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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Alamedyang

    Version: 0.95 | Updated: 01/06/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                                    ___     ___
                | ()  |____ ----  --        ----  --\  \   /  /--
             ---+--- /   |  _|__      /    /  /  |  |\  \ /  /|  |
              / | \     /    |       /    /  /   |  | | //  / |  |
             /  |  \  /      \__  __/    /  /    |  |/ / --- /  /
                                         |  | -- |    /     /  /
                _|___          |   \\    |  ||  ||     \   /  /
                 |   |  _____  |---      \  \ | ||  |\  \ /  /
                 |   |         |          \  \| ||  |/  //   ----|
                /    |         |           \____||_____/ |_______|
               ____    ______    _________   _/___\      |        ||
             /     \   |     \   |    |  |  ___|____     |        ||
            |          |    /    | ---+- |    / / \      +----    ||
            |     ___  |---+     |  \ |  |  /  / / /\    |        ||
            |      |   |    \    |   _|  |   /  / /      |        
             \_____|   |     \   |_______|    /  /    ---+-----   ()
                          Alamedyang's Ultimate Guide to
               Pokemon Card GB2: Here Comes The Great Team Rocket!
                                    part 1:
                          Walkthrough and Translations
                  Walkthrough v.95 by Alamedyang 10/2001-1/2004
                   Bad ASCII art by Alamedyang 10/2001, 7/2003
                             copyright (C) Alamedyang
                               alamedyang @ mac.com
       a) Document History
       b) Fast Gaming
       b) What's new in the sequel
       b) How do I get the game in English?
    3 - WALKTHROUGH: Part 1
       a) Before the Game
       b) Introduction
       c) GB1 Island
       d) Stone Club
       e) Battle Club
       f) Green Club
       g) Science Club
       h) Aqua Club
       i) Fire Club
       j) Elec Club
       k) Esper Club
       l) Airport
    4 - WALKTHROUGH: Part 2
       a) GB2 Island
       b) GB2 Airport
       c) GR Grass Fort
       d) GR Lightning Fort
       e) GR Fire Fort
       f) GR Water Fort
       g) GR Fighting Fort
       h) GR Psychic Fortress
       i) Colorless Altar
       j) Final Cup (Pokemon Dome)
       k) Rocket Castle
       a) GB1 Island
       b) GB2 Island
       c) Confusion in the Colorless Altar
       a) Mr. Ishihara's House (GB1 Island)
       b) Challenge Hall (GB1 Island)
       c) Dr. Ooyama's Lab
       d) Game Center
       e) Challenge Hall (GB2 Island)
       f) Mr. Ishihara's House (GB 2 Island)
       a) Yes versus No
       b) Main Menu
       c) Deck Menu
       d) Deck Editing Menu
       e) MimiCom
       f) Deck Save Machine
       g) Options
       h) PC Menu
       a) The Process of a Duel
       b) Main Dueling Screen
       c) Using Cards in your Hand
       d) The Check Command
       e) Retreating
       f) Using an Attack
       g) Pokemon Powers
       a) Bulbasaur Booster Pack
       b) Moltres Booster Pack
       c) Omanyte Booster Pack
       d) Mr. Mime Booster Pack
       e) Pidgeot Booster Pack
       f) Rocket R Booster Pack
       g) Rocket Grunt Booster Pack
       h) Promotion Cards (list)
       i) Present Pack (Meowth Booster Pack)
       j) Promo Locations
    10 - THE END
       a) The Fine Print
       b) Contacting Me
    made some clarifications, corrections, and updates
    Initial Release
      1b  FAST GAMING:  How to be fast and efficient in this game
    1) The best thing to do, of course, is to become familiar with Pokemon
    Card for GB 1, the game to which this is a sequel, which is available in
    English. Or at least be moderately good at the real-life Pokemon Trading
    Card Game and / or very familiar with the text on the cards from the
    Base set and the Jungle, Fossil, and Rocket expansion sets.
    2) Holding the B button while you walk will double your walking speed.
    3) Go into the OPTIONS menu from the MAIN MENU (you may need to consult
    SOME, and MESSAGE SPEED to 5. This will vastly speed up everything:
      * Duel animation will be simplified.
      * You can press B whenever anyone draws a card or shuffles a deck to
    skip the animation.
      * For coin flips you can press B for your own flips and hold B while
    your opponent flips to skip all in-air coin animation.
    In the TCG for GB 2, you are a a card player who must defeat the Great
    Team Rocket through the use of Pokemon Trading Cards. Playing a match is
    exactly the same as the old set of rules that go with the real-life 
    Pokemon Trading Card Game (as opposed to the the new Ruby and Sapphire
    rules), except with the omission of the Mulligan Rule (the drawing of 2
    cards when your opponent's opening hand contains no Basic Pokemon).
    - You are not forced to start the game with a guided practice duel,
    to everyone's intense relief. (You can still have a practice duel if you
    wish, but it's not required.)
    - The starter deck you get is halfway decent, unlike the starter decks 
    of the first game. (In the sequel, however, you don't get a choice of
    three different starter decks; you are given a set deck.)
    - There are more than double the amount of cards and opponents.
    - There is another island.
    - Your mailbox is on person (as is the Deck Save Machine), instead of 
    having to go to a PC in one of the Clubs.
    - Opponents are no longer pokerfaced and have three distinct emotions,
    even if this is not always a good indication of how the game is going.
    - Some graphics were changed; some cards are now better-colored, the 
    Clubs have more varied decor, and some opponents look different.
    - Some Base Set cards have different rarities that are more appropriate
    for the card. (This was intentional and is not a glitch.)
    - Some opponents have deck requirements for battle, and some play with
    extra rules.
    - You collect coins instead of medals.
    This game does not have a commercial English release, but there is a ROM
    patch for an partial English version floating around someplace for those
    of you with cart-to-computer equipment. (I'd post a link, but it seems
    to have disappeared for the moment.)
    It is my personal/professional opinion that this game will never see an
    English release, at this point or at a future time; it would simply be
    unprofitable for Nintendo to do so for the following reasons:
     1) About one third of the cards in the game do not have any English
        equivolants at all (such as the Vending or Intropack cards).
     2) Advanced (EX/Ruby and Sapphire) Pokemon sets disregarded, there are
        nine English sets *beyond* the four that are included in this game,
        so most real-life Pokemon TCG players will be disappointed,
        especially when those four sets aren't even allowed in most 
        tournament environments anymore.
     3) It's a GBC game, and most new releases (at this point) are GBA.
     4) There's never been so much as a whisper that Nintendo was even
        thinking about putting this out in English (and there were rumors for
        the English Green version -- the mysterious third cartridge in Japan
        called "Blue").
    In the real-life Pokemon Trading Card Game community, it's gotten to
    the point where this game is a novelty only and not more than a minor
    source of enjoyment as a slightly more in-depth version of the original
    Gameboy adaptation of the TCG. Despite this, I would still recommend the
    Japanese-language version (the only version avaliable) of the game to:
    anyone who has "lost their stride" in the mainstream Pokemon TCG world
    somewhere between the Gym and the Card-e sets and wants to play the game
    in the eras they are strong, or anyone who has picked up the Pokemon TCG
    since the Neo sets and wants to try out the older "classic" cards, or
    anyone  who just wants to play games as an excuse to "study Japanese"
    (which would be me).
       I have never seen this game for sale in the states (or any other non-
    Japanese speaking country); I acquired my own copy at a Tokyo department
    store, slightly discounted for age. Unfortunately, that's about where
    you'd have to go to get it, as the only place online it's avaliable is
    on amazon.com's Japanese equivolant, amazon.co.jp, and only then from 
    secondhand sources. Mind you, the shipping costs are horrendous, if the
    vendor will even ship overseas. So, as things stand, unless you know
    someone who's traveling to Japan themselves or who lives in Japan and is
    willing to find it for you, you're more or less stuck.
       For those who are interested in purchasing the game from amazon.co.jp,
    the link is: [http://www.amazon.co.jp/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/videogames/
    B000069RTR/249-6246663-7785906] (You will need a Japanese language kit
    or Japanese "display plugin" installed to read the Japanese text on
    the site.) If this is not an option or if you don't want to sift through
    Japanese text, I recommend accessing the site through [http://babelfish.
    altavista.com/], for an iffy but instant translation.)
    I do NOT recommending downloading a ROM, as IT IS ILLEGAL, and it short-
    changes the poor people who slaved their guts out making the game. An
    exception is if you actually own the game, of course. (I myself use a ROM
    for snapshots, saving money on batteries, and backing up saves, but I
    bought the game with my very own money, thank you very much.)
    The game is perfectly fine on non-Japanese Gameboy Colors, but will
    not work on anything less than a Gameboy Color (like a Gameboy Pocket
    or an original Gameboy).
      3  WALKTHROUGH: Part 1
    The first thing you will be asked is whether or not you want your
    character to be a boy or a girl. You will then be asked to confirm your
    choice with a Yes or a No. (No is the default choice.)
    You will then name your character. In this game you can choose between
    Katakana and Hiragana (two variations of writing in Japanese), the
    English alphabet, Upper and Lower cases. (This is new; in the first
    game you could only use Japanese characters.) The three-letter command
    in the lower-right hand corner is "DONE."
    Then you will be requested to confirm your choice of name and gender 
    (Yes/ No). No is default.
    After this is done, you will be shown the game's introduction scenes:
    The Intro talks about the Grand Masters and Club Masters and the four 
    Legendary Pokemon cards and how things are... until a mysterious group 
    arrive. These four call themselves the GR-Dan, or Great Rocket-Team 
    (Great Team Rocket) and they took the cards and some card trainers. You 
    are then sent to Dr. Ooyama (Dr. Mason in the English TCG for GB1)'s
    You meet your rival, Rando (Ronald in the English version of the first
    game), and he taunts you a bit before leaving. Then Dr. Ooyama explains
    the situation and asks you to help him. (No is the default choice.) (If
    you say no, the choice will come back again.) When you say "yes" he'll
    give you a deck and a "MiniCom" or a Miniature Computer. Then he'll send
    you on your way.
    (At this point I recommend turning the text speed all the way up to five. 
    You can do this by going into the second to last option on the main menu. 
    text speed is the topmost option in the Options Menu. Also turn the two 
    middle options all the way to the right: this will let you skip coin toss 
    animation and card drawing animation during a duel.)
    The first time you try to leave the Lab, Dr. Ooyama will call you back and
    say it would be best if you did some training first. You don't have to do
    any sort of training if you don't want to, and after he calls you back
    the first time you can just leave. (This means, thank goodness, you are
    not required to complete a practice duel like in the first game.)
      3c  GB1 ISLAND             /=\
     ^^_                     /       |
    ||1|\__       ___     __/        |
     \___  \_    ||2||   |         ___
         |   \____===___/    _    [ 6 ]
      __/__                 |5|    ===\
     |  |4]|                |=|   ___  |
     |   --        _____          |8|  |
      \_           -----               |
        \  ___     ||7||              /
          ||9||                 ___  |
           ---               __/   | |
        _/     i_i     __   ==(C)  | |
     [A]       |B| __| D |  \_____/ /
      \___________/  |___|_________/
    1 Mr. Ishihara's House (see 6a)
    2 Challenge Hall (see 6b)
    3 Fire Club (see 3i)
    4 Stone/Rock Club (see 3d)
    5 Esper/Psychic Club (see 3k)
    6 Science Club (see 3g)
    7 Pokemon Dome (see 4j)
    8 Green/Grass Club (see 3f)
    9 Elec/Lightning Club (see 3j)
    A Dr. Ooyama/Mason's Lab (see 6c)
    B Battle/Fighting Club (see 3e)
    C Airport (see 3l)
    D Aqua/Water Club (see 3h)
    Rando will appear in the first club you enter and Card Pop! you. (You 
    cannot restart your save to Card Pop! for a different card because when 
    you Card Pop! the game auto-saves.) Rando will leave without battling 
    you, and Card Pop! is now the top option on the main game screen when you 
    start up the game.
    Things look pretty bad in the clubs; everyone is hiding, missing, or 
    locked up somehow.
    To leave this island you need the GR Coin. You will be given the GR Coin 
    in four fragments, one from each of the four GR representatives that are
    currently terrorizing the island's inhabitants. After getting certain
    pieces Rando will come to duel you, so save IMMEDIATELY after receiving 
    GR Coin Fragments.
    (After you get the 2nd GR Coin Fragment, Rando will duel you for a 
    Super Energy Retrieval. After you scare GR#3 to the Fire Club from the 
    Aqua Club Rando will appear and give you a Moltres Pack. After you 
    collect the last fragment, Rando will appear and give you an Omanyte 
      3d  STONE CLUB  (lit. Sutoon Kurabu; Rock Club in the English game)
    When you enter the top room of the Stone Club, there will be some entering 
    dialog while GR#1 leaves the Club. After the GR is gone, you can battle 
    the upper-left person (1 Bulbasaur Pack), the lower-left person (1 
    Bulbasaur Pack), the right person (1 Moltres Pack), and the top person, 
    who's the Club Master. The first time you defeat the Club Master he'll 
    give you the GR#1 Deck and the Kabuto Coin, and every time after that 
    he'll just give you 1 Omanyte Pack and 1 Bulbasaur Pack.
      3e  BATTLE CLUB  (lit. Batoru Kurabu; Fighting Club in the English game)
    In the side room the right person battles you (1 Bulbasaur Pack).
    After GR#1 leaves the Stone Club he comes here. He won't battle you until 
    you've defeated the Stone Club Master (the top person in the Stone Club 
    upper room).
    After you defeat GR#1, he gives you 1 Rocket R Pack, 1 Bulbasaur Pack, 
    and the 1st GR Coin Fragment.
    When you leave and come back to the Battle Club, there were be three 
    people in the top room. The left person will battle (2 Omanyte Packs) and 
    the bottom person will battle (2 Omanyte Packs).
      3f  GREEN CLUB  (lit. Guriin Kurabu; Grass Club in the English game)
    The top room is vacant at first. In the side room, the top person gives 
    you a Moltres Pack. The Right person gives you an Omanyte Pack. The 
    bottom person will battle you, will give you 2 Bulbasaur Packs for 
    victory, and will tell you that the Club Master is in Ishihara's House. 
    Then, if you go to Ishihara's House, you will find the Club master, who 
    will then give you an Oddish Coin and the Anti-GR#2 Deck.
    IF YOUR CHARACTER IS A BOY: After the Club Master gives you the GR#2 
    Deck, the second GR will appear in the upper room of the Green Club. If 
    you defeat him he'll give you 1 Rocket R Pack, 1 Moltres Pack, and the 
    second GR Coin Fragment.
    Later, after you leave and come back (or, if your character is a girl, 
    after you defeat GR#2 in the Science Club), the people who gave you stuff 
    in the side room will move to the top room. The left person will battle 
    you (1 Moltres Pack) and the right person will battle you (1 Bulbasaur 
      3g  SCIENCE CLUB  (lit. Saiensu Kurabu)
    (Before you talk to the Green Club Master) the uppermost room is 
    deserted. The guy in the front room talks about the Green Club and GR#2. 
    In the left-side room, the middle person will battle you and will give 
    you 2 Bulbasaur Packs for victory.
    IF YOUR CHARACTER IS A GIRL: After you talk to the Green Club Master, 
    GR#2 will appear in the top room, and will battle you (1 Rocket R Pack, 1 
    Moltres Pack, and the third GR Coin Fragment for victory).
    Then, after you leave the Science Club and come back (or, if your 
    character is a boy, after you defeat GR#2 in the Green Club), the middle 
    person in the side room moves to the top room, and two people appear in 
    the top room. The person up above and to the right will battle you for 2 
    Bulbasaur Packs.
      3h  AQUA CLUB  (lit. Akua Kurabu; Water Club in the English game)
    In the top room the GR#3 has everyone trapped in a waterfall. When you 
    defeat GR#3 in a duel, he gives you a Rocket R Pack, an Omanyte Pack, and 
    he'll let the people trapped in the waterfall go. Then the Club Master 
    will give you the GR#3 Deck and the Starmie Coin.
    After you leave the club and come back, the left person will battle (2 
    Moltres Packs). The person to the near top will battle you (2 Bulbasaur 
      3i  FIRE CLUB  (lit. Faia Kurabu)
    (Before GR#3 is defeated in the Aqua Club)  everyone is trapped in a big 
    box in the upper room. You can talk to people and they'll all mention 
    After you defeat GR#3 in the Aqua Club he'll come here. If you defeat 
    him again now, he'll give you a Rocket R Pack, an Omanyte Pack, and the 
    third GR Coin Fragment. He'll let the people trapped in the box out 
    before leaving. The Club Master will be so happy he'll give you the 
    Charmander Coin.
    Once you leave the Club and come back to it, everyone will be scattered 
    around the room instead of cramped in a line. The right person will 
    battle (2 Moltres Packs) and the left person will battle (1 Bulbasaur 
      3j  ELEC CLUB  (lit. Ereki Kurabu = Elec[tric] Club; Lightning Club in
                                                             the English game)
    In the top room there is some entering dialog with GR#4. The Club Master 
    and Club Members seem to be obeying the GR's orders. The lower person 
    will battle you and though he won't give you anything if you win, his 
    defeat allows you to battle the leftish middle person, the Club Master. 
    When the Club Master is defeated, GR#4 will run away to the Esper Club. 
    The Club Master will give you the Pikachu Coin.
    When you leave the club and come back, the upper-left person will battle 
    (1 Bulbasaur Booster Pack), and the Club Master will battle (2 Bulbasaur 
      3k  ESPER CLUB  (lit. Esupaa Kurabu; Psychic Club in the English game)
    Until you scare GR#4 here from the Elec Club, you will be blocked 
    from entering the top room by a very agitated girl.
    Note, before GR#4 is defeated, all the people in the Esper Club are
    under the mental control of the GR. (e.g., Keita will say, in strange
    monotone (or katakana), "Boku no kokoro mo kaado mo subete GR4-gou-sama
    no mono..." which means "My heart and cards are all Lord GR#4's...") It's
    very strange, almost disturbing. (The only thing more disturbing is that 
    one guy in the GR Water Fort....)
    There will be some opening dialog upon entering the top room. The person 
    to the right-bottom will battle you but won't give you anything. The Club 
    Master standing next to GR#4 gets REALLY mad (or really happy, the speech 
    is so long I haven't sat down with my dictionary to find out) if you 
    defeat him, and will give you the GR#4 Deck and the Alakazam Coin. Only 
    then will you be allowed to fight GR#4. Upon his defeat you will receive 
    1 Rocket Grunt Pack, 1 Omanyte Pack and the fourth GR Coin Fragment, then 
    he leaves. No one will fight you until you leave and come back, when the 
    right person will fight you (1 Bulbasaur Pack), and the top person will 
    fight you (2 Bulbasaur Packs).
      3l  AIRPORT  (lit. Eapooto)
    A purple-hooded guy (GR#5) is guarding what's in the side room of the 
    airport. He will let you take you to the blimp once you get all 4 GR Coin
    When you talk to him, he'll take you to the GR Blimp and bring you to the 
    airport on the GR Island. (There is no way to skip the animation of the 
    Blimp flying across the water to the second island the first time you 
    take the Blimp, but every time after that you can press B to skip the 
    whole animation.)
      4  WALKTHROUGH: Part 2
      4a  GB2 ISLAND                                      P
                                           (__)__      <>||<>
                                        ___|13|) \    /||==||
                                       /   I__II  |__/ ||__|||
                                       |        _//      12  /
                                        \______/_/         _/   
                                           |=| /          /
                                          _|=|/ _-_       |
                                         /     ( 11)     /
                        _                |     |---|  __/ ___
                       [_]               |           /   /   \
                      /   \______         \____     /    | ii |
                 ____/   |=|     |         |=| \__======= /10\|
                 |  /    |9|   |=| ________|=|       /        |
                 |     _______/|=|/        ----_     \_______/
                  \___/        |=|        [_]   \
                           ___/|=|       [---]  |
                         _/              ||7|| /
                  ____  |            __       / 
                 |    \ \          ((GR))     |
                /      \ \         ||==||   _/ ____  
      _____     |      |  |           6    /  /    |
     / |I| \    |      |  |   _[_]_        |  \     \
    | [=3=] |   |   ___\===== ||5||        |  |      |
     \_____/     \ [=4=]|  |              /  / _     |
       |=|        |[===] \  \        __/===== [ ]    |
     __|=|_---_    \      \  \      /      /  [8]__  |
    /          \   |       \  \     |     /  ___/  | |
    |           ===|        |  \____/     | |_     \/
    | =||==     |   \__     |             |___\
    | | 1 |    /  ____ \    /
     \|___|   ===/    \ \__/
       -----/  / |\2/| \
              /  (^ ^)  |
    1 Airport (see 4b)
    2 Game Center (see 6d)
    3 Sealed Fort (see 6g)
    4 GR Grass Fort (see 4c)
    5 GR Lightning Fort (see 4d)
    6 Challenge Hall (see 6e)
    7 GR Fighting Fort (see 4g)
    8 GR Water Fort (see 4f)
    9 GR Fire Fort (see 4e)
    10 Colorless Altar (see 4i and 5c)
    11 GR Psychic Fortress (see 4h)
    12 Rocket Castle (see 4k)
    13 Mr. Ishihara's House (see 6f)
      4b  GB2 AIRPORT  (lit. Eapooto)
    The airport on this island is identical to the one on the other island, 
    except maybe the layout is reversed, there's different music, and there 
    are a bunch of red-capped people instead of normal people. When you want 
    to go back to the first island, talk to GR#5 again.
      4c  GR GRASS FORT  (lit. Kusa no GR-Dan no Toride)
    When you enter the GR Grass Fort, GR X comes and battles you. After you 
    defeat him, he'll reveal his true identity--Rando--and give you 1 Rocket 
    Grunt Pack and 1 Rocket R Pack.
    The person in the first room has the 1st island's Science Club Master 
    trapped in a cage. Upon her defeat she will give you 1 Rocket R Pack and 
    she will release the Science Club Master. The Science Club Master will 
    give you the "Hungry" (Kuishimbo) Snorlax promo card.
    (The Science Club Master will now appear in the upper chamber of the top 
    room in the 1st island's Science Club.)
    The person in the second room is secretly GR#1! If you defeat him he'll 
    give you a Rocket R Pack and he will open the door to the next room.
    The person in the third room will battle you only if your deck has Grass 
    Energy as the only type of Energy (not even Colorless Energy is allowed). 
    When you win, she'll open the next door.
    In the last room is the GR Grass Fort Leader. In all matches played 
    against him there is an extra rule: no Grass Pokemon can become Asleep, 
    Confused, Paralyzed, or Poisoned. He'll give you 2 Rocket R Packs and the 
    Golbat Coin if you win.
      4d  GR LIGHTNING FORT  (lit. Kaminari no GR-Dan no Toride)
    With the Golbat Coin you will be able to enter the GR Lightning Fort.
    In the side room, the person sitting at the table will battle (1 Moltres 
    Pack and 1 Bulbasaur Pack)
    The person in the front room will battle you only if your deck has 4 
    Pikachu in it. When you win she'll give you 1 Rocket R Pack and she'll 
    open the door to the next room.
    The person in the second room is GR#3, and will battle you only if your 
    deck has Lightning Energy only (no other types of Energy are allowed, not 
    even Colorless.) When you win you'll be given a Rocket R Pack. Then he'll 
    release Grand Master Steve (who, like Lt. Surge, uses a ton of English 
    "You-wa great-ne") who will give you the movie promo Electabuzz Lv20. 
    Then the GR will open the door to the next room.
    The Fort Leader is in the last room. When you battle, all Lightning 
    Pokemon do an extra 10 damage (before applying Weakness and Resistance). 
    (This includes your own Pokemon.) After you win, you will be given 2 
    Rocket R Packs and the Magnemite Coin.
    NOTE: From here you can go to either the GR Water Fort or the GR Fire 
    Fort. In this guide, I'll choose to take you to the GR Fire Fort first.
      4e  GR FIRE FORT  (lit. Honoo no GR-Dan no Toride)
    You need the Magnemite Coin to open the door.
    When you defeat the person in the first room he'll give you 1 Omanyte 
    Pack and then open the door to the next room.
    The person in the second room seems to have trouble remembering what to 
    say and do and talks to herself. She needs your deck to have Fire Energy 
    only. When you win she'll give you 1 Rocket R Pack and she'll open the 
    next door.
    In the third room the Fire Grand Master is trapped on an island in the 
    lava. To battle her captor, you need 4 Eevee of any kind in your deck. 
    When you win she'll give you 1 Rocket R Pack and 1 Rocket Grunt Pack. 
    She'll then raise a bridge for Courtney to leave the island, who will 
    then give you Promo Arcanine Lv34. Then the GR will open the door to the 
    fourth and final room.
    The Fort Leader will battle you with this extra rule: Fire Pokemon's 
    Weakness to Water is ignored (on both sides). When you defeat him you 
    will be given 1 Rocket Grunt Pack, 1 Rocket R Pack, and the Magmar Coin.
    As soon as you leave the 1st room, GRX (Rando) will come and battle you 
    for Computer Error!.
      4f  GR WATER FORT  (lit. Mizu no GR-Dan no Toride)
    You need the Magnemite Coin to open the door.
    In the first room, the GR Water Fort Member will not duel you unless your 
    deck has no Energy except for Water Energy. (This guy's vocabulary is 
    very...female.) When you win, he'll give you 1 Omanyte Pack and he'll 
    open the door to the next room.
    The second person will want 4 Magikarp in your deck. When you win, you'll 
    get 1 Mr. Mime Pack, then the GR will release the Grand Master of Water, 
    who will then give you Promo Magikarp Lv10. Then the GR will raise the 
    bridge to the next room.
    The third-room person will battle you with this extra rule: only 3 
    Benched Pokemon allowed. Upon his defeat he will give you 1 Rocket Grunt 
    Pack and he will move out of the way so you can proceed to the last room.
    The Fort Leader will battle with this extra rule: all Water Pokemon can 
    retreat for 1 less Energy card. When you win, you'll get 2 Rocket R Packs 
    and the Psyduck Coin.
      4g  GR FIGHTING FORT  (lit. Tou no GR-Dan no Toride)
    To open the door you'll need two coins: the Magmar Coin and the Psyduck 
    There is some entrance dialogue. The two fort members will hide in a big 
    |        |@@@@@@@@|@@@@@@@@|@@@@@@@@
    |    B   |@@@@@@@@|@@@@@@@@|@@@@@@@@
    |        |@@@                    @@@
    |        |@@@  @@@|@@@  @@@|@@@  @@@
    |        |@@@  @@@|@@@  @@@|@@@  @@@
    +===  ===+===  ===+===  ===+===  ===
     @@@  @@@|@@@  @@@|@@@  @@@|@@@  @@@|@@@@@@@@
     @@@  @@@|@@@  @@@|@5     @|@@@  @@@|@@@@@@@@
     @@@           @@@|@      X              4@@@
     @@@  @@@|@@@xx@@@|@      @|@@@  @@@|@@@  @@@
     @@@  @@@|@@@  @@@|@@@xx@@@|@@@xx@@@|@@@  @@@
     ===  ===+===  ===+===  ===+===  ===+===  ===
     @@@  @@@|@@@  @@@|@@@  @@@|@@@  @@@|@@@  @@@
     @@@  @@@|@@@  @@@|@@@  @@@|@@@  @@@|@@@  @@@
     @@@                                  X   @@@
     @@@@@@@@|@@@  @@@|@@@  @@@|@@@  @@@|@@@  @@@
     @@@@@@@@|@@@  @@@|@@@xx@@@|@@@  @@@|@@@  @@@
              ===  ===+===  ===+===  ===+===  ===+========+
              @@@  @@@|@@@  @@@|@@@  @@@|@@@  @@@|    A   |
              @@@  @@@|@@@  @@@|@@@  @@@|@@@  @@@|        |
              @@@                3X           @@@|        |
              @@@  @@@|@@@  @@@|@@@  @@@|@@@  @@@|        |
              @@@  @@@|@@@  @@@|@@@  @@@|@@@  @@@|        |
              ===  ===+===  ===+===  ===+=== ===+===  ===+
              @@@  @@@|@@@  @@@|@@@  @@@|@@@  @@@|@@@  @@@
              @@@  @@@|@@@ 1@@@|@@@  @@@|@@@  @@@|@@@  @@@
              @@@        X  @@@|@@@       X2           @@@
              @@@  @@@|@@@@@@@@|@@@  @@@|@@@@@@@@|@@@@@@@@
              @@@  @@@|@@@@@@@@|@@@  @@@|@@@@@@@@|@@@@@@@@
    1 = Rocket R Pack
    2 = Rocket Grunt Pack
    3 = Present Pack
    4 = Bulbasaur Pack
    5 = Promo Diglett Lv16
    A = Grace
    B = Gouda
    X's are traps. When you fall into a trap (you won't be able to see them 
    until you're on top of them) you land in the fall-down room down the 
    stairs of the main room.
    The chest in the fall-down room contains 1 Fighting Energy card.
    To battle Grace you need Fighting Energy in your deck only. When you 
    defeat her she'll give you 1 Rocket Grunt Pack and 1 Pidgeot Pack, then 
    she will make a chest appear, which contains Promo Dugtrio Lv40. She 
    won't battle you again unless you leave and reenter the room.
    For Gouda to battle you, your deck cannot have any Energy Removal or 
    Super Energy Removal. When you win you'll get 1 Rocket Grunt Pack and 1 
    Mr. Mime Pack. Then the 1st island's Fighting Fort Master will be 
    released from the cage (who will be so happy he'll give you Cool Porygon 
    To battle the Fort Master you need to have defeated Gouda and Grace. He 
    battles with this extra rule: all resistance to Fighting is ignored. When 
    you win he'll give you 1 Rocket Grunt Pack, 1 Rocket R Pack, and the 
    Machamp Coin, the which you need to open the door to the last four 
    buildings on the island.
      4h  GR PSYCHIC FORTRESS  (lit. Chou no GR-Dan no Yousai)
    When you first enter the top room it will be empty. But when you try to 
    leave some one will call out to stop you. That person will then introduce 
    himself and all four fort members (one on each pad) then he'll go up the 
    elevator. To access the elevator you only need to defeat 3 of the 4 
    The leftmost person battles with this extra rule: Resistance is -10 
    instead of -30. (1 Rocket Grunt Pack and 1 Moltres Pack)
    The second to the left person (who is GR#4) demands that your deck have 
    Psychic Energy. (1 Rocket Grunt Pack and 1 Bulbasaur Pack)
    The third person needs you to have 6 Gastly + Haunter in your deck. Dark 
    Haunter doesn't count. (1 Rocket R Pack and 1 Moltres Pack)
    The rightmost person won't battle with Trainers in your deck. (1 Rocket R 
    Pack and 1 Omanyte Pack)
    When you go upstairs there will be some entrance dialog. The Fort Master 
    will give you 2 Rocket Grunt Packs and the Mew Coin when you defeat him. 
    The captive Grand Master will be released and he will give you movie 
    Promo Dragonite Lv43.
      4i  COLORLESS ALTAR  (lit. Mu[shoku] no Saidan)
    When you enter the altar, GRX (Rando) appears and taunts you before 
    In the upper room there'll be three people, two of whom are blocking the 
    path to the third. When you talk to one of them, they'll get out of the 
    way so you can battle everyone.
    The lowest person's battle requirements change every so often: 4 Double 
    Colorless Energy, 4 Pidgey, or 4 Spearow. When you win, you'll get 2 
    Moltres Packs. (See section 5c to learn to tell these three options
    apart from each other.)
    The middle person's battle requirements change also: 4 Dratini, 4 
    Mysterious Fossil, or 4 Jigglypuff. (2 Mr. Mime Packs)
    If you have defeated the two other people, the top person will battle 
    you for 2 Omanyte Packs and the Snorlax Coin, if your deck has 4 Dark
    cards. If you haven't defeated the  other people, he will battle you for 
    2 Omanyte Packs but won't give you the coin until you have defeated the 
    two other people. (Then, next time you talk to him, he'll give you the 
      4j  FINAL CUP (location: POKEMON DOME, GB1 Island)
    The Final Cup may begin as soon as all 4 Grand Masters are rescued.
    Courtney: Moltres (Fire)
    Steve: Zapdos (Lightning)
    Jack: Articuno (Water)
    Rod: Dragonite (various)
    Between opponents you will have an opportunity to save (HINT!) and edit 
    your deck.
    After you defeat them all, you will receive 1 copy of each of the 
    Legendary cards.
    If you have the Mew Coin and the Snorlax Coin, talk to the ladies on 
    either side of the room and they'll insert the coins in the doors to open 
    them. As soon as the door opens, Rando will come out to battle you for a 
    Super Energy Retrieval.
    There will be some opening dialog, and the invitation to duel by the 1st 
    Rocket King attendant, whose battle requirements are 1 of each Legendary 
    card. (You can decline the invitation at this point if you want.)
    If you defeat him, you receive 1 Rocket R Pack and 1 Mr. Mime Pack, as 
    well an invitation to fight the 2nd attendant. (You can decline this 
    invitation also.)
    If you defeat her, you'll get 1 Rocket Grunt Pack and 1 Pidgeot Pack. 
    Then you are taken to the Great Rocket King Biruricchi and asked to 
    battle. (You can say no.)
    You will have to battle King Biruricchi several times. After each match, 
    you will be asked whether or not to edit your deck or save (HINT!) before 
    the second battle. After two wins, you will receive the Togepi Coin and 
    GR's Mewtwo.
    Then the credits will roll. You cannot speed up the credits. Don't turn 
    the Gameboy off until the credits are done or it won't save. (If you 
    want, watch the pictures to see the phantom cards and the portraits of 
    opponents who you will encounter in the Sealed Fort....)
    All the trainers, what they give away, and their deck requirements.
    (Please note that there has been some variations in the rounds of the 
    game I have played, and sometimes the trainer will change their giveaway 
    at some point during the course of the game, but basically this chart is 
       #1 Bulbasaur Pack
       #2 Moltres Pack
       #3 Omanyte Pack
       #4 Mr. Mime Pack
       #5 Pidgeot Pack
       #6 Rocket R Pack
       #7 Rocket Grunt Pack
      5a  GB1 ISLAND
       Matthew (Yasutomo): #1
       Ryan (Norio): #2
       Andrew (Johta): #1
       GENE (GENZOU): #3 + #4
       Chris (Tatsuroh): #2 + #1
       Michael (Masahiro): #3x2
       Jessica (Natsuki): won't fight, then #4
       MITCH (YAMAGUCHI): isn't there, then #5x2
       Brittany (Ayako): #1x2, then #4 + #1
       Kristin (Haruna): #3
       Heather (Misao): won't fight at first, then #3
       NIKKI (KUNIMI): #3x2
       Joseph (Souta): #2x2
       Erik (Masashi): #3
       David (Yasuyuki): #1x2
       RICK (KURUSHIMA): #3x2, then #5 + #3
       Joshua (Shintaroh): #1x2, then #5x2
       Sara (Mari): #2x2
       Amanda (Megumi): won't fight at first, then #4 + #3
       AMY (UTCHII): won't fight at first, then #4x2
       John (Takahashi): won't fight at first, then #4x2
       Jonathon (Masatoshi): #2x2
       Adam (Watarun): #1
       KEN (AKABANE): won't fight at first, then #5 + #4
       Nicholas (Sousuke): #1, then #5x2
       Brandon (Toshihiko): #3 + #2
       Jennifer (Yuka): #3
       ISAAC (TAKAHASHI): #1x2, then #4x2
       Daniel (Keita): won't fight, then #5
       Robert (Hiro): won't fight, then #4
       Stephanie (Rie): #1, then #1 + #4
       MURRAY (MIURA): won't fight, then #6 + #7
      5b  GB2 ISLAND
    1st room: Midori (#6)
    2nd room: Yuuta (#6)
    3rd room: Miyuki (#6)  Deck Requirement: Grass Energy only
    4th room: MORINO (#6)  Extra Rule: no status ailments for Grass Pokemon
      [NOTE--the name "Morino" could be translated to "Forrest"]
    Lobby: Tappu (#2 + #1)
    1st room: Renna (#6)  Deck Requirement: 4 Pikachu
    2nd room: Ichikawa (#6)  Deck Requirement: Lightning Energy only
    3rd room: KYASARIN (#6)  Extra Rule: All Lightning Pkmn do +10 damage
      [NOTE--the name "Kyasarin" is the Japanese form of "Katherine"]
    1st room: Jyesu (#2)
    2nd room: Yuuki (#6)  Deck Requirement: Fire Energy only
    3rd room: Jouko (#6 + #7)  Deck Requirement: 4 Eevee
    4th room: HIDEROU (#6 + #7)  Extra Rule: Fire Pkmn Weakness ignored
    1st room: Miyajima (#2)  Deck Requirement: Water Energy only
    2nd room: Senta (#4)  Deck Requirement: 4 Magikarp
    3rd room: Aira (#6)  Extra Rule: only 3 cards on Bench
    4th room: KONOKO (#6 + #7)  Extra Rule: Water Pkmn retreat cost -1
    right room: Gureesu (#7 + #5)  Deck Requirement: Fighting Energy only
    left room: Gouda (#7 + #4)  Deck Requirement: no [Super] Energy Removal
    main room: KAMIYA (#6 + #7)  Extra Rule: Resistance to Fighting ignored
      [NOTE--the name "Gureese" is the Japanese form of "Grace"]
    1st from left: Kebin: (#7 + #2)  Extra Rule: Resistance is -10 not -30
    2nd from left: Miwa (#7 + #1)  Deck Requirement: Psychic Energy only
    1st from right: Yousuke (#6 + #2)  Deck Requirement: 6 Gastly / Haunter
    2nd from right: Ryouko (#6 + #3)  Deck Requirement: no Trainer cards
    upper room: MAMI (#7)  Extra Rule: ??? (no Energy retrieved from trash?)
      [NOTE--the name "Kebin" is probably the Japanese form of "Kevin"]
    1st: Nishigima (#2x2)  Deck Requirement: 4 D.Col.Energy, Pidgey, Spearow
    2nd: Samejima (#4x2)  Deck Requirement: 4 Mys.Fossil, Dratini, Jigglypuff
    3rd: ISHII (#3x2) Deck Requirement: 4 Dark cards
    1st: Kanzaki (#6 + #4)  Deck Requirement: Each of the legendary cards
    2nd: Rui (#7 + #5)  1 of her 3 Extra Rules
    top room: BIRURICCHI (#7x2)
    The two guys in the Colorless altar have random deck requirements. Thus,
    the only way to know which card they're looking for is to read it in 
    their dialogue. Since not all of us are kana-savvy, I've provided an 
    ASCII version of all the possibilities:
    MIDDLER PERSON (Samejima)
    ------            |    |      +--+--+
              ----    |    |      |     |    "Miniryuu"
     ____             |    | __         |    = Dratini
             ______       /    |       /
    _______           ___/   --+-  ___/
         |  |    |  ---  /   "Purin"
        /   |    |      /    = Jigglypuff
       /        /      /
      /      __/    __/
       /                                              _______   
    --+-    \   | ___    _|__ _      ___     /  |        |       "Nanika
     /    |  \  |         |  \ \    / | \   /|  |__/    /_____   no Seki"
         _|_    |         |   \ \  |  |  |   |  |      /|    |   = Mysterious
        / | \   |         |   |    |  |  |   |  |     / |    |   Fossil
        \_|     | ----   /   \|     \/  /    |  |____   |____|   
    BOTTOM PERSON (Nishigima)
       | ()             | ()
    ---+---          ---+---    "Poppo"
       |     | |  |     |       = Pidgey
     / | \       /    / | \
    /  |  \    _/    /  |  \
       |           ____   ____||      /
    ---+--  ____      /      /    \  /    "Onisuzume"
      /|             /      /      \/     = Spearow
     / |   ______   / \    / \     /\
    /  |           /   \  /   \   /  \
    /________   /____      __    /_______           |               | ||
    _|_|_|_|_  /____/__   /  \  /||__|__| --+--  ---+--   |  |    __|__
    _|_|_|_|_   |  |  |  /    |  ||--+--|   |        /    |  |      |   _____
    _|_|_|_|_   +------      /   |||[_]||   |       / \   |  |  | __|__
                |          /     |||___||   |    _/ |  \  |  | /    |
    /  |  \  \  |_____|  /_____  ||_____| --+--     |    /   |/     |
    = Double Colorless Energy
    These are things you could very well want to do during the course of your 
    game but are not critical to winning. (And because they're not critical
    to winning, I have not explored them thoroughly...)
      6a  MR. ISHIHARA'S HOUSE (GB1 Island)
      6b  CHALLENGE HALL (GB1 Island)
      6c  DR. OOYAMA'S LAB
    Sam is sitting at the table and is more than happy to help you with the 
    rules, and if you want he can take you through a practice duel. After the 
    Great Rocket King Biruricchi's defeat, Dr. Ooyama installs a Challenge 
    Machine, or a machine that pits random GB1 opponents against your deck. 
    The object is to get as many consecutive wins in a row as you can. After 
    50 consecutive wins on that machine, you receive the Dugtrio Coin.
    Arai-Mon is in this room, monitoring the upper-right machine. When you talk 
    to him, he is willing to battle with stacked decks to help with various 
    principles of the game. When you talk to him, a menu appears with 2 to 5 
    options. (Some won't appear until you've completed previous steps.)
       | STEP 1      |  (Weakness and Resistance practice)
       | STEP 2      |  (status ailment practice)
       | STEP 3      |  (Pokemon Power practice)
       | NORMAL DUEL |
       | STOP        |
    Normal Duel is a regular, non-stacked duel between your personal deck and 
    Arai-Mon's deck. Winning any of the 4 matches results in a booster reward.
    Here there is a Deck Save Machine and an Auto Deck Machine. (A second 
    Auto Deck Machine arrives later.) The Deck Save Machine has the same 
    files on it as the Deck Save Machine in your MiniCom. The Auto Deck 
    Machines have large numbers of already designed deck plans for your 
      6d  GAME CENTER (GB2 Island)
    To do anything in the Game Center you need chips. Talk to the girl in the 
    hall of the first room and she'll give you 10 chips. The lady behind the 
    left counter keeps your chips and holds them for you when you leave the 
    Game Center. (If she does not have your chips, you will not be permitted 
    to leave.) The lady behind the right counter offers prizes.
    To collect prizes, talk to the lady and you will be asked a yes or no 
    question. (No is default.) Yes will take you to the prize screen:
      ==<PLAYER>'s CHIPS====XXX=
      | Venusaur Lv64    2000 |
      | Mew Lv15         2000 |
      | Bill's Computer  1000 |   After the Jigglypuff Coin is purchased,
      | Jigglypuff Coin   500 |   the fourth item will be "Present Pack x3"
      | Present Pack x1   200 |
    Along the top it shows how many chips you have left. To purchase a prize, 
    select what you want and press A. You will be asked if you want it. (No 
    is default.) If you choose yes, you will receive what you wanted. After 
    you've bought something it will ask if that is all. (No is default.) 
    "Yes" will take you away from this screen. "No" will let you continue on 
    to other items.
    In the room directly above the main one, there are 3 activities: the Coin 
    Toss Game, the Black Box, and Bill's Computer.
    At the table is the Coin Toss Game. The cost is 1 chip. 
    If you are able to flip 10 heads in a row, you will receive a Mew Lv8. 
    You will receive various amounts of chips back as secondary prizes if you 
    get more than two heads in a row.
    The lower machine is Bill's Computer. The cost is 20 chips and copy of 
    the card Bill's Computer. You are then allowed to trade in any of the 
    following cards for any of the following Promo evolutions:
       Any Omanyte  -> Omastar Lv36
       Any Haunter  -> Gengar Lv40
       Any Machoke  -> Machamp Lv54
       Any Graveler -> Golem Lv37
       Any Kadabra  -> Alakazam Lv45
    The card Bill's Computer can be received at various places:
    1) it can be bought for 1000 chips
    2) it can be traded for a Base Chansey Lv55
    3) it can be won at the Challenge Cup
    4) Rando gives you one
    The topmost machine is called the Black Box. The cost is 5 chips. You 
    choose from 1 to 5 of your own cards to send out. Then, later, you 
    receive some cards back in your mail (that may or may not be the same 
    cards or even the same number of cards). I'm not sure how it decides what 
    cards you get back, but generally Rares come back to you, untraded.
    In the third room there are slot machines and the Card Dungeon. The 
    silver slot machines cost 1 chip and the gold ones cost 5 chips. You can 
    figure the rest out.
    The cost is 10 chips. To enter, talk to the purple-haired lady and say 
    yes. (No is default.) You will then enter the first room. When you talk 
    to the first guy (named Pawn) he'll ask you to battle. (No is default 
    and if selected will whisk you away from the dungeon back to the outside.)
    If you say yes, you will then be asked how many chips to bet, and the 
    duel will begin. After the match (if you won) you will receive your chips 
    and be asked if you want to continue through the dungeon. (No is default 
    and if selected will return you to the outside.) Upon yes, the person 
    will open the next door.
         PAWN  bet 10 - win 20; 10 net
       KNIGHT  bet 10 - win 20; 10 net  *OR*  bet 20 - win 40; 20 net
       BISHOP  bet 10 - win 20; 10 net  *OR*  bet 30 - win 60; 30 net
         ROOK  bet 30 - win 60; 30 net  *OR*  bet 50 - win 100; 50 net
        QUEEN  bet 50 - win 100; 50 net  *OR*  bet 100 - win 200; 100 net
    If you bet the highest and win all the time (save before battling!) then 
    you will gain 210 chips each run through. This is the fastest and most 
    secure way of gaining chips.
      6e  CHALLENGE HALL (GB2 Island)
    If you get 50 consecutive wins on the machine, you'll get the Gengar 
    Coin. (This is proven!)
      6f  MR. ISHIHARA'S HOUSE (GB2 Island)
      6g  SEALED FORT (GB2 Island)  (Fuuin no Toride)
    The doors will not be unsealed until you defeat the Great Rocket King 
    Biruricchi a second time. Then the door will be open next time you come.
    The row of golden statues are, from left to right:
           EJI: Wigglytuff Do-The-Wave Deck
      MAGICIAN: Classic Alakazam Stall Deck
      TOSHIRON: Grass / Water Deck
         PIERO: Solid Fire Deck
     TOBI-CHAN: -theme unclear-
     DEE (Dii): Legendary Zapdos Deck
    MASQUERADE: Energy Removal Deck
          ANNA: Psychic Deck with Exeggutor
           YUI: Classic Raindance Deck
    To challenge a Ghost Master to a duel, walk up to a statue and say "yes" 
    to the prompt. Then you'll walk to the far end of the table and the Ghost 
    Master will flicker in on the other side to battle. If you win you 
    receive a Present Pack.
    Supposedly this is where you can get the Lugia coin but I'm not sure how.
      7a  YES versus NO
    Throughout the Game, you will encounter Yes-No questions. It can be 
    difficult to respond if you don't know which choice is Yes and which 
    choice is No.
     |    |                                         ____
     |  --+-- |    \              |    \   |    \      /
     |   _|   |     |             |     |  |     |    /
     |  / |\  |                   |        |         /\
     |  \/ /   \/                  \/       \/      /  \_/
        Yes = "hai"                        No = "iie"
    (pronounced "high")              (pronounced "ee-yeh")
    The 2-lettered choice (to the left) is Yes, and the 3-lettered choice (to 
    the right) is No. No is usually selected by default, but not always, so 
    don't get the two mixed up.
    And please, learn to recognize the difference between Yes and No rather 
    than play the game through trial and error. (Then when you play other 
    Japanese games, people will be impressed that you know how to read kana.)
      7b  MAIN MENU
    Pressing START during any part of the game (except the duels) will bring 
    you to the main menu, which is a seven-item list that will appear to the 
    right side of the gameboy screen.
    | STATUS   |
    | DIARY    |
    | DECK     |
    | MINICOM  |
    | COIN(S)  |
    | OPTIONS  |
    | EXIT     |
    * STATUS
    Shows your name, cards collected, game time, coin selected, and  GR coin
    fragments collected.
    * DIARY
    Shows your name, coins collected, cards collected, and gametime.  On the
    bottom is a prompt asking you whether or not to "write in your diary"
    (save). "Yes" is the default answer.
    * DECK
    Brings you to the DECK MENU. (7c)
    * MINICOM (short for "miniature computer")
    Brings you to the MINICOM MENU. (7e)
    * COINS
    The box around one of the coin indicates which coin you have selected 
    fro dueling. Use the arrow buttons to scroll to various coins on various 
    Event Coin screens. (There are three screens--room for 24 coins)
    Brings you to the OPTIONS MENU. (7g)
      7c  DECK MENU (or 4-Deck Screen)
    There are four slots: one for each deck. You may have 1-4 decks at a 
    time, but never 0. The icon of the hand holding the 3 cards to the left
    of the Deck  name indicates which deck is selected for dueling.
    Use the up-down arrow buttons to select a deck. If you press A, the 
    following 4-option menu will appear at the bottom:
    | CHANGE NAME         STOP |
    Takes you to the DECK EDITING MENU (7d)
    Moves the Hand-With-The-Three-Cards so that the deck you've selected will
    be the one used to battle.
    Let's you change the deck's name.
    * STOP
    Will bring you back to the previous menu. (7b)
    Pressing B will remove the 4-option screen for that deck and allow you to 
    choose another deck slot with the arrow buttons. Pressing B from there 
    will take you back to the Main Menu. (7b)
    Use the right-left buttons to scroll between the card type sections 
    represented as boxed icons in the top. (Grass, Fire, Water, Lightning, 
    Fighting, Psychic, Colorless, Trainers, Energy)
    Use the up-down buttons to go down into one of the sections and browse 
    through all the cards. The number on the side says how many copies of 
    that card you have available for use in your deck. (Available for use 
    means that copy of a card isn't in another deck already.)
    To see what a card looks like press A, then use the arrow buttons to 
    scroll between the various card breakdown screens. To get out of that, 
    press A at the last screen or press B at any screen.
    To increase the number of copies of that card in your deck, press the 
    right-left buttons while that card is selected. Note you cannot have any 
    more than 4 cards of the same name in one deck, so if you've put in two 
    Bulbasaur Lv12 and two Bulbasaur Lv13 you cannot have any more Bulbasaur, 
    even if it's at a different level. To get out of a card type section, 
    press B and you can browse through the top again.
    Pressing B when at the very basic navigation will take you to a totally 
    different screen in 2 boxes:
    = <Deck Name> =============
    | ENERGY CARDS          # |
    | BASIC POKEMON         # |
    | STAGE 1 CARDS         # |
    | STAGE 2 CARDS         # |
    | TRAINER CARDS         # |
    NOTE: The items in the second box don't really do anything, they just 
    summarize the content of your deck. You can ignore that box if you like.
    * CHECK
    Will take you to the DECK CHECK SCREEN, which breaks down the deck so you 
    can view all the cards in one place and quickly look for problems.
    Will take you to the previous menu to continue changing your deck. 
    (Pressing B will do this also.)
    * NAME
    Lets you change the deck's name.
    * SAVE
    A prompt will come up, asking whether or not you want to save the deck. 
    If no, if will return to the six-option box. If yes, it will ask whether 
    or not you want it to be saved in your Deck Save Machine. If yes, it will 
    bring you to the Deck Save Machine menu for you to choose a slot to save 
    it in. (Pressing B will get you out of the Deck Save Machine menu without 
    saving to a slot.) If no, you will go back to the 4-Deck Menu, changes 
    saved. NOTE: if your deck doesn't have 60 cards with at least 1 Basic 
    Pokemon, it will not let you save at all.
    It will ask you if you want to break up the deck--take all the cards out 
    of it to make a black deck slot. If no, it will return you to the 
    six-option screen. If yes, it will ask you to confirm this with another 
    yes-no prompt. Yes will dismantle the deck. NOTE: If this particular 
    deck is the only deck you have out, it won't let you dismantle it.
    * STOP
    Will take you back to the 4-Deck Menu.
      7e  MINICOM (= "Miniature Computer")
    |        MINICOM        |
    | DECK SAVE MACHINE     |    NOTE: When you have a new mail to read,
    | MAILBOX               |    there will be an envelope jiggling next
    | CARDS                 |    to the MAILBOX option.
    | SWITCH OFF            |
    | Please select a Menu. |
    Will be explained below. (7f)
    Once you get past the picture of the mailbox (which will be animated if 
    you have new mail), select the mail you want to read/delete. When you 
    press A, a 3-option screen will appear at the very top:
         | READ - DELETE - STOP. |
    DELETE will bring you to a prompt: Do you want to delete this mail? No is 
    automatically selected. Yes will delete the mail.
    * CARDS
    Very similar to the Deck Editing Screen. The numbers to the side show how 
    many total copies of that card you have, and the number in the very top-
    right corner is the number of cards you have total.
    Will bring you back to the Main Menu.
    There are 50 slots in the Deck Save Machine to save decks. The Deck Save 
    Machine you carry with you on your MiniCom has the same files as the Deck 
    Saving Machine in Dr. Ooyama's Lab.
    In viewing a list of saved decks, the following symbols will occur:
    You have enough spare cards to reconstruct a copy of that deck.
    You have enough cards to build the deck, but some of the card you need 
    are already in another deck. (You will have to dismantle another deck 
    before it can construct it for you.)
    You don't have enough cards to build that deck, even if another deck is 
    Once you use the up-down arrow buttons to select a deck, the lower box  
    will change to have these four options:
    Takes you to the 4-Deck Menu where you select a deck, then it will save 
    that deck in the slot you've just selected. If there is a deck in that 
    slot already, it will ask whether or not you want to overwrite the save. 
    If yes, it will save the new deck over the old one. If no, you will go 
    back to the 4-option screen above.
    Will build the deck based on the save file. If the file calls for cards 
    that you've already included in decks you have out, it will ask if you 
    want to dismantle the decks that contain the necessary cards. If yes, it 
    will dismantle the old decks and create the new one. If no, you will go 
    back tot he 4-option screen above.
    Will ask if you want to erase the deck slot. If yes, the slot will now be 
    blank. If no, you will go back to the 4-option screen above.
      7g  OPTIONS
    = MESSAGE SPEED ===============
    | Slow   1  2  3  4  5   Fast |
    | DUEL ANIMATION ==============
    | Show All    Skip Some   None|
    | COIN TOSS ANIMATION =========
    | Show All       Skip Some    |
    | WINDOW COLOR ================
    | Red    Blue   Green   Black |
    MESSAGE SPEED should always be on 5. This ensures instant text in message 
    When DUEL ANIMATION is on NONE, you can press/hold B during some parts of 
    the duel and it will skip/quicken some animation--like drawing cards, for 
    instance. This greatly speeds up duels.
    When COIN TOSS ANIMATION is on SKIP SOME, you can skip all in-the-air 
    animation when you hold down B on your opponent's flips and when you 
    press B to flip your own coins. This is really great for a large number 
    of consecutive coin flips.
    WINDOW COLOR should be self-explanatory. Your choice here is a matter of 
    EXIT OPTIONS will bring you back to the Main Menu.
      7h  PC MENU
    The PCs are in the side room of each club and fort, in the far upper-left 
    hand corner.
    | CARD ALBUM      |
    | RULES           |
    | PRINT OUT       |
    | SWITCH OFF      |
    This is basically a picture checklist sorted by booster.
    Dr. Ooyama will review your deck and give advice here.
    * RULES
    This is basically a rulebook. Again, it's nothing you don't know already.
    Since I don't have a Gameboy Printer I can't tell you more. Supposedly
    it lets you print out card pictures.
    Turns the PC off. Pressing B does this, too.
    When you talk to someone who is able to duel you, you will encounter a 
    yes-no question. No is selected by default. No will prevent a duel, and 
    Yes will let the duel proceed. If you select Yes and you still don't seem 
    to be entering a duel, check the trainer's information to see if he/she 
    has deck requirements that your deck doesn't meet.
    1) You and your opponent will each shuffle each other's decks. Then you 
    will each draw 7 cards for your opening hand. If a player's hand does not 
    contain at least 1 Basic Pokemon card, that player will shuffle his or 
    her hand back into his or her deck and draw seven cards again. (The other 
    player will not draw 2 cards if this happens, as he or she might when 
    playing with real-life cards -- this rule has been omitted from the 
    Gameboy version of the Pokemon Trading Card Game.)
    2) You will be shown your hand. Select 1 Basic Pokemon to be put in the 
    Active position. Then you may choose up to 5 cards to be your Benched 
    Pokemon. Press B when you are done setting up.
    3) Prizes will be placed automatically.
    4) You will flip a coin to see who goes first. Heads means you will go 
    first, tails means your opponent will go first.
    * DURING THE DUEL (your opponent's turn)
    When it's your opponent's turn, you can do nothing. Wait patiently, and 
    try to figure out what your opponent is up to.
    * DURING THE DUEL (your turn)
    1) You will automatically draw a card. (If you can't draw a card because 
    there are no cards in your deck, you lose.)
    2) You may do any of the following things in any order as often as you 
      - Put a Basic Pokemon on the Bench
      - Evolve a Pokemon
      - Attach an Energy card to 1 of your Pokemon (only once per turn)
      - Play a Trainer card
      - Retreat your Active Pokemon
      - Use a Pokemon Power
    3) To end your turn, select End Turn or use an Attack.
    1) Paralysis fades. (Only for the Player whose card has spent 1 of their 
    turns being Paralyzed.)
    2) All Poisoned Pokemon take 10 damage (both yours and your opponent's), 
    or 20 damage in special cases.
    3) Flip 1 coin for all Asleep Pokemon (yours and your opponent's). If 
    heads, that Pokemon is no longer Asleep.
    1) A player wins if his or her opponent has no cards in his or her deck 
    when he or she tries to draw a card at the beginning of his or her turn. 
    2) A player wins if he or she draws all of his or her prizes.
    3) A player wins if his or her opponent has no in-play Pokemon.
      8b  MAIN DUELING SCREEN (6-option default menu)
    The Main dueling Screen has three sections:
    1) Your opponent's Active Pokemon and In-play Area Summary
    2) Your own Active Pokemon and In-play Area Summary
    3) The 6-option box
    |  B[#]  P[#]     Pkmn Name LvX |
    |  E [energy]      @@@@@@@@@@@  |
    |  HP OOOOOO       @  Card   @  |   OPPONENT'S SIDE
    =================  @   Pic   @  |   OF THE SCREEN
    |  @@@@@@@@@@@  |  @         @  |
    |  @  Card   @  |  @@@@@@@@@@@  |
    |  @   Pic   @  =================
    |  @         @   E [energy]     |   YOUR SIDE
    |  @@@@@@@@@@@   HP OOOOOO      |   OF THE SCREEN
    | Pkmn Name LvX     B[#]  P[#]  |
    |  ATTACK       POWER     DONE  |
    B[#] = number of Pokemon remaining on Bench
    P[#] = number of remaining Prize cards
    Total Hit Points (HP) is indicated by a number of circles, one circle for 
    ten HP. To indicate ten HP of damage, one circle is darkened. When all 
    circles are darkned, that Pokemon is Knocked Out (KO'ed).
    * HAND
    Takes you to your hand. (8c)
    * CHECK
    Lets you check areas of the game table. (8d)
    Allows you to retreat. (8e)
    * ATTACK
    Lets you attack. (8f)
    * POWER
    Lets you use a Pokemon Power. (8g)
    * DONE
    When you can't attack or don't want to attack and you need to end your 
    turn, select this option and your turn will end.
    When you select the HAND option in the Main Dueling Screen, your hand 
    will be shown:
    | "Player's Hand"       X / X |
    | =>[ ] Card Name             |
    |   [ ] Card Name             |      If you've selected a card and
    |   [ ] Card Name             |      press the A button, two options
    |   [ ] Card Name             |      will appear:
    |   [ ] Card Name             |
    =================== @@@@@@@@@@@      ===================
    | Please select   | @  Card   @      |  USE            |
    | a card.         | @   Pic   @      |  CHECK          |
    =================== @@@@@@@@@@@      =================== 
    Use the up-down arrow buttons to scroll up or down in your hand. The 
    picture of the card will be shown in the lower-right corner.
    NOTE: When you press the SELECT button on the Gameboy while viewing your 
    hand, the cards will be sorted in order by type, Pokemon number, and 
    experience level.
    * USE
    Will use the card to whatever parameters the card indicates. (Evolution 
    cards will evolve, Benched Pokemon will be placed on your Bench, Trainer 
    cards will be played.)
    * CHECK
    Will let you browse through the card breakdown screens, enabling you to 
    view its text and other important battle information.
    When you play an Energy Card, you will be given a list of all your In-
    Play Pokemon. Choose 1 of them and the Energy card will be attached to 
    that Pokemon. *NOTE* You cannot play an Energy card if you have already 
    played one that turn.
    Because trainer cards are so varied it is impossible to cover all 
    possible information here about them. It should be possible just to 
    figure it out on your own based on the individual card description.
    *NOTE* You cannot play a Trainer card if you cannot fulfill the 
    requirements of that card (discarding cards, etc.) or if your opponent 
    has used an attack preventing you from playing Trainer cards.
    Playing a Basic card will put it onto your Bench. *NOTE* You cannot play 
    a Basic Pokemon card if you don't have enough room on your Bench.
    If you play an Evolution card, it will give you a list of all your In-
    play cards. Choose 1 of them to Evolve (it must correspond). *NOTE* You
    cannot play an Evolution card if the effect of a card already in play 
    prevents the use of Evolution cards, if you don't have the right Pokemon 
    in play to evolve from, or if the Pokemon the Evolution card evolves from 
    was played that same turn (or on the first turn of the game).
    If you try to view your hand but are not able to do so, you probably 
    don't have anything in your hand to look at.
    When you are inside the Check menus you will not be able to play any 
    cards--only browse.
    Using the CHECK command will change the bottom box to a 4-option window:
    | MAIN PLAY AREA           RULEBOOK      | 
    This will vaguely look like what a normal real-life duel looks like with 
    every card and pile represented, rather than a summary like on the Main 
    Dueling Screen. Select whatever pile / card you want to look at and press 
    A. You will then be able to browse that card / that pile.
       Pressing the up button all the way will let you see a list of your 
    opponent's in-play Pokemon, and pressing the down button all the way will 
    let you see a list of your own in-play Pokemon. Press A or START to 
    browse through the card breakdown screens of individual cards; press 
    SELECT to look at the Energy cards attached to that card. B will bring 
    you back to the previous menu.
       You will be able to browse everything but your opponent's deck, your 
    own deck, and your opponent's hand (except under special circumstances).
    It's a rulebook.
    There will be a 3-option box on the bottom of what looks like your half 
    of the game table in a real-life card duel. Scroll between the three 
    options and the arrows on the screen will reflect your choices:
    |  YOUR POKEMON        YOUR HAND  |
    |  YOUR DISCARD PILE              |
    YOUR POKEMON: Lists of all your In-Play Pokemon. Pressing SELECT will 
    show you the types of Energy cards attached to that Pokemon.
    YOUR HAND: You will browse your hand, though you will not be able to play 
    any cards.
    YOUR DISCARD PILE: You will browse your discard pile.
    In all three cases, you can browse the screens of individual cards by 
    pressing A or START.
    Exactly the same as YOUR PLAY AREA, only with your opponent's cards.
       You will not be able to view your opponent's hand unless you have a 
    Fossil Omanyte in play. (Whose Power lets you view your opponent's hand.)
      8e  RETREATING
    If you want to switch your Active Pokemon with one on your Bench, you may 
    retreat it (only if you have at least 1 Benched Pokemon.)
    1) If you have the correct amount of Energy to retreat, you will be given 
    a list of all the Energy attached to that Pokemon in order to choose the 
    appropriate number to discard. (If the Pokemon has no Retreat Cost, this 
    step won't happen.)
    2) Next, you will be given a list of all your Benched Pokemon. Choose 1 
    to replace it with.
    If your Active Pokemon is Confused when it tries to retreat, you flip a 
    coin after step 2. If heads, the retreat worked. If tails, it didn't work 
    and you can't try to retreat again until your next turn. (When you are 
    confused and try to retreat you must discard the energy even if you 
    flipped tails.)
    If you select the Retreat command and it will not let you retreat, it is 
    either because you don't have enough energy to retreat, you don't have 
    any Benched Pokemon, an effect of a Pokemon Power or attack prevents you 
    from retreating, or you have a status ailment preventing movement (Sleep, 
    When you use the ATTACK command, the lower box will change into an attack 
    list with the Energy cost, attack name, and base damage of all the 
    attacks that card has. A dotted "X" underneath the attack name indicates 
    that the attack has an effect.
    To use an attack, select the attack you want to use.
    If you try to use the ATTACK command but it won't let you, it is because 
    your Pokemon doesn't have enough energy to use that attack or some attack 
    effect prevents you from using that attack.
    Remember that when you attack your turn ends.
    There are three types of Pokemon Powers:
    1) the kind that are always on
    2) the kind that have to be used
    3) and the kind that are used only when the card is first put into play.
    When you use the POWER command, you will be given a list of all your In-
    play Pokemon. If they have any Powers, it will be written below the card 
    At any time you may press A and look at a Pokemon's Power, but only if 
    the Power is of the kind that has to used will you be asked whether or 
    not you want to use the Power (Yes-No). Other types of powers are used
      9  CARD WHEREABOUTS: The location of each card
    Because some cards have different rarities in this game than that in the 
    real-life cards and the TCG for GB1, rarities are included in this list:
       R: Rare (star)
       U: Uncommon (diamond)
       C: Common (circle)
    This game is based entirely on the Japanese card game as released by 
    Media Factory, so the Japanese conventions are followed rather than the 
    English ones when it comes to card rarities and distribution.
      1) There is no distinction between Rare cards and Rare-Holographic 
    cards in terms of rarity.
      2) Each booster comes with 1 Rare card, 3 Uncommon cards and 6 Common 
    cards, making each booster exactly 10 cards big.
      3) The Mew the English TCG knows as Promo #8 and #9 is available in the 
    boosters, since that particular Mew came in the Fossil booster and not as 
    a Promo in Japan.
      4) Some Rocket rarities had been changed between the Japan and the 
    American release. This game follows the Japan release and its rarities. 
    e.g. In English, Potion Energy is an (U), but in Japanese it is a (C) so
    in this game it is a (C).
    Cards have real-life equivalents from the following sets:
       Base: blank (set aka "Base Set" or "Basic")
     Jungle: flower
     Fossil: bone hand
     Rocket: the letter R
        Gym: pokeball w/ the word "gym"
    Vending: upside down b/w pokeball
     B-Deck: Bulbasaur icon (from Bulbasaur Deck in the Intropack)
     S-Deck: Squirtle icon (from Squirtle Deck in the Intropack)
    Gameboy: the letters GB (usually means there is no real-life equivalent)
    * The Vending Series and the Bulbasaur and Squirtle Intropack decks have 
    not been released in English in full, even though some have been adapted 
    to become English Promos.
    Booster Packs can be identified by the character on their packaging, but
    they can also be identified by their pack number: 1 through 8.
      9a  BULBASAUR BOOSTER PACK  (Booster #1)
    JAPANESE NAME: Hajimete no Pokemon (trans. "Begining Pokemon")
    A01: (C) B-Deck Bulbasaur Lv12
    A02: (U) B-Deck Ivysaur Lv26
    A03: (C) Base Weedle Lv12
    A04: (U) Base Kakuna Lv23
    A05: (R) Base Beedrill Lv32
    A06: (C) Base Nidoran Lv20
    A07: (U) Base Nidorino Lv25
    A08: (C) Vending Venonat Lv15
    A09: (R) Jungle Venomoth Lv28
    A10: (U) Base Tangela Lv8
    A11: (C) Base Charmander Lv10
    A12: (U) Base Charmeleon Lv32
    A13: (R) Base Charizard Lv76
    A14: (C) Base Vulpix Lv11
    A15: (R) Base Ninetales Lv32
    A16: (U) S-Deck Growlithe Lv12
    A17: (R) S-Deck Arcanine Lv35
    A18: (C) Base Ponyta Lv10
    A19: (U) Jungle Rapidash Lv33
    A20: (C) Base Seel Lv12
    A21: (R) Base Dewgong Lv42
    A22: (C) Fossil Krabby Lv20
    A23: (U) Fossil Kingler Lv27
    A24: (C) Base Staryu Lv15
    A25: (U) Base Starmie Lv28
    A26: (C) Base Magikarp Lv8
    A27: (R) Base Gyarados Lv41
    A28: (C) Base Pikachu Lv12
    A29: (R) B-Deck (R)Raichu Lv33
    A30: (R) B-Deck Electabuzz Lv30
    A31: (R) Base Zapdos Lv64
    A32: (C) Base Diglett Lv8
    A33: (R) Base Dugtrio Lv36
    A34: (C) Base Machop Lv20
    A35: (U) Base Machoke Lv40
    A36: (R) Base Machamp Lv67
    A37: (C) Base Onix Lv12
    A38: (R) Base Hitmonchan Lv33
    A39: (C) Base Gastly Lv8
    A40: (U) Base Haunter Lv22
    A41: (C) Base Drowzee Lv12
    A42: (R) Fossil Hypno Lv36
    A43: (U) S-Deck Jynx Lv27
    A44: (C) Base Rattata Lv9
    A45: (U) Base Raticate Lv41
    A46: (C) B-Deck Meowth Lv17
    A47: (R) Base Chansey Lv55
    A48: (C) Jungle Eevee Lv12
    A49: (C) Base Porygon Lv12
    A50: (R) Jungle Snorlax Lv20
    A51: (U) Super Potion
    A52: (U) Energy Retrieval
    A53: (C) Energy Search
    A54: (U) Professor Oak
    A55: (C) Potion
    A56: (U) Full Heal
    A57: (C) Switch
    A58: (R) Scoop Up
    A59: (U) Pokedex
    A60: (C) Bill
    E01: ( ) Grass Energy
    E02: ( ) Fire Energy
    E03: ( ) Water Energy
    E04: ( ) Lightning Energy
    E05: ( ) Fighting Energy
    E06: ( ) Psychic Energy
      9b  MOLTRES BOOSTER PACK  (Booster #2)
    JAPANESE NAME: Densetsu no Chikara (trans. "Legendary Power")
    B01: (R) Base Venusaur Lv67
    B02: (C) Base Caterpie Lv13
    B03: (U) Base Metapod Lv21
    B04: (U) Jungle Butterfree Lv28
    B05: (C) Jungle Nidoran F Lv13
    B06: (U) Jungle Nidorina Lv24
    B07: (R) Base Nidoking Lv48
    B08: (C) Vending Paras Lv15
    B09: (U) Vending Parasect Lv29
    B10: (C) Jungle Exeggcute Lv14
    B11: (U) Jungle Exeggutor Lv35
    B12: (R) Vending Scyther Lv23
    B13: (R) Base Arcanine Lv45
    B14: (U) S-Deck Magmar Lv18
    B15: (R) Jungle Flareon Lv28
    B16: (R) Fossil Moltres Lv35
    B17: (C) S-Deck Squirtle Lv14
    B18: (U) S-Deck Wartortle Lv24
    B19: (R) Base Blastoise Lv52
    B20: (C) Fossil Tentacool Lv10
    B21: (U) Fossil Tentacruel Lv21
    B22: (C) Fossil Shellder Lv8
    B23: (U) Fossil Cloyster Lv25
    B24: (C) Jungle Goldeen Lv12
    B25: (U) Jungle Seaking Lv28
    B26: (R) Vending Lapras Lv24
    B27: (R) Jungle Vaporeon Lv42
    B28: (C) Gameboy Magnemite Lv14
    B29: (R) Vending Magneton Lv30
    B30: (R) Base Electabuzz Lv35
    B31: (R) Jungle Jolteon Lv29
    B32: (C) Base Sandshrew Lv12
    B33: (U) Fossil Sandslash Lv33
    B34: (C) Vending Geodude Lv15
    B35: (U) Fossil Graveler Lv29
    B36: (C) Vending Cubone Lv14
    B37: (U) Gameboy Marowak Lv32
    B38: (R) Vending Hitmonlee Lv23
    B39: (C) Jungle Rhyhorn Lv18
    B40: (U) Jungle Rhydon Lv48
    B41: (C) Base Abra Lv10
    B42: (U) Base Kadabra Lv38
    B43: (R) Vending Mewtwo Lv54
    B44: (C) S-Deck Spearow Lv9
    B45: (U) Vending Clefairy Lv15
    B46: (C) Jungle Jigglypuff Lv14
    B47: (R) Jungle Wigglytuff Lv36
    B48: (U) Base Farfetch'd Lv20
    B49: (R) Jungle Kangakshan Lv40
    B50: (C) Base Dratini Lv10
    B51: (R) Base Dragonair Lv33
    B52: (R) Fossil Dragonite Lv45
    B53: (C) Energy Removal
    B54: (U) Revive
    B55: (U) Defender
    B56: (C) Gust of Wind
    B57: (U) PlusPower
    B58: (C) Pokemon Trader
    B59: (C) Pokemon Center
    B60: (R) Pokemon Breeder
    E07: (U) Double Colorless Energy
      9c  OMANYTE BOOSTER PACK  (Booster #3)
    JAPANESE NAME: Shinka no Shima (trans. "Fossil Island")
    C01: (C) Fossil Ekans Lv10
    C02: (R) Vending Arbok Lv30
    C03: (R) Jungle Nidoqueen Lv43
    C04: (C) Fossil Zubat Lv10
    C05: (U) Vending Golbat Lv25
    C06: (C) Jungle Oddish Lv8
    C07: (U) Jungle Gloom Lv22
    C08: (R) Jungle Vileplume Lv35
    C09: (C) Jungle Bellsprout Lv11
    C10: (U) Jungle Weepinbell Lv28
    C11: (R) Jungle Victreebel Lv42
    C12: (C) Fossil Grimer Lv17
    C13: (R) Fossil Muk Lv34
    C14: (C) S-Deck Koffing Lv14
    C15: (U) Fossil Weezing Lv27
    C16: (R) Jungle Pinsir Lv24
    C17: (U) Base Magmar Lv24
    C18: (C) Base Squirtle Lv8
    C19: (U) Base Wartortle Lv22
    C20: (C) Fossil Psyduck Lv15
    C21: (R) Vending Golduck Lv28
    C22: (C) Base Poliwag Lv13
    C23: (U) Vending Poliwhirl Lv30
    C24: (R) Vending Poliwrath Lv40
    C25: (C) Fossil Horsea Lv19
    C26: (U) Fossil Seadra Lv23
    C27: (C) Fossil Omanyte Lv19
    C28: (U) Fossil Omastar Lv32
    C29: (R) Fossil Articuno Lv35
    C30: (C) Jungle Pikachu Lv14
    C31: (R) Fossil Raichu Lv45
    C32: (C) Base Voltorb Lv10
    C33: (R) Gameboy Electrode Lv35
    C34: (C) Jungle Mankey Lv7
    C35: (U) Jungle Primeape Lv35
    C36: (U) Vending Machoke Lv24
    C37: (U) Fossil Golem Lv36
    C38: (C) Fossil Kabuto Lv9
    C39: (U) Vending Aerodactyl Lv30
    C40: (R) Base Alakazam Lv42
    C41: (C) Fossil Slowpoke Lv18
    C42: (U) Fossil Slowbro Lv26
    C43: (C) Vending Gastly Lv13
    C44: (U) Vending Haunter Lv26
    C45: (R) Vending Gengar Lv38
    C46: (U) Vending Hypno Lv30
    C47: (U) Base Jynx Lv23
    C48: (R) Jungle Clefable Lv34
    C49: (C) Jungle Meowth Lv15
    C50: (U) Jungle Persian Lv25
    C51: (U) Vending Lickitung Lv20
    C52: (C) Vending Tauros Lv35
    C53: (U) Vending Porygon Lv18
    C54: (R) Itemfinder
    C55: (R) Super Energy Removal
    C56: (C) Mysterious Fossil
    C57: (R) Computer Search
    C58: (R) Clefairy Doll
    C59: (C) Poke Ball
      9d  MR. MIME BOOSTER PACK  (Booster #4)
    JAPANESE NAME: Chou BATORU (trans. "Super Battle", or
                                          "Psychic / Fighting")
    D01: (U) Base Ivysaur Lv20
    D02: (U) Vending Metapod Lv20
    D03: (C) Vending Weedle Lv15
    D04: (U) Vending Kakuna Lv20
    D05: (U) Fossil Arbok Lv27
    D06: (C) Vending Nidoran F Lv12
    D07: (U) Vending Nidorina Lv22
    D08: (C) Vending Nidoran M Lv22
    D09: (U) Vending Nidorino Lv23
    D10: (C) Jungle Paras Lv8
    D11: (U) Jungle Parasect Lv28
    D12: (C) Jungle Venonat Lv12
    D13: (C) Vending Venomoth Lv22
    D14: (C) Base Koffing Lv13
    D15: (U) Gameboy Tangela Lv12
    D16: (U) Vending Charmander Lv12
    D17: (C) Vending Vulpix Lv13
    D18: (R) Gameboy Ninetales Lv35
    D19: (U) Base Growlithe Lv18
    D20: (U) Gameboy Flareon Lv22
    D21: (C) Vending Shellder Lv16
    D22: (C) Vending Krabby Lv17
    D23: (R) Vending Kingler Lv33
    D24: (C) Vending Staryu Lv17
    D25: (U) Gameboy Vaporeon Lv29
    D26: (R) Base Raichu Lv40
    D27: (C) Base Magnemite Lv13
    D28: (R) Base Magneton Lv28
    D29: (U) Gameboy Jolteon Lv24
    D30: (U) Vending Graveler Lv27
    D31: (R) Vending Rhydon Lv37
    D32: (R) Fossil Kabutops Lv30
    D33: (U) Fossil Gastly Lv17
    D34: (R) Fossil Haunter Lv17
    D35: (R) Jungle Mr. Mime Lv28
    D36: (R) Vending Mewtwo Lv67
    D37: (R) Fossil Mew Lv23
    D38: (C) Base Pidgey Lv8
    D39: (U) Vending Pidgeotto Lv38
    D40: (R) Gameboy Pidgeot Lv38
    D41: (C) Vending Spearow Lv12
    D42: (C) Jungle Fearow Lv27
    D43: (R) Base Clefairy Lv14
    D44: (C) Gameboy Jigglypuff Lv13
    D45: (C) Base Doduo Lv10
    D46: (U) Jungle Dodrio Lv28
    D47: (R) Gameboy Ditto Lv19
    D48: (U) Vending Eevee Lv5
    D49: (U) Fossil Excavation
    D50: (C) Gambler
    D51: (R) Moon Stone
    D52: (R) Imposter Professor Oak
    D53: (R) Lass
    D54: (C) Recycle
      9e  PIDGEOT BOOSTER PACK  (Booster #5)
    JAPANESE NAME: Soratobu Pokemon (trans. "Flying Pokemon")
    F01: (U) Vending Bulbasaur Lv15
    F02: (C) Vending Zubat Lv12
    F03: (U) Fossil Golbat Lv29
    F04: (C) Vending Bellsprout Lv10
    F05: (U) Vending Weepinbell Lv23
    F06: (R) SVending Weezing Lv26
    F07: (C) Vending Ponyta Lv8
    F08: (U) Vending Rapidash Lv30
    F09: (C) Vending Magmar Lv27
    F10: (U) Vending Squirtle Lv15
    F11: (U) Fossil Golduck Lv27
    F12: (C) Vending Poliwag Lv15
    F13: (U) Base Poliwhirl Lv28
    F14: (R) Base Poliwrath Lv48
    F15: (C) Vending Seel Lv10
    F16: (U) Vending Dewgong Lv24
    F17: (C) Vending Horsea Lv20
    F18: (R) Vending Seadra Lv26
    F19: (R) Fossil Lapras Lv31
    F20: (U) Vending Omanyte Lv22
    F21: (U) Vending Pikachu Lv5
    F22: (R) Vending Raichu Lv32
    F23: (C) Vending Magnemite Lv15
    F24: (R) Fossil Magneton Lv35
    F25: (C) Vending Voltorb Lv8
    F26: (R) Jungle Electrode Lv42
    F27: (R) Fossil Zapdos Lv40
    F28: (C) Vending Sandshrew Lv15
    F29: (U) Vending Sandslash Lv35
    F30: (C) Vending Machop Lv18
    F31: (U) Vending Machoke Lv28
    F32: (C) Fossil Geodude Lv16
    F33: (U) Vending Graveler Lv28
    F34: (C) Jungle Cubone Lv13
    F35: (U) Jungle Marowak Lv26
    F36: (R) Fossil Hitmonlee Lv30
    F37: (R) Vending Hitmonchan Lv23
    F38: (C) Vending Abra Lv8
    F39: (R) Vending Kadabra Lv39
    F40: (C) Vending Slowbro Lv35
    F41: (R) Vending Haunter Lv25
    F42: (C) Vending Pidgey Lv10
    F43: (U) Base Pidgeotto Lv36
    F44: (R) Jungle Pidgeot Lv40
    F45: (C) Vending Rattata Lv15
    F46: (C) Jungle Spearow Lv13
    F47: (U) Vending Fearow Lv24
    F48: (R) Vending Wigglytuff Lv40
    F49: (C) Vending Doduo Lv8
    F50: (U) Vending Dodrio Lv25
    F51: (R) Vending Snorlax Lv35
    F52: (U) Mr. Fuji
    F53: (R) Pokemon Recall
    F54: (U) Poke Flute
    F55: (R) Master Ball
    F56: (U) Maintenance
      9f  ROCKET R BOOSTER PACK  (Booster #6)
    JAPANESE NAME: Warera ROKETTO-Dan (trans. "We are the Rockets")
    G01: (C) Rocket Ekans Lv15
    G02: (R) Rocket Dark Arbok Lv25
    G03: (C) Rocket Grimer Lv10
    G04: (U) Rocket Dark Muk Lv25
    G05: (R) Jungle Scyther Lv25
    G06: (C) Rocket Charmander Lv9
    G07: (U) Rocket Dark Charmeleon Lv23
    G08: (R) Rocket Dark Charizard Lv38
    G09: (C) Rocket Ponyta Lv15
    G10: (C) Rocket Dark Rapidash Lv24
    G11: (U) Fossil Magmar Lv31
    G12: (U) Rocket Dark Flareon Lv23
    G13: (C) Rocket Squirtle Lv16
    G14: (U) Rocket Dark Wartortle Lv21
    G15: (R) Rocket Dark Blastoise Lv28
    G16: (C) Rocket Magikarp Lv6
    G17: (R) Rocket Dark Gyarados Lv31
    G18: (U) Rocket Dark Vaporeon Lv28
    G19: (U) Vending Omanyte Lv20
    G20: (C) Rocket Magnemite Lv12
    G21: (R) Rocket Dark Magneton Lv26
    G22: (C) Rocket Voltorb Lv13
    G23: (U) Rocket Dark Electrode Lv24
    G24: (U) Rocket Dark Jolteon Lv23
    G25: (C) Rocket Diglett Lv15
    G26: (R) Rocket Dark Dugtrio Lv18
    G27: (C) Rocket Mankey Lv14
    G28: (U) Rocket Dark Primeape Lv23
    G29: (C) Rocket Machop Lv24
    G30: (U) Rocket Dark Machoke Lv28
    G31: (R) Rocket Dark Machamp Lv30
    G32: (U) Vending Kabuto Lv22
    G33: (R) Fossil Aerodactyl Lv28
    G34: (C) Rocket Abra Lv14
    G35: (U) Rocket Dark Kadabra Lv24
    G36: (R) Rocket Dark Alakazam Lv30
    G37: (R) Vending Mr. Mime Lv20
    G38: (R) Vending Jynx Lv18
    G39: (R) Base Mewtwo Lv53
    G40: (C) Rocket Rattata Lv12
    G41: (C) Rocket Dark Raticate Lv25
    G42: (U) Gameboy Meowth Lv13
    G43: (U) Jungle Tauros Lv32
    G44: (C) Rocket Eevee Lv9
    G45: (U) Max Revive
    G46: (R) Devolution Spray
    G47: (U) The Boss's Way
    E08: (C) Potion Energy
    E09: (C) Full Heal Energy
    E10: (R) Rainbow Energy
      9g  ROCKET GRUNT PACK  (Booster #7)
    JAPANESE NAME: ROKETTO-Dan no Yabou (trans. "The Rockets' Ambition")
    H01: (C) Base Bulbasaur Lv13
    H02: (U) Gameboy Dark Ivysaur Lv16
    H03: (R) Gameboy Dark Venusaur Lv37
    H04: (C) Rocket Zubat Lv9
    H05: (R) Rocket Dark Golbat Lv25
    H06: (C) Rocket Oddish Lv21
    H07: (U) Rocket Dark Gloom Lv21
    H08: (R) Rocket Dark Vileplume Lv29
    H09: (C) Rocket Koffing Lv12
    H10: (R) Rocket Dark Weezing Lv24
    H11: (U) Vending Pinsir Lv15
    H12: (R) Gameboy Dark Ninetales Lv28
    H13: (C) Vending Growlithe Lv16
    H14: (R) Vending Moltres Lv37
    H15: (C) Rocket Psyduck Lv16
    H16: (U) Rocket Dark Golduck Lv23
    H17: (U) Gameboy Dark Starmie Lv27
    H18: (R) Vending Articuno Lv34
    H19: (R) Gameboy Dark Raichu Lv31
    H20: (R) Vending Zapdos Lv28
    H21: (U) Vending Onix Lv25
    H22: (U) Gameboy Dark Marowak Lv27
    H23: (C) Rocket Slowpoke Lv16
    H24: (R) Rocket Dark Slowbro Lv27
    H25: (U) Gameboy Dark Haunter Lv23
    H26: (R) Gameboy Dark Gengar Lv33
    H27: (C) Rocket Drowzee Lv10
    H28: (R) Rocket Dark Hypno Lv26
    H29: (U) Gameboy Dark Fearow Lv25
    H30: (R) Gameboy Dark Clefable Lv33
    H31: (C) Rocket Meowth Lv10
    H32: (C) Rocket Dark Persian Lv28
    H33: (U) Jungle Lickitung Lv26
    H34: (U) Vending Chansey Lv40
    H35: (U) Vending Kangaskhan Lv36
    H36: (C) Rocket Porygon Lv20
    H37: (C) Rocket Dratini Lv12
    H38: (U) Rocket Dark Dragonair Lv28
    H39: (R) Rocket Dark Dragonite Lv33
    H40: (C) Super Scoop Up
    H41: (U) Challenge
    H42: (U) Imposter Oak's Revenge
    H43: (C) Sleep!
    H44: (C) Digger
    H45: (C) Goop Gas Attack
    H46: (C) Bill's Teleporter
    H47: (C) Nightly Garbage Run
    H48: (R) Rocket's Sneak Attack
    H49: (R) The Rocket's Trap
    E11: (U) Recycle Energy
      9h  PROMOTION CARDS (#8)
    P01: Venusaur Lv67
    P02: Charizard Lv76
    P03: Arcanine Lv34
    P04: Moltres Lv40
    P05: Blastoise Lv52
    P06: Magikarp Lv10
    P07: Omastar Lv36
    P08: Articuno Lv37
    P09: Marill Lv17
    P10: Pikachu Lv13
    P11: Pikachu Lv16
    P12: Pikachu Lv16
    P13: Flying Pikachu Lv12
    P14: Flying Pikachu Lv12
    P15: Surfing Pikachu Lv13
    P16: Surfing Pikachu Lv13
    P17: Electabuzz Lv20
    P18: Zapdos Lv68
    P19: Diglett Lv16
    P20: Dugtrio Lv40
    P21: Mankey Lv7
    P22: Machamp Lv54
    P23: Golem Lv37
    P24: Alakazam Lv45
    P25: Slowpoke Lv9
    P26: Gengar Lv40
    P27: Mewtwo Lv30
    P28: Mewtwo Lv60
    P29: Mewtwo Lv60
    P30: GR's Mewtwo Lv35
    P31: Mew Lv8
    P32: Jigglypuff Lv12
    P33: Meowth Lv14
    P34: Dark Persian Lv28
    P35: Farfetch'd Lv20
    P36: Kangaskhan Lv38
    P37: Cool Porygon Lv15
    P38: Hungry Snorlax Lv50
    P39: Dragonite Lv41
    P40: Dragonite Lv43
    P41: Togepi Lv8
    P42: Imakuni?
    P43: Super Energy Retrieval
    P44: Computer Error
    P45: Bill's Computer
    PXX: Venusaur Lv64
    PXX: Mew Lv15
    PXX: Lugia Lv55
    PXX: Here Comes Team Rocket!
    PXX cards are "phantom cards" and can only be obtained through CardPop!, 
    cheating, or trading someone who has CardPop!ed or cheated.
      9i  PRESENT PACK (Meowth Booster Pack)
    Dr. Ooyama will send you a Present Pack through the mail, and Arai-Mon will 
    give you a Present Pack if you duel him and win against his stacked 
    decks. These particular Present Packs will contain Energy cards only.
    Normal Present Packs can be bought at the Game Center for various amounts 
    of chips or won by defeating the Ghost Masters. They contain random cards 
    from all the booster packs.
    During early gameplay, the Present Packs can be a very good thing because 
    not all the boosters are available right away and this will give you a 
    chance to get cards from the other boosters. However, during late 
    gameplay they can be a terrible way to find the card you want because 
    they are random from every pack--a random 396 cards instead of a random 
    50 or 60 cards--and the chance of getting the card you want is 
    dramatically lowered. If you are looking for a particular card, find the 
    booster you need to get and battle a person that gives you that booster.
      Battle Club:       Fossil Hitmonlee Lv27 --> Mewtwo Lv60 B
      Fire Club:         Jungle Flareon Lv28 --> Meowth Lv14
      Esper Club:        Base Alakazam Lv42 --> Kangaskhan Lv38
      Stone Club:        Jungle Snorlax Lv20 --> Jigglypuff Lv12
      Elec Club:         Base Voltorb Lv10 --> Pikachu Lv16 B
      GR Grass Fort:     Dark Venusaur Lv37 --> Venusaur Lv67
      GR Lightning Fort: Dark Raichu Lv31 --> Pikachu Lv16 A
      GR Fire Fort:      Dark Charizard Lv38 --> Charizard Lv76
      GR Water Fort:     Dark Blastoise Lv28 --> Blastoise Lv52
      GR Psychic Fort:   Dark Hypno Lv26 --> Mewtwo Lv60 A
      GR Challenge Hall: Base Chansey Lv55 --> Bill's Computer
      Dark Persian Lv28
      Bill's Computer
      (plus random promos)
      Bill's Computer and any Kadabra--> Alakazam Lv45
      Bill's Computer and any Machoke --> Machamp Lv54
      Bill's Computer and any Omanyte --> Omastar Lv36
      Bill's Computer and any Haunter --> Gengar Lv40
      Bill's Computer and any Graveler --> Golem Lv37
      Vending Clefairy Lv15 --> Flying Pikachu Lv12
      Jungle Clefable Lv34 --> Togepi Lv8
      Fossil Dragonite Lv45 --> Marill Lv17
      Vending Moltres Lv37 --> Surfing Pikachu Lv13 ??
      + ????
      After you get the 2nd GR Coin Fragment, Rando will come and battle you 
    for Super Energy Retrieval
      After getting the GR Grass Fort Coin, Rando will fight for a Computer 
      Defeat Imakuni? 3 times to receive his Promo.
    RESCUE PRIZES (GB2 Island)
      GR Grass Fort: rescue the GB1 Science Club Master to get Hungry Snorlax
      GR Lightning Fort: rescue Grand Master Steve to get Electabuzz Lv20
      GR Fire Fort: rescue Grand Master Courtney to get Arcanine Lv34
      GR Water Fort: rescue Grand Master Jack to get Magikarp Lv10
      GR Fighting Fort: Diglett Lv16 is in one of the maze chests
      GR Fighting Fort: Grace's chest yields Promo Dugtrio Lv40
      GR Fighting Fort: rescue the GB1 Battle Club Master for Cool Porygon
      GR Psychic Fort: rescue Grand Master Rod to get Dragonite Lv43
    LEGENDARY CARDS: (received at the Pokemon Dome)
      Moltres Lv40
      Zapdos Lv68
      Articuno Lv37
      Dragonite Lv41
      GR's Mewtwo
      2000 Venusaur Lv64
      2000 Mew Lv15
      1000 Bill's Computer
      Mew Lv8 (if you win the Coin Toss Game)
      Venusaur Lv64
      Mew Lv15
      Lugia Lv55
      Here Comes Team Rocket!
    I haven't run into the other 8 promos in the normal course of my game, so 
    if anyone can give me information about how to get these cards, please 
    let me know. The cards are:
    P10: Pikachu Lv13
    P14: Flying Pikachu Lv12
    P15: Surfing Pikachu Lv13
    P21: Mankey Lv7
    P25: Slowpoke Lv9
    P27: Mewtwo Lv30
    P35: Farfetch'd Lv20
      10  THE END
      10a  CONTACTING ME
    I can be reached at alamedyang @ mac.com (more urgent mail, please) or
    alamedyang @ hotmail.com (less urgent mail, please).
    I accept comments, suggestions, certain requests, and tasteful,
    intelligent complaints. (No mindless flames or spam, please! Don't make
    me block you!)
    Also see my card spoilers / translations for this game, which is 
    avaliable wherever this document is found.
      10b  THE FINE PRINT
    Please note that I did not copy anyone else's FAQ/walkthrough/guide.
    All present information is based on actual text in the game, not on
    guesswork. Though because I'm not a native speaker of Japanese and
    because I don't have the best dictionaries in the world, there may be
    some errors in the finer story points or "club politics" in my
    translations. This is only to be expected, and I can guarantee that no
    harm will come to you or your game as a result of such errors in this
    guide. The same, I cannot be blamed if your cartridge is erased or
    damaged because of something you yourself did to it (like dropping it in
    a bucket of water, stepping on it, hitting it with a hammer, but
    especially using a cheat incorrectly).
    This document is only allowed in the following places:
    If this document is at any other place without my being asked and my 
    giving permission (and without my listing them in this portion of the
    document), then they have theived it from me and are bad and should be
    boycotted or something as punishment.
    Copyright (C) by "Alamedyang"
    10/2001, 7-8/2002, 7/2003, 1/2004

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