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"HM3 is the newest and one of the BEST of the series"

This in my opinion this is one of the best of the HM series and I have played them all(Except Back to nature on PSX).
And now I will review it in my view.Here is my six sections for the review Graphics, Sound, Story line, Gameplay, Replay Value, Overall. What you are about to read is not a news broadcast.

It did all I could expect it to in 8-bit color.It actually done a little better in some ways.Such as the title screen and some other various things.Such as some of the backgrounds.The people were somewhat detailed but they were good too.

It was ok..But after a while it got anoying.Especialy when you harvest allot of stuff that beep/pull sound was very anoying.I also didn't like when you went in and out of place's it started the music over again. Maby they could have just let the music continue or make the inside music different than the outside music.

Story line-
The story line was much better than the rest of the GB series.I also liked how you could FINALLY get married in this one though.Its hard to really explain the story for boy or girl because it can lead so many ways.I suggest you buy it A.S.A.P if your a HM fan. Theres allot of different endings in the game to. You could expect that from a HM game though.

Its good gameplay for a GBC game.So many NPC's you can make friends with.You now have 2 barns for each animal and you can now raise horse's and you can also breed animals which you couldn't in the other games.There are also some nice new tools and items in this such as Miracle Glove,Fertilizer,ect.Maby they should have lowered the price on the TV or put a greenhouse in the game so you could have a good income in the winter.Like they made on HM64. They also added a winter mini game.Its a snowbording game where you snowboard off the Grass lands and you can pull off tricks if your fast enough.The snowboard cost's 30,000G but if you have the money you should get it.

Replay Value-
As with the other HM games when you play and beat it it gets kind of boring unless you want to try and work for that PERFECT farm with 2 kids,8 of each animal,99,999G(or more),Shipped over 2,000 crops,ect.,ect.

Its a good game overall.You should buy it when you get the chance.Its worth it!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/06/01, Updated 12/06/01

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