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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ChaosDemon

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    To survive the blistering farm life, you'll need one heck of a complete guide!
                                 Harvest Moon 3 GBC
                     Written by: ChaosDemon(vampiro_07@hotmail.com)
                                  Version: 0.04
                              Last Updated: 2K1/11/23
             Latest Revisions of this guide can always be located at:
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    MSN Messenger, AIM, Email. See Contacting section for more!
    Hey, it's me, it's me, it's
    "T.J.T", here to bring you
    to victory for a new farm
    all the way in an island.
    That's enough of my jaw-exercise.
    Here we go.
    Table of Contents
    II...........Version History
    IV...........Harvest Moon 3 Q & A
    VI...........Starting the game
    X............Other ways of earning Gold
                                         L E G A L
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    FAQ on it without me credited, report to me right away!
    Now with all that out of the way, let's get on with the Version History! :P
                              V E R S I O N  H I S T O R Y
    |--------12/01/01 7:05 PM--------|
    - Added everything except for Other Ways of Earning Gold, that to come soon.
    Walkthrough is NOT completed, but most sections are.
    |--------11/30/01 6:26 PM--------|
    - Added most of the S E E D S section, only Fall and Winter to go.  As for
    the walkthrough, still at Spring, but I'm working on the game, too.  I'm
    about to add the Animals section and Q & A.
    |--------11/28/01 8:55 PM--------|
     - Added Spring walkthrough, I hope it actually helps you, it's
    my first FAQ on this kind of game after all.
    |--------11/25/01 2:20 PM--------|
    -"The beginning of a new era"-Triple H. He said it best, and it is
    a new era!  I'm really excited to get this one under way!
                                  I N T R O D U C T I O N
          Yep, it's the sequel to Harvest Moon 2 GBC, which happens to be the
    sequel of Harvest Moon GBC.  This game is overall an expanded version of
    Harvest Moon 2.  The recipe to a good expansion game: some new crops, new
    citizens to meet and new animals to own. These are just some of the little things
    that exists in Harvest Moon 3.  Plus, you don't need Harvest Moon 2 for this
    to work, but it does help to know the basics, which brings me up to my next
         The play control; the thing about the Harvest Moon series is if you haven't
    played one of the sister games (doesn't matter which ones you play first)
    you'll still be able to pick up the game and get right to it.  But this style
    of control isn't exclusive; many companies try to the same.
        The recreation process of Natsume's Harvest 3 GBC is simply amazing. Nat-
    sume have been able to create a whole different game with the same style of
    play but still be able to make an enjoyable game.  In my mind, those are just
    some of the things that make Natsume's Harvest Moon 3 a must have for any
    Harvest Moon fan.
        The graphics; The graphics of the three Harvest Moon games were always
    similar, and for harvest moon 3 there's no exception.  Maybe there's some
    improvements, but I didn't get to see it all yet.
         Overall; Harvest Moon 3 is good a refreshment for the Harvest Moon fan,
    I find it as a good farmin' life game, if you're looking for a game to play
    when you want to experience the farm life, head down to the your local video
    game retailer and pick up Harvest Moon 3.
    My short review over score: 8/10
    -ChaosDemon "May the Crease be with you"
                              H A R V E S T  M O O N 3  Q & A
          Welcome to the section where _you_ get to ask _me_ questions on Harvest
    Moon 3!  Here are some.  Oh yeah, you can send in your question to the email
    address: vampiro_07@hotmail.com
    Q: How should I plant the crops?
    A: There's a nice way for you to plant your crops, and that is put it in a
    3x3 format leaving one un-touched square.  The shape of the format will look
    like a "C".  See the B A S I C S section for more!
    Q: Why are there levels on my tools?
    A: I'm 100% sure yet, but I have a theory.  Here it is: In the beginning,
    the Hammer can not take out the logs for lumber, but later, I think it can.
    The same goes out for the Ax, I just can't seem to break the huge bolders,
    but later, I think it can, too.
    Q: When should I get animals?
    A: That's really your decision to make.  There's some things to keep in mind
    though: don't buy Animals until you are FINANCIALLY ready.  Meaning, if you
    only have 1000G and you want to buy a chicken, you'll have 0G afterwards and
    you won't be able to keep up with the crops and other things like that.
    Q: How many tools are there in the game?
    A: How can I answer that if I haven't beaten the game yet?  But I'll answer
    that when I do beat the game.
    Q: How many animals are there?
    A: 4, as far as I know.
    Q: Are there any other suggested ways to grow crops?
    A: No, until I figure out another one that is.
    Q: How can I get my Eggs to hatch?
    A: You'll need a male chicken(Rooster) to sit on the egg.  That's right, the
    male chickens are useless, but until you can afford it, just stick to selling
    the Eggs.
    Q: How come some of my crops are gone?
    A: Because you stink at guarding.  But seriously, some wild animals haven't
    taken the liberty to eat it.  You'll need a Scarecrow to protect your crops.
    Q: Where can I buy a Scarecrow and how much does it cost?
    A: You can get it at the Farmers' Union and it costs 3200G(I think, either
    that or 32000G)
    Q: Why should I buy the TV?
    A: You can buy it to view the weather and what's coming up tommorow, but if
    you want my opinion...
    (They're really ripping you off, 80,000G? No TV is worth _that_ much.
    Q: Where can I buy animals?
    A: Farmers' Union.
    Q: How do I reach the Mainland?
    A: You'll need to take the Ferry there.  To get to the ferry, you'll need to
    goto the town and head south and then talk to the man in the white.  He's on-
    ly there on Mondays and Thursdays.  He's not there on Tuesday, Wednsday,
    Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  He's also not there when it's raining or snowing.
    Q: What should I do to the towns' folk?
    A: Nothing.  If you don't want to, but there is something for you to do.  If
    you feel like your just crawling in cash, then take your crops and chuck it
    at the towns' folk.  I'm not sure what this does yet; but it's somethin to do
    with presents.
    Q: What are the levels on the Tools for?
    A: I finally figured this out.  You'll need to use a that tool a lot so it
    can become a higher level.  Once a tool is at level 2, you can perfrom the
    super smash[Hoe], the super slam[Hammer], the super swing[Ax], you're probably
    getting the drift.  To do the listed moves, hold the A-button until the tool
    turns gold, then release.  By using the Super Hoe thing, you can make a smash
    of 3 squares.
          That's all I can think of, if you have any questions, send it to:
                                       B A S I C S
    A button
    The action button, you can use the A button to speak with people, use the tool
    you're holding, lift up crops to bring it places and even jump into hotsprings.
    B button
    You can use this Cancel selections, exit menus, and put stuff into your bag
    when you're holding something.
    Control Pad
    Use the control pad to move around, pick selections on menus, and switch
    between menus.
    START button
    In regular games, you would use the start button to pause games, but in Harvest
    Moon 3, there' always a little exception.  Use the start button to see the
    status menu.  For example you can find out what's the time, season and the day
    of the week.
    Select button
    The select button is used for you to see the user menu.  In other words, you
    can use it to select your tool, see what's in your bag, see how many seeds
    you have and things like that.
                                    Crops and Stuff
    Tools & What they do
    Hand: This really isn't a tool...it's like a weapon!  You can use this to
    pick stuff up.  You can use this to pick crops up, pick wheat (un-needed
    stuff in the field.)
    Hoe: You need this tool to till the soil.  In order to plant crops, you need
    to till the soil.  Find yellow ground and use the Hoe to make a square for
    planting crops.  In my view, here's the best way to till the soil.
    "C Pattern; one square not tilled with one-square border"
     __ __ __    __ __ __
    |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    |__|__|__|  |__|__|__|     KEY
    |  |  |   US   |  |  |   __===
    |__|__|__      |__|__|  |  |: One hoe-smashed square soil
    |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |__|
    |__|__|__|  |__|__|__|    US:Un-smashed soil
    ...This style works best because when the crops become matured, you won't
    be able to step on them, like when they were on seed-form.  Use this, and use
    it well.  May the force be with you.
    Sickle: You can use this to cut wheat and cut off grass for fodder it is
    dark green.  Quickly...Sickle = Pair of scissors
    Hammer: You have to use this to smash the rocks around the fields.  For some
    reason, I can brake the huge bolders with this.
    Shovel: You only have to use this once(I think), use this set-up the hot
    Ax: Use the Axe to cut the logs to get lumber for additional add-ons to your
    Don’t Work to hard on bad-weather days!
    That’s right, when it's snowing and raining you won't be able to work as well.
    Don't stay out too long, or you might catch a cold and miss a whole day of
    work the following day!  In math: You - Bad weather days = Good.
    How to sell crops
    Once you've grown your crops to it's maturist form (when you can actually
    carry the crop above your head) Throw it into your bag (B button) and then
    run to the storage room.  Your crops will now be kept in the storage room.
    Goto your house and talk to the phone.  Choose "YES" to call then farmer's
    union.  Now choose "Shipment" and select what you want to sell.
    ...That's about it, if there's anything I missed; tell me at:
                            S T A R T I N G  T H E  G A M E
          Of course what would a complete guide be if I didn't tell you how to
    start the game itself?  Haha, I thought you'd want to know.  So, let's get
    on with it.  To start off, in the title screen where it tells you to push Start,
    press it to advance into the main menu.  Choose "Start Game" to start a game.
    Enter your name, choose your blood type, select your gender and choose a pet.
    The opening scene is pretty simple; you'll be in your old farm, and the Mayor
    will come to talk to you.  He tells you that a relivitive of his has just
    passed away and he need somebody with experience to look after his farm (I.E.
    you) So, now that you've accepted the challenge you probably want to get on
    with it right?  And with that "YES", you're on your way!
          I should also mention a small little detail, you're stuck with either
    a boy or a girl who just sits around.  It will be a girl if you've chose a
    boy and it'll be a girl if you chose a boy.  The girl(or boy) will sit around
    until you get some animals.
          It's really hard for me to create a walkthrough for such an odd game.
    I say 'odd' because I have never written a FAQ for a game that is marked with
    days.  BUT, yes, there's always a but, I'll try to do my best to bring you
    to the end of the game.  I will tell walkthroughs in paragraph form.  I find
    it rather 'game spoiling' by telling you day-by-day, and that practically
    leaves you with no exploration of your own.  I do not intend to insult the
    other authors by speaking like this, since everybody have their own style of
    FAQ writing.
          Yes, it's really so, you have really embarked in a whole other adventure.
    The first day (or two days) should be the day(s) that you spend most of your
    time clearing away the stuff in the fields.  The 'stuff' are wheats and small
    rocks (because you won't be able to take out the huge bolders yet.)  With
    the fields (almost) cleared out, you should start tilling the soil into shape
    and prepare for the crops.  The crops that you can get in spring includes:
    Turnips, Potatoes and Asparagus.  Head into the house beside the storage room
    and grab the shovel in the top left corner of this house.  Select the shovel
    from the Tool menu and start diggin'!  Dig on the soil until there's no more
    soil for you dig on.  Head back into your house and talk to the fire place.
    By doing this, you'll recieve 1000G of secret savings!
          It's time to move onto later days.  In the next week or so, you'll need
    to buy some crops.  If it's a Monday, head to the village and go south all
    the way.  Talk to the man in white here and he'll let you ride his ferry for
    free into the mainland!  This is extremely crucial because a lot of the stores
    are in the mainland.  Once over there in the mainland, head south and into
    Mainland Map.
          Now in the mainland map, there are a couple of places you gotta go.
    There are a total of three places in the mainland.  The Farmer's Union: in
    this handy-dandy place, you can purchase animals (please see ANIMALS section
    for more information) and Grass.  The Shopping Mall: Here's where you can
    go shopping for quality items, seeing that it's a shopping mall and all.
    You can buy Seeds here and upstairs it's a home-improvement place.  You can
    buy a Television set for 80,000G(Rip off?  You bet!) With just one friggin'
    channel!  You came for Seeds, I suggest buy some Turnip seeds (a lot of them)
    Bring them back to your farm and get on with the show!  You are also holding
    three different kind of seeds as we speak; you have a bag of Turnip Seeds,
    a bag of Potatoe and a bag of Asparagus.  If you forgot about how you should
    plant them, here it is again:
    "C Pattern; one square not tilled with one-square border"
     __ __ __    __ __ __
    |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    |__|__|__|  |__|__|__|
    |  |  |   US   |  |  |  This can be located at the B A S I C S section.
    |__|__|__      |__|__|
    |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    |__|__|__|  |__|__|__|
          The Turnip seeds are the best way to go starting off, you can get a lot
    of cash in return for forking over very little.  Just make sure you plant
    a lot of them.  The Potatoe takes some time to finish growing and you should
    plant a little of them.  You can get more than 1000G for buying 5 bags of
    Turnip seeds (estimated.) Make sure to water your seeds each day for them
    to grow! *ChaosDemon's one minute tip* If it's raining, you won't  have to
    water them.  </ChaosDemon's one minute tip> You should repeat this for a week
    or so to gain some cash.
          With week one gone, it's time to start on the animal stock.  Head to
    the mainland again and into the framer's union.  Buy four bags of grass seeds
    and bring them back to your farm.  Head to the back of the chicken barn.
    Set up the soil like before, but don't leave any watering space or space
    between the grass fields.  Give the grass about a week or so to become ready
    for slicing.  Once it is, take your Sickle to the back of the Chicken barn
    and chop the the grass (you'll know when the grass is ready; it'll be dark
    green) you should have more than 20 fodder pieces now.  What are fooder pieces?
    You need fodder to feed animals and without them, you won't be able to buy
    one.  Look for the silo and read the sign to find out how many fodder pieces
    you have.  You should now be ready to buy a Chicken.  Head to the Farmer's
    Union and buy a female Chicken (read Animals section on how to take care of
    the chicken)
          I think we're almost approaching finsihed with the spring season, so
    let's just be commited to earn more cash.  You might even want another chicken,
    but you're going to need to get a male one this time.  You'll need the male
    to sit on the egg to hatch it.  Read Animals section for more details.
          The final week of Spring should be all about earning money.  Throw your
    eggs into the storage for selling.  Continue to plant Turnips to earn money,
    and things like that.  There's one final note, in order to keep those Spring
    crops alive, you must not let them carry into Summer.  Once it becomes summer,
    your Spring crops (turnips, etc) will die out and you'll have been ripped
    because you won't get any money for it.
          With Spring in the past, it's time to make preparations to become a
    rich farmer.  Summer is right around the corner, and summer means watermelons
    and watermelons means cash.  Buy some water melons and work on getting a
    Cow or two.  I must leave you now because I must spend some time working on
    the game as well.  I'll be back with more, until then, kudos!
    ...more coming soon
                                        S E E D S
          Here's where I'll be telling you the seeds availabe and a short
    description about them.
    Cost: Low
    Sell: Low
    Time to Grow: Fast
    All year round: No
    Descrpition: A very great crop to start with, it costs low, and it takes about
    two days to turn into selling-form.  Make sure you grow a lot of them.
    Cost: Medium
    Sell: Medium
    Time to Grow: Medium
    All year round: No
    Description: A crop for farmers who has about two weeks of experience.  You
    should use Potatoes to earn extra-cash from all the Turnip growing.  Pick
    this up if you want to make extra cash.  One thing to remember though: you
    shouldn't _just_ be growing Potatoes, have some Turnips in the mix, too.
    Cost: Medium
    Sell: Medium
    Time to grow: Medium
    All year round: no
    Description: This crop is about the same as Potatoes, so here's the description:
    A crop for farmers who has about two weeks of experience.  You
    should use Asparagus to earn extra-cash from all the Turnip growing.  Pick
    this up if you want to make extra cash.  One thing to remember though: you
    shouldn't _just_ be growing Asparagus, have some Turnips in the mix, too.
    Cost: High
    Sell: VERY High
    Time to grow: Very Slow
    All season-round: Yes
    Description: A very good crop to grow anytime!  Make sure you get some water-
    melon seeds as fast as possible!  You can make upto 2000G in about a week
    or so.  Grow as many as you can possibly afford.  When you sell your first
    eight watermelons, you'll know what I'm talkin' about!
    Cost: Low
    Sell: Medium
    Time to grow: Fast
    All-season-round: Yes
    Description: Here's a backup crop to the Watermelon.  You can use this little
    red crop to earn quick profits.  Grow some of these with the Watermelon seeds
    to make some additional profits.
    Cost: High
    Sell: Medium
    Time to grow: Slow
    All-season round: Yes
    Description: That's just about the wrap, you gotta be saying: "Wow, all these
    piece of crap crops that grow so slow."  Even though this is the real truth,
    it gets made up. How?  All these crops can grow from Summer 1 all the way to
    31.  High selling price with a low profit, that's bad.  Keep away from these
    unless you really get desperate,
    ...more coming soon
                                        T O O L S
    Hand: This really isn't a tool...it's like a weapon!  You can use this to
    pick stuff up.  You can use this to pick crops up, pick wheat (un-needed
    stuff in the field.)
    Hoe: You need this tool to sill the soil.  In order to plant crops, you need
    to sill the soil.  Find yellow ground and use the Hoe to make a square for
    planting crops.  In my view, here's the best way to till the soil. (Check
    Sickle: You can use this to cut wheat and cut off grass for fodder it is
    dark green.  Quickly...Sickle = Pair of scissors
    Hammer: You have to use this to smash the rocks around the fields.  For some
    reason, I can brake the huge bolders with this.
    Shovel: You only have to use this once(I think), use this set-up the hot
    Ax: Use the Axe to cut the logs to get lumber for additional add-ons to your
                                      A N I M A L S
          Welcome to the Animals section!  Thanks to me of course, I like my FAQs,
    they're _nice_  Now let's get my yappish out of the way and on with the
    show.  PLEASE NOTE: As of today, I haven't been able to get far enough in
    the game to actually get some of the animals.  I have some but not all.  What
    I'm trying to say is, a lot of these are just [educated] guesses.
    Basic Info
    Taking care of live-stock is something that is not for the weak.  You'll have
    to look after them every single day, feed them, take them out for exsercise,
    etc.  You should think really carefully before you buy an animal, you must be
    commited to take care of them.  Once you've done enough, you'll be rewarded.
    Also, you should let them roam behind their barns when it's day and it isn't
    raining.  FINAL NOTE: Don't forget to feed them!
    Price         : 5000G
    Profits       : Milk, Cheese, Butter
    Grass Required: 6 bags
    Fodder        : 30(I think)
    Upgrade       : None
    Analysis      : The Cows are really friendly lookin' animals, but taking care
    of them will seem like man-slaughter.  I'm not too good at looking after
    cows.  It takes a full season for Cows to become adults.  What does that
    mean you say?  It means that cows can only give milk if it's an adult.  Get
    cows when you can afford it.
    Price         : 1000G
    Profits       : Egg, Golden Egg
    Grass Required: 4 Bags
    Fodder        : 20
    Upgrade       : Golden Chicken
    Analysis      : Chickens are the choice for rookie farmers, easy to take care
    of and you'll get an Egg a day if you remember to feed them.  To get the
    Golden Chicken, the chicken must REALLY like you and you have to of own it
    for a year.
    Price         : 2000G
    Profits       : None
    Grass Required: 6 Bags(I think)
    Fodder        : N/A[yet]
    Upgrade       : None
    Analysis      : The horse can not give you profits, but it can help you get
    around the farm much easier by riding on it.  If you don't like to hold down
    the B-button everytime you're walking, then the horse is the way to go.
    Price         : 3000G
    Profits       : Wool
    Grass Required: 5-6 bags(I think)
    Fodder        : N/A[yet]
    Upgrade       : None
    Analysis      : The Sheep in Harvest Moon 2 was a killer, you'd have to build
    that damn barn so you can have it.  But luckily for you, Harvest Moon 3 comes
    with a Sheep barn ready to go.  Taking care of the sheep is pretty much
    the same as Cows.  You'll need to do the regular routines and let it roam
                   O T H E R   W A Y S  O F   E A R N I N G  G O L D
    ...coming soon
                                  C O N T A C T I N G
    (Contributions are always welcomed!)
          This is a new section I decided to make. This clears up things for
    contacting.  A lot of people send me hate mail after I fail to reply to their
    so-called "important" letter.  The truth is, I determine whethere your letter
    is an important one or not.  I get a lot of email everyday, and I don't have
    the time (nor the patience) to answer each of the everylast 26 emails I get.
    However, questions mentioned in the FAQ will NOT be answered.  So, before
    sending in your email, make sure it's not mentioned in the FAQ, alright?
    With the disclaimer taken care of, here are the methods how you can contact
    me through.
    ...But before get there:
    When emailing me, please do your best to follow these guidelines.  The more
    you follow, the better chance you'll get a reply!
    When you send spam to me (or anyone else) you're putting yourself at risk.
    If I forward your letter to your email host, you can easily lose your account
    and be prevented from making another one.  Yes, that's a bad thing (maybe) :P
    ...But not all kinds, all I accept is _contructive_ crictism.  Before you
    start asking, "Your FAQs sucks."-That isn't constructive crictism.  Tell me
    ways to improve my FAQ, that's constructive.
    You don't believe how much of this I get.  If you ask a stupid question, you
    will not get a stupid answer -- you won't get an answer!  So make sure it
    isn't mentioned in the FAQ.
    I am not allowed to tell you more about myself than already mentioned in this
    FAQ, so don't ask these questions.
    That's about it, so here are the methods:
    Email: vampiro_07@hotmail.com
    MSN Messenger: vampiro_07@hotmail.com
    Aol Instant Messenger(AIM): ChaosDemon007[Not on much]
    If you didn't read this section, make sure you do. :P
    CJayC: For posting this FAQ
    Me: Hey...I am the writer right?
    You: For reading this FAQ!
    Copyright 2001 Tony J. Tso (ChaosDemon, Vampiro)
    Just another FAQ brought to you by...
    ______________                        _____
    __  ____/__  /_______ ________________  __ \___________ ________________
    _  /    __  __ \  __ `/  __ \_  ___/_  / / /  _ \_  __ `__ \  __ \_  __ \
    / /___  _  / / / /_/ // /_/ /(__  )_  /_/ //  __/  / / / / / /_/ /  / / /
    \____/  /_/ /_/\__,_/ \____//____/ /_____/ \___//_/ /_/ /_/\____//_/ /_/
    "Walking into a bar isn't a bad thing; you just end up with a big lump in
    your head afterwards."
    -Timber "Curious George" Hyren
    You're done reading this FAQ! I hope you've learned something from it!

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