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Reviewed: 11/12/01 | Updated: 11/12/01

Another Wonderful (and different) Harvest Moon Installment (revised)

When I first started this game, I thought ''Wow! Finally I got this game'', thinking that the game is going to be so much fun. Guess what? I was completely right! This is my first ever review so bear with me. I have broken down my review into 6 categories:Graphics, Sound/Music, Storyline, Gameplay, Replay Value, and My Tilt. So here I go...


The graphics are wonderful (for a gameboy color anyway). It is similar to Harvest Moon 2 in some ways, but a lot of the NPCs are very detailed (especially Chloe) as well as the backround.The colors are bright and the movement is very smooth. 10/10


The sound is practically the same (in the sense of tools) as in Harvest Moon 2, but that doesn't hinder the music. The music is no Nobuo Uematsu, but they are cheery and appropriate. 8/10


The story depends on which gender of your character is, but it is essentially the same. When you are a boy, the mayor (Heinz) comes to your farm (the same on from Harvest Moon 2) and says that the owner of the farm on the island has passed away and the daughter decided to take care of it, but she doesn't know anything about farming. Then you are given a choice to help her. When you choose to be a girl, the game starts out with a memory when you were a young child. Your father (who very much looks like your male partner) helps you up when you fall down and carries you home (awwe, how cute!). Then Hans, mayor of the island was asking himself whether to sell the farm. Then you come barging in to say you can work on the farm. Then Heinz comes and says your soon to be male partner will help. The stoyline is very different from the last 2 games so the storyline deserves a... 10/10


The gameplay is just like the last 2 games, but with so much more. You can now have horses and many different seeds to grow. There are many NPC's to converse with and another town to visit (only on Mondays and Thursdays). In that town you have an Aquarium, Theater, Shopping Mall, and the Farmer's Union. On the island there are 6 places to visit: the village, the cliff, the mountains, the grassland, and the forest. There are so much more features in this game, like books and shipping methods. So you have to get the game and find out the rest of the features, because I can't fit them in here! Go now! 10/10

Replay Value-

After you beat the game, you may want to play again, just to see if you can beat your old statistics. However, there is little to surprise (except stuff that you miss). when you play a second time, but the game still is fun. 8/10

My Tilt-

I am a huge Harvest Moon Fan, so you can guess. 10/10.


Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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