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    Vs. Metal Gear Strategy by AstroBlue

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        Created by AstroBlue (tetsuwan_blue(at)yahoo.com.au) 19/01/01
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    The following is an indepth strategy on destroying Metal Gear Gander.
    It is recommended that you have Body Armor, C4, Grenades, Nikita
    Missiles and Chaff Grenades handy before finishing Stage 11. Have the
    Body Armor equipped at all times while battling Metal Gear Gander.
    You must place either C4 Plastique or a Landmine where Metal Gear is
    about to step in order to damage its legs. This is extremely hard,
    as by the time you place the explosive, Metal Gear will usually have
    enough time to squish Solid Snake like a bug. Also, if you fall back
    too far, Gander will toast you with its flamethrower. However, there
    is a trick to laying the explosives without dying! Run to the bottom
    of the screen in-line with the shadow of one of Metal Gear's feet,
    and as soon as the shadow passes over Solid Snake lay the explosive.
    If you're laying Landmines, make sure you run to the side before
    running down after you place it, or you will cause more damage to
    yourself then to Metal Gear Gander; and if you are laying C4
    Plastique, make sure you detonate it when Gander's foot comes down.
    This technique will always work with Gander's right foot (on the left
    of the screen), but it may not work with its left foot. To have a
    better chance of it working on its left foot, stay still for a little
    while after laying the explosive. After six explosives, Metal Gear
    Gander will be crippled.
    Here is a little map of the elevator shaft that Metal Gear Gander
    falls into. This is an easier way to show you where to stand and
    where to attack.
         ||            ____              |  |        K E Y
         ||           | || |             |  |       *******
         ||        _  |3||3|  _          |  |   1 : Machine Gun
         ##  ####,´ /,' __ '.\ `.########|  |   2 : Cannon
         ##     /  ,´ ,´  `. `.  \ ####  ####   3 : Missile Module
         ||  ##/__/| 2      2 |\__\      | ##   4 : Flamethrower
         ||   //   |ŻŻŻ\  /ŻŻŻ|   \\     ## |
         ||  //C   |1   `´   1|B  A\\    ## |
         || /####   ) /\4 /\ (     ##\   |  |
         ||####    /_/  ŻŻ  \_\    ##    | ##
         ||      ####E ######            ####
         ||D               ##  ####      |  |
         ||    ####              ####    | ##
         ||    ####              ####    |  |
         ||                ##          #### |
         ||  ####          ##          #### |
    First stand where Metal Gear's left rail gun meets a crate (marked by
    a "A" on the map), face left and throw a Grenade. Once it hits the
    machine gun one of two things will happen; 1) Orange Droids (WISPS)
    will appear and begin firing at Solid Snake, or 2) the cannon will
    pop up temporarily. If WISPS appear quickly use a Chaff Grenade, this
    will make the WISPS inoperable but it will also make Metal Gear
    Gander's machine guns fire erratically, so be careful. If the cannon
    pops up, quickly run next to the machine gun (marked by a "B" on the
    map) and throw a grenade diagonally up at the cannon. Repeat. After
    four Grenades the cannon will blow up. Now run around to where Metal
    Gear Gander's right rail gun meets some crates (marked by a "C" on
    the map), face right and fire a Nikita Missle at the machine gun,
    then fire a Nikita Missle and steer it at the cannon if it pops up.
    After four Nikita Missiles the cannon will blow up.
    By now the Metal Gear Gander should be firing missiles from its
    launch module. The first time it does this run to the bottom of the
    elevator shaft and watch the radar for any incoming missiles. After
    that, keep you ears open for the sound of the missiles firing, as
    that will be your cue to run over to the far left side of the
    elevator shaft (marked by a "D" on the map), face up and fire a
    Nikita Missile. Now steer it up and around the various debris into
    the missile module. Continue attacking the machine guns and get
    approximately two more Nikita Missiles into the missile module, this
    will probably get Metal Gear's power down to about 25%. When this
    happens Metal Gear Gander's flamethrower on its crotch (not its mouth
    as some people think) will start spreading flames everywhere. If you
    have a lot of energy, run right in front of the flamethrower (marked
    by a "E" on the map) and repetitively throw Grenades diagonally up at
    the flamethrower. If you don't have a lot of energy you will have to
    dodge the flames, run to "E", throw a Grenade diagonally up at the
    flamethrower, run back out, dodge the flames and repeat. After a lot
    of Grenades, Metal Gear Gander will go KABOOM!.
    You still have to defeat Viper once more to finish the game, but he
    is extremely easy!
    My best result for Stage 12 is 3:52/No Rations: Excellent
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