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    Special Stage/VR Mission Guide by PKeating

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    MMM  MMMMM  MMM   EEE         TTT       AAA AAA    LLL
    MMM   MMM   MMM   EEEEE       TTT      AAAAAAAAA   LLL
    MMM         MMM   EEEEE       TTT      AAAAAAAAA   LLL
    MMM         MMM   EEE         TTT      AAA   AAA   LLL
    MMM         MMM   EEEEEE      TTT      AAA   AAA   LLLLLLLLL
    MMM         MMM   EEEEEE      TTT      AAA   AAA   LLLLLLLLL
             GGGGGG     EEEEEE      AAA      RRRRRRR
            GGG  GGG    EEEEEE     AAAAA     RRR  RRR
            GGG  GGG    EEE       AAA AAA    RRR  RRR
            GGG         EEEEE    AAAAAAAAA   RRR  RRR
            GGG  GGG    EEE      AAA   AAA   RRR  RRR
            GGG  GGG    EEEEEE   AAA   AAA   RRR   RRR
             GGGGGG     EEEEEE   AAA   AAA   RRR   RRR
      ####################### S O L I D ######################
    Metal Gear Solid Special Stage & VR Mission Guide
    For the Gameboy Colour
    By Paul Keating
    Section 1 - Legal Information
    Section 2 - Revision History
    Section 3 - Introduction
    Section 4 - Special Stage Guide & Walkthrough
    Section 5 - VR Training
    Section 6 - Contact Information, Quote of the month & Shameless Plug
    SECTION 1 - Copyright Information
    Metal Gear & Metal Gear Solid is Copyright 1987 & 2000 belonging to Konami (KCE
    Japan).  All character names, story elements and map layouts are covered by the
    above copyright.
    This walkthrough is created by Paul Keating.  And the contents that are not
    covered by the above copyright are owned by me.  Do not copy this guide and
    claim it as your own.  Do not modify this FAQ and claim it as your own.
    I have had a slight change of policy on passing this guide to other sites. 
    This guide is only available from:
    Until such a time as I consider this guide as complete.  Once this guide is
    complete feel free to post this guide to your site, AS LONG AS YOU MEET THE
    Please note Item 4 does not cover people just passing this guide on to a friend
    for help.  The general public can print out and doodle all over the prints as
    far as I am concerned.  The above guidelines are for Webmasters.  I will
    announce, on this guide, when it is time for the guide to be distributed.
    Finally please do not email me asking to post this guide on your site.  I WILL
    NOT REPLY, and by me not answering your email does not confer automatic rights
    to post this guide on your site.
    SECTION 2 - Revision History
    V 0.21 -*- 25th October 2000
    No new information added to the guide.
    Added section 2a, please read this note
    V 0.20 -*- 03rd August 2000
    Added guide for stage 3 through to 6.
    Added basic mission guidelines.
    V 0.10 -*- 27th July 2000
    Added guides for all missions on the first two stages.
    Added guides for various missions on later stages.
    V 0.01 -*- 25th July 2000 -*- Not Released
    Initial Creation of basic document.  No real information added as yet.
    This guide has been put on hold indefinately.  What does this mean?  Well it
    means that for the forseable future this guide will not be updated.  Why?
    Well, put simply there is to much for me to do at the moment.  I am currently
    working on a series of maps for "Shining in the Darkness" on the MD.  I am
    planning on doing something for both "Heroes of Might and Magic" and "Dragon
    Warrior 1&2".  Also I have just gotten Bangai O for my DC and I am just waiting
    for a few other games to come through.  Then there is real life...
    Anyway the next time I can see myself updating this guide is at Christmas.  I
    would like to complete this guide and don't want to see it die.
    Thanks for all of your support with this guide and I hope for your continual
    support in future updates (I sound like a politician, don't I?).
    SECTION 3 - Introduction
    So you have completed Metal Gear Solid then.  Think you have beaten all the
    challenges the game has to offer then?  Well not quite!  There is still the VR
    training to deal with and when you completed the game a new option was opened
    up for you to play with.
    The Special Stages.
    These stages are all based around the corresponding stage when you played
    through the game the first time around.  BUT this time around certain aspects
    of the game have been changed.  This ranges from complete the mission in
    reverse order to collecting Fox Hound emblems.
    This guide, unlike my other MGS guide, is not a detailed guide to the special
    stages.  If you have managed to complete the main game you should at least know
    your way around.  Instead I will offer pointers to help you through each of the
    missions and I will only offer a detailed guide to the more awkward missions.
    Also included is a guide to the VR Missions.  Like the guide to the special
    stages, they won't be particularly detailed but will offer hints and help.  I
    will only post detailed information on the more detailed aspects of the game.
    Section 4 - Special Stage Guide & Walkthrough
    When you start the very first mission on the first stage you are given some
    background information.  You are no longer Snake, but a rookie agent.  These
    special stages are VR training missions, you have learnt all about Snake
    through your training but the real test is by adapting to any given situation. 
    To this end you will be placed in to familiar situations that Snake had to deal
    with, but you will be given different objectives to deal with.
    Basic Mission Guidlines
    There are several different mission types, so here are some general guides and
    tips to these missions:
    The obscure:  These missions have an unusual theme to them, such as there is a
    bomb attached to you or clear all the sorting machines.  Refer to the guide
    below for more details.
    Timed Missions:  You have to clear the stage in XXX seconds.  Time is of the
    essence here.  Ignore side areas that hold extra ammo.  Head straight for the
    mission objectives.
    Distance Missions:  You have to clear the stage in XXX meters.  Treat exactly
    like a timed mission.  Just remember that you can use more stealth in the
    distance missions than you can in the timed ones.
    Don't Get Sotted:  These missions are actually quite simple.  Just take your
    time and where ever possible avoid attacking the guards.  One mistake can mean
    game over.
    Don't Take Damage:  Treat similar to the Don't Get Spotted missions.  You can
    actually be spotted, but you better be REALLY good at avoiding damage.
    Stage 01
    Mission 1:  Complete stage 1 in 45 seconds
    Not quite as easy as it sounds.  Your first instinct is to use stealth to make
    it through the level.  If you try this you will fail.  Simply "run like hell"
    (great Pink Floyd song) through the level, if a guard sees you just do your
    best to keep one stage ahead of him.  Running in a zigzag pattern helps in
    avoiding the pot-shots of the guards.  Also when you reach the bridge section,
    don't bother crawling through the mud as this slows you down to much.
    Mission 2:  Locate 4 hidden fox hound emblems
    Scattered around this level are four new crates.  These crates contain Fox
    Hound patches.  Here are the locations of the four patches:
    1) On the first screen head to the right where the first two trucks are
    located.  Between the two trucks is the first patch.
    2) On the second screen head to the right where there are another two trucks. 
    Enter the left hand truck to find the second patch.
    3) You will find the third patch in the top left hand corner of the third
    4) The final patch is on the bridge on the last screen of this stage.
    Upon collecting the final patch this stage will be completed.
    Mission 3:  Complete the mission in reverse order
    This is a straight forward mission (or should that be straight back??).  You
    start on the last screen and have to make your way down to where you would
    normally start.  All items and weapons are in exactly the same place as they
    would normally be.
    Stage 02
    Mission 01 - Clear stage without being spotted.
    Another straight forward mission.  You simply have to avoid being spotted by
    the guards or camera's, otherwise it is Game Over.  The only problem you have
    is that you don't have any weapons at the beginning of this stage.  So getting
    the supressor is pointless.  Just take the quickest route possible to the
    keycard and then head straight to the sewer entrance to complete the stage. 
    Overall not to difficult.
    Mission 02 - All the guards are on red alert, meet their attacks head on.
    This will be your first difficult mission.  The guards are out for blood,
    preferably yours!  Basicly the guards are permanently on red alert so they are
    actively looking for you.  The only tips I can offer you is to move in a zig
    zag pattern, as it makes it more difficult to shoot at you.  Also pray thay
    they don't surround you, because it is very difficult to get away alive.  Other
    than that, take the shortest possible route to the keycard and head straight
    back to the sewer.  Don't pick up any items, except for rations as they will
    come in handy.
    Mission 03 - Meet Mei Ling at the front of the main gates to Gualades
    The aim of this mission is to meet up with Mei Ling.  Simple?  Well not quite
    as she never appears.  The secret is to contact her via codec when you get to
    the meeting point.  The following is a list of locations you need to go to
    contact here:
    1) Head to the north gate of Gualades (the small screen with 3 guards,
    protecting the gate).  Contact Mei Ling.
    2) Head back to where the guard first opened the door to the compound.  Contact
    Mei Ling.
    3) Head up to the truck where you get the keycard from.  Contact Mei Ling.
    4) Head to where the two Armoured Personel Carriers are (the screen with the
    hole in the fence).  Contact Mei Ling.
    5) Head to where you find the supressor.  Contact Mei Ling
    6) Head back to the screen with the two Armoured Personel Carriers on and go
    into the bunker in the upper left corner of the screen.  Contact Mei Ling.
    7) Head to the exit of the stage.
    This will complete the stage.
    Stage 03
    Mission 01 - Complete the stage in less than 2500 metres (1 step = 1 metre)
    A pretty straight forward mission.  Simply complete the stage in the shortest
    distance possible.  There are two areas where you may have some problems. 
    First there is the sewers.  Getting hit by the tide sends you back a bit.  This
    means that you will have to back track over area's you have already travelled
    through.  The other problem area is towards the end of the stage.  There is a
    large room that has infrared sensors.  These sensors are timed, but there are a
    few that don't change at all, they are permanently on.  If you reach any of
    these you will have to backtrack.  Other than that I can only suggest you make
    your way to the key items (the Gas Mask and Keycard) then head straight to
    Mission 02 - Locate all the fox-hound patches
    Once again there are four emblems to collect.  Due to the size of this level I
    have written a walkthrough for this mission.  You have already played this
    stage, so there is no mention of where there are guards it is just directions
    to get to each emblem.
    You start the stage from the halfway point.  You have left the sewers and you
    are in the compound.  So head through the door at the top of the screen.  Make
    your way around and down to the door at the bottom of the next room.  You are
    in a room with four large walls spliting up the room.  In the bottom left
    corner is the first emblem.
    Once collected head to the right.  Carry on to the right through the next door.
     You want to head straight to the door in the top right hand corner.  The next
    room is the maze of infrared sensors, refer to the map below:
    |---------   ---------|
    |    |                |
    |   |-|   |-|   |-|   |
    |---| |---| |---| |   |
    |   |-|   |-|   |-|   |
         |           |    |
    |   |-|   |-|   |-|   |
    |   | |   | |   | |   |
    |   |-|   |-|   |-|   |
    |          |          |
    Once out of this room head to the right.  Make your way to the top right corner
    to collec a gas mask.  The second emblem is in the bottom left corner.  Return
    to the room with the infrared sensors and out.  Now take the door in the bottom
    right hand corner of the screen.
    Equip the gas mask and make your way to the right.  You are in a maze of
    packing crates.  You want to make your way to the right.  This next room has
    the Keycard in it.  Once collected head back into the maze room and go though
    the door at the top of the screen.  Head through the door at the top right
    corner of the screen.  Head down and use the lift.
    Once on the next floor head up and through the door on the left.  Carry on to
    the door on the far left and you will find the third emblem.  Head back out and
    down.  You are now in another large maze.  Make your way to the door at the
    bottom left corner of the room.  You are in a massive infrared room.  Make your
    way to the top right hand corner to collect the fourth and final emblem.  This
    will complete the mission.
    Mission 03 - Complete level without taking any damage
    Previously these type of missions have been relatively easy.  Just take your
    time, avoid detection and you should be all right.  Well that works here as
    well BUT there are two areas where this may be a problem.  First up is the
    sewers.  This is a REAL problem as well.  Remember the bit where you have to
    get past the tide?  Well take one hit from that and it is game over.  I can't
    offer any real help here as I always get hit bu the tide!  The other problem
    area is the two gas filled rooms.  Spend to long in here and it will start to
    take health away from you.  Then it's game over.  Other than these two areas,
    just play the stage as you normally would.
    Stage 04
    Mission 01 - Complete the stage in under 470 seconds
    You start this stage outside the compound saving a lot of time.  Unfortunately
    this timed stage is a little awkward.  Why?  Well there is a boss fight at the
    end of the stage and you need to collect ammo, right?  Well not really, there
    is a lot of grenades in a room just before the boss fight.  No the real problem
    here is the computer controlled doors.  They appear to be a random code to get
    the doors open.  Spend to long here and you may as well quit the mission. 
    Other than that, head straight for the main objectives (the computer controlled
    doors and the locks near the end of the level).  Try to do the main mission as
    quickly as possible because you are going to need all the time you can for the
    boss fight at the end of the stage.
    Mission 02 - Complete the stage without being spotted
    Another straightforward mission.  There is only one possible problem area. 
    Towards the end of the stage there is an area with lots of birds in it.  If
    they fly the guards go on automatic alert and it is mission over.  Other than
    that just head straight through the stage as you normally would.
    Mission 03 - There is a bomb attached to you.  It will detonate if you stand
    still for more than 1 second.  Complete the stage without detonating the bomb.
    Think of the movie Speed.  If you stop for a prolonged period of time the bomb
    will detonate and it is game over.  There are going to be several problem areas
    on this stage.
    First up, early on there are two rooms with infrared sensors in them.  The
    first one is the most awkward as it is a large room to get across.  The only
    thing I can suggest is that you pace backwards and forwards (or up and down)
    along the beam with the fogger equipped.  This way you will constantly have the
    beam in display and can move on as soon as it changes.  The second room is a
    bit easier.  The infrared beams are fixed and don't flick on and off.  So
    follow this map:
    |---------   ---------|
    |    |                |
    |   |-|   |-|   |-|   |
    |---| |---| |---| |   |
    |   |-|   |-|   |-|   |
         |           |    |
    |   |-|   |-|   |-|   |
    |   | |   | |   | |   |
    |   |-|   |-|   |-|   |
    |          |          |
    Next up are the dogs.  Normally you would try and time it so that they where
    out of sight before you moved around.  Unfortunately this just isn't possible. 
    Try using narrow passages as turning around corners or changing directions
    tends to slow the dogs down.
    Finally there is a boss fight here.  Generally not the easiest of tasks
    normally, but now you have to keep moving.
    Other than that you should attempt to complete the mission as you did when you
    first played it.
    Stage 05
    Mission 01 - Complete the stage in less than 2500 metres (1 step = 1 metre)
    Follow the general tips for this sort of level.  Just remember to collect the
    box before heading up to the next level.  Also it helps if you now the layout
    of the level.  Refer to the walkthrough for this stage.
    Mission 02 - Complete level without taking any damage
    This isn't as bad as it sounds.  This is the stage with all the sorters in and
    you had to use the various coloured boxes.  Well you will also remember that it
    was actually quite a light area for guards.  There are only two area's with a
    high concentration of guards.  That is the warehouse area (the maze made up of
    packing crates) and the prison area where you meet Jimmy.  Other than that,
    there is only one or two guards scattered around the place.  The only advice I
    can offer is to hide constantly to avoid detection and to be a crackshot with
    that gun, get them before they get you.  Finally don't forget the wonders of
    knocking the guard unconcious from behind.
    Mission 03 - Clear all 14 sorting units
    The aim is to travel through all the sorters on this stage.  To do this you
    need to collect all the boxes.  Your best bet is to follow the walkthrough upto
    the point where you go down to meet Jimmy.  The are some sorters in the bottom
    left corner of the level and the top right corner of the level that are easy to
    miss.  I will try to add a simple map to the sorters at a later date.
    Stage 06
    Mission 01 - Complete the stage in under 470 seconds
    There is nothing special or difficult about this stage.  Ignore the night
    vision goggles (you will use your thermal goggles for the boss fight).  Just
    remember to pick up the odd crate for the boss fight.  Not a difficult mission
    at all.
    Mission 02 - Complete the stage without being spotted
    Once again follow the basic guidelines for this type of mission.  There are no
    awkward areas on this stage.  Collect everything you need and make your way to
    the boss fight at the end.
    Mission 03 - The level is haunted by ghosts.  Destroy all the ghosts on the
    level.  The only way to spot the ghosts is by not wearing night vision or
    infrared goggles.
    I need to create a proper walkthrough for this stage.  But here are some basic
    * Check every room for ghosts.  This means a lot of exploring.
    * Guards can still spot you, so you may want to take care of the guards in a
    room before taking care of the ghost.  Remember, it takes 3 hits to knock out a
    guard and four hits to kill him (something I only found out after completing
    the basic walkthrough).
    * Ghosts only take one punch, so don't waste your ammo.
    Stage 07
    Mission 01 - Complete the stage in under 70 seconds
    Mission 02 - Complete the stage without taking any damage
    Mission 03 - Survive 60 seconds against the barrage of field artillery
    Stage 08
    Mission 01 - Clear stage in under 750 seconds
    Mission 02 - Locate all the fox-hound patches
    Mission 03 - Defeat Bison using only landmines
    Stage 09
    Mission 01 - Clear the stage without being discovered
    Mission 02 - Destroy the powerplant using an alternative method.  Follow
    Campbell's instructions.
    Mission 03 - Destroy the powerplant using an alternative method.  Follow
    Campbell's instructions.
    Stage 10
    Mission 01 - Clear stage in under 180 seconds
    Mission 02 - There is a bomb attached to you.  You can not stand still for more
    than one second.
    Mission 03 - Try something different from what Snake experienced (Donkey Kong
    Stage 11
    Mission 01 - Complete stage in less than 2500 metres
    Mission 02 - Complete stage with out being spotted
    Mission 03 - Beat Viper using only grenades
    Stage 12
    Mission 01 - Complete stage in less than 250 seconds
    Mission 02 - Complete stage in less than 600 metres
    Mission 03 - Destroy Metal Gear using only C4
    This is a lot easier than it sounds.  I completed this task first time round
    taking no damage to myself.  When you played stage in the game you had the
    choice of mines or C4.  I found the mines to be a little bit hit and miss. 
    This time around you only have C4.
    Anyway, for those of you to lazy to go to my other guide to find out how to
    destroy Metal Gear then here we go:
    You will find yourself running down a long passage with the Metal Gear giving
    chase.  You should see there is a shadow on the floor.  This is the location of
    Metal Gear's foot.  It will move around on either the left or right hand side
    of the screen.  Keep an eye on it and when it stops moving that is where the
    foor will land.  Plant some C4 here and then move away quickly as when the foot
    lands there is a minor shockwave.  When it has landed, detonate the C4 and it
    will damage Metal Gear.  Repeat this six times and you have done it.  A word of
    warning though.  Do NOT get to close to the top of the screen!  Why not?  Metal
    Gear will attack with a flame thrower if you do.
    Easy, eh?
    Stage 13
    Mission 01 - Defeat Viper without taking any damage
    Mission 02 - There is a bomb attached to you.  You can not stand still for more
    than one second.
    Mission 03 - Defeat Viper using only grenades
    Section 5 - VR Training
    Yet To Come
    Section 6 - Contact Information, Quote of the update & Shameless Plug
    Any comments, alcohol, money, alcohol, comics, alcohol and anime then send them
    to houshin@talk21.com
    Although I am still relatively new to writing FAQ's I have written others. 
    They are:
    Dark Arms guide (NGPC)
    Looney Toons Martian Alert (GBC, also known as Collector Alert in the US)
    Metal Gear Solid Walkthrough (GBC)
    Quote of the Update
    "I think we'll need a bigger boat" - Jaws
    "Groovy" - Ash in the Evil Dead 2
    "It's been emotional" - Vinnie Jones' character in Lock, Stock and two
    Smoking Barrels

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