Planting Grass? Selling Stuff? Shipping Bin?

  1. Help me please I have Harvest Moon 3 and I Need to know how to find the shipping bin, how to sell things (Turnips Potatoes etc) And How to plant grass. Oh and where are the pastures? :S Please help me FAQgirl11 (catchphrase: If you cannot say anything nice dont say anything at all :3)

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    FAQgirl11 - 4 years ago

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  1. I will assume that you have played the previous games and know that you can only sow (any type of) seeds in tilled ground (that you used the hoe on already) the tilled ground sprite is different than the normal ground sprite, so you can easily tell. You can only till ground in the fields or pastures.
    Also, you have to go to the farmer's union to buy grass seeds (They're 600 someodd gold each.) Once you have grass seeds, SELECT them from the seed menu. Make sure you're in the center of a 3X3 square of tilled ground and press A. you should sow the seeds in all 9 squares if you did it correctly.
    To sell things, first pick them up and put them in your knapsack. (B while holding it over your head.) You can hold 8 items in your bag in all, plus one you can keep held over your head. Once you have stuff in your bag (and/or hands) go in your storage shack. (the small building left of the hot spring) Once you go in, you'll automatically store what you had. Press B to leave the storage shack. Once you're ready to sell, go in your partner's house and call the Farmer's Union.(on the phone) choose "shipment" and it will show you your stock. (The stuff in your storage shack.) choose the produce you wish to sell, then the quantity. (Each type has to be done separately.) Once you confirm, the quantity will automatically be removed, and you'll be paid at 6 pm.

    The pastures are north of the animal buildings. Just proceed north through them till you reach the pastures. If it's your first time there, you'll have to clear them, like the fields.
    Hope that helps. ;)

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