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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Gauntlet Man 99

    Version: 1.02 | Updated: 11/22/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

         @@  @@@                          .####.
         @@  @@@   ##   @@@@.  .#   #    ###'####.
         @@  @@@  #''#  @@ @@@###  ##@@@@'##.  ';   .@@
         @@@@@@@ ## ###.@@@@@  ###.# @@@   '##. @@@@@''
         @@@@@@@##   #'@@ '@@@  ###  @@@ #    ##'' @@
         @@@  @@  .      .  '@@@ #   @@@@ '####'   @@
         @@@  @@ @@     @@  ,####  ,@@@@ ##,    .. @@@
                @@@@   @@@ ##  ,##@@  ,@@####,  ## @.
               @@ @@@ @@@@.#######@@@@@@@######,## @@@@.
              @@   @@@@ @@@'##### '@@@@@ ##  '####   @@
               @    @@   @@.''''   ''''  ##    '## ,@@
                    @      ___ ___ ___               @@.
                          |  _| _ |  _|           @@@@'
                          | | | _ | |_
    Harvest Moon 3: Boy Meets Girl GAMEBOY COLOR
    Official Version- 1.02
     _ _ _____________________________________________________________ _ _
    |_|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_                           _|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_|
    |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_     Gauntlet Man 99      |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_|
                       Harvest Moon 3: Boy Meets Girl FAQ
    *Detailed Walkthroughs of the Japanese and English versions of this game
    *Everything you need to know about Harvest Moon 3
    *Complete lists of items, new features, Secrets, Power Berry locations, and Gameshark codes
    *Made by two great Harvest Moon junkies, for twice the quality
    *Loads of Hints & Tips
    *Answers to commonly asked questions
    *Helpful translations to get you through the Japanese version of the game
    *Complete list of characters and their purposes
    *Regular Updates
    *The first FAQ by Gauntlet Man 99
    *Much more!
    System- Gameboy Color/ Nintendo
    Game Name- Harvest Moon 3: Boy Meets Girl
    Contributors- Gauntlet Man 99
    E-mail addy- gauntletman99@greatestgamers.com
    Last Updated- 11/22/01
    Week 4 is started on the Walkthrough, and I've updated to the English version.  Characters
    added, lots more questions in the FAQ, more secrets and hints and tips, and more.
    Version- 1.01
    More days added to the walkthrough, Characters section added, more questions for the FAQ, and
    some other little "tidbits".
    Version- 1.0
    Well, Crazydude and I decided to keep our FAQs separate.  I (Gauntlet) will continue to write
    this FAQ, but Crazydude will still help (I hope).  Finally Accepted on GameFAQs!
    Version- 0.2
    Crazydude426 has joined with me to make the ultimate HM 3 FAQ.  Added more info, plus a new
    piece of ASCII art of HM3 above.
    Version- 0.1
    My first version of this FAQ.  I hope it works.
    __ _ _____________________________________________________________ _ _
    |_|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_                           _|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_|
    |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_|    I. Introduction      |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_|
    I. Introduction
    Gauntlet Man 99-
    Well, this is my first FAQ for GameFAQs, and I hope it's good.  Harvest Moon: Boy Meets Girl
    is the newest Harvest Moon game, and I, like many others, bought it in Japanese because we
    want it so badly.  I can read Japanese, so I figured it would be appropriate for me to help
    people out who can't, and don't want to wait for the English version to come out.  On my
    Harvest Moon website, I've been flooded with e-mails asking for help on Harvest Moon 3.  A
    good portion of them have been about getting started on the game.  So, I've decided to add a
    section on the beginning setup.  Just so you know, I'm more of a review writer than a FAQ
    writer, but I'll make this the best I can, which will be really good, cause I'm determined to
    make this FAQ better than any other for any other Harvest mono game.  But I'm not Kau Megura
    (sp?), so don't expect a 2000 KB FAQ from me.
    This is Crazydude426, and yes, I already have a FAQ.  Gauntlet and me decided to put our
    knowledge together to make an ultimate FAQ.  I just wanted to help Gauntlet, and we vastly
    improved in this FAQ, and my old one.  I will update my old one too.  For this FAQ, it will be
    an English version one. Once it comes out.  I saw the game in a Japanese Magazine in November.
    My friend went there for vacation, and I told him to buy it, and gave him the money.  Who ever
    thought I wrote the first FAQ of it.  Well, now I have a different friend who is helping me to
    improve these FAQs, that friend is Gauntlet Man 99.
    __ _ _____________________________________________________________ _ _
    |_|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_                           _|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_|
    |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_|  II. Table of Contents  |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_|
    I. Introduction*
    II. Table of Contents
    III. Version History
    IV. Contact Me*
    V. New Features
    VI. World Overview*
    VII. Getting Started*
    VIII. Walkthrough
    IX. Item list*
    X. Power Berry Locations*
    XI. Secrets
    XII. Gameshark Codes
    XIII. Words of the Wise (Hints & Tips)
    XIV. FAQ (^F^requently ^A^sked ^Q^uestions)
    XV. Characters
    XVI. What to Expect in the Next Version
    XVII. Legal Stuff*
    XVIII. Credits
    XIX. Word Count
    *Means that the section is completed.
    __ _ _____________________________________________________________ _ _
    |_|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_                           _|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_|
    |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_|  III. Version History   |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_|
    III. Version History
    Version Number: 1.02
    Date: 11/22/01
    Whats New: Well, due to recent e-mails, IMs, and other things, it's been brought to my
    attention that some of the names of places and things have been changed from the Japanese
    version to the English version.  I've fixed about 90% of these, so I'm getting there...
    And on another note, which is good for this FAQ, I'm suspended from school again!  That's good
    because I'll be home to work on this FAQ.  But you don't really care do you?  OK, onto what I
    updated.  Started Week 4, and nearly ended Spring in general on the Walkthrough section, added
    lots of questions for the FAQ, put in some secrets, hints and tips, and added some more
    characters to the Characters Section.  And besides fixing some grammatical and spelling
    errors, thats about it.  But good news for you english version players: I've changed some of
    the Japanese names for things into the English names.  This update is more of a "Keep the
    readers happy to shut up the idiots who are way too picky" kinda update.  Hey, that's pretty
    good for one update, actually.
    Version Number: 1.01
    Date: 11/21/01
    Whats's New: Told you I'd update this FAQ frequently, didn't I?  I finished Week 2 in the
    Walkthrough and got nearly finished on Week 3 (up to day 20), added a "Characters" section,
    updated the FAQ, put in some secrets, hints & tips, and new features, and added some other
    things too.  This FAQ isn't that bad for version 1.01, is it?  And it has a Walkthrough too,
    unlike Crazydude's (not that his is bad or anything.  It's actually quite good).  And on
    another note, my birthday's this Saturday, so it'd be nice if this FAQ and this update gets
    posted by then.  And lastly, I've reached the 65 Kilobyte and 25+ Page Mark on this FAQ.
    Thats almost as big as a certain version 1.7 FAQ.  On the second version it's almost as big as
    Crazydude426's.  This has some potential...
    Version Number: 1.0
    Date: 11/19/01
    What's New: Been awhile since I worked on this FAQ, hasn't it?  Well folks, I'm back, but with
    some bad news.  The dream of a dual FAQ has been eliminated.  Crazydude and I have decided to
    keep our FAQs separated, but he still might help me with this.  I'm going to strive to make
    this FAQ all the better to make up for the little mishap, but oh well.  And here are the
    updates to the sections: I added some secrets, a walkthrough of up to Day 12 in the
    "Walkthrough" section, Crazydude added some helpful word art to the "Getting Started" section,
    and I added some Hints & Tips.  I also took flames off of the "email me with" list because
    some idiot flooded my inbox with flames.  BTW, I fixed some grammatical and spelling
    errors too.  Oh yeah, and another note: I learned how to make ASCII art!  And lastly, this
    version was finally accepted on GameFAQs!
    Version Number: 0.2
    Date: 8/15/01
    What's New: Crazydude426 has helped me to update my FAQ, and we agreed to make it an ultimate
    FAQ.  Yes, Crazydude426 already has one, and he will keep on updating it, but he will also help
    me as well (not anymore though).  Unnaccepted version.
    Version Number: 0.1
    Date: 8/2/01
    What's New: Everything!  The first time I submitted this, it wasn't accepted so I added some
    hints & tips and some more days to the walkthrough.  I also took out the R*M site, because as
    Crazydude informed me, if you have a R*M site on your FAQ, it won't be accepted.  Sorry folks!
    __ _ _____________________________________________________________ _ _
    |_|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_                           _|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_|
    |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_|      IV. Contact Me     |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_|
    IV. Contact Me
    My e-mail address is gauntletman99@greatestgamers.com, and Crazydude426's email is
    crazydude426@hotmail.com.  I recommend e-mailing me (Gauntlet Man 99), because this is my FAQ,
    and I don't think Crazydude426 really wants e-mails asking about my FAQ.  We'll accept e-mails
    that have anything to with the stuff on the "E-mail Me With" list.  But if I get anything that
    is on the "Do not e-mail me With" list I will delete it and block your e-mail address.  My AOL
    screename is Icewind45 so you can IM me about anything.
    E-mail Me with:
    Spelling and Grammatical errors on my FAQ
    Praise Letters
    Asking for help on Harvest Moon 3 as long as your question isn't answered on this FAQ
    Asking if you can use this FAQ on your site
    *CONSTRUCTIVE* Critisiscm (See the examples below)
    Do Not E-mail Me with:
    Large Contributions (20 Kilobytes or more)
    Things that have nothing to do with Harvest Moon 3
    Questions about Harvest Moon 3 that are answered on this FAQ
    Chain Letters
    You can e-mail me, Gauntlet Man 99, asking for help on other Harvest Moon games too (not any
    PSX ones though, I hate em' both...), but just don't overdo it.  If you want to talk about
    anything on the not list, IM me, except the obvious like viruses and spam.  And I'm sick of
    getting spam, so if I get any from you I'll do exactly what you do to me, flood your inbox
    with pointless emails.
    Example of *Constructive* Criticism- Hey Gauntlet Man 99 (or) Crazydude426, I just got done
    reading some of the things in your FAQ (mainly the walkthrough) and I realized that it's really
    detailed.  That's good and it's bad.  It's good because you help struggling gamers out a lot,
    but it gets really annoying if you're a veteran HM gamer and all you need is a little bit of
    help, because you have to search through so much information.  Is there any way that you could
    downsize the Walkthrough but still have good info in it?
    Now, and example of a reply I'd give that message- Somedude52, thanks for the suggestion.  I've
    tried to downsize the Walkthrough several times and still keep a fairly detailed guide of the
    game, but it's pretty hard.  I don't know if this'll help, but if you press CTRL+F your
    computer will bring up a box that lets you search the FAQ for any key word(s).  So if you were
    looking for Power Berry info, you could type Power or Berry, or anything that has fractions of
    those words in them and it will bring up all of those letter combos that appear in this
    guide.  Sorry for any inconvenience.
    ~Gauntlet Man 99
    Example of a *Flame*- Hey u 2 idiots!ur FAQ sux!  What ur problem?!Wat kind of dumb*** cant
    figure out how 2 play tis dumb game/Besides tht ur ****ing FAQ was 2 d*** long!Ne moron can
    figure out what 2 do!Do us all a favor an get the hell off GameFAQs!it a site for ppl who have
    some sort o taent.
    **** you,
    Please note that I censored out most of the swearing, and most people who flame me aren't that
    polite and don't type that well.  Now for an example of a response I'd give that so-called
    message- Sorry folks!  If I were to put that here I'd have to censor out nearly all the words.
    But let's just say I wouldn't be very nice about it...
    You can e-mail me, Gauntlet Man 99, asking for help on other Harvest Moon games too (not any
    PSX ones though, I hate em' both...), but just don't overdo it.  If you want to talk about
    anything on the "not" list, IM me, except the obvious like viruses and spam.  And if I'm sick
    of getting spam, so if I get any from you I'll do exactly what you do to me, flood your inbox
    with pointless emails and make it so I can block you, but still send you stuff.  There's your
    __ _ ______________________________________________________________ _ _
    |_|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_                            _|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_|
    |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_|      V. New Features     |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_|
    V. New Features
    Since it's hard to get your hands on a Japanese version of this game, this section is probably
    the whole reason you're reading this FAQ.  We made this section to tell you all what makes this
    Harvest Moon game stand out from the rest of the HMs.  Well, if you just want to know what's
    new in this game, this is your lucky day because here is a complete list of all the cool new
    features Harvest Moon 3 has to offer.
    1. Over 10 new crops, making the agricultural experience more enjoyable.
    2. New and improved shipping bin that can hold up to 99 of any number of items for two weeks.
    3. You have to call the shipper to get him to come and ship your stuff making it more realistic
    than him coming every day just to find nothing.
    4. Limited access to stores and shops again making more realistic.
    5. Harder to make money than the other games.
    6. Better ranch design.
    7. Countless new items like the mayonnaise maker.
    8. Your house starts out with a kitchen so your character doesn't starve to death.
    9. You can actually go on dates with your girlfriend instead of just giving her gifts.
    10. There's a movie theater.
    11. You can buy carpets and flower pots to spice up your house and make your farmer happier.
    12. Snowboarding mini-game available.
    13. You can have your own boat.
    14. You can have two kids unlike any other versions besides the Super NES one.
    15. It takes place in a completely new place.
    16. You can choose from a wide variety of pets (8!  Including a pig and a bird)
    17. There are 18 different types of fish for you to catch.
    18. You can now raise, breed, and race up to eight horses.
    19. Breeding animals is more realistic because you need a male and a female chicken to make
    eggs, and a male and a female of all the other animals to make baby animals.
    20. New cast of characters.
    21. Now you can breed horses, too.
    22. The first Gameboy Harvest Moon that allows you to get married.
    23. A *MASSIVE* world!
    24. Much More!  Wait and see!
    __ _ _____________________________________________________________ _ _
    |_|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_                           _|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_|
    |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_|   VI. World Overview    |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_|
    VI. World Overview
    The map is set up with a town on the left side of the island, then the beach beside your ranch,
    then there's your farm, then the woods/mountain, next, above that there is the mountain cliff,
    and then on the far right is the Maze.  There is also the Mainland, which isn't
    connected to the first island.  The rest of the section, I'll describe them and key points in
    them too.
    1. The Town
    In the town there really isn't anything important besides the dock.  Unlike in other games
    where you can go into people houses, you can't here.
    A. The Elder's House
    The Elder's House is found on the far left of the Town, and you can never get in.
    B. The Dock
    The dock is open on Mondays and Thursdays and a guy in a white suit owns the boat there.  Talk
    to him on those days and you can go to the Mainland.  If you have your own boat, you
    could go there anytime you want.
    2. The Cliff
    The Cliff is a single screen and it's where you take your girlfriend for a date.  Also, some
    minor festivals are held here too, like the Fireworks.  Crazydude426 calls it Independence Day.
    3. Your Ranch
    Your ranch is where you will spend most of your time, and obviously, the largest.
    A. Your House
    Your house has two beds, one for Jill and one for you.  It has a phone used to contact the
    shipper, a kitchen for decoration, a table, and it has room for stuff you can buy too, like a
    TV, crib, (if you want a baby, after you get married) and rugs.
    B. The Shipping House/Shed/Building/etc.
    This is where all of your crops and fruits and fish go after you use the Miracle Glove on
    them.  You can take out items and put them in here as long as you have them in stock.  The cool
    part is that there is a slot for each kind of everything that holds up to 99 of it.  Items can
    stay in here for two weeks without spoiling, so feel free to leave stuff in here for awhile.
    If you are a girl, you won't have the miracle gloves.
    C. The Shed
    This is where you find the Shovel to dig a spa.  The shovel will be in the top right of the
    Shed.  After you get it, use it to dig out the eight squares in the center of the room.  You'll
    recognize them because they're colored differently.  Use the shovel three times on each and
    then the next day it will be a Spa.  Each dip you take will recover twenty stamina points.
    D. The Lumber Holder
    Here is where the wood goes when you chop up a tree stump.  It's needed to make fences, build a
    boat, and to fix water dug up with your shovel in the crop field.  There is a sign by it that
    tells you how much you have left.
    E. Horse Barn and Pasture
    The horse barn consists of two rooms.  Each one has a fodder spout where the feed comes out of,
    and place to put it for the horses, and a door.  The first room's door leads to the second
    room, and the second room's door leads to the horse pasture.  If you put them in the pasture
    and you have grass that is grown there you don't need to feed them because they'll eat the
    growing grass.
    F. Cow Barn and Pasture
    The cow barn consists of two rooms.  Each one has a fodder spout where the feed comes out of,
    and place to put it for the horses, and a door.  The first room's door leads to the second
    room, and the second room's door leads to the horse pasture.  If you put them in the pasture
    and you have grass that is grown there you don't need to feed them because they'll eat the
    growing grass.
    G. Chicken Coop and Pasture
    The chicken coop consists of two rooms.  Each one has a fodder spout where the feed comes out
    of, and place to put it for the horses, and a door.  The first room's door leads to the second
    room, and the second room's door leads to the horse pasture.  If you put them in the pasture
    and you have grass that is grown there you don't need to feed them because they'll eat the
    growing grass.
    H. Sheep Barn and Pasture
    The sheep barn consists of two rooms.  Each one has a fodder spout where the feed comes out of,
    and place to put it for the horses, and a door.  The first room's door leads to the second
    room, and the second room's door leads to the horse pasture.  If you put them in the pasture
    and you have grass that is grown there you don't need to feed them because they'll eat the
    growing grass.
    I. Fields
    The fields are where you grow your crops.  There is a big open space for the top section, and
    on the far right there is a stream where you can grow wheat and rice along and fill up your
    watering can with.  Halfway through the top section there is a path that leads through the wall
    down to the bottom section.  It's a bit smaller, but it has the exact same stuff as the top
    section.  You can find six power berries by digging here.  Also, use your shovel to dig out
    water so you can use the sprinkler, once you get it.
    4. The Woods/Mountains
    Here is where you will find wild fruits and mushrooms, which you can ship.  There are also a
    bunch of stumps that regenerate each time you visit.
    5. The Mountain Cliff
    The Mountain Cliff may seem pointless when you first see it, but if you revisit it after the
    earthquake you'll notice that the cliff is gone, and the area that lies beyond it is open.
    You'll find a cave, a dwarf who gives you a Power Berry, and a slab of ice that never melts.
    Give the ice to the tool shop guy.
    A. The Cave
    If you come to the Cliff before the quake you won't be able to see the cave.  But if you come
    after the earthquake the cliff will be gone and you'll see a cave in the back.  Go in there and
    you'll find some stuff and a dwarf/elf.  Talk to him and you'll be given a Power Berry.
    6. The Maze
    The Maze has about 25 different paths and they all lead to the same place, the River.  At the
    River you can go fishing, and catch the 5000 Gold fish.  Besides that, it's pointless in there.
    A. At the River you can go fishing, and catch the 5000 Gold fish there on the first of Spring
    in the second year or later (more info in the "Secrets" section).
    7. The Mainland/Mainland
    The Mainland (or "Mainland" as I've been informed is its name in the English version)
    is the most important place in the whole game besides your ranch.  You can buy seeds, home
    improvements, livestock, and a ton of other things too.
    A. The Dock
    Remember the Dock back in the Town?  If you choose to let the guy in white take you on his
    boat, you'll go here.  It's open from 6AM to 6PM, and has nothing but a Lighthouse and the
    B. The Aquarium
    Store Hours- 10AM-6PM
    The Aquarium is located right above the Dock, and you can give fish to them.  If you give them
    a fish it will go into its appropriate tank and you can watch it do stuff after you've given
    them it.  And no, you don't get money, that's why it's called a "donation".
    C. The Movie Theater
    Store Hours- 11AM-6PM
    The Movie Theater is where you pay 1500 Gold to see a bad movie.  The movie will change each
    season, so there are four in all.
    D. Farmers' Union
    Store Hours- 9AM-6PM
    Farmers' Union is located beneath the Aquarium.  It contains the Florist and the
    restaurant on the first floor.  And on the second floor is the Home Improvements shop and the
    bookstore.  At the Home Improvement store there is a TV, a crib, several assorted rugs,
    flowerpots, and some other things that appear later in the game.
    E. The Mall
    Store Hours- 8AM-6PM
    The second Shopping District is to the right of the first.  It's significantly smaller, but it
    sells good stuff.  It has a bank, which you can deposit and withdraw cash in 10000 Gold
    intervals.  In the top left corner there is the Garden Center.  At first it sells a Sprinkler
    which waters your wheat and rice, a scarecrow to scare away crop-eating birds, and grass seeds
    to plant for your livestock.  In the top right corner there is the livestock dealer where you
    can buy and sell livestock and their medicines.  Then in the bottom right corner there is some
    place with a cow and a horse picture on the counter.  This is where you can apply for
    part-time jobs, like ship fifty tomatoes in 30 days to earn 2000 extra Gold.  And the cow and
    horse pictures are for entering cow contests and horse races.
    __ _ _____________________________________________________________ _ _
    |_|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_                           _|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_|
    |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_|   VII. Getting Started  |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_|
    VII. Getting Started
    If you don't know Japanese, the beginning of the game is possibly the toughest part.  The text
    is different than what I'm used to, but I can still read it fairly well.
    Getting Started (Boy)
    Step 1. Insert Harvest Moon 3: Boy Meets Girl into the back slot of the Gameboy Color/Gameboy
    Advance.  You could only use Gameboy Color and Advance.
    Step 2. Press start when it tells you to.  It'll say press start in English, so you'll know
    what it means.  Then it will bring it on the main menu.  Here is what it looks like.
                               |New Game  |
                               |Load Game |
                               |Copy Game |
                               |Erase Game|
                               |Trade     |
    Step 3. It will bring up a menu with several choices in Japanese, and you should pick the top
    one.  NOTE: To load a game, pick the second one from the top.
    Step 4. It will now ask you whether you want to play as a boy or a girl.  Choose either.  The
    guy (Jack) starts out with the Miracle Glove, which lets you ship things from anywhere, and the
    girl (Jill) starts out with a fully grown cow.
    Step 5. Now you get to enter your name.  It can be four letters, and you can just pick ones
    that look cool, because it won't matter if you can't read Japanese.  There are English
    letters, just go to the option above the (END) option.  Here is what it looks like.
                        |Boy/Girl   _ _ _ _ |
                        |Japanese Text      |
                        | ##### ##### ##### |
                        | ##### ##### ##### |
                        | ##### ##### JAPAN |
                        | ##### #####ENGlISH|
                        | ##### #####   END |
    Step 6. Now you get to choose your colors!  The top left choice is Jack's colors, the top right
    is Jill's colors (you live with her), and the bottom left one is to revert back to the original
    colors.  Press the bottom right one when you've chosen.
    Step 7. I've received the most questions about this, but it's actually quite simple.  You
    choose your birthday.  On the left the seasons go from top to bottom in this order: Spring,
    Summer, Fall, Winter.  Then on the right side is the date of the season, 1-30.  The numbers
    are in English, so there's nothing to worry about.  Choose your birthday soon if you want a
    sack upgrade for you old sack on your back.
    Step 8. Now you choose your pet and their blood type.  I have no idea why they have you choose
    the blood type, but they do.  I'd just choose AB.  Now you choose one of eight, yes eight pets.
    They are: a large, medium, or small dog, a white, black or multi-colored cat, a bird, or a pig.
    The dogs protect your livestock from wild animals when you leave them in the pasture, the cat
    gets you seeds and gets rid of moles, the pig brings you money at varying amounts at different
    times, and the bird occasionally brings you seed bags.
    Step 9. Now you name your pet and Jack/Jill.  As before, the name doesn't matter. Go to English
    (END), if you want an English name.
    Step 10. Finally, it will ask you if all the stats are OK and it will show you a screen with
    what you chose.  Choose the left choice to move on.
    Step 11. It will now give you a bunch of Japanese sentences.  You'll see the farm from Harvest
    Moon 2, and Jack will walk out of his house.  It will basically tell you that (insert your
    character's name here) saved the HM 2 farm from being made into an amusement park, and then the
    mayor will come.  He'll ask you if you will please go save another farm from demolition.
    Choose the left choice for yes, and the right choice for no.  If you say no, he'll keep asking
    you until you say yes.  He'll tell you what's going on, and that the new town's name is
    "Flower Town" (I hope Nintendo changes that in the English version).
    Step 12. The screen will go black and Jack will walk out of a door and meet Jill.  She'll
    introduce herself, and tell you she's going to be helping you as you run the farm
    (She does a lot of helping doesn't she?  She sits around the whole game and does nothing except
    count the eggs, crops, wool, and milk that you've shipped when you tell her to) and then the
    game starts.
    Getting Started (Girl)
    Steps 1-10. Same as Steps 1-10 on the Boy part.
    Step 11. Now you'll see a girl running and then she'll fall down.  Jack will rush onto the
    screen and say something to her.  She'll get up and climb onto his back and he'll run off the
    Step 12. The screen will go black and then you'll see yourself run into the mayor's office.
    He'll tell you that you're going to run a farm to save it from demolition.  Now the mayor from
    Harvest Moon 2 will come and say that he has hired an experienced farmer to save the farm.  The
    mayor of the new city will tell you that Jill is already going to, but he doesn't think that
    she can do it herself, so Jack can help her.
    Step 13. Now you'll see the exact same scene as step 12 for the boy, so just read that.
    __ _ _____________________________________________________________ _ _
    |_|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_                           _|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_|
    |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_|    VIII. Walkthrough    |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_|
    VIII. Walkthrough
    Here is a *VERY* detailed Walkthrough done by me (Gauntlet Man 99).  Crazydude edited it and he
    also added a few things to it too.  I may later add some ASCII art too this to help out, or I
    may not.  And please note, this walkthrough is supposed to be used a mere _guidelines_.  You
    can follow it exactly if you want, but that's up to you.
    Day 1 (Monday, Spring 1st)- You'll wake up at six o'clock in the morning every day, so you'll
    have lots of time to do your daily tasks.  Start out by pressing Select to bring up the menu on
    the right side of the screen.  Choose the top option to bring up your tool menu and select the
    hammer.  Then go to the fireplace and press A.  You will be given 1000 gold.
    Now, hold the "B" button to dash out of your house and then run to the opening on the far right
    side of the screen.  Remember that area well, because that's where you grow crops.  You will
    see that it's filled with stumps, boulders, stones, and weeds.  Here's the fun part: You get to
    clear all that out!  Find all of rocks and use your hammer on them.  The small ones take a
    single hit, while the big ones take six.
    If you hear a little song that lasts a seconds that means your hammer has been upgraded.  Now
    you can hold down the "A" button until he pulls back the hammer farther and you can break up
    the big rocks with three hits instead of six.  After all of the rocks are gone in the top and
    bottom field, bring up the tool menu again and select the hand tool.  Now go around to all of
    the weeds and pick them up by pressing "A" then back on the D-pad and then push "A" again to
    get rid of it.
    After that it should be about 2 PM, so you should go back to your house, and head down through
    the opening at the bottom of the screen.  Go to the area that looks like a town on the map and
    press "A".  Run straight down the path to the guy in wait by a boat.  Talk to him until he asks
    you a question.  He'll tell you that he's only there on Mondays and Thursdays and he takes you
    to the island with all the shops.  When he does ask you a question choose the first choice
    "Yes" and you'll get on his boat and go to the island.
    On the island you'll see several buildings.  They are: The dock and lighthouse, the Aquarium,
    the Theater, the Farmers' Union, and the The Mall.  Shopping District one is
    closest to the dock and 2 is farther away.  Head into The Mall, then press Select.
    Go to the fourth option down and press "A".  Here you can see how much Gold you have and other
    stuff.  Everything but the gold is in Japanese, so look for a number.  You will see that you
    have 1000 Gold.
    Go back to the game and go to the top left part of first floor.  You'll see three bags of
    seeds.  The first are turnips, the second are potatoes, and the third are asparagus.  Buy four
    of the white ones, which are turnips.  Now you should have 520 Gold left.  Next, go back to the
    Dock and head to the top part where you'll see the dude in white.  Talk to him and choose "Yes"
    again to go back to the town.
    Exit the town the way you came in and then go to the left section of the woods on the right
    side of the screen.  Head left on the first level of them and you'll see something resembling a
    wild berry.  Go to the tool menu again and choose the Miracle Glove.  It looks like a baseball
    glove, so you'll know what it looks like.  Go up to the fruit and press "A" on it to pick it
    up.  Throw it down by pressing "A" again.  No, you didn't just waste it, you sent it to the
    Shipping Bin.  That's what the Miracle Glove does.  Do this four more times then go back to
    your house.
    Now go to the phone in the back of the room with Jill in it and press "A".  Choose the first
    option for everything it asks you and then it will take you to a menu with all of the shippable
    items in the game.  Go to the second screen and select the wild berry thing you picked.  Hit
    down once and then press "A" to sell all of them.  You'll notice that one sells for 50 Gold,
    so you get 150 Gold in all.  Press the first choice then scroll through the rest of the phone
    It should be about 5:30 PM now, so head to the building on your farm without a
    roof.  In the back left corner you will see a shovel.  Dig three times with it in the different
    colored squares in the center.  The next day it will be a Hot Springs that recovers 20 stamina
    points every time you jump in.
    Now head back to the place where you cleared everything and clear all the stumps now. When you
    get there, bring up the tool menu again and get out the axe.  Go to all of the stumps and chop
    them up.  It takes six hits to break one.  Now get your hoe out and dig 4 3x3 areas not
    touching each other anywhere in the top part of that section.  Stand in the center one and
    press select to bring up the menu and choose the second choice this time for the seeds menu.
    Pick the white one and get out of the menu.  Press "A" to get Jack to plant the seeds in that
    area you dug.  Now do the same thing to the other places you dug.  Get out your watering can
    and head left until you reach a stream.  Press "A" on it to fill your watering can up.  Now
    press "A" on each square of your 3x3 areas to water the seeds.  If you find out your watering
    can isn't watering it's empty and needs filled again.  Do so and finish watering.  Now go back
    to your house and press "A" on the bed.  Choose the first choice of  "Yes" to go to sleep for
    the rest of the day.
    Day 2 (Tuesday, Spring 2nd)- When you wake up you'll eat breakfast and recover all of your lost
    stamina.  After you wake up go back to your fields where you planted the turnips, and water
    them again.  Now, you may be wondering what the other seeds were for in the seeds menu that
    you saw last night.  Right now you should have one bag of turnips, asparagus, and potatoes.
    Dig three more 3x3 areas and then plant each bag of seeds in one.  Water them also.  Now go to
    the mountains and use your Miracle Glove on ten fruits.  Then go to the phone and call the
    shipper and do the same thing you did yesterday.  They will all sell for 300 Gold total.  Now
    go back to the mountain and select the hand tool again.  Pick up a fruit and press "B".
    Repeat this process 7 times.  Now back to your house and give Jill all 8 fruits.  Now you
    should go to town and talk to everyone twice.  It should be about six o'clock now, so go to
    bed.  Your gold total should be 1380 Gold.
    Day 3 (Wednesday, Spring 3rd)- As soon as you wake up, run to your fields.  You'll see that
    your first set of turnips has sprouted.  Water your crops.  Sometime while your watering
    you'll hear a strange little tune that lasts about two seconds.  That means your watering can
    has been upgraded.  Hold down "A" and Jack will pull back the watering can.  Then release "A"
    and it will water 3 squares instead of the usual one.  Now run to the mountain and switch to
    your hand tool.  Pick up a wild berry and press "B" to put it in your rucksack.  Do this three
    more times then go into the town.  Press "B" again to bring one out.  Find the guy with a blue
    shirt and brown hair and give him all four.  His name is Billy.  Talk to him four times then
    switch to your Miracle Glove and go to the mountains.  Use the Miracle Glove on 10 of the
    wild berries then go back to your house and call the buyer.  Sell all ten to him for 300 Gold.
    Now go to your chicken coop and to the pasture in the back.  Clear it out the same way you did
    to your fields.  Then dig it up with your hoe.  You'll find a fair amount of cash and four
    Power Berries.  It should be about 7 PM so go to your house and go to sleep.  You should have
    2540 Gold now.
    Day 4 (Thursday, Spring 4th)- When you wake up go and water your crops, then run to the town.
    Go to the dock and go to the other island.  Wait until the Garden Accessories shop is open and
    go there.  Buy three packs of grass seeds for 1800 Gold.  That may seem like a lot of Gold, but
    it'll pay off in the long run.  Go to the pasture of your chicken coop and plant them.  If you
    didn't finish digging it up, do so now.  Now go to the mountain and use your Miracle Glove on
    10 more wild berries.  Go back to your house, call the buyer and rake in 300 Gold.  Now go back
    to the mountain and put four wild berries in your rucksack and give them to Jill.  Now you can
    either go into town and socialize to make friends, or just go to bed.  Now you should have
    1040 Gold.
    Day 5 (Friday, Spring 5th)- Today is where you make up for that money that you spent on grass.
    Run to your fields, whip out your miracle glove and start picking your turnips that you
    planted first.  After you do that go water your other plants.  Now, go to your house and ship
    all of your new turnips for a total of 1320 Gold.  Next you should go to the mountain and (you
    guessed it) use your Miracle Glove to ship 10 wild berries.  Now go back to the mountain and
    put 4 wild berries in your rucksack (notice a pattern here?).  Go into the town and talk to
    Billy three times, then give him the wild berries.  Since you have no better use for your time
    right now, go into the mountains and gather twenty more wild berries.  Now go to the cow
    pastures and clear them out.  You won't have time to dig them up yet, so save that for another
    time.  When you go to bed you'll have 3260 Gold.
    Day 6 (Saturday, Spring 6th)- As always, when you wake up, rush to your fields.  You'll notice
    that the other nine turnips you planted are ready to be picked.  Do so then water the other
    plants.  Go back to your house and call the shipper to sell your turnips for 360 Gold.  Just
    like yesterday, and the day before, and all the other days, go to the mountains and ship 10
    wild berries with your Miracle Glove.  Run back to your house and ship them.  Now pick 2 two
    more wild berries and give them to Jill.  Now since you have a lot of time left, go dig up your
    cow pasture.  You'll find a good amount of Gold and a Power Berry.  Now wait till six o'clock
    then go to bed.  You should now have 4790 Gold.
    Day 7 (Sunday, Spring 7th)- When you wake up, go to your fields and water your plants.
    Now walk over to the river.  You should notice that up at the top section of the river the
    water goes out one square farther than the bottom part.  Get out your SHOVEL not your hoe and
    use it on all of the bottom squares of the river to make it even.  That won't have any
    immediate effect, but it'll pay off in the end.  Since you have no way to make money today, go
    to the mountain and ship fifteen wild berries.  Go back to your house and sell them to the
    buyer via the phone.  After you do that, go to the mountain again and gather four wild berries
    into your rucksack.  Now go into town and talk to Billy three times and then give him the
    four wild berries.  You may be wondering why you keep being so nice to Billy.  It's because if
    you befriend him he'll give you the fishing rod, which is a valuable source of income.  Since
    you have nothing else to do, go to bed.  You should have 5240 Gold by now.
    Day 9 (Tuesday, Spring 9th)- When you wake up got to your fields to find that your asparagus
    still isn't ready.  Water it and your turnips then go to the mountains.  Brace yourself, here's
    a big surprise: You have to pick and ship 10 more wild berries!  Now go back to your house and
    call the buyer to ship your wild berries for 300 Gold.  Next, go back to the mountains and put
    6 berries into your rucksack hen head into town.  Talk to the girl with a bandana on then give
    her 2 wild berries.  Now head over to the Elder's House.  Talk to girl with the brown hair
    then give her two wild berries also.  Now go back to your house and give Jill two of them.
    Because you have nothing else that needs done, go to bed.  You should have 4670 Gold now.
    Day 10 (Wednesday, Spring 10th)- Go to your fields and realize that your asparagus is finally
    ready!  Pick it then ship it with your Miracle Glove.  Now you probably noticed the ungrown
    asparagus in the center of the 3x3 area.  It'll get ripe if you keep watering it.  Do so, then
    you should water your turnips.  Now, go to your house and ship the asparagus for 480 Gold.  Now
    go to the mountain and gather and ship 10 more wild berries.  Go back to your house and call
    the buyer to sell the wild berries for 300 Gold.  Next you should head into town.  Talk to
    Billy four times then go to the mountains and put four wild berries in your rucksack.  Take
    them to town and give them to Billy.  Now head back to your ranch and go to your horse
    pasture.  Clear them out like you did the cow and chicken ones.  Since it's still pretty
    early, dig it up with your hoe.  It should b around 9 o'clock, so go to bed.  Your gold total
    should be 6340 Gold.
    Day 11 (Thursday, Spring 11th)- When you wake up, go to your fields and water your turnips and
    the asparagus.  Now, because it's Thursday, go to town and talk to the boat guy to go to the
    Mainland.  Go to the Garden Center and buy a Scarecrow for 3200 Gold, then buy 4 bags of
    grass seeds for 2400 Gold.  Now since you've drained nearly all of your cash, go back to your
    ranch.  Head to the chicken pastures and plant the grass seeds.  Now go over to your fields and
    put the Scarecrow down by any set of turnips.  Next it's time to go to the mountains and pick
    and ship 10 wild berries again.  Now, go to town and talk to everyone once then go home.  Since
    you've got nothing else to do, go to bed.  You should have 1040 Gold now.
    Day 12 (Friday, Spring 12th)- Good news, today!  It's raining!  Whenever you wake up, run to
    your fields, pick the ripe turnips, and don't worry about watering the asparagus, its rainig,
    so it's already watered!  After you do that, go to the mountains, and, of course, use your
    Miracle Glove on 10 wild berries.  After you do that, put two into your rucksack, and run home.
    Call the buyer an ship your wild berries and turnips.  Then give Jill the two wild berries in
    your rucksack.  Now, since there is nothing left to do, head home, then go to bed.  Your Gold
    total should now be 3500.
    Day 13 (Saturday, Spring 13th)- Run to your fields and water that one damn asparagus.  After
    that, run tot he mountains and ship 10 wild berries with your Miracle Glove.  Now put four into
    your rucksack and head to town.  Give two to the the girl with the bandana, and the other two
    to the guy in the tux.  Now, go back to the mountains and ship 10 more wild berries.  Next, go
    home and call the buyer.  Sell him your twenty wild berries.  You will see that you have some
    grass that is fully grown.  Cut it all down with your sickle, then go to bed.  You should now
    have 4100 Gold as of now.
    Day 14 (Sunday, Spring 14th)- Wake up, then go to your fields, to find that the one asparagus
    is finally ready!  Ship it then go to the mountains and ship your daily ten wild berries.  Now,
    put six into your rucksack then go into town.  Talk to Elza (the girl with the bandana) twice,
    and then give her two wild berries.  Now go to Billy and talk to him three times and give him
    three.  Next, go home and call they buyer and ship all of your stuff.  After that, go to bed.
    Your Gold total should be 4460 Gold.
    Day 15 (Monday, Spring 15th)- Well, it's Monday again.  And you know what Monday means,
    right?  Go to town and run around until 8 AM.  Then ride to the Mainland.  Now, go to
    The Mall and go to the Livestock Dealer's shop.  Push "A" on the Chicken picture
    that's not crying andpick the first option twice.  Now push "A" on it again, and select the
    first choice, then the second.  You just bought a male and a female chicken!  Now you get one
    egg per day, provided that you feed the chickens the night before.  Next, go to Shopping
    District 1 and go to the Garden Center.  Buy five of the middle bags for 800 Gold.  Now go
    back to the first Shopping District and buy two bags of Grass Seeds for 1200 Gold.  Next, go
    back home and go into your chicken coop.  Go to the bottom left hand corner of it.  See the
    fodder spout?  Press "A" on it once and some fodder will come out.  Go press "A" on the top of
    the chicken feed place.  Do the same thing again, except put the fodder beneath the stuff you
    just put in.  Now go to your fields and plant all five bags of Potato seeds you just bought,
    then water them.  Next select those grass seeds and go up to the back of your Cow Barn and
    plant them.  By now you're probably wondering if you have to ship 10 wild berries today.  Of
    course!  Go do that right now.  Now, head home and call the buyer and sell him that stuff,
    then go to bed.  You should now have 760 Gold.
    Day 16 (Tuesday, Spring 16th)- When you wake up head to your Chicken Coop.  You'll notice that
    you have your first egg!  Instead of shipping it, pick it up with your bare hands and put it
    in the thing in the bottom left corner.  This is the incubator, where you put eggs that you
    want to hatch!  In a few days this will be a baby chick, which you got for free.  Now you
    never have to worry about buying chickens again!  Next, head to your fields and water your
    potatoes.  Now its back to the same old routine.  Go to the mountains and use your Miracle
    Glove on 10 wild berries.  Now put four in your rucksack and go to town.  Talk to evryone twice
    then give each of the two girls two wild berries.  Now go home, call the buyer, and hit the
    sack.  By the end of today you should have 1060 Gold.
    Day 17 (Wednesday, Spring 17th)- When you wake up go feed your chickens and ship the egg they
    produced.  Now, go to your fields and water your potatoes, which have sprouted.  Next head to
    the mountains and ship 10 wild berries.  Now put four in your rucksack.  Go home and call the
    buyer.  After that go to town and give Billy all four wild berries after you talk to him three
    times.  Go to your chicken coop's fields and cut all of the grass that needs cut.  With
    nothing else to do, go to bed.  You should now have a Gold total of 1410.
    Day 18 (Thursday, Spring 18th)- Wake up, go to the Chicken Coop, ship their egg, and feed
    them.  Now go to your fields and water your Potatoes.  Go to the mountains and ship 10 (who
    could've guessed?) wild berries.  Now go to Town and get a ride to the Mainland.  Go to
    Farmers' Union and head upstairs to the Home Improvements store.  On the right side
    you'll see a saddle for sale.  It costs 1000 Gold, so buy it.  It has no use to you right now
    but it'll come in handy later.  Since you don't really have that much money left, go home and
    call the buyer.  Sell your ten wild berries then go to bed.  You should now have 760 Gold.
    Day 19 (Friday, Spring 19th)- Well, it's another rainy day, so forget about watering your
    potatoes.  go to your Chicken Coop and ship the egg after you feed them.  After that go to the
    mountains and ship 20 wild berries.  Now go home and ship all 20  wild berries and the egg.
    Next, go back to the mountains and chop up stumps until the day is over.  When it hits 6:00 PM
    go to bed.  Your Gold Total should read 1410.
    Day 20 (Saturday, Spring 20th)- After you wake up, go to your fields and water your potatoes.
    After that, head on over to the Chicken Coop, feed them and ship the egg.  Next, go to the
    mountains and ship 10 wild berries.  After that, put four into your rucksack then head into
    town.  Talk to Elza four times, then give her the four wild berries.  Now go home.  Ship all of
    the wild berries and the egg, then go to bed.  you should now have 1760 Gold.
    Day 21 (Sunday, Spring 21st)- When you wake up, run to your fields with your Miracle Glove
    ready.  Your potatoes are finally ripe!  Ship them all, water the ones that are in the center,
    then go call the buyer and sell them all.  Next, go to your Chicken Coop and ship the Egg
    after you feed your chickens..  Now, go to the mountain and ship ten wild berries.  After that,
    put four wild berries in your rucksack, then head on over to town.  Give the four to Billy,
    then talk to him four times.  If you're like me, you're probably thinking "Dammit!  Gimme that
    fishing rod!".  Don't worry, it'll come.  Now, talk to everybody else in Tiwn, then go back to
    your Ranch.  To end the day, call the buyer and sell the Egg and the wild berries, then go to
    bed.  Now, you're total Gold should be 4110.
    Day 22 (Monday, Spring 22nd)- As soon as you wake up, go to your Chciken Coop.  Feed the
    chickens, and then ship the Egg.  Now go to your feilds and pick the potatoes and then ship
    them.  Next, go to town and catch a ride to the Mainland.  Go to The Mall
    and head to the back left of it.  Buy three bags of grass seeds, then go to Shopping District
    1 whenever it opens up.  Go to the Garden Center and buy seven bags of potato seeds.  Since
    you've depleted most of Gold supply, go back to your Island and head to the Mountains.  Ship
    ten potatoes, then go home.  Call the buyer and sell your Egg, wild berries, and Potatoes.  Now
    go to your Cow Pastures and plant the Grass Seeds you bought.  After that, go and palnt, then
    water your Potato Seeds.  To end the day, go back to your house and go to bed.  You should now
    have 1790 Gold in all.
    Day 23 (Tuesday, Spring 23rd)- ***COMING IN VERSION 1.3!***
    __ _ _____________________________________________________________ _ _
    |_|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_                           _|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_|
    |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_|    IX. Item List        |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_|
    IX. Item List
    Here is a list of all the items _that I know of_ so far.  Key words in that sentence: That I
    know of.  There may be more.  And there may not be.  Chances are, there aren't.
    Hand- Grab things with it, put things in rucksack, throw things, give gifts.
    Sickle- Cuts grass and weeds with it.
    Hoe- Cultivate land with it.
    Axe- Chop up lumber.
    Hammer- Break stones and boulders with it.
    Watering Can- Fill it up with water then water your crops.  On its first stage it waters 1
    square, second stage it waters three, and third stage it waters 9.
    Shovel -Dig in your shed (the place without a roof) to create a spa.  Dig near the water in
    your fields to grow wheat and rice.
    Miracle Glove- Works just like the hand, except you can't give gifts with it and when you throw
    something with this, it automatically goes to the shed.
    Potions- Cures a sick animal.
    Brush- Brush your horses and cows everyday to make it happy.
    Milker- Milk your grown female cows with this tool.
    Shampoo- Just like a brush, except for sheep.
    Shears- Cut your sheep's wool with this
    Sprinkler- Used to water rice and wheat.
    Scarecrow- Prevents birds from eating your crops sometimes.
    Saddle- Used to ride your horse(s)
    Mystery Egg- Allows you to talk to your animals.  See the "Secrets" section for more info.
    Cow Feed- Used to feed cows if you run out of fodder.
    Chicken Feed- Used to feed chickens if you run out of fodder.
    Sheep Feed- Used to feed sheep if you run out of fodder.
    Horse Feed- Used to feed horses if you run out of fodder.
    Snow board- Used to play the snowboarding mini-game on the mountain in the winter.  If you get
    a perfect score you are rewarded with a Power Berry.
    Fishing Rod- Become good friends with Billy and he'll ask to borrow your axe.  Let him then two
    days later he'll give you this and your hammer.  It's used to catch fish (duh).  You can sell
    them, or give them to the Aquarium for a Power Berry.
    Fertilizer- Put this on a 9x9 square to help your crops grow faster!  It'll just appear in your
    inventory one day; so don't go thinking your game has a glitch.
    Mayonnaise Maker- Ship 200 eggs and the mayo maker will be available at the tool shop the next
    day.  You use it to turn eggs to mayonnaise.
    Butter Maker- Have four adult cows that all produce large milk.  The next day you can buy it at
    the tool shop the next day.
    Cheese Maker- Same as above ^^^.
    Yarn Maker- Have four Adult Sheep that all make High Quality Wool and the next day you can buy
    this at the tool shop the next day.
    Knitwear- Same as above ^^^.
    __ _ _____________________________________________________________ _ _
    |_|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_                           _|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_|
    |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_| X. Power Berry Locations|_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_|
    X. Power Berry Locations
    If you've ever played a Harvest Moon game you know what a Power Berry is, but if you haven't
    chances are that you don't.  For those of you that don't, you can find them in different places
    (there are ten total in each game) and they increase your maximum stamina by 10 stamina points.
    Here are the locations of all the Power Berries.  Thanks to Crazydude426 for two of the
    locations.  By the way, there will be an asterisk after all of the ones that are covered in the
    Walkthrough so far.
    1. Dig up the ground on your fields.*
    2. Dig up the ground on your fields.*
    3. Dig up the ground on your fields.*
    4. Dig up the ground on your fields.*
    5. Dig up the ground on your fields.*
    6. Dig up the ground on your fields.*
    7. Give all the fish to the Aquarium.
    8. Become friends with the Mermaid.
    9. Talk to the Dwarf.
    10. Get 100 points on the Snowboarding Mini-Game.
    __ _ _____________________________________________________________ _ _
    |_|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_                           _|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_|
    |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_|       XI. Secrets       |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_|
    XI. Secrets
    Normally, Harvest Moon games are chock-full of secrets, but so far, HM 3 lacks that quality.
    But here are the ones that I've found so far.
    Power Berries- See section X.
    Snowboarding Mini-Game- Go to the mountain in the Winter on any day and you will get to play a
    Snowboarding Mini-Game, if you bought the snowboard for 25,000 gold.  You get points depending
    on what you do on it, and if you get a perfect score of 100 points, you get a Power berry.
    5,000g Fish- On the first day of spring in the second year or later talk to the aquarium dude
    (he'll be standing behind the counter) and he'll tell you to go to the lake after 6PM.  Now, at
    6PM go to the lake in the Maze and fish until midnight. Throw away all of the small fish that
    you catch and keep the big ones. Now go to the phone the next day and move the cursor over the
    last slot of the fish section.  If you caught it the words "5000 Gold" will appear.  You will
    only be able to catch it on Spring first, so try hard.
    Mystery Egg- First off you need the fishing rod for this trick.  Catch the 5000 Gold fish (see
    above secret) and then ship it or give it to the aquarium.  The next day you should go back to
    the lake and when you get there, there will be an egg. You'll find it in your tools.
    Three seasons later it will hatch and allow you to talk to your animals.
    Free 1000 Gold- To get 1000 free Gold, go to your fireplace and press "A".
    Get the Fishing Rod- To get the Fishing Rod, talk to Billy and give him gifts a lot.  If you
    become good friends with him, then he'll give you it.  This is an excellent item, so you
    should get it.
    Have your own boat- To get your own boat, become really great friends with Elza and Kate
    (the two girls in town).  After a while, and if you have enough wood, they'll build you your
    very own boat!  It can be used to reach the Mainland and the Mermaid's Cave any time
    you would want to go.  This is probably the best (and coolest) thing in the game.
    __ _ _____________________________________________________________ _ _
    |_|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_                           _|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_|
    |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_|   XII. Gameshark Codes   |_|_|_| |_|_|_||_|_|_|
    XII. Gameshark Codes
    Thanks to Elza717 for some of these.  I'll take any requests and try to hack them.  IMPORTANT:
    Some of these may screw up your game!  By using these you agree that you will NOT hold Interact
    Accessories or me responsible for any lost data or a damaged cartridge.  Use at your own risk.
    And remember, cheaters never prosper (often).
    Infinite Lumber:
    Infinite Fodder:
    Have a baby named Jon that walks (I got this to work on my cartridge, but I've had people tell
    me it doesn't work, so maybe mine is screwed up, or maybe other people's are)
    Infinite Money Code:
    Weather Modifier Code:
    Replace the Xs with these
    00 Normal
    01 Rain
    02 Strong Winds
    03 Snow
    Pet Modifier Code:
    00 Small Dog
    01 Medium Dog
    02 Big Dog
    03 Orange Cat
    04 Pink Cat
    05 Black Cat
    06 Bird
    07 Pig
    __ _ _____________________________________________________________ _ _
    |_|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_                           _|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_|
    |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_|   XIII. Hints and Tips  |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_|
    XIII. Words of the Wise/Hints & Tips
    In this section I'll give out some general hints that should help you along the game.
    *To get the shipper to come and get your stuff you need to call him on the phone, not just put
    it in your shipping bin.
    *Remember to water your crops each and every day.  If you forget three times, they die.
    *Use your fertilizer sparingly.  You only get it rarely, and it's very valuable.
    *Don't forget to feed your livestock.  If you do they'll get sick and possibly die.  If you're
    forgetful, leave them outside to graze in the pastures.  But remember to watch the weather.
    Rain has the same effect on livestock as lack of food does.
    *Give gifts to the townspeople.  They might reward you.
    *Money is hard to make in this game.  Don't waste it.
    *When you have no crops growing, turn to nature for cash.  You can fish or gather fruits and
    berries from the mountains.
    *If someone asks to borrow something, give it to them.
    *Pay attention to store hours.  If you come to the Mainland at 7 AM, you'll be waiting
    awhile for the Movie Theater to open.
    *An hour is only thirty seconds long, so make good use of your time.
    *Get livestock as soon as possible.  They provide excellent income over a long period of time.
    *Don't waste your money on food in the town because you won't ever need it.
    *Learn the Japanese symbols ASAP because yes won't always be the first choice.
    *The order in which you should buy livestock is: Chickens, cows, sheep, and horses.
    *After you've bought a male and a female chicken don't EVER buy any more chickens.  They'll
    produce eggs which you can hatch for free.
    *Set a daily money-making routine, like I did in the Walkthrough.  I said ship at least ten
    wild berries each day, but you could say ship twenty-five, or even five.  It helps keep up a
    constant income, and is amazingly useful.
    *Go to the Mainland every day it's open whenever you don't have a boat, and buy stuff.
    __ _ _____________________________________________________________ _ _
    |_|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_                           _|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_|
    |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_|       XIV. FAQ          |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_|
    XIV. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
    Since Harvest Moon 3 is in Japanese, people tend to have trouble with it.  If you have any
    questions about the game, I'm here to answer them, and you can ask me them via e-mail or on the
    message boards at GameFAQs, Gamewinners, or my website; www.harvestmoonoutpost.com and once
    again, my addy is gauntletman99@greatestgamers.com.  There is no . at the end, that's a period.
    Q. What's the point of the maze?
    A. It leads to the River, no matter which series of paths you take.  Big letdown, huh? =(
    Q. How do I get to the other island?
    A. Talk to the guy in the all white clothes at the bottom of town.  Also, if you have your own
    boat, just go by the lighthouse, there should be a boat near there.  It is yours, just face it
    and say yes.
    Q. He's not there!
    A. He's only there on Mondays and Thursdays.
    Q. How do I sell my stuff?
    A. Go to your phone in your house and press "A".  Choose the first option for all of the
    questions and then it will take you to a screen with a bunch of pictures of all the crops,
    fish, and other assorted stuff that you can sell.  Find the picture of what you want to sell
    and press "A" on it.  Select the quantity of however many you want to sell and press "A" three
    more times to exit the phone and sell your stuff.  You'll get your cash at 6 PM later that day.
    Q. When is the English version coming out?
    A. Already out.
    Q. Where can I download a R*M for this game???
    A. Can't tell ya... against CJayC's rules.  But, if you really want to know, drop me an e-mail
    or IM.
    Q. Are there any good Harvest Moon 3 websites yet?
    A. Actually, there are.  They are: www.gamefaqs.com, www.harvestmoonoutpost.com, and
    Q. Why are there two Harvest Moon FAQs, and both are either completely or partially done by
    A. Crazydude and I are working together on both FAQs, and were going to combine them, but we
    went our separate ways.
    Q. How often will you update this FAQ?
    A. About every 3-5 days to start, then about once a week.
    Q. Is this game a lot different and better than the previous Harvest Moons for the Gameboy
    A. Yeah, its hundreds of times better.  And for a complete list of new things, go to the "New
    Features" section.
    Q. What are the little bottles with writing in them that I keep finding on the beach?
    A. They're notes from the mermaid.  For more info on her, see the "Characters" section.
    Q. Is there a way to change the language to English?
    A. No...or else they could have already made this game in America.
    Q. How long will you keep the Walkthrough going till?
    A. Until at least the end of the summer in year three, maybe even longer.  But I won't stop
    updating any earlier than that.
    Q. What is the point of the Shovel, other than digging up the Hot Springs?
    A. You can make an irrigation system in your fields to plant wheat and rice.
    __ _ _____________________________________________________________ _ _
    |_|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_                           _|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_|
    |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_|    XV. Characters       |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_|
    XV. Characters
    Well, the much asked for characters section has now been added to my FAQ.  I'll list all of the
    characters in HM 3, what they look like, and what purpose they serve.
    Jack- Any traditional Harvest Moon gamer knows who Jack is.  He's the main guy in the series.
    He wears blue overalls, has brown hair, and has a blue hat.  Jack's the farming expert in the
    HM world.
    Jill- Not that I have anything against girls, but Jill is just a moron.  Natsume put her in to
    shut all of the whiners up who say "How come boys are the main characters of all of the
    games?!"  Putting Jill in place of Jack like in one of the PSX versions is like making a game
    where Link gets captured by Gannon and Zelda has to rescue him.  But, in the end, Jill can do
    everything Jack can do.
    Billy- He has brown hair and blue jeans.  He appears in the town on some days.  Befriend him
    and he'll reward you with the ever-useful "Fishing Rod".
    The Tuxedo Guy- The "tuxedo guy" as I've dubbed him, is searching for the meaning of life.  He
    has no point as far as I know, but that may change.
    Elza- Elza is the girl with the red bandana, orange hair, and red clothes.  If you become
    friends with her and her sister, who I'll tell you about next, they'll build you what I
    consider the best thing in the game.  The boat that lets you go to the Island whenever you
    Kate- Kate is the girl with the brown hair.  She's Elza's sister and appears in town nearly
    every day.  If you give her lots of items, along with Elza, they will build you a boat.  It
    takes a lot to get them to like you that much, but it's definetly worth it.
    Elder- Elder is the old man in brown that appears near the Elder's House often.
    Become good friends with him to raise your happiness rating.  I don't think there are any other
    benefits with him though.
    The Buyer- The buyer is the big, burly dude with brown hair and overalls every day.  He buys
    whatever you ship.  To ship stuff, call him on your phone after AM through 5 PM.
    The Boat Man- The Boat Man is the guy in all white clothes that appears near the dock on
    Mondays and Thursdays.
    Mermaid- You won't actually witness the Mermaid until late in the game.  Check the beach
    occasionally and you'll find bottles with notes in them.  They'll be from the Mermaid.  After a
    bunch of these notes, you'll need the boat, and then you can sail to the Mermaid's Cave and get
    a Power Berry.
    *Complete coverage of the people on the Mainland in the next version!*
    __ _ _____________________________________________________________ _ _
    |_|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_                           _|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_|
    |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_|    XVI. Next Version    |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_|
    XVI. What to Expect in the Next Version
    Version 1.03- I'll add more days to the Walkthrough (finish Week 4 and start, maybe even
    finish, Week 5), probably add some secrets, more Hints & Tips, more questions in the FAQ
    section, and other odds and ends.  Also, there is an off-chance that I'll add a price
    section.  If I don't do that in the next version, it'll come soon.  Wait until it comes out to
    see it.
    __ __ _____________________________________________________________ _ _
    |_|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_                           _|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_|
    |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_|    XVII. Legal Stuff    |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_|
    XVII. Legal Stuff
    This document has been written for it to appear at Gamefaqs.com.  This script may not be copied
    in any way and/or published in any way.  Any commercial usage of this FAQ is strictly forbidden
    and can only be used for personal use.  Any necessary legal action will take place if any of
    these rules are violated.  Penalty for plagiarism will be convicted.  Harvest Moon, Natsume
    Inc., and any related materials are copyrighted too.
    NOTE: You may use this on your site as long as I say you can.  To reach me e-mail me at
    Want that in English?
    This FAQ was made for GameFAQs.  It can't be published on any site, WITHOUT my permission.  You
    can NOT sell this FAQ or use it to promote your website or company in any way (again) WITHOUT
    my permission.  I will take legal action if I ask you to remove this FAQ from your site and you
    don't.  The rest is self-explanatory.  Now, repeat after me: "I will not use this FAQ on my
    site, or alter it in any way at all without Gauntlet Man 99's permission."
    Now, for the condensed version:
    Do NOT use this FAQ for any commercial purpose, or at all without permission.
    Sites already authorized to use this FAQ: GameFAQs, Gamewinners, Neoseeker, and Harvest Moon
    Outpost.  If you would like your site to be added to that list, email me.
    That's about as much as is possible to say, so you get the point.
    __ __ _____________________________________________________________ _ _
    |_|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_                           _|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_|
    |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_|      XVIII. Credits     |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_|
    XVIII. Credits
    Not that anyone actually reads this section (or the Legal Stuff for that matter), according to
    GameFAQs rules, it must be included.
    Thanks to CjayC for posting this FAQ (Call me a suck up, I don't care)
    Thanks to Natsume for making Harvest Moon
    Thanks to Elza and her great HM3 site (Harvest Moon Spa) for hacking some of the Gameshark
    Thanks to Microsoft Word for screwing up my ASCII art at the top of the FAQ, and then thanks to
    Crazydude for making even better ASCII Art in its place.
    Thanks to me for my e-mail addy.
    Thanks to homestead for my website
    Thanks to Deborah for "kindly" pointing out some errors.
    Thanks to my pen pal for teaching me Japanese
    And thanks to me for writing this (YEA!)
    And thanks to Crazydude426 for helping me like hell on this whole FAQ, nearly all of the word
    art, I suck at it, pointing out the one reason why my FAQ wasn't accepted the first time,
    because I had a R*M site on the FAQ, Giving me a good amount of information on this game, and
    for a lot of other stuff too.
    __ _ _____________________________________________________________ _ _
    |_|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_                           _|_|_   _|_|_   _|_|_|
    |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_|    XIX. Word Count      |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_|
    XIX. Word Count
    Pages: 26
    Words: 8623
    Characters (no spaces): 38563
    Characters (with spaces): 48551
    Paragraphs: 756
    Lines: 1279

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