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Reviewed: 12/31/01 | Updated: 12/31/01

The Best Harvest Moon game..... So far...

Intro~ One day I was at my local Superstore (Canada) and was looking for Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, but they where all gone. So I looked to see if Advanced Wars was there, No luck. Than I saw Harvest Moon 3 for Game Boy Color. There where only 3 copies left and I have heard people saying it's been discontinued, so I bought it. When I got home I fed my animals and popped it into my GameBoy Advance and Chose the Boy as my first Character.

Graphics~ 10/10

I like the Colorful map and farm. You can make out each berry on berry plants and the animals look interesting. The Farm has weeds that turn into leaves when you throw them and when you hit rocks with a hammer it splits into little rocks. The Tools look good and the plants are nice looking.

Sound~ 7/10

The music gets very boring after about 10 minutes on your farm but than it changes from season and the Mainland has a different song too. The sounds the tools make are a bit weird and you have to read everything and you can hear the rain and the show falling sounds like wind shifting. The sound is the only thing that isn't that great about this game.

Plot~ 10/10

Great story and is different between the girl and boy.
As the Boy you run a successful farm in Flower Bud Village (Which is from Harvest Moon 64) and the Mayor comes to ask you to help a girl on an island in farm work who does not know a thing about farming. As the Girl your Grandfather dies and wants you to keep the farm going but he dies and you struggle and then the boy comes to help you.

Gameplay~ 10/10
There are meany things that are new to the Harvest Moon series, here is a list of what you can do in this Harvest Moon that you can't in any other ones:

-You can go Snow boarding
-You can take on Part-Time Jobs
-You can get married unlike in other GB/GBC games
-You can raise more than one horse
-There is a way different shipping system
-The boy and girl both have different abilities
-Money is harder to get

You can also find other items like the shovel and you can befriend people in the village.

Buy or Rent?

Well you can't win a Harvest Moon game by renting it but if a friend has it ask him/her if you can borrow it and see if you like it.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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