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    Save State Hacking Guide by lil hentai fairy

    Version: 0.8 | Updated: 04/11/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    			Harvest Moon 3
    			Boy Meets Girl
    		   Save State Editing Guide	
    		     By lil hentai fairy
    	     Most save state offsets by Crescens 2k
    		    Started March 9th 2002
    		1st Major update April 11th 2002
    			 Version 0.8
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Legal Stuff
    3. The Guide
    	3.1 Character/Partner Names
    	3.2 Animal Names
    	3.3 Partner's Love
    	3.4 Friends
    	3.5 Animal Condition / Affection / Gender / Age / Colour
    	3.6 How to make new animals ^_^;
    	3.7 Tools Menu
    	3.8 Other Items
    	3.9 Seeds
    	3.10 Backpack
    	3.11 Shipping Storage
    	3.12 Misc Stuff
    4. Value Tables
    5. Credits
    6. Contact the Author
    1. Introduction
    09/03/02 Righty then.  To all who have taken the time to look at this 
    guide, i'd like to thank you.  This is my very first work for any game 
    anywhere, so when you decide to comment / flame me, be nice please.  How 
    you respond to this work determines whether or not i do any more work in 
    the future.
    Ok now we've got the 'be nice to me' bit out of the way, to make this
    guide, i used the TGB Dual GBC emulator and my trusty copy of 
    Hex Workshop.  I use these because i think that they are the best out 
    there and where the others fail, these succeed.
    The latest versions can be downloaded from :-
    TGB Dual - http://gigo.retrogames.com/
    Hex Workshop - http://www.bpsoft.com/
    11/04/02 I kind of lost interest in this guide, and i kind of lost the 
    guide i keep on my computer because of a reinstallation of windows.  
    Most of the new stuff in here is all because of Crescens 2k.  He and 
    certain e-mails i've recieved have given me back my inspiration to write 
    this guide again, so a big thank you to all involved ^_^
    2. Legal Stuff
    This Guide was typed by ME! I put a lot of work into this.  Discoveries
    were made by ME unless stated otherwise.  Anyone's work i use, i credit
    them in the Credits section of this guide and in the place in the guide
    where i use their work.  Please do not plagarize my work or do anything
    with this guide other than its intended use because i won't be happy
    and neither would you be if it happened to you.  Remember that the 
    Hentai Fairies know where you live!
    There will be a list of sites with permission to post this guide here
    in this section.  If this guide is found anywhere other than in the
    sites listed, then please report it to me by my address given in the
    contact section.
    Other than that, i thank anyone who makes space on their website for my
    guide and all i ask is that they contact me by the e-mail address given
    in the Contact section, and i will gladly e-mail you the latest version
    of this guide. (takes a deep breath)
    Sites with Permission to post this guide
    Game FAQS (www.gamefaqs.com)
    Neoseeker (www.neoseeker.com)
    Your site here... just ask!
    3. The Guide
    Before i begin on the bit you've all been waiting the last 2 sections
    and table of contents for, i need to explain a couple of things.
    The harvest moon 3 save states gives you the full save file so you are
    therefore able to modify things in both save games, and also the active
    game data is also stored in a second memory location.  The offset 
    (difference) between game 1 and game 2 is 1000 hex.
    Put into english it means that since the game 1 main character name is 
    stored at 00012008 - 0001200B then the main character name for game 2
    is stored at 00013008 - 0001300B.  If you compare the two, then you 
    will see that there is 1000 hex difference between the two addresses.
    Also, assuming that game 1 is the active game, the main character's
    name will also be stored at 00001404 - 00001407.  The rule is the same
    for all the data discussed in this guide, only the addresses are 
    3.1 Character/Partner Names
    Main Character
    Active Data - 00001404 - 00001408
    Game 1 Data - 00012008 - 0001200B
    Game 2 Data - 00013008 - 0001300B
    Active Data - 00001414 - 00001418
    Game 1 Data - 00012018 - 0001201B
    Game 2 Data - 00013018 - 0001301B
    3.2 Animal Names
    The rule for all the animals you can give names to (cows, horses, 
    sheep) is that starting from the start value, you can put in 8 names
    of 4 letters but you have to put in FF after each name.  You must also
    use FF to signify a blank if your animal's name has less than 4 letters
    (eg. a cow named moo or a sheep named baa)
    Example 1, a cow named Beef
    the value would be 0B (B) 28 (e) 28 (e) 29 (f) and you would put FF 
    after this so it would read in your hex editor 0B282829FF
    Example 2, a sheep named Baa
    the value would be 0B (B) 24 (a) 24 (a) FF (blank space) and you would
    put FF after this so it would read 0B2424FFFF in your hex editor
    After the FF that indicates the end of the name, you can put in the
    value of the first letter of the next animal's name
    Active Data - Starting from 0000172A
    Game 1 Data - Starting from 0001232E
    Game 2 Data - Starting from 0001332E
    Active Data - Starting from 00001752
    Game 1 Data - Starting from 00012356
    Game 2 Data - Starting from 00013356
    Active Data - Starting from 0000177A
    Game 1 Data - Starting from 0001237E
    Game 2 Data - Starting from 0001337E
    3.3 Partner's Love
    This bit nearly didn't happen, it was the hardest to find in the save
    state file.  it was thanks to ragewarrior's code that this value was
    this one hasn't been completely tested yet so i'm not sure if it allows
    you to marry them after a while.  when you do set the max value though
    the partner does speak about making the girl's father's dream come true
    so i can only assume that if you keep giving her items, the marriage
    will eventually happen.
    The MAX value for the partner's love is 63 Hex.  if you go higher than
    63, the game will put your partner's love back to 0
    If anyone finds out if you can marry the partner, or if any of my 
    assumptions here are incorrect, please let me know
    Also note there are two values for love. Both of these need to be maxed
    for the game to start on the marrage. If you don't max both of them
    then you will have to wait while the game brings up one of them by
    you giving an item a day.
    Active Data - 00001A35 and 00001A36
    Game 1 Data - 00012639 and 0001263A
    Game 2 Data - 00013639 and 0001363A
    3.4 Friends
    Here I will give you the addresses for the other people in the game.
    Remember though that not all of the general people have friendship
    values, only the ones in this list. I may be missing one, so please if
    anyone knows could you tell me.
    As with the other sections, the max value for friends is 63 Hex.
    Active Data - 000017C3
    Game 1 Data - 000123C7
    Game 2 Data - 000133C7
    Active Data - 000017C4
    Game 1 Data - 000123C8
    Game 2 Data - 000133C8
    Active Data - 000017C5
    Game 1 Data - 000123C9
    Game 2 Data - 000133C9
    Active Data - 000017C6
    Game 1 Data - 000123CA
    Game 2 Data - 000133CA
    Active Data - 000017C7
    Game 1 Data - 000123CB
    Game 2 Data - 000133CB
    Active Data - 000017C8
    Game 1 Data - 000123CC
    Game 2 Data - 000133CC
    Active Data - 000017CA
    Game 1 Data - 000123CE
    Game 2 Data - 000133CE
    Active Data - 000017CB
    Game 1 Data - 000123CF
    Game 2 Data - 000133CF
    Active Data - 000017CC
    Game 1 Data - 000123D0
    Game 2 Data - 000133D0
    3.5 Animal Condition / Affection / Gender / Age / Colour
    Maxing a chicken's affection rating WILL turn the chicken into a GOLD
    With the other animals, maxing their affection will be the same as if
    the girl partner had been taking care of them for all that time,
    i.e large milk, and the best wool.
    max affection ratings for the animals is 63
    Affection Ratings
    These are 8 bytes one after another for each animal. 17A2 is sheep 1, 
    17A3 is sheep 2 etc.
    Active Data - starting from 000017A2
    Game 1 Data - Starting from 000123A6
    Game 2 Data - Starting from 000133A6
    Active Data - Starting from 000017AA
    Game 1 Data - Starting from 000123AE
    Game 2 Data - Starting from 000133AE
    Active Data - Starting from 000017B2
    Game 1 Data - Starting from 000123B6
    Game 2 Data - Starting from 000133B6
    Active Data - Starting from 000017BA
    Game 1 Data - Starting from 000123BE
    Game 2 Data - Starting from 000133BE
    Condition/Gender etc.
    Each of these are 5 bytes long, and there is one for each animal. 
    Sheep 1 is at 168A, sheep 2 is at 178F etc. The layout of the 5 
    byte blocks is as follows. Byte 1 is if you have one and it's
    gender, value between 80 and BF will mean you have one and it's 
    male, a value between C0 and FF will mean you have one and it's 
    female. Byte 2 is for the growth of the animal, if it is young or
    adult. Byte 3 is for the colour of the animal in general. Byte 4 
    is for the condition of the animal, 00 is healthy, 01 is Unhappy, 
    02 is Sick, FF is pregnant, although I am sure this requres another 
    memory area to be changed that I haven't found yet. Byte 5 is for 
    the pattern of the animal, well I think anyway, still checking this 
    Please note that this is still being tested and the information 
    here isn't final.
    Active Data - Starting from 0000168A
    Game 1 Data - Starting from 0001228E
    Game 2 Data - Starting from 0001328E
    Active Data - Starting from 000016B2
    Game 1 Data - Starting from 000122B6
    Game 2 Data - Starting from 000132B6
    Active Data - Starting from 000016DA
    Game 1 Data - Starting from 000122DE
    Game 2 Data - Starting from 000132DE
    Active Data - Starting from 00001702
    Game 1 Data - Starting from 00012306
    Game 2 Data - Starting from 00013306
    3.6 How to make new animals
    It's possible to make new animals using all that is discussed in the
    previous sections relating to the animals.  Enter the name you want
    into a free space (ending it with FF of course) and then decide whether
    you want a male or female animal, young or adult, (or in the case of 
    chickens, just the affection and age of the animal) and then you can set
    an affection rating for it.... simple isn't it? ^_^
    Again this is still being tested, but previous experiments have been
    successful.  Enjoy!
    3.7 Tools Menu
    Here is the addresses that affects the tools in the menu. I cannot find
    the last item, the egg, anywhere at the moment. So please don't mail
    about that.
    With the first three addresses, the value of the byte determins the 
    item that is available. Example, address 3 values. If it is set to 01
    then the brush is active. If 10 then horse medicine is active. This is 
    the same as the condition/gender for animals where you can combine
    For a full list of values see section 4.
    Address 1
    Active Data - 00001447
    Game 1 Data - 0001204B
    Game 2 Data - 0001304B
    Address 2
    Active Data - 00001448
    Game 1 Data - 0001204C
    Game 2 Data - 0001304C
    Address 3
    Active Data - 00001459
    Game 1 Data - 0001205D
    Game 2 Data - 0001305D
    Active Data - 00001580
    Game 1 Data - 00012184
    Game 2 Data - 00013184
    Active Data - 0000157C
    Game 1 Data - 00012180
    Game 2 Data - 00013180
    3.8 Other Items
    These are the addresses for other items like the makers for butter,
    cheese and other things. Also household items are kept here too.
    Like the first three addresses from the section above, these items are
    controlled by single bits. You can also add them together to get more
    than one.
    See section 4 for a list of all values.
    Household Rugs and Makers
    Active Data - 00001442
    Game 1 Data - 00012046
    Game 2 Data - 00013046
    Other Household Items
    Active Data - 00001443
    Game 1 Data - 00012047
    Game 2 Data - 00013047
    3.9 Seeds
    There seems to be two seperate values for the seeds. Only the first 
    value seems to have any effect on the game. If anyone notices any 
    effects when changing the second value could you please mail me about
    Active Data - 00001568 or 00001B34
    Game 1 Data - 0001216C or 00012738
    Game 2 Data - 0001316C or 00013738
    Active Data - 00001569 or 00001B35
    Game 1 Data - 0001216D or 00012739
    Game 2 Data - 0001316D or 00013739
    Active Data - 0000156A or 00001B36
    Game 1 Data - 0001216E or 0001273A
    Game 2 Data - 0001316E or 0001373A
    Active Data - 0000156B or 00001B37
    Game 1 Data - 0001216F or 0001273B
    Game 2 Data - 0001316F or 0001373B
    Active Data - 0000156C or 00001B38
    Game 1 Data - 00012170 or 0001273C
    Game 2 Data - 00013170 or 0001373C
    Water Melon
    Active Data - 0000156D or 00001B39
    Game 1 Data - 00012171 or 0001273D
    Game 2 Data - 00013171 or 0001373D
    Active Data - 0000156E or 00001B3A
    Game 1 Data - 00012172 or 0001273D
    Game 2 Data - 00013172 or 0001373D
    Active Data - 0000156F or 00001B3B
    Game 1 Data - 00012173 or 0001273E
    Game 2 Data - 00013173 or 0001373E
    Sweet Potato
    Active Data - 00001570 or 00001B3C
    Game 1 Data - 00012174 or 0001273F
    Game 2 Data - 00013174 or 0001373F
    Active Data - 00001571 or 00001B3D
    Game 1 Data - 00012175 or 00012740
    Game 2 Data - 00013175 or 00013740
    Active Data - 00001572 or 00001B3E
    Game 1 Data - 00012176 or 00012741
    Game 2 Data - 00013176 or 00013741
    Stardust Flower
    Active Data - 00001573 or 00001B3F
    Game 1 Data - 00012177 or 00012742
    Game 2 Data - 00013177 or 00013742
    Cherry Flower
    Active Data - 00001574 or 00001B40
    Game 1 Data - 00012178 or 00012743
    Game 2 Data - 00013178 or 00013743
    Primrose Flower
    Active Data - 00001575 or 00001B41
    Game 1 Data - 00012179 or 00012744
    Game 2 Data - 00013179 or 00013744
    Moonlight Flower
    Active Data - 00001576 or 00001B42
    Game 1 Data - 0001217A or 00012745
    Game 2 Data - 0001317A or 00013745
    S. Star Flower
    Active Data - 00001577 or 00001B43
    Game 1 Data - 0001217B or 00012746
    Game 2 Data - 0001317B or 00013746
    Comet Flower
    Active Data - 00001578 or 00001B44
    Game 1 Data - 0001217C or 00012747
    Game 2 Data - 0001317C or 00013747
    F. Moon Flower
    Active Data - 00001579 or 00001B45
    Game 1 Data - 0001217D or 00012748
    Game 2 Data - 0001317D or 00013748
    S. Dream Flower
    Active Data - 0000157A or 00001B46
    Game 1 Data - 0001217E or 00012749
    Game 2 Data - 0001317E or 00013749
    Active Data - 0000157B or 00001B47
    Game 1 Data - 0001217F or 0001274A
    Game 2 Data - 0001317F or 0001374A
    3.10 Backpack
    The backpack stores an item code in the location for the slot. For a
    list of digits please see section 4 for the full list of digits to use.
    I have included the addresses for slots 1 through 16, but if you
    haven't received the bigger backpack as your birthday gift then slot
    9 to 16 will not work.
    Slot 1
    Active Data - 00001582
    Game 1 Data - 00012189
    Game 2 Data - 00013189
    Slot 2
    Active Data - 00001583
    Game 1 Data - 0001218A
    Game 2 Data - 0001318A
    Slot 3
    Active Data - 00001584
    Game 1 Data - 0001218B
    Game 2 Data - 0001318B
    Slot 4
    Active Data - 00001585
    Game 1 Data - 0001218C
    Game 2 Data - 0001318C
    Slot 5
    Active Data - 00001586
    Game 1 Data - 0001218D
    Game 2 Data - 0001318D
    Slot 6
    Active Data - 00001587
    Game 1 Data - 0001218E
    Game 2 Data - 0001318E
    Slot 7
    Active Data - 00001588
    Game 1 Data - 0001218F
    Game 2 Data - 0001318F
    Slot 8
    Active Data - 00001589
    Game 1 Data - 00012190
    Game 2 Data - 00013190
    Slot 9
    Active Data - 0000158A
    Game 1 Data - 00012191
    Game 2 Data - 00013191
    Slot 10
    Active Data - 0000158B
    Game 1 Data - 00012192
    Game 2 Data - 00013192
    Slot 11
    Active Data - 0000158C
    Game 1 Data - 00012193
    Game 2 Data - 00013193
    Slot 12
    Active Data - 0000158D
    Game 1 Data - 00012194
    Game 2 Data - 00013194
    Slot 13
    Active Data - 0000158E
    Game 1 Data - 00012195
    Game 2 Data - 00013195
    Slot 14
    Active Data - 0000158F
    Game 1 Data - 00012196
    Game 2 Data - 00013196
    Slot 15
    Active Data - 00001590
    Game 1 Data - 00012197
    Game 2 Data - 00013197
    Slot 16
    Active Data - 00001591
    Game 1 Data - 00012198
    Game 2 Data - 00013198
    3.11 Shipping Storage
    This section is long and is a little complicated. It would help if you 
    could add hexidecimal numbers to make sure you don't go over 63 hex. Or
    you could use a calculator. :p
    Well, now starts the complicated bit. For perishable items, such as
    the crops, milk, eggs etc. you have 7 different values for them. Each 
    value stands for the amount of crops put into the storage on what day
    of the week, the values start at Monday.
    An example would be 0A21 0012 1A02 00. If the current day is Sunday,
    any items put into the storage would be placed into the last byte.
    The same would go if the current day was Wednesday, then any items put
    in would be added to byte 3. When you take them out, they are taken out
    from the current day first, then i think the previous day.
    The way the game deals with perishable items is easy. Using the above
    example, if the current day was Sunday, then when it moves onto
    Monday, the byte for Monday, i.e. the first byte is set to 00. This is
    to represent that the items have been there for too long and have now
    become rotten.
    Also remember that you cannot have more than 99 items, thats 63 hex
    spread between the 7 days.
    Well, here we go. First the perishable items.
    Active Data - 000017E1
    Game 1 Data - 000123E5
    Game 2 Data - 000133E5
    Water Melon
    Sweet Potato
    Stardust Flower
    Cherry Flower
    Primrose Flower
    Moonlight Flower
    S. Star Flower
    Comet Flower
    F. Moon Flower
    S. Dream Flower
    Milk S
    Milk M
    Milk L
    Wild Berry
    King Carp
    Snake Head
    Black Bass
    Blue Gill
    King Salmon
    Horned Shark
    Blue Maomao
    Pink Maomao
    King of Lake
    Now the non perishable items.
    Golden Egg
    Wool S
    Wool M
    Wool L
    3.12 Misc Stuff
    And to finish off with, how can i forget the good old lumber, fodder and
    gold!  Here ya go!
    If you put your lumber to higher than 799, it will mess up one event in 
    the game with Billy. This event is when he asks for lumber to repair the
    lighthouse. He always asks for 200 more lumber you have at the time he
    asks you. So until you get the event, make sure your lumber is 799 or
    less. Thats 31F hex, you would have to put it in memory as 1F03.
    Active Data - 0000157E - 0000157F
    Game 1 Data - 00012182 - 00012183
    Game 2 Data - 00013182 - 00013183
    Active Data - 00001581 - 00001582
    Game 1 Data - 00012185 - 00012186
    Game 2 Data - 00013185 - 00013186
    if you input E703 you'll get 999 lumber / fodder
    Should be the following, i'm not sure tho.
    Active Data - 00001409 
    Game 1 Data - 0001200D
    Game 2 Data - 0001300D
    4. Value Tables
    01 - rug around fire
    02 - rug in front of tv
    04 - rug in front of bed
    08 - sweater maker
    10 - yarn maker
    20 - mayo maker
    40 - cheese maker
    80 - butter maker
    FF - everything you cheater you
    01 - 
    02 -  nothing
    04 -
    08 - vase
    10 - cabinet
    20 - cot
    40 - fertilizer maker
    80 - TV
    F8 - everything.... yes i know, you're a cheater
    erm heh
    if anyone finds out if bits 01, 02 and 04 have any values, please let
    me know ^_^ thanks!
    These are the letters that are used for naming pets/characters/animals
    0A - 0F / A - F
    10 - 1F / G - V
    20 - 23 / W - Z
    24 - 2F / a - l
    30 - 3D / m - z
    00 - 09 / 0 - 9
    EF / 
    DF / !
    E0 / ?
    E1 / &
    E8 / ~
    E9 / ...
    EC / _
    E5 / [
    E6 / ]
    E2 / Paw
    E3 / Heart
    E4 / Music Note
    5. Credits
    Hmmmm this is an easy bit to write isn't it?
    At this time of writing credits go out to
    Crescens2k (my brother) for his help in finding things in the state
    ragewarrior for the great work in hacking HM3, especially finding the
    hex values of the letters and numbers and the partner's love code both
    of which made finding the letters and the partner's love in the state
    files extremely simple.
    If you want your name here in rather natty pixels, it's simple, 
    contact me with some information which i don't have in this guide and
    you get your name here.  My e-mail address is in the next section.
    6. Contact the Author
    The author = me, lil hentai fairy and i can be contacted on
    that also happens to be my MSN Messenger address too.
    when writing to me, please put 'RE: hm3 guide' in the subject line so
    the e-mail won't be deleted
    HM3 Save State Editing Guide

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