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"Pokémon Cards forever!"

Never heard of Pokemon??? Pocket Monsters? This is a card game based on that series, based on the world-wide famous card game based on the that series and also a sequel to the first pokemon card game.

As you may know this is a rpg in which you use cards to battle other people. You will find lots of gyms in which the players use cards related to the gym they are in (for example, in the Electric Gym you will find people that use Pikachu, Electabuzz and all those folks, in the Fire Gym they will use Charmander, Magmar and their pals, and as for all the others, they use Pokemon related to the ones of their element). So, this already occurred in the previous game, so this time some things were added. For example, now there are some people that can only be defeated by a certain deck (someone may ask you to use a deck that only uses grass pokemon, all others may have different requests), so you may not even be able to fight them if you don't fulfill their requests... There are also more duels than in the previous game, mainly because Team Rocket is in this game and they surely have a big surprise for all those gamers out there... Hum, and if you are wondering about that, there aren't many new cards in this game, and there aren't ANY NEO EXPANSION CARDS in this game, unfortunately!

The same good old story of this games... You need to get strong cards in order to defeat all the gyms leaders, each one granting you a specific badge. After getting all the badges, you get to face more powerful opponents (not the ones you may be thinking!), and so on... except that this time there is a surprise for you, after you get all the badges... The Team Rocket will be there to mess with your ideas and surely cause you some trouble.

The Graphics look nice, altough they aren't very good if compared with other Gameboy Color games, like his ''brother'' Pokemon Crystal. As for the sound, he is nice but it can be annoying sometimes, if you stay playing much time in the same place.

Play Time/Replayability
This has a really high replay value (and play time) since you need to get all the cards and some of them are really hard to get, so you'll need to trade cards with your friends...

Final Recommendation
This game is not only recommended to Pokemon fans but also for all those people that like Trading Card Games and don't have anyone to play with!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/11/03, Updated 04/11/03

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