLEFAIRYLv45 (O)        B45 - FLYINGPIKCHULv15       P14 (O) - PKBALL SYMBOL
    CLEFABLELv34 JUNGLE     C48 - TOGEPILv8              P41
    DRAGONITELv45 FOSSIL    B52 - MARRILLv17             P09
    MOLTRESLv37 (O)         H14 - SURFINGPIKACHULv13     P16 (O) - PKBALL SYMBOL
    ARTICUNOLv34 (O)        H18 - SURFING PIKACHULv13    P15 (O) - PKBALL SYMBOL
    9.2--> With your friends
    This section will come (not so) soon...   
    10--> Misc. Stuff 
    Here's a lot of organised information...
    10.1--> Trainer Requirements
    Rocket Island Trainer requirements:
    Grass Club      - 3rd Trainer - only grass energy is allowed
    Lightning Club  - 1st Trainer - 4 Pikachus (any level)
                      2nd Trainer - only lightning energy is allowed
    Fire Club       - 2nd Trainer - only fire energy is allowed
                      3rd Trainer - 4 Eeves
    Water Club      - 1st Trainer - only water energy is allowed
                    - 2nd Trainer - 4 Magikarp
    Fighting Club   - Check my map at Gamefaqs.com!!!
                      One wants fighting energy only deck                  
                      Other wants your deck NOT to have "Energy Removal" and
                      "Super Energy Removal"
    Colourless Club -      ===============
                          |       3       |
                          |     2         |
                          |        1      |
                          |               |
    The person standing in no.1 needs 4 "Double-Colourless Energy" OR 4 "Pidgey"
    The person standing in no.2 needs 4 "Jigglypuff" OR 4 "Mysterious Fossil"
    The person standing in no.3 needs 4 "Meowth" OR 4 "dark pokémons"
    Psychic Club    -      ===============
                          |      (~)      |
                          |               |
                          |  1         2  |
                          |    3     4    |
                          |               |
    1 - no requirements (but there are some special rules...)
    2 - no Trainer cards are allowed
    3 - GR-4 (Psychic) only psychic energy is allowed
    4 - 6 GASTLY/HAUNTER (any combination will do)
    Rocket Castle guardian
    Requires the legendary cards obtained from the Grandmasters (Elite 4) in
    pokémon dome (island 1), so go there, defeat all four trainers and make a deck
    using all 4 legendary cards. Then defeat this guy.
    Rocket King
    He will play a double match, which means that you must battle him twice to
    receive the TOGEPI coin.
    10.2--> Characters 
    There are some interesting characters in the game...
    YOU - You can choose your character and name it whatever you like. You're
    trying to beat Team Rocket.
    RIVAL - In the previous game he was named RONALD. He will give you tips
    through the game (and annoy you) and battle you a few times. You can get some
    promos from him.
    GR-X - He's RIVAL in disguise.
    GR-1, GR-2, GR-3, GR-4 - These are Team Rocket members. You'll battle'em in
    the first island and then find them in their respective gyms in Rocket Island
    (Grass, Colourless, Lightning, Psychic).
    GR-5 - He'll move you across islands (if you have the GR coin).
    IMAKUNI? - (see in proper section - below)
    MR. ISHIARA - He's the main Trader. He'll trade a lot of cards. See him often
    in both houses.
    10.3--> IMAKUNI? (yes, the ? is a part of the character's name)
    This guy is an import from the previous POKÉMON CARD GB. Now it comes in two
    versions: regular and new red version (Rocket Island). He appears randomly in
    Clubs. Battle him to receive boosters and promos. I still can't figure out
    what's the difference between the red IMAKUNI? and IMAKUNI? (black). The
    outfits are similar (except the colour), and I believe that so are the prizes.
    more to come ...
    10.4--> Challenge Cup  
    It's a tournament in which you battle 3 trainers to win one random promo card.
    It opens randomly and is available in both islands.
    more to come...
    10.5--> Computers
    |     CARD ALBUM      | -Displays the cards you own (sorted by boosters)
    |        CHAT*        | -(Check below)
    |      GLOSSARY       | -Instructions (they're in Japanese, therefore useless)
    |        PRINT        | -Lets you print some cards           
    |      SHUTDOWN       | -Close menu
    ==============This section was taken from webheadwiz@hotmail.com FAQ==========
    If you select CHAT, you can talk to Dr. Mason...
      |     Room 1*      | Chat in Room 1
      |     Room 2*      | Chat in Room 2
      |     Room 3*      | Chat in Room 3 
      |     Room 4*      | Chat in Room 4
      |     Back         | Back to MAIN computer screen
     If you select Room 1...
      |   Deck Check     | Analyses you deck
      |   Tip #1.1       | Gives you a TIP
      |   Tip #1.2       | Gives you a TIP
      |   Tip #1.3       | Gives you a TIP
      |     Back         | Back to CHAT screen
     If you select Room 2...
      |   Tip #2.1       | Gives you a TIP
      |   Tip #2.2       | Gives you a TIP
      |   Tip #2.3       | Gives you a TIP
      |     Back         | Back to CHAT screen
    If you select Room 3...
      |   Tip #3.1       | Gives you a TIP
      |   Tip #3.2       | Gives you a TIP
      |   Tip #3.3       | Gives you a TIP
      |     Back         | Back to CHAT screen
    If you select Room 4...
      |   Tip #4.1       | Gives you a TIP
      |   Tip #4.2       | Gives you a TIP
      |   Tip #4.3       | Gives you a TIP
      |   Tip #4.4       | Gives you a TIP
      |     Back         | Back to CHAT screen
    Here you must fight random opponents in order to get a coin (DUGTRIO or
    Talk to the machine and it will ask you if you wanna play. Say YES.
    Now it will ask if you wanna face your next opponent. Say YES.
    Win the battle and repeat the previous step until you defeat all 5 opponents.
    The game will now end. Repeat 10 times to get the coin.
    have to restart).
    For info on the Game Corner Computers, check the respective section.
    10.6--> Mail
    During your game you'll receive LOTS of mail. Check it often. Most of times
    it's just junk, but some messages have attached booster packs.
    If you use the evolving machine in GAME CORNER you'll eventually receive the
    stage 2 card by mail.
    11--> Gameshark Codes
    Here's some Gameshark codes sent by "Leonardo Martinez" <pktgcollector@hotmail.com>
    Infinite credits - 01FF9ADA
    Windman <windman@ositemail.com.br> sent some Gameshark Codes (labelled as 1)
    Webheadwiz <webheadwiz@hotmail.com> sent some Gameshark Codes (labelled as 2)
    ======For any question on the following info, ask the respective authors======
    Gameshark codes (Japanese Version) 
    version 1.0 (first release) 
    * Some pokémon names may be written wrong. 
    ** I'm not american, sorry about the mistakes in writing. 
    writer: Windman (windman@ositemail.com.br) 
    Send me a e-mail if you have any questions, suggestions, comments, anything. 
    Next slot 1 booster pack card modifier codes: 
    Quantity digits to accompany next slot 1 booster pack card modifier codes: 
    00 nothing 
    01 leaf energy 
    02 fire energy 
    03 water energy 
    04 lightning energy 
    05 fighting energy 
    06 psychic energy 
    07 double colourless energy 
    08 ??? (don't know name) 
    09 ??? (don't know name) 
    0A ??? (don't know name) 
    0B ??? (don't know name) 
    0C bulbasaur lv12 
    0D bulbasaur lv13 
    0E bulbasaur lv15 
    0F ivysaur lv20 
    10 ivysaur lv26 
    11 ivysaur lv16 
    12 venusaur lv64 
    13 venusaur lv67 
    14 venusaur lv67 (different from above) 
    15 venusaur lv37 
    16 caterpie lv13 
    17 metapod lv20 
    18 metapod lv21 
    19 butterfree lv28 
    1A weedle lv12 
    1B weedle lv15 
    1C kakuna lv20 
    1D kakuna lv23 
    1E beedrill lv32 
    1F ekans lv10 
    20 ekans lv15 
    21 arbok lv27 
    22 ekans lv30 
    23 ekans lv25 
    24 female nidoran lv12 
    25 female nidoran lv13 
    26 nidorina lv22 
    27 nidorina lv24 
    28 nidoqueen lv43 
    29 male nidoran lv20 
    2A male nidoran lv20 (different from above) 
    2B nidorino lv23 
    2C nidorino lv25 
    2D nidoking lv48 
    2E zubat lv9 
    2F zubat lv10 
    30 zubat lv12 
    31 golbat lv25 
    32 golbat lv29 
    33 golbat lv25 
    34 oddish lv8 
    35 oddish lv21 
    36 gloom lv22 
    37 vileplume lv21 
    38 vileplume lv35 
    39 vilrplume lv29 
    3A paras lv8 
    3B paras lv15 
    3C parasect lv28 
    3D parasect lv29 
    3E venonat lv12 
    3F venonat lv15 
    40 venomoth lv22 
    41 venomoth lv28 
    42 bellsprout lv10 
    43 bellsprout lv11 
    44 weepinbell lv23 
    45 weepinbell lv28 
    46 victreebell lv42 
    47 grimer lv10 
    48 grimer lv17 
    49 muk lv34 
    4A muk lv25 
    4B exeggcute lv14 
    4C exeggutor lv35 
    4D koffing lv12 
    4E koffing lv13 
    4F koffing lv14 
    50 weezing lv26 
    51 weezing lv27 
    52 weezing lv24 
    53 tangela lv8 
    54 tangela lv12 
    55 scyther lv23 
    56 scyther lv25 
    57 pinsir lv15 
    58 pinsir lv24 
    59 charmander lv9 
    5A charmander lv10 
    5B charmander lv12 
    5C charmelion lv32 
    5D charmelion lv23 
    5E charizard lv76 
    5F charizard lv76 (different from above) 
    60 charizard lv38 
    61 vulpix lv11 
    62 vulpix lv13 
    63 ninetales lv32 
    64 ninetales lv35 
    65 ninetales lv28 
    66 growlithe lv12 
    67 growlithe lv16 
    68 growlithe lv18 
    69 arcanine lv34 
    6A arcanine lv35 
    6B arcanine lv45 
    6C ponyta lv8 
    6D ponyta lv10 
    6E ponyta lv15 
    6F rapidash lv30 
    70 rapidash lv33 
    71 rapidash lv24 
    72 magmar lv18 
    73 magmar lv24 
    74 magmar lv27 
    75 magmar lv31 
    76 flareon lv 22 
    77 flareon lv28 
    78 flareon lv23 
    79 moltres lv35 
    7A moltres lv37 
    7B moltres lv40 
    7C squirtle lv8 
    7D squirtle lv14 
    7E squirtle lv15 
    7F squirtle lv16 
    80 wartortle lv22 
    81 wartortle lv24 
    82 wartortle lv21 
    83 blastoise lv52 
    84 blastoise lv52 (different from above) 
    85 blastoise lv28 
    86 psyduck lv15 
    87 psyduck lv16 
    88 golduck lv27 
    89 golduck lv28 
    8A golduck lv23 
    8B poliwag lv13 
    8C poliwag lv15 
    8D poliwhirl lv28 
    8E poliwhirl lv30 
    8F poliwrath lv40 
    90 poliwrath lv48 
    91 tentacool lv10 
    92 tentacruel lv21 
    93 seel lv10 
    94 seel lv12 
    95 dewgong lv24 
    96 dewgong lv42 
    97 shellder lv8 
    98 shellder lv16 
    99 cloyster lv25 
    9A krabby lv17 
    9B krabby lv20 
    9C kingler lv27 
    9D kingler lv33 
    9E horsea lv19 
    9F horsea lv20 
    A0 seadra lv23 
    A1 seadra lv26 
    A2 goldeen lv12 
    A3 seaking lv28 
    A4 staryu lv15 
    A5 staryu lv17 
    A6 starmie lv28 
    A7 starmie lv27 
    A8 magikarp lv6 
    A9 magikarp lv8 
    AA magikarp lv10 
    AB gyarados lv41 
    AC gyarados lv31 
    AD lapras lv24 
    AE lapras lv31 
    AF vaporeon lv29 
    B0 vaporeon lv42 
    B1 vaporeon lv28 
    B2 omanyte lv19 
    B3 omanyte lv20 
    B4 omanyte lv22 
    B5 omastar lv32 
    B6 omastar lv36 
    B7 articuno lv34 
    B8 articuno lv35 
    B9 articuno lv37 
    BA maryll lv17 
    BB pikachu lv5 
    BC pikachu lv12 
    BD pikachu lv13 
    BE pikachu lv14 
    BF pikachu lv16 
    C0 pikachu lv16 (different from above) 
    C1 flying pikachu lv12 
    C2 flying pikachu lv12 (different from above) 
    C3 surfing pikachu lv13 
    C4 surfing pikachu lv13 
    C5 raichu lv32 
    C6 raichu lv33 
    C7 raichu lv33 (different from above) 
    C8 raichu lv45 
    C9 raichu lv31 
    CA magnemite lv12 
    CB magnemite lv13 
    CC magnemite lv14 
    CD magnemite lv15 
    CE magneton lv28 
    CF magneton lv30 
    D0 magneton lv35 
    D1 magneton lv26 
    D2 voltorb lv8 
    D3 voltorb lv10 
    D4 voltorb lv13 
    D5 electrode lv35 
    D6 electrode lv42 
    D7 electrode lv24 
    D8 electabuzz lv20 
    D9 electabuzz lv30 
    DA electabuzz lv35 
    DB jolteon lv34 
    DC jolteon lv29 
    DD jolteon lv23 
    DE zapdos lv28 
    DF zapdos lv40 
    E0 zapdos lv64 
    E1 zapdos lv68 
    E2 sandshrew lv12 
    E3 sandshrew lv15 
    E4 sandslash lv33 
    E5 sandslash lv35 
    E6 diglett lv8 
    E7 diglett lv15 
    E8 diglett lv16 
    E9 dugtrio lv36 
    EA dugtrio lv40 
    EB dugtrio lv18 
    EC mankey lv7 
    ED mankey lv7 (different from above) 
    EE mankey lv14 
    EF primeape lv35 
    F0 primeape lv23 
    F1 machop lv18 
    F2 machop lv20 
    F3 machop lv24 
    F4 machoke lv24 
    F5 machoke lv28 
    F6 machoke lv40 
    F7 machoke lv28 
    F8 machamp lv54 
    F9 machamp lv67 
    FA machamp lv30 
    FB geodude lv15 
    FC geodude lv16 
    FD graveler lv27 
    FE graveler lv28 
    FF graveler lv29 
    Next slot 2 booster pack card modifier codes: 
    Quantity digits to accompany next slot 2 booster pack card modifier codes: 
    00 golem lv36 
    01 golem lv37 
    02 onix lv12 
    03 onix lv25 
    04 cubone lv13 
    05 cubone lv14 
    06 marowak lv26 
    07 marowak lv32 
    08 marowak lv27 
    09 hitmonlee lv23 
    0A hitmonlee lv30 
    0B hitmonchan lv23 
    0C hitmonchan lv33 
    0D rhyhorn lv18 
    0E rhydon lv37 
    0F rhydon lv48 
    10 kabuto lv9 
    11 kabuto lv22 
    12 kabutops lv30 
    13 aerodactyl lv28 
    14 aerodactyl lv30 
    15 abra lv8 
    16 abra lv10 
    17 abra lv14 
    18 kadabra lv38 
    19 kadabra lv39 
    1A kadabra lv24 
    1B alakazam lv42 
    1C alakazam lv45 
    1D alakazam lv30 
    1E slowpoke lv9 
    1F slowpoke lv16 
    20 slowpoke lv18 
    21 slowbro lv26 
    22 slowbro lv35 
    23 slowbro lv27 
    24 gastly lv8 
    25 gastly lv13 
    26 gastly lv17 
    27 haunter lv17 
    28 haunter lv22 
    29 haunter lv25 
    2A haunter lv26 
    2B haunter lv23 
    2C gengar lv38 
    2D gengar lv40 
    2E gengar lv33 
    2F drowzee lv10 
    30 drowzee lv12 
    31 hypno lv30 
    32 hypno lv36 
    33 hypno lv26 
    34 mr. mime lv20 
    35 mr. mime lv28 
    36 jynx lv18 
    37 jynx lv23 
    38 jynx lv27 
    39 mewtwo lv30 
    3A mewtwo lv53 
    3B mewtwo lv54 
    3C mewtwo lv60 
    3D mewtwo lv60 (different from above) 
    3E mewtwo lv67 
    3F mewtwo lv35 
    40 mew lv8 
    41 mew lv15 
    42 mew lv23 
    43 pidgey lv8 
    44 pidgey lv10 
    45 pidgeotto lv36 
    46 pidgeotto lv38 
    47 pidgeot lv38 
    48 pidgeot lv40 
    49 rattata lv9 
    4A rattata lv12 
    4B rattata lv15 
    4C raticate lv41 
    4D raticate lv25 
    4E spearow lv9 
    4F spearow lv12 
    50 spearow lv13 
    51 fearow lv24 
    52 fearow lv27 
    53 fearow lv25 
    54 clefairy lv14 
    55 clefairy lv15 
    56 clefable lv34 
    57 clefable lv33 
    58 jigglypuff lv12 
    59 jigglypuff lv13 
    5A jigglypuff lv14 
    5B wigglytuff lv36 
    5C wigglytuff lv40 
    5D meowth lv10 
    5E meowth lv13 
    5F meowth lv14 
    60 meowth lv15 
    61 meowth lv17 
    62 persian lv25 
    63 persian lv28 
    64 persian lv28 (different from above) 
    65 farfetch'd lv20 
    66 farfetch'd lv20 (different from above) 
    67 doduo lv8 
    68 doduo lv10 
    69 dodrio lv25 
    6A dodrio lv28 
    6B lickitung lv20 
    6C lickitung lv26 
    6D chansey lv40 
    6E chansey lv55 
    6F kangaskhan lv36 
    70 kangaskhan lv38 
    71 kangaskhan lv40 
    72 tauros lv32 
    73 tauros lv35 
    74 ditto lv19 
    75 eevee lv5 
    76 eevee lv9 
    77 eevee lv12 
    78 porygon lv12 
    79 porygon lv18 
    7A porygon lv20 
    7B porygon lv15 
    7C snorlax lv20 
    7D snorlax lv35 
    7E snorlax lv50 
    7F dratini lv10 
    80 dratini lv12 
    81 dragonair lv33 
    82 dragonair lv28 
    83 dragonite lv41 
    84 dragonite lv43 
    85 dragonite lv45 
    86 dragonite lv33 
    87 togepi lv8 
    88 lugia lv55 
    89 super potion 
    8A imakuni? 
    8B energy removal 
    8C energy retrieval 
    8D energy search 
    8E professor oak 
    8F ??? 
    90 potion 
    91 gambler 
    92 ??? 
    93 ??? 
    94 ??? 
    95 devolution spray 
    96 ??? 
    97 ??? 
    98 ??? 
    99 ??? 
    9A ??? 
    9B defender 
    9C gust of wind 
    9D mysterious fossil 
    9E full heal 
    9F ??? 
    A0 imposter professor oak 
    A1 ??? 
    A2 ??? 
    A3 computer search 
    A4 ??? 
    A5 clefairy doll 
    A6 mr. fuji 
    A7 pluspower 
    A8 switch 
    A9 scoop up 
    AA pokemon trader 
    AB ??? 
    AC ??? 
    AD pokecenter 
    AE ??? 
    AF pokemon flute 
    B0 ??? 
    B1 ??? 
    B2 bill 
    B3 ??? 
    B4 ??? 
    B5 ??? 
    B6 lass 
    B7 ??? 
    B8 ??? 
    B9 ??? 
    BA recycle 
    BB ??? 
    BC ??? 
    BD ??? 
    Infinite HP active pokemon: 
    Infinite HP bench pokemon slot 1: 
    Infinite HP bench pokemon slot 2: 
    Infinite HP bench pokemon slot 3: 
    Infinite HP bench pokemon slot 4: 
    Infinite HP bench pokemon slot 5: 
    No HP active enemy pokemon (quick win if he attacks you): 
    No HP bench enemy pokemon Slot 1: 
    No HP bench enemy pokemon Slot 2: 
    No HP bench enemy pokemon Slot 3: 
    No HP bench enemy pokemon Slot 4: 
    No HP bench enemy pokemon Slot 5: 
    Infinite credits: 
    Made by: webheadwiz@hotmail.com
    These Gameshark codes are made by myself, and you MUST have my permission before
    publishing these codes out. I have tried these codes with the Japanese version of Pokemon
    Trading Card Game 2, but I am very sure that they will work with the official version as
    Get 99 of any card!
     0163xxA1 {From Grass Energy [01] to Graveller Lv29 [FF]}  
     0163xxA2 {From Golem Lv36 [00] to The Rocket's Trap [BD]} 
    Replace "xx" with the card you want from the list below 
    For code 01yyxxA1 
    01 Grass Energy 
    02 Fire Energy  
    03 Water Energy 
    04 Lightning Energy 
    05 Fighting Energy  
    06 Psychic Energy   
    07 Double Colorless Energy
    08 Potion Energy    
    09 Full Heal Energy 
    0A Rainbow Energy   
    0B Recycle Energy   
    0C Bulbasaur Lv12 
    0D Bulbasaur Lv13 
    0E Bulbasaur Lv15 
    0F Ivysaur Lv20   
    10 Ivysaur Lv26   
    11 Dark Ivysaur   
    12 Venusaur Lv64  
    13 Venusaur Lv67  
    14 Venusaur Lv67  
    15 Dark Venusaur  
    16 Caterpie       
    17 Metapod Lv20   
    18 Metapod Lv21   
    19 Butterfree     
    1A Weedle Lv12    
    1B Weedle Lv15    
    1C Kakuna Lv20    
    1D Kakuna Lv23    
    1E Beedrill       
    1F Ekans Lv10     
    20 Ekans Lv15     
    21 Arbok Lv27     
    22 Arbok Lv30     
    23 Dark Arbok     
    24 Nidoran(F) Lv12
    25 Nidoran(F) Lv13
    26 Nidorina Lv22  
    27 Nidorina Lv24  
    28 Nidoqueen Lv43 
    29 Nidoran(M) Lv20
    2A Nidoran(M) Lv23
    2B Nidorino Lv23  
    2C Nidorino Lv25  
    2D Nidoking Lv48  
    2E Zubat Lv9     
    2F Zubat Lv10    
    30 Zubat Lv12    
    31 Golbat Lv25   
    32 Golbat Lv29   
    33 Dark Golbat   
    34 Oddish Lv8    
    35 Oddish Lv21   
    36 Gloom         
    37 Dark Gloom    
    38 Vileplume     
    39 Dark Vileplume
    3A Paras Lv8     
    3B Paras Lv15    
    3C Parasect Lv28 
    3D Parasect Lv29 
    3E Venonat Lv12  
    3F Venonat Lv15  
    40 Venomoth Lv22 
    41 Venomoth Lv28 
    42 Bellsprout Lv10
    43 Bellsprout Lv11
    44 Weepinbell Lv23
    45 Weepinbell Lv28
    46 Victreebel     
    47 Grimer Lv10   
    48 Grimer Lv17   
    49 Muk           
    4A Dark Muk      
    4B Exeggcute     
    4C Exeggutor     
    4D Koffing Lv12  
    4E Koffing Lv13  
    4F Koffing Lv14  
    50 Weezing Lv26  
    51 Weezing Lv27  
    52 Dark Weezing  
    53 Tangela Lv8 
    54 Tangela Lv12
    55 Scyther Lv23
    56 Scyther Lv25
    57 Pinsir Lv15 
    58 Pinsir Lv24 
    59 Charmander Lv9  
    5A Charmander Lv10 
    5B Charmander Lv12 
    5C Charmeleon      
    5D Dark Charmeleon
    5E Charizard      
    5F Charizard      
    60 Dark Charizard 
    61 Vulpix Lv11    
    62 Vulpix Lv13    
    63 Ninetails Lv32 
    64 Ninetails Lv35 
    65 Dark Ninetails 
    66 Growlithe Lv12 
    67 Growlithe Lv16 
    68 Growlithe Lv18 
    69 Arcanine Lv34  
    6A Arcanine Lv35  
    6B Arcanine Lv45  
    6C Ponyta Lv8     
    6D Ponyta Lv10    
    6E Ponyta Lv15    
    6F Rapidash Lv30  
    70 Rapidash Lv33 
    71 Dark Rapidash 
    72 Magmar Lv18   
    73 Magmar Lv24   
    74 Magmar Lv27   
    75 Magmar Lv31   
    76 Flareon Lv22 
    77 Flareon Lv28  
    78 Dark Flareon  
    79 Moltres Lv35  
    7A Moltres Lv37  
    7B Moltres Lv40  
    7C Squirtle Lv8  
    7D Squirtle Lv14 
    7E Squirtle Lv15 
    7F Squirtle Lv16 
    80 Wartortle Lv22
    81 Wartortle Lv24
    82 Dark Wartortle
    83 Blastoise Lv52  
    84 Blastoise Lv52  
    85 Dark Blastoise  
    86 Psyduck Lv15    
    87 Psyduck Lv16    
    88 Golduck Lv27    
    89 Golduck Lv28    
    8A Dark Golduck    
    8B Poliwag Lv13    
    8C Poliwag Lv15    
    8D Poliwhirl Lv28  
    8E Poliwhirl Lv30  
    8F Poliwrath Lv40  
    90 Poliwrath Lv48  
    91 Tentacool       
    92 Tentacruel      
    93 Seel Lv10       
    94 Seel Lv12       
    95 Dewgong Lv24    
    96 Dewgong Lv42  
    97 Shellder Lv8  
    98 Shellder Lv16 
    99 Cloyster Lv25  
    9A Krabby Lv17    
    9B Krabby Lv20     
    9C Kinglar Lv27    
    9D Kinglar Lv33    
    9E Horsea Lv19     
    9F Horsea Lv20     
    A0 Seadra Lv23     
    A1 Seadra Lv26     
    A2 Goldeen         
    A3 Seaking         
    A4 Staryu Lv15     
    A5 Staryu Lv17    
    A6 Starmie        
    A7 Dark Starmie   
    A8 Magikarp Lv6   
    A9 Magikarp Lv8   
    AA Magikarp Lv10  
    AB Gyarados       
    AC Dark Gyarados  
    AD Lapras Lv24    
    AE Lapras Lv31    
    AF Vaproeon Lv29  
    B0 Vaporeon Lv42  
    B1 Dark Vaporeon  
    B2 Omanyte Lv19   
    B3 Omanyte Lv20   
    B4 Omanyte Lv22   
    B5 Omastar Lv32  
    B6 Omastar Lv36  
    B7 Articuno Lv34 
    B8 Articuno Lv35 
    B9 Articuno Lv37 
    BA Marill        
    BB Pikachu Lv5   
    BC Pikachu Lv12  
    BD Pikachu Lv13  
    BE Pikachu Lv14  
    BF Pikachu Lv16  
    C0 Pikachu Lv16  
    C1 Flying Pikachu  
    C2 Flying Pikachu  
    C3 Surfing Pikachu 
    C4 Sirfing Pikachu 
    C5 Raichu Lv32     
    C6 Raichu Lv33     
    C7 Raichu Lv40     
    C8 Raichu Lv45     
    C9 Dark Raichu     
    CA Magnemite Lv12  
    CB Magnemite Lv13  
    CC Magnemite Lv14  
    CD Magnemite Lv15 
    CE Magneton Lv28  
    CF Magneton Lv30  
    D0 Magneton Lv35  
    D1 Dark Magneton  
    D2 Voltorb Lv8    
    D3 Voltrob Lv10   
    D4 Voltorb Lv13   
    D5 Electrode Lv35
    D6 Electrode Lv42
    D7 Dark Electrode
    D8 Electabuzz Lv20
    D9 Electabuzz Lv30
    DA Electabuzz Lv35
    DB Jolteon Lv24   
    DC Jolteon Lv29   
    DD Dark Jolteon   
    DE Zapdos Lv28    
    DF Zapdos Lv40     
    E0 Zapdos Lv64     
    E1 Zapdos Lv68     
    E2 Sandshrew Lv12  
    E3 Sandshrew Lv15
    E4 Sandslash Lv33
    E5 Sandslash Lv35
    E6 Diglett Lv8   
    E7 Diglett Lv15  
    E8 Diglett Lv16  
    E9 Dugtrio Lv36  
    EA Dugtrio Lv40  
    EB Dark Dugtrio  
    EC Mankey Lv7    
    ED Mankey Lv7    
    EE Mankey Lv14   
    EF Primape       
    F0 Dark Primape  
    F1 Machop Lv18   
    F2 Machop Lv20   
    F3 Machop Lv24   
    F4 Machoke Lv24  
    F5 Machoke Lv28  
    F6 Machoke Lv40  
    F7 Dark Machoke  
    F8 Machamp Lv54  
    F9 Machamp Lv67  
    FA Dark Machamp  
    FB Geodude Lv15  
    FC Geodude Lv16  
    FD Graveller Lv27
    FE Graveller Lv28
    FF Graveller Lv29
    For code 01yyxxa2 
    00 Golem Lv36     
    01 Golem Lv37     
    02 Onix Lv12      
    03 Onix Lv25      
    04 Cubone Lv13    
    05 Cubone Lv14    
    06 Marowak Lv26   
    07 Marowak Lv32   
    08 Dark Marowak   
    09 Hitmonlee Lv23 
    0A Hitmonlee Lv30 
    0B Hitmonchan Lv23
    0C Hitmonchan Lv33
    0D Rhyhorn Lv18   
    0E Rhydon Lv37    
    0F Rhydon Lv48    
    10 Kabuto Lv9     
    11 Kabuto Lv22    
    12 Kabutops       
    13 Aerodyctal Lv28
    14 Aerodyctal Lv30
    15 Abra Lv8       
    16 Abra Lv10      
    17 Abra Lv14      
    18 Kadabra Lv38   
    19 Kadabra Lv39   
    1A Dark Kadabra   
    1B Alakazam Lv42  
    1C Alakazam Lv45  
    1D Dark Alakazam  
    1E Slowpoke Lv9   
    1F Slowpoke Lv16  
    20 Slowpoke Lv18  
    21 Slowbro Lv26   
    22 Slowbro Lv35   
    23 Dark Slowbro   
    24 Gastly Lv8     
    25 Gastly Lv13    
    26 Gastly Lv17    
    27 Haunter Lv17       
    28 Haunter Lv22       
    29 Haunter Lv25       
    2A Haunter Lv26       
    2B Dark Haunter   
    2C Gengar Lv38    
    2D Gengar Lv40    
    2E Dark Gengar    
    2F Drowzee Lv10   
    30 Drowzee Lv12   
    31 Hypno Lv30     
    32 Hypno Lv36     
    33 Dark Hypno     
    34 Mr. Mime Lv20  
    35 Mr. Mime Lv28  
    36 Jynx Lv18      
    37 Jynx Lv23  
    38 Jynx Lv27  
    39 Mewtwo Lv30
    3A Mewtwo Lv53
    3B Mewtwo Lv54
    3C Mewtwo Lv60
    3D Mewtwo Lv60
    3E Mewtwo Lv67
    3F GR Mewtwo  
    40 Mew Lv8    
    41 Mew Lv15   
    42 Mew Lv23  
    43 Pidgey Lv8
    44 Pidgey Lv10
    45 Pidgeotto Lv36
    46 Pidgeotto Lv38
    47 Pidgeot Lv38  
    48 Pidgeot Lv40  
    49 Rattata Lv9   
    4A Rattata Lv12  
    4B Rattata Lv15  
    4C Raticate      
    4D Dark Raticate 
    4E Spearow Lv9   
    4F Spearow Lv12  
    50 Spearow Lv13  
    51 Fearow Lv24   
    52 Fearow Lv27   
    53 Fearow Lv25   
    54 Clefairy Lv14 
    55 Clefairy Lv15
    56 Clefable Lv34
    57 Clefable Lv35
    58 Jigglypuff Lv12
    59 Jigglypuff Lv13
    5A Jigglypuff Lv14
    5B Wigglytuff Lv40
    5C Wigglytuff Lv40
    5D Meowth Lv10    
    5E Meowth Lv13    
    5F Meowth Lv14    
    60 Meowth Lv15    
    61 Meowth Lv17    
    62 Persian        
    63 Dark Persian   
    64 Dark Persian   
    65 Farfetch'd     
    66 Farfetch'd     
    67 Doduo Lv8     
    68 Doduo Lv10    
    69 Dodrio Lv25   
    6A Dodrio Lv28   
    6B Lickitung Lv20
    6C Lickitung Lv26
    6D Chansey Lv40  
    6E Chansey Lv55  
    6F Kangaskhan Lv36
    70 Kangaskhan Lv38
    71 Kangaskhan Lv40
    72 Tauros Lv32    
    73 Tauros Lv35    
    74 Ditto          
    75 Eevee Lv5      
    76 Eevee Lv9      
    77 Eevee Lv12     
    78 Porygon Lv12   
    79 Porygon Lv18   
    7A Porygon Lv20   
    7B 3D Porygon     
    7C Snorlax Lv20  
    7D Snorlax Lv35  
    7E Snorlax Lv50  
    7F Dratini Lv10  
    80 Dratini Lv12  
    81 Dragonair     
    82 Dark Dragonair
    83 Dragonite Lv41
    84 Dragonite Lv43
    85 Dragonite Lv45
    86 Dark Dragonite
    87 Togepi        
    88 Lugia         
    89 Super Potion  
    8A Imakuni???    
    8B Energy Removal
    8C Energy Retrieval
    8D Energy Search 
    8E Professor Oak 
    8F Excavation    
    90 Potion        
    91 Gambler       
    92 Revive        
    93 Max-Revive    
    94 Super Scoop-Up
    95 Devolution Spray
    96 Item Finder     
    97 Challenge!      
    98 Super Energy Retrieval
    99 Super Energy Removal  
    9A Moonstone        
    9B Defender         
    9C Gust of Wind     
    9D Mysterious Fossil
    9E Full Heal        
    9F Imposter Oak's Revenge
    A0 Imposter Oak          
    A1 Sleep!           
    A2 Onix Trial       
    A3 Computer Search  
    A4 Digger           
    A5 Clefairy Doll    
    A6 Mr. Fuji         
    A7 Plus Power       
    A8 Switch           
    A9 Scoop Up         
    AA Pokemon Trader   
    AB Evil Recycle     
    AC Pokédex          
    AD Pokemon Center   
    AE Pokemon Breeder  
    AF Poké Flute       
    B0 The Boss's Way   
    B1 Goop Gas Attaack 
    B2 Bill             
    B3 Bill's Teleporter
    B4 Evolution Machine
    B5 Master Ball      
    B6 Lass             
    B7 Maintance        
    B8 Pokéball        
    B9 Nightly Garbage Run 
    BA Recycle             
    BB Rocket Sneak Attack 
    BC Here comes Team Rocket
    BD The Rocket's Trap     
    NOTE: SMALL GLITCH: If you use GameShark to generate 99 of every card, and then recieve a 
    promo card from various people, your collection would increase by one, having 446/445 
    cards. This can only happen once, unless you find a code/ some codes to bring it back to 
    NOTE: ERROR: When you code in 99 of a card when you already have a few of, just code in
    0100xxA? [xx for the card number, ? for the section of the card], and then type in the 
    difference of that number [the number that appears to the right of the card] and 99, and 
    convert it into Hexadecimal, and place it in this code: 01yyxxA?, [xx for the card number,
    yy for the Hexadecimal digit, and ? for the section of the card] 
    12--> Conclusion 
    OK, the Walkthrough is fine, but there are still lots of unanswered questions,
    so I'll try to improve it (as always).
    If you know something more about the game that isn't posted here, just send
    me an e-mail!
    12.1--> Credits 
    Thanks to:
    "hei fung" <deathmoor3@hotmail.com> - Casino slot machines
    <ROXASM@aol.com> - Dugtrio coin
    "Leonardo Martinez" <pktgcollector@hotmail.com> - Gameshark codes 
    "Tycho" <TychoGrouwstra@Hotmail.com> - Corrected the name of "EVOLVER" to 
                                           "Bill's Computer" 
    "Windman" <windman@ositemail.com.br> - Gameshark Codes 
    "Webheadwiz" <webheadwiz@hotmail.com> - Gameshark Codes and for creating his
                                            own FAQ (also quite good) from where I
                                            took some info (dr. mason's assistant
                                            and part of COMPUTERS section)
    "Thomas Lei" <thomas_lei_86@yahoo.com.hk> - Several Trainer requirements
    "Dirk" <djcat@planet.nl> - Trainer requirements
    "Alp Özçelik" <alp_3@hotmail.com> - Trainer requirements
    12.2--> Contacting me  
    I'm at jalt@myself.com
    If your question isn't too important, wait some more time for a more complete
    version of this FAQ/Walkthrough. If I loose my time reading unimportant
    messages, I won't be able to update this FAQ so often.
    Anyway, send me some new info that is not already posted and I'll give you
    credit for it.
    All referred trademarks are owned by the respective company.
    This file cannot be edited, sold or claimed to be your own.
    Copyright (C) 2002 by jalt

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