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    FAQ by vanillagigglez

    Version: 0.3 | Updated: 03/20/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    HHH   HHH  AAA   AAA  RRR   RRR  VV     VV  EEE        SSS           TTT
    HHH   HHH  AAA   AAA  RRR RRR      VV VV    EEE              SSS     TTT
    MMMMM   MMMMM    OOOOOOOOO    OOOOOOOOO    NNNN    NNN     222222 
    MMM MM MM MMM    OOO   OOO    OOO   OOO    NNNNN   NNN    222   222 
    MMM  MMM  MMM    OOO   OOO    OOO   OOO    NNN NN  NNN         222 
    MMM       MMM    OOO   OOO    OOO   OOO    NNN  NN NNN       222
    MMM       MMM    OOOOOOOOO    OOOOOOOOO    NNN   NNNNN    222222222 
    Copywrite of Emily Parker 2003.
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    0. Table of Contents                       [0.C]
    1. Legal Stuff                             [1.L]
    2. Version History                         [2.V]
    3. Me                                      [3.M]
    4. Controls                                [4.C]
    5. Starting off                            [5.S]
    6. In the beginning                        [6.I]
      a. Talking to the mayor                  [6.a]
      b. In the town                           [6.b]
      c. Gone home                             [6.c]
    7. Mountains                               [7.M]
      a. Forest Food                           [7.a]
      b. Hot tub                               [7.b]
      c. Insects ***                           [7.c]
    8. Animals                                 [8.A]
      a. Cows                                  [8.a]
      b. Chickens                              [8.b]
      c. Sheep                                 [8.c]
      d. Cats and Dogs                         [8.d]
      e. Horses and Fish                       [8.e]
    9. Events                                  [9.E]
      a. Scheduled Events                      [9.a]
      b. Un-scheduled events ***               [9.b]
    10. Harvesting ***                         [10.H]
    11. Fishing ***                            [11.F]
    12. FAQ's                                  [12.F]
    13. Credits                                [13.C]
    Note: *** means that that section isn't completed yet.
     1. Legal Stuff   [1.L]
    This FAQ is copywrite of Emily Parker 2003. If this is copied, pasted 
    (other than for personal use) or in any way violated then you are in 
    BIG trouble. If you would like permission to use it on another or 
    your own site you must e-mail me at vanillagigglez@aol.com Now that 
    the boring stuff is over then we can get on with the FAQ.
     2. Version History   [2.V]
    20th March 2004  (v-0.4)Great! today, vanilla finished the mountains 
                            accept for the insects and i've started the 
                            fishing section. I also finished the scheduled 
    14th March 2004  (v-0.3)Sorry, vanilla forgot to submit the faq. I've 
                            added the bits about the mountains, horses and 
                            fish and some bits on harvesting.
    23th January 2004(v-0.1)vanilla offically starts this lovely help 
                            guide and faq. Most sections are started.
     3. Me   [3.M]
    Hi. My nick is vanilla so we'll leave it at that. This is my first 
    ever FAQ and I think it's ok. If you know anything that isn't on here
    and would like tocontribute, please e-mail me at 
    vanillagigglez@aol.com. You can e-mail me cheats, gameshark codes, 
    hints and generally stuff which you know that isn't on here. I shall 
    give you full credit for contributing and I will not give out your 
    e-mail address if you request. If you want to email me, put the topic,
    'Harvest Moon 2 GBC' as the Subject otherwise I shall delete it. Also,
    if you have a question about Harvest moon: Back to Nature then feel 
    free to e-mail me but i'm afraid that HM BtN and HM2 GBC are the only 
    Harvest Moon games i've got so please don't e-mail me about other games. 
     4. Controls   [4.C]
    | ______________  |     This is a gameboy colour. To do stuff in the
    | |             | |     game, you must press these. This is for in
    | |  NINTENDO   | |     game use only.
    | |   GAMEBOY   | |     
    | |     COLOUR  | |     
    | |_____________| |     A= This is the up button (to move up)
    |                 |     B= This is the left button (to move left)
    |   _             |     C= This is the right button (to move right)
    | _|A|_           |     D= This is the down button (to move down)
    ||B   C|   _   _  |     E= This is the B button (cancels stuff)
    |  |D|    |E| |F| |     F= This is the A button (the action button)
    |                 |     G= This is the select button (to access the 
    |   ___   ___     |        system notepad
    |  |_G_| |_H_|    |     H= This is the start button (to change active item)
    |                 |
     5. Starting off   [5.S]
    When you turn on your GBC you will get a little motion picture of a 
    boy and a girl walking along followed by a cow, sheep, chicken and at 
    the rear, a baby chick. (Skip this by pressing any button.) You will 
    come onto the main menu screen. Your options are
    Erase and copy are obvious really. Continue has a special screen. It 
    tells you your name, date, season and year. Start is to start new. 
    First you get asked if you want to be a male or female (either are 
    about the same apart from a boy starts with 500g (gold) and a girl 
    starts with 1000g. Then it will ask what your name is. Don't choose a
    stupid name because this is the name that you will have throughout 
    the game. Also, you can only have a name with 4 or less letters. They 
    also include numbers, some punctuation and some symbols. Then it will 
    ask when your birthday is. You choose a season (spring, summer, fall 
    and winter) and you choose a date of the month. Finally, you will get 
    a screen with your decisions and you can choose to go on or edit what 
    you've already done.
     6. In the beginning   [6.I]
     a.   [6.a]
    One day the mayor and some other man (let's call him bob) are talking.
    The mayor is saying that the village will wither on the vines is 
    something isn't done about it. Bob gives the mayor an idea that they 
    could build a theme park on that old farm to give the village a boost 
    in money. The mayor say's that he doesn't want to but he has no 
    choice. Then suddenly (you must have been ear-wigging outside) you 
    burst in and say that you will take over the farm. The mayor is 
    reluctant but say's that he will give you 3 years to get the farm 
    into shape and if you don't in that time then it will be turned into
    a theme park. You walk outside and you are never allowed in the 
    mayor's house again. Also, that is the last time you see Bob 
    (boo hoo). (By the way, it is a tried and tested method that even if 
    you don't do anything and just wake up go to sleep etcetera then you 
    will still be allowed to continue on the farm so don't worry if 
    you're not doing good.) So, you will offically start the game outside 
    of the mayor's house. This is in the town. Thank goodness for us that 
    the layout is pretty simple.
     b.     [6.b]
         _____________________________    ___________
         | _________   __________      |  |  _______ |    
         ||         | |          |     |  | |       ||
         ||    A    | |    B     |     |J | |   C   ||
         ||_________| |__________|     |  | |_______||
         |   ||___________||___________|  |____||____|
         |   |____   __________________    __________|
         | ____   |  |  __________     |  | _______  |
         ||    |  |  |  |         |    |  ||       | | 
         ||  D |  |  |  |    E    |    |  ||   F   | |
         ||____|  |  |  |_________|    |  ||_______| |  
         |  ||____|  |_____||__________|  |_____||   |
         |  |_____    _________________    ______|   |
         | _____  |  |   ____________  |  |  _______ | 
         ||     | |  |  |            | |  | |       ||
         ||  G  | |  |  |     H      | |  | |   I   ||
         ||_____| |  |  |____________| |  | |_______||
         |  ||____|  |______||_________|  |_____||   |
         |  |____________________________________|   |
    A= This is the mayor's house. You should start here.
    B= This is the church. Nobody's home. 
    C= This is the seed shop. Daisy is in here and she will give
       you a bag of asparagus seeds and a watering can.
    D= This is the carpenters. Ken is in here and he will give you
       a hammer and an axe.
    E= This is the clinic. The doctor is here and he says that if you
       feel ill then come have a check-up.
    F= This is the tool shop. Bill (Will???) is in here and he will
       give you a sickle and a hoe. He will say it is from "us" twins.
       (One has Pink hair and one has green, could someone please e-mail
       which is which because I forgot).
    G= This is the library. Mary is in here and she gives you the system
       notepad. The system notepad is very important in the game. To
       access it, you press select. At the top it tells you about the
       time, date, year etcetera and below it tells you all your active
       items and which is the equipped item. If you press select again
       you get another minature list. The first three are cows, chickens
       and sheep. These tell you how many animals you have, what they're
       called, how happy they are and what status they are in. You see
       how happy they are with special love levels. They can have up to
       10 love levels and the higher the love levels, the more money you
       will get for the product produced by the animal. (Chickens don't
       have love levels, love levels are for cows and sheep only.) The
       next thing on the list is seeds which just shows you what seeds
       you have and how many of them. After that it says schedule. The
       schedule tells you what is happening in the season that you are on.
       It gives you events such as day of completion and your birthday and
       other special festivals. After that is memo. The memo is something
       which you have the choice of. The memo tells you how much money you
       have, what the time is and other important stuff. You can choose
       whether you want to display it at the bottom of your screen or not.
       This is your own choice because it plays no specific part in the 
       game although I choose not to have it on. The last thing on the 
       list is the Q and A's. I suggest to look at these as soon as you 
       get the system notepad because they will tell you a lot of 
       important stuff.
    H= This is the restaurant. This is run alturnatly by Chocola and Rosie
       although it is Rosie you see when you go in first. She will give 
       you some free food and drink although that will not last forever so
       you have to by food frequently.
    I= This is the animal shop. This is run by Chet and Chet say's that 
       when you are ready you may buy animals whenever you like. I know 
       BORING! Not much of a thing to give you but then I suppose you do 
       need animals alot!
    J= This isn't a shop, this is the path up to the market square. Up 
       here is a notice board on which people regually put up notices for 
       you to read. Chocola is up here. She will ask you if you like 
       animals. Say yes and she will ask you which you prefer, a cat or a 
       dog. Say no and she'll ask you what's the point of running a farm 
       if you don't like animals. Pick either and she'll say there will 
       be a suprise for you tomorrow morning. Any way, to the left of 
       Daisy's seed shop there will be an old man. If you have spoke to 
       everyone in the town then he will take you to your farm but if not 
       then he will tell you that you haven't talked to everyone. 
     c.     [6.c]
    You arrive straight in your house without even a peek of your farm 
    and you are automatically walked up to the bed. You will look in the 
    diary and asked if you want to save. Choose yes if you want to save 
    and no if you don't. Then, you will be jumped into the bed and you 
    will go onto the next day. When you wake up you will recieve a 
    letter. This letter is from a person called the buyer who you never 
    actually see. He/she arrives at 5.00pm to pick up the crops from the 
    bins. Anything put in the bins after 5.00pm will be wasted. Suddenly, 
    you will hear a noise and you will run outside. It is a dog/cat 
    (depending on which you chose when you talked to Chocola yesterday.) 
    You walk up to it and you can choose it's name which, again, can only 
    be up to 4 letters long. Then (if your birthday was not the 2nd of 
    Spring) you can carry on with the game.
    7. Mountains    [7.M]
     a.     [8.a]
    The mountains are inbetween your farm and the town. In spring, summer 
    and fall, you can harvest items to get money. Unfortunatly, nothing 
    grows there in winter.
    There are 3 every day in the mountains, 2 on the middle level and 1 on 
    the top level. There are also 6 tree trunks which mysteriously appear 
    every day. Chop one down to get six equal pieces of logs so you can 
    get about 36 logs a day. You need logs to get the carpenter to build 
    extensions in your farm. 
     b.     [8.b]
    Use the hot tub to recover strength. I'd stay in roughly 1 hour to 
    recover my strength but I have all 10 power berries as well. The hot 
    tub is located at the furthest end of the 3rd and top layer. Also, 
    there is a secret passage next to the hot tub. Go directly behind it 
    and there are some bushes. You can walk through one of them to get 
    back to the farm from an area near the house. Unfortunatly, you can't 
    get back through this part. It's a tried and tested method!
     c.     [8.c]
    Anybody who knows any, please email me them for this section.
     8. Animals   [8.A]
    You have lots of animals in this game so I decided to write a bit 
    about them. Animals are very important because for most people, these 
    are the main source of income.
     a.    [8.a]
    Cows are probably the most important animals in the game as they give 
    lots of money for their produce even though chickens are the cheapest.
    These cost 5000g to buy from Chet's animal store at the bottom of 
    town. He will only let you buy a cow if you have about 7 bags of 
    grass planted in the cow pasture and about 30 pieces of fodder in the 
    silo. Also, there are some other things you need to take into 
    consideration when you are buying a cow. You have to buy the milker 
    for 1800g from Bill and Will's tool shop. Also, you should have some 
    cow medicine incase one of your cows get ill and you should get a 
    C.M Potion (cow miracle potion). If you give an adult cow a cow 
    miracle potion they will get pregnant and have a baby calf in about 
    30 days. You can't give a cow a cow miracle potion if you already 
    have 4 cows. You can milk a cow once every day and either put that in 
    or turn it into butter or cheese. If you put cows out on the pasture 
    while it is raining they will fall ill and die. If you talk to and 
    brush your cow every day that will make the love level go up and you 
    will get more money for your produce. Well, i think that's it!!!
     b.     [8.b]
    Chickens will most probably be the first animal you buy because they 
    are the cheapest. Buy them from Chet's Animal shop for just 1000g and 
    they will give you one egg every day which you can harvest for 50g. 
    You don't need any fancy equipment for this etcept some chicken feed 
    in case you run out of fodder in the silo. Also, the chickens don't 
    have love levels and they can't give birth. You put an egg in the 
    incubator and it will hatch in 7 days. They can't die in the rain but 
    they get unhappy and will not lay eggs for 3 or 4 days.
     c.    [8.c]
    Sheep are similar to cows except..... they're sheep!!! They have 
    S.M Potions (sheep miracle potions) and their sheep take the same 
    amount of time to have their lambs. They have a clipper to clip their 
    wool so that you can harvest it and they have a wool maker and a 
    knitter. You put in the wool and out comes wool or a jumper. Sheep 
    have love levels as well. You can get up their love levels by talking 
    to them and shampooing them. You need about 12 bags of grass seed 
    planted in the pasture so that Chet will let you buy them and you are 
    only allowed to have 4. There, that was a quick brief!!!
     d.     [8.d]
    Cats and Dogs. A cat occasionally drags home items such as seeds and 
    sometimes, gold. A dog will keep the wild animals away from the 
    animals that are in the pasture. You don't need to feed them and 
    the dog/cat house does no good because they can barely get in.
    But, if you a wonderful animal lover (like me) you will most probably 
    bring them into your house over night even though it does them no 
    harm to be out in the rain. They can even stay out through a blizzard.
     e.    [8.e]
    Well, there wasn't that much on horses or fish to give them their own
    sections so they will have to share one. You get a horse off Chet 
    sometime in Summer, year 1 and he gives you it for free. You don't 
    have to feed it, but when it's old enough and big enough to run in 
    the Cherry Cup Race and the Daisy Stakes then you can buy a horse 
    saddle from the tool shop and you can ride around on your farm. The 
    horse saddle has another hidden talent. Put it in the field when you 
    have to harvest all your crops because it acts as a personal shipment 
    bag. Put your crops in the bag and they will be automatically sent to 
    the shipping bin. Now for the fish. For 2000g, you can buy a fishing 
    rod from the tool shop. You can fish in the river running along the 
    bottom of your farm and the mini river near your pond. Catch fish put 
    them in the shipping bin or keep them in your pond. There are 3 types
    of fish. Big, medium and small and you get 3 different prices.
    Small Fish- 40g
    Medium Fish- 80g
    Big Fish- 100g
     9. Scheduled Events ***   [9.S]
    There are lots of different events and they are all plotted here.
     a.   [9.a]
    Spring-1st- New Year's Festival*     
          15th- Cherry Cup*              
          25th- Flower Viewing Festival 
    Summer-7th- Star Festival           
          11th- Storm Warning           
          21st- Storm Warning           
    Fall-10th- Moon Viewing Festival   
         15th- Daisy Stakes*            
         25th- Harvest Festival        
    Winter-1st- Heavy Snow Warning      
          14th- Thanks Giving           
          20th- Heavy Snow Warning      
          25th- Holy Night              
    *= Doesn't occur on the first year.
    New Years Festival- This is a special festival which you go to at the 
                        town square. This does not occur in the first 
    year as you are getting ready but it does all the other years. If you 
    talk to the mayor, who is stood on his doorstep, he will tell you 
    something. Talk to him for a second time and he will give you 1000g 
    to get yourself going in the new year.
    Cherry Cup- If you win this you get 10,000g and a picture for your 
                photo album. I've only ever completed this event once 
    so i don't know if you get a different prize for the other times, 
    someone please tell me. Anyway, i could not complete this on my own 
    so i give credit to my friend, Nicole, who helped me complete this. We 
    each put one finger each on the A or B buttons and pressed REALLY 
    fast. Pretty difficult, i say!
    Flower Viewing Festival- This festival takes place at the town square 
                             and you get a photo for your album. You go 
    to the town square any time before 12 o'clock. Talk to people to get 
    in the spirit and sometimes ***HINT*** you even get a free stamina 
    Star Festival- Visit the town square between 6-PM and 12-AM to get 
                   this event. Talk to everyone there. Then talk to rosie 
    again and she will tell you about the origin of the star festival.
    Storm Warning- This will not necessarily be on the day said on the 
                   television, it could be any day around that. As the 
    years go on, they will be more or less on the specific date.
    Moon Viewing Festival- This one is also at night so it doesn't 
                           interfere with your daily harvesting. Go up to 
    the highest big of the forest and Mary will be up there. Some stuff 
    will happen but you'll get a picture in your photo book.
    Daisy Stakes- Amazing!!! Another horse racing event in the same year, 
                  so, this is a little different. Your racing the same 
    people (Chet and Daisy) but the only difference i found was the prize 
    which was 10 bags of asparagus seeds. Never mind. But i only completed 
    that once aswell so tell me if you know of any other prizes.
    Harvest Festival- This is in the middle of the day and nobody will be 
                      in the shop apart from Rosie in the Restaurant. You 
    need to give her an ingrediant like milk, butter or cheese and go in 
    and give it to her. Go out and talk to the mayor and there will be an
    event in the square. You will also get a picture for mary's book.
    Heavy Snow Warning- This will not necessarily be on the day said on 
                        the television, it could be any day around that. 
    As the years go on, they will be more or less on the specific date.
    Thanks giving- In the morning when you want to wake up, if you are a 
                   girl, Bill will come and if you are a boy, Rosie will 
    come. They will say that their younger brother/sister wanted to give 
    them a gift but was too shy so they gave you a cake!
    Holy Night- Go to the church and pick one of the options which are: 
                Happiness, Sunshine, Friendship, Wealth and Health. Wish 
    for something non selfish!
     b.   [9.b]
    ***Currently under construction***
     10. Harvesting ***    [10.H]
    To harvest items, pick them up and put them into the harvesting bin. 
    The harvesting bin is located in the chicken hut, the cow hut, the sheep 
    hut and the main field.
    11. Fishing ***   [11.F]
    ***COMING SOON***
    12. FAQ        [12.F]
    Before you email me asking any questions, just read this whole FAQ 
    thoughrly so I don't repeat myself.
    Q. I left my chicken outside and it dissapeared overnight. I can't 
       find it. Where is it?
    A. The chances are that a fox got it. If you have a dog, it will keep 
       wild animals away from your animals.
    Q. I can't find anybody to date. Why not?
    A. Unfortunatly, this game does not have anybody to date, you'll 
       just have to cope on your own.
     13. Credits    [13.C]
    1. Nintendo- For making gameboy
    2. Natsume- For making a wonderful game
    3. You- For reading this FAQ
    4. All the other people who wrote FAQ's for this game- They gave me 
    Copywrite of Emily Parker 2003.

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