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    FAQ by Zeusandhera

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    Harvest Moon 2 FAQ/guide                                                    
    Made by Zeusandhera                                                          
     HHH   HHH   AAA  AAA   RRR    RRR VVV   VVV   EEE       SSSS    SSS   TTT   
           MMM        MMM      OOOOO     OOOOO   NNN    NNN     222222           
          MMMMM      MMMMM    OOOOOOO   OOOOOOO  NNNN   NNN    222 2222          
         MMM MMM    MMM MMM  OOO   OOO OOO   OOO NNNNNN NNN        2222          
         MMM  MMM  MMM  MMM  OOO   OOO OOO   OOO NNN NNNNNN       2222           
        MMM    MMM MMM   MMM OOO   OOO OOO   OOO NNN  NNNNN     2222             
       MMM     MMMMM      MMM OOOOOOO   OOOOOOO  NNN   NNNN    2222              
       MMM      MMM       MMM  OOOOO     OOOOO   NNN    NNN    22222222          
    	Ok. Hi. My name is Alex. What's yours? Oh, That's a nice name. 
    Now that we know each other pretty well... Let's talk about something. 
    What? Harvest moon 2? Oh! I Love that game! Do you know much about it? 
    No? Well I do. Do you want me to tell you about it? Okay,
    What do you want to know? 
    	0. Version History, How this came to be.
    	1. Game History, How it came to be.
    	2. Basic stuff you need to know.
    	3. FAQ part. So you can now relax.
    	4. Getting use to your farm.
    	5. The Town Next door.
    	6. Plants And Herbs, which some-how grow really fast!
    	7. Animals You will be forced to love.
    	8. Tools (everyone needs tools)
    	9. Upgrades for you stuff (houses tools blah blah blah)
    	10. Pictures of some touching moments.
    	11. Holidays!! A day off.
    	12. Happy birthday to you!
    	13. Secrets of the trade... I mean game... (smacks himself)
    	14. Contact me. NOW!
    ---------------------0. This guides history!---------------------------------
    		Version 20.987654321 Nov 27th 2001
    	I relized the number of the version doesn't really matter at all. 
    I just made it up anyway and no one cares either way. Don't you? 
    But anyway, many peolpe sent me gameshark codes, why? They are at 
    gameshark.com and I don't really care anyhow. Cheating is bad... I'm 
    some addition space by saying this stuff. That's good... For me. I just 
    did other stuff to make the guide better. I havn't played the game in a 
    while, but updates are good. fork
    		Version 3.0 - March 3rd 2001
            I havn't updated this guide in a long time, mainly because I didn't 
    want to. Mostly the reason for updating this to stop people from e-mailing 
    me the same questions over and over again. Who on earth actually reads this
    section anyway? oh, you I guess. You must wanna know every little thing about 
    this game by reading the entire guide, huh? Ok now, stop reading this and go 
    to more  important stuff down below this part. OK? Stop it! Go down! NOW! 
    Your trying to bother me arn't you... 
    		Version 2.0 - December 29th 2000
    	I did some formatting to make it all look better. What do ya think?
    Thank my cousin if you like this way more. He helped me out. He also told me
    how to spell Contributors correctly.
    		Version 1.0 - December 20th 2000 
    	First Version. There is a lot. I need to find out some more stuff 
    then I'll make the second update. Then there won't be many more... I always 
    try to do to many things at one time. There also is a lot of grammar errors.
    Just work with it, Kay? Some of the plants may not be correct or even suppose
    to be there.
    ---------------------1. The History------------------------------------------
    	The history of the game starts a long time ago from this little 
    machine called a Super Nintendo. Then It when to an even smaller machine 
    called a Gameboy to make a black and white Harvest Moon. Then later on it 
    evolved to color. Then It took a giant leap to the Nintendo 64, Not only in 
    color but also 3-D... ooooOOOOOoooo. Happy happy, good. Then it went back 
    down a step to what we are having this conversation about... Harvest Moon 2 
    for Gameboy Color! (Crowd cheers). Then after this. It went to the 
    playstation console for a newer game. Then in November 2001 Harvest Moon 3 
    for GBC was released. Then in November or December 2001 Harvest Moon:
    Save The Homeland was released.
    	In this scenario, You start off with 500 G  You take over a farm to 
    try to save it from being knocked down and then a theme park will be built 
    on the land. It's probably a Cedar Point. You will have three years (Not in 
    real life on the game silly :-) If you do good, the mayor of the town will 
    let you keep on going with your farm (But by then you'll probably be sick 
    of the game and want to never play it ever again... Unless you are crazy... 
    (Only kidding)  
    ---------------------2. The Basics.------------------------------------------
    		The basics of the game are pretty basic. (Rolls eyes) You 
    grow crops and raise animals in order to get money to buy more tools, 
    upgrades, food, and some other helpful stuff. Here are the basics:
    	1: Water your plants every day except when it's raining.
    	2: Feed your animals every day.
    	3: Pull weeds so they don't take you over.
    	4: Put the grown crops in the shipping box.
    	5: Milk your cows, take your chickens' eggs, and shed your sheep.
    	6: Put the stuff from # 5 in the shipping box before 5 o' clock.
    	Here are some things that you don't have to do every day but will 
    	1: Put wild fruits and other in the Shipping box. (Forage)
    	2: Cut down the tree stumps in the Mountain behind your farm area.
    	3: FISH!
    ---------------------3. FAQ--------------------------------------------------
    	A lot of people are asking me how to hoe the ground and do the work.
    I'll tell you how to do that stuff here so I don't have to tell every one, 
    one at a time.
    	Q: How do I get out my other tools?
    	A: Go to your house, below your bed is your tool box (that big box)
    Open it by pressing the "A" button when your near it. A menu will pop up. 
    Select a tool from the top of the list that you don't want to have with you 
    for now. Move the cursor to the tool you want. If you want seeds, go the the
    "NEXT" option in the bottom right corner. A new menu will pop up. Select the
    seeds that you want.
    	Q: Where are my seeds?
    	A: (Look at the above question.)
    	Q: How do I plant seeds? 
    	A: Get your hoe out, dig an area that looks like this.
    		# #
    	Then you equip your seeds and stand on the area that I put a "@" 
    space for. Then use your seeds. If you did it correctly, the part that you 
    hoed, should have little seeds on them. Use your watering can and water the
    squares every day. 
    	Q: How come my seeds disapear the next day?
    	A: You are probly planting your seeds in the wrong season. Whatever
    the Flower shop is selling is what you can plant. And, you can't plant herb
    and flower seeds outside.
    	Q: How do I get more water in my watering can?
    	A: Go to the river. (Yes, it's the big area of water below your crop
    field...) Equiped with your watering can, use it on the water and it should 
    be filled again.
    	Q: I want to buy a cow. How much grass do I need?
    	A: About 20 bags of 9 spaces. For some people it doesn't work, so
    just try two more bags until you can buy a cow.
    	Q: Is my game փed up?
    	A: No only you are... (I get this question a lot from kids using 
            Q: Can I use your guide for my site?
            A: No, because of the fact that it's on www.gamefaqs.com and on
    www.gameadvice.com. You can link to it if you want but otherwise don't 
    waste my time.
    ---------------------4. Your Farm.-------------------------------------------
    	Getting use to your farm is very easy. In-case it's not... Here's a 
            |         |            |       |/||\|       |       ||
            |    1    |            |  3    |    |   5   |   6   ||        
            |---------|           _|-------| 4  |-------|-------||
            |    _    |          |2|   _   |    |   _   |   _   ||
            |   | |   |          |_|__|_|__|____|__|_|__|__|_|__||
            |___|_|___|                                          |
            |                                                    |
            |                                                    |
             <- To Town                         -----------------|
            |                                 |9|   _    |   _   |
            |                                 |_|__|_|___|__|_|__|
            |-------|    To Crop Field                           |
            |  10   |        |                                   |
            |-------|______| v  |________________________________|
            CROP FIELD
            |-----|   |------------------------------|
            |11|                                     |
            |--|                                     |
            |                   12                   | 
            |                                        |
            |                                        |
            |                                        |
            |                                        |
                To                                   |
             <- Fishing    __________________________|
            _____Pond    __|                         |
            |   |_       |    13                     |
            | 13  |______|    _______________________|
            |__    |    |    _|                      |
            |  |__ | 14 |   |                        |
            |     ||____|___|                        |
            |                                        |
            |                                        |
            |              15                        |
            |                                        |
            FISHING POND            YOUR HOUSE
    	________________        ____________
            |      |        |      |A |B|C_|D|E_|
            | 13   |  16    |      |__|     ___ |
    	|     _|________|      |       | F ||
    	| ___|          |      |__     |___||
    	| |       TO  ->       |G |    _____|
    	| |__ CROP FIELD       |__|_  |__H__| 
    	|   |__         |
     	|      |___    _|
    	|         |   | |
    	|   13    |___| |
            COW PEN (3)             CHICKEN PEN (4)                      
            |----- -------|        |-------- ------|
            |        |I_| |        |__M___|      |L|
            |             |        |               |
            |  |-| |-|    |        |               |
            |  |J| |J|    |        |               |
            |             |        |               |
            |  |-| |-|    |        |               |
            |  |J| |J|    |        |               |
            |_           _|        |_             _|
            |K|__  _____|L|        |K|_____  ____|N|
    	1) Your House.
    		You start and end your day here. You can save and 
    		change tools here
    	2) Your Horses House.
    		You can't do anything with this.
    	3) Cow Pen.
    		Your cows live in here. They stay here in winter.
    	4) Fodder Silo.
    		It holds your fodder.
    	5) Chicken Pen.
    		Chickens live here. Feed then and hatch them here.
    	6) Sheep Pen (UPGRADE).
    		Sheeps live here. They stay here in winter.
    	7) Hot House for herbs (UPGRADE) .
    		Allows you to plant herbs. 
    	8) Hot House for Flowers (UPGRADE).
    		Allows you to plant flowers
    	9) Lumber Box.
    		Holds your lumber. You can get logs out from here to make a 
    	10) Not So Secret, Secret garden.
    		Show's you the number of power berries you've gotten.
    	11) Shipping Box.
    		Put crops and animal products in here.
    	12) Crop Field.
    		Plant your crops in this area.
    	13) Water.
    		To fish and refil your watering can.
    	14) Bridge (UPGRADE).
    		To get to the other crop field.
    	15) Additional Crop Field.
    		To plant more crops.
    	16) Fishy Pen.
    		To keep fish's in so you can trade them with other games.
    	A) Bed.
    		You sleep here.
    	B) Diary.
    		Write in it to save your game.
    	C) Fire Place.
    		You can't do anything with this.
    	D) Clock Calendar.
    		Looks like a clock. But is a calender.
    	E) TV.
    		Check the weather and play games.
    	F) Table.
    		You can't do anything with this.
    	G) Tool Box.
    		Hold tools and seeds
    	H) A Stove Or Something.
    		You can check how much food you have with this.
    	I) Place For Pregnant Cows.
    		The pregnant cows go here.
    	J) Cow Feeders.
    		Put the fodder for your cows to eat in these.
    	K) Shipping box.
    		Put crops and animal products in here. (Yes I put it twice)
    	L) Fodder Distributor.
    		Grab the fodder from here.
    	M) Chicken Feeder(s).
    		Put chicken food here.
    	N) Incubator.
    		To hatch your chicken eggs. To make new chickens!
    ---------------------5. The Town---------------------------------------------
    	The town is the place to go if you need supplies. Or if you need 
             ________________________________   ______________
            ||          |    |           |    ^    |         ||
            ||      1   |    |     2     | To Town |    3    ||
            ||   _______|    |    ___    | Square  |         ||
            ||   |           |   |   |   |         |_________||
            ||___|           |___|   |___|                    |
            |                                            To -> 
            |                                          Farm   
            | ___________     ____________       ____________ |
            ||           |   |            |     |            ||
            ||     4     |   |     5      |     |     6      ||
            ||           |   |            |     |_______     ||
            ||___________|   |____________|             |    ||
            |                                           |____||
            |                                                 |
            |  ___________      ___________      ____________ |
            | |           |    |           |    |            ||
            | |     7     |    |     8     |    |      9     ||
            | |           |    |           |    |            ||
            | |     ______|    |___________|    |____________||
            | |    |                                          |
            | |____|                                          |
            |10|11 |    |
            |  |___|    |
            |           |
            |           |
            |           |
            |           |
    	1) Mayors House - The mayor owns his own house...
    		You can't buy anything or do anything here. Just talk to the
    mayorwho is standing infront of the door.
    	2) Church - Cain is at the Church.
    		You can't buy anything from here. Buy you can pray here. 
    	3) Flower Shop - Daisy works here.
    		Turnip Seeds     - 120G
    		Eggplant Seeds   - 150G
    		Potato Seeds     - 150G
    		S. Potato        - 180G
    		Peanut Seeds     - 200G
    		Tomato Seeds     - 200G
    		Asparagus Seeds  - 300G
    		Carrot Seeds     - 300G
    		Corn Seeds       - 300G
    		Broccoli Seeds   - 500G
    		Melon Seeds      - 500G
    		Napa Seeds       - 500G
    		Grass Seeds      - 500G
    		Flower Pot       - 200G
    	4) Carpenter Shop - Ken works here.
    	House -     Wood:  300  
    		    Money: 30,000
    	Hot House - Wood:  600  
    		    Money: 50,000
    	Sheep Pen - Wood:  800  
    		    Money: 70,000
    	Bridge -    Wood:  200  
    		    Money: 10,000
    	2nd House - Wood:  900  
    	Upgrade     Money: 100,000 	
    	5) Hospital - I don't know the doctors' names.
    		You can't buy anything from here. But you can go here if 
    you have an ear infection. 
    	6) Tool shop - Will and Bill own this shop.  
    		You can buy stuff from here but I don't know every thing 
    	7) Library - Mary owns the Library. 
    		You can't buy things here. But you can trade here and 
    look at some cool pictures and stuff.
    	8) Restaurant - Buy food to give you energy.
    	9) Farm Supplies - Buy stuff for your animals and your animals 
    	10) Bulletin Board - Here you look at the messages that the people of
    the town leave up to inform you about how to do stuff and what will be 
            11) Fountain - Here for looks. Does nothing else.
    ---------------------6. Plants-----------------------------------------------
    	I'll list the crops by the season then the price from smallest to 
    largest. The herbs and flowers can be but every season.
    	Type-Season--Name---Cost---Boy-Girl-Renewable-Days to grow
    		Turnip     - 120G - Y - N  -   N    -    5
    		Potato     - 150G - N - Y  -   N    -    5
    		Asparagus  - 300G - Y - Y  -   N    -    5
    		Tomato     - 200G - Y - N  -   Y    -    9
    		Corn       - 300G - N - Y  -   Y    -    9
    		Melon      - 500G - Y - Y  -   Y    -    9
    		Eggplant   - 150G - N - Y  -   N    -    5
    		S. Potato  - 180G - Y - Y  -   N    -    5
    		Peanut     - 200G - Y - N  -   Y    -    5
    		Carrot     - 300G - N - Y  -   N    -    9
    		Broccoli   - 500G - Y - N  -   Y    -    9
    		Napa       - 500G - Y - Y  -   Y    -    9
    	  All Seasons:
    		Rosemary   - I can't remember these. I'll do it later.
    		Chamomile  - or maybe I won't.
    		Sage       - 
    		Saffron    - 
    		Geranium   - 
    		Lavender   - 
    		Primrose   - 
    		Orchird    - 
    		G. Lily    - 
    		Amaryllis  - 
    		Narcisus   - 
    		Pink       - 
    		Grass      - 500G - Y - Y  -   Y    -     9
    ---------------------7. All Animals------------------------------------------
    	This includes Cows, Chickens, Sheep, Your Pet, Your Horse, Fish, 
    Bugs, and moles! (moles really aren't important, But I wuv them.)
    	Cows: A good steady source of income, but are pretty hard and 
    difficult to raise. The cows can come in four different sizes, small, medium, 
    large, and extra large (pregnant). The same with the milk, except the 
    pregnant one. Instead, that's Golden.
    	Chicken: Chickens are pains in the butt! When you try to feed them,
    they get in your way and make you wait! They don't give you a big profit 
    (50G an egg)! That is unless you trade a chicken with another Harvest Moon 2
    Game. Doing that will give your chickens to lay Golden Eggs! (We must now 
    find a Guy, and trade him a cow for magic beans...) And if you forget to 
    feed them one day, they won't give you eggs for two days! What little pains
    in the... 
    	Sheep: In order to be able to get sheep, you must build a Sheep Pen 
    for them. (See upgrades) Then you have to buy a sheep, and you have to get 
    sheep clippers... To get sheep is very expensive, and kind of not worth it all.
    The only good part about them is that their wool will give you lots of money,
    but you have to wait a week for it to grow.
    	Your Pet: Dog or cat. In my opinion, cats are better than dogs 
    because, The cats will bring you seeds every month, while dogs will scare
    away wild dogs and foxes. Yes that may be useful, but it can easily be 
    avoided by keeping your chickens inside the coop. 
    	Your Horse: You get him in the summer of the first season, After he 
    matures, you buy a saddle for him, and then he will be able to use him has a
    shipping box. Later on in the game you can race him.
    	Fish: There are 18 different types of fish. You can sell the fish for
    a profit. You get 40 G for a small fish, 60 for a medium, 80 for a big fish. 
    They may be worth more. I'm not totally positive about all of it. If you don't
    want to plant crops, you can go fishing all day long and make any where from 
    2,000 G, to over 5,000! That is a good way to get money for something really
    quick! You can trade the fish to a friend that has The Legend of the River 
    King 2.
      Here are the fishes names.
    	1: Amiya
    	2: Alowana
    	3: I.Salmon
    	4: Y.Perch
    	5: Tilapia
    	6: Eel
    	7: Ayu
    	8: Catfish
    	9: C. Salom
    	10: Snkhead
    	11: Br.Trout
    	12: Bluegill
    	13: Kg.Carp
    	14: Bl.Bass
    	15: R.Trout
    	16: Carp
    	17: Y.Trout
    	18: D.Varden
    	Bugs: You can catch the bugs... there are twenty seven of them. You 
    just collect them for no real reason. But you can also trade them with The 
    Legend of the River King 2.
    	1: Swllwtl
    	2: P. Butterfly
    	3: B. Butterfly
    	4: G. Butterfly
    	5: Y. Butterfly
    	6: W. Butterfly
    	7: M. Butterfly
    	8: B. Cicada
    	9: G. Cicada
    	10: S. Cicada
    	11: E. Cicada
    	12: M. Cicada
    	13: R. Dragonfly
    	14: B. Dragonfly
    	15: G. Dragonfly
    	16: C. Dragonfly
    	17: Ant-Lion
    	18: Bl. S Beetle
    	19: Br. S Beetle
    	20: H. S Beetle
    	21: M. S Beetle
    	22: O. S Beetle
    	23: G. Firefly
    	24: H. Firefly
    	25: A.B Beetle
    	26: H. Beetle
    	27: Ladybug
    	MOLES!: When you use your hoe on the ground sometimes Moles pop up! 
    After a few of them do pop up, you will get to play the "Mole Bash Game"! 
    ---------------------8. Tools------------------------------------------------
    		These are the tools that you can get though out the game. I 
    gave them all numbers for no real reason... I guess just so it's organized...
    Some of them can get upgrades. I'll tell you with ones that can. Oh, and to 
    get it upgraded in the first place, just use it for a long time, over, and 
    over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, 
    and over, and... oh, you get the idea right? So, here are the tools:
    	1: Hammer - (UPGRADABLE) Used for breaking rocks. The upgraded 
    		Hammer can break a big boulder in one swing.
    	2: Hoe - (UPGRADABLE) Used for tilling the ground so you can 
    		plant seeds. The upgraded hoe will till the six spaces ahead
    		of you.
    	3: Sickle - (UPGRADABLE) Can cut up weeds. The upgraded sickle 
    		will cut up all of the plants and weeds around you, so be 
    		very careful!!!
    	4: Ax - (UPGRADABLE) Used for chopping up tree stumps. The 
    		upgraded ax can chop a tree stump in one swing.
    	5: Watering can - Used for watering your plants.
    	6: Milker - Used to milk your cows.
    	7: Clippers - To get the wool from your sheep.
    	8: Scissors - Used to cut down herbs and flowers.
    	9: Bug net - Used to catch bugs.
    	10: Fishing rod - Used to catch fish.
    	11: Butter maker - Put Milk in it and Butter will come out.
    	12: Cheese maker - Put Milk in it and Cheese will come out.
    	13: Shampoo - Used to make sheep wool softer and lighter.
    	14: Sprinkler - Kind of a Upgraded Watering Can, but not exactly.
    		Waters all plants around and under you.
    	15: Knitter - Use your knitted yarn to make some knitted thing.
    	16: Saddle Bag - Your Horse will get turned into a portable shipping
    	17: Sheep Shampoo - Makes you sheep's wool feel all light, and 
    		fluffy, and soft, and warm, and ZZZzzzZZZzzzZZzZzz.....
    	18: Cow Medicine - If a cow gets sick for some odd reason use this 
    		to heal it.
    	19: C.M. Potion - To get your cow pregnant. 
    	20: Sheep medicine - Sheep will get sick too, they are not invincible
    		ya know!
    	21: Sheep, Chicken, and Cow feed - All do the same thing, feed your 
    	22: Cow Bell, Chicken whistle, Sheep horn - All make your animals 
    		come to you.
    	23: S.M. Potion - To get your sheep pregnant.
    	24: Yarn Maker - Use you sheep's wool to make yarn. 
    ---------------------9. Up Grades--------------------------------------------
    		They improve/add stuff. You can buy them, or get them for 
    free. The ones you can buy, you get those at the carpenter in town. The 
    others you have to have the tool shop people to upgrade them for you.
    	House - This is an upgrade to your house. It makes it bigger.
    		Wood:  300  
    		Money: 30,000
    	Hot House - Allows you to grow flowers and herbs.
    		Wood:  600  
    		Money: 50,000
    	Sheep Pen - You will be able to raise sheep with this.
    		Wood:  800  
    		Money: 70,000
    	Bridge - Lets you have access to the plot of land across the river 
    		from your field.
     		Wood:  200  
    		Money: 10,000
    	2nd House up grade - You can get this after the first upgrade.
    		Wood:  900  
    		Money: 100,000 	
    	Ax- Upgrades to Golden Ax. Which will be able to break a tree stump 
    		in one blow.
    	Sickle- Upgrades to Golden Sickle. Which will be able to cut all 
    		the grass around you and under you.
    	Hoe- Upgrades to Golden Hoe. Which will be able to till six spaces 
    		ahead of you.
    	Hammer- Upgrades to Golden Hammer. Which will be able to break a big
    		rock in one blow.
    	Watering can- Upgrades to sprinkler. You have to buy this one though.
    		But I believe it's worth it. It will water all of the plants 
    		around, and under you.
    			Money: 2,000
    ---------------------10: Pictures---------------------------------------------
    	To get the pictures you must do certain tasks, be in the right place
    in the right time, or other stuff. You can view the pictures at the Library.
    		1: Cherry Blossom Viewing - Go to the Cherry Blossom Viewing
    		2: Moon Viewing - You have to be in the right place in the 
    			right time. That's all I'm going to tell you.
    		3: Harvest Festival - On the Festival day bring in an edible 
    			food and give it to Rosie. Whatever you brought you 
    			will have it in your hand in the picture!
    		4: Celebration - Not Sure yet. I think it's when you get all
    			of the upgrades.
    		5: Snow Ball Fight - In winter one day, go into the town 
    			square and you will have a very cheesy snow ball 
    		6: Record fast time - Win the Horse race
    		7: Birthday - When it's your birthday this be taken
    ---------------------11: Holidays--------------------------------------------
    		Everyone loves Holidays! YEA! 
    		The New Years Festival -       1
    		Cherry Cup -                   15
    		Flower Viewing -               25
    		Chet and Rosie's Wedding -     1
    		The Star Festival -            7
    		Warning for Hurricane #1 -     11
    		Warning for hurricane #2 -     21
    		Get horse -                    1
    		Moon Viewing -                 10
    		Daisy Stakes -                 ??
    		The Harvest Festival -         25
                    My birthday... -               27
    		Heavy Snow Warning! -          1
    		The Thanksgiving Festival -    14
    		Heavy Snow Warning! -          20
    		The Star Night Festival -      25
    		Day promised three years ago - 30
    		Birthday - When ever you choose!
    		Day the estimate will be made - Whenever you ask the 
    			carpenter for an upgrade.
    		The day of completion - When ever the upgrade is done.
    ---------------------12. Your Birthday---------------------------------------
    		When your birthday comes around. Your best friend will come 
    to your farm and give you a gift. 
    		1) Daisy - She will give you 10 bags of seed, What type of 
    seed depends on the season.
    			Spring: Asparagus
    			Summer: Melon
    			Fall:   Sweet Potato
    			Winter: Napa
    		2) Chet - He will make your animals full of "zip". I'm not 
    quite sure what this "zip" is, but it must be good. 
    		3) Rosie - She will give you some food.
    		4) Mary - Give you a picture of something. I think it's your 
    horse or your pet.
    		5) Will - He will give you... no err... He forgot his gift. 
    But, he will then Upgrade your hoe or sickle. Whatever you choose. If you 
    can't have either one, he'll secretly give you 1,000 G.
    		6) Pastor - Gives you a blessing.
    		7) Carpenter - Gives you 1000G.
    ---------------------13: Secrets---------------------------------------------
    	1). Secret path - In the woods, to the right of the spa there is a 
    secret path that will get you instantly back to your farm. It does save a 
    little time. But you can't go back through it the other way.
    	2). Power Berries - The easy way to get all the power berries is to
    stand in one place and with your hoe, you just keep on tilling the ground 
    in the same place over and over... and about every 80th are tilled you get 
    the power berry! After you get the upgraded hoe. It will all go much more 
    	3). Weather cheat - When you turn on your TV and look at the fuzzy 
    screen. Instead of panicking, you have two choices to stop it from happening.
    One, you can shut your Gameboy on and off over and over until it says it 
    will be a nice sunny day. Or, you can do it the faster, easier, more 
    reliable way. Go to the carpenter and make him give you an estimate for 
    anything. Then the next day, the carpenter will be there on a nice sunny day!
    The only problem is that you can't do this anymore if you have all of the 
    upgrades already. Oh, well.
    	4). Gameshark codes - Want them? Go to www.gameshark.com and get them
    from there. Cheater...
    ---------------------14: Contact Information--------------------------------
    		E-mail- Zeusandhera@hotmail.com
            Please only e-mail me if you really need information, not if you 
    want to talk.  
    		My site- is gone so don't bother
    	    Other stuff:
    		This guide should only be at www.gamefaqs.com, 
     www.gameadvice.com,. don't use this as if it was yours, and take credit for 
    it. Or I'll sit on you, tickle you till you pee your pants, and I'll sing 
    a song you don't like... Plagiarizing is illegal anyway.  If you see this 
    anywhere else please tell me. Or you can take deadly viruses and send them 
    to the person and say it's a game or a naked famous person. 
    		About 20 people - Gave me gameshark codes you can get from
    gameshark.com. I ignored them...
    		Icy Flame - He helped me out with the bug and fish lists. 
    Also he told me about the 2nd house upgrade.
    		My Cousins - Who helped me format this. I'll just call them A&G.
            **And for one last note, if you translated this file into your own 
    language, there will be errors, please don't even bother to tell me that I 
    used the wrong words, because translations are always a little different.**

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