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"The best HM game on a handheld console yet!"

Graphics- There is some new colors, and it seems to exceed 50 colors. Though there are some good graphics in the game, it doesn't show very much detail in the pictures. Ratings- 8 1/2 /10
Storyline- Very good. The storyline is very well done, and Natsume did work to make this game a sequel to Harvest Moon 2,and the game never ends although as a girl you end the game when you get married. 10/10
Additions- Many additions are in this game, whether it be your own hot spring, breeding horses, wheat and rice, or part-time jobs, Natsume has added many new things which neither Harvest Moon 1 or 2 have. 10/10
Challenge- The challenge is very difficult. Each year, you have to meet certain requirements, or else you have to sell the farm to an evil corporation who wants to turn it into a landfill, and the game is over. Instead of having the TV from the start, you have to buy it for 10,000-30,000 gold. And that's not to mention many other items such as saddle, crib, books, etc. And to top that off, you can only buy that on the mainland, of which a ferry goes there from the island where the farm is, on only NORMAL weather Mondays and Thursdays. But you can get your own boat, but that is very, very hard. To get it before first year summer, you would probably be staying up all night(in the real world and game world).10/10
Sound- The sound is quite peaceful like, but it will never compete with the sounds of some GBA games, like Golden Sun, which has like hundreds of songs, compared to the few dozen or some of HM3.
Buildings, Livestock, tools and Vegetables- the one good thing about this game is that you have all the buildings built for you, but there is no greenhouse. There are also two new crops, wheat and rice, and you can raise and breed horses. If you are the boy, you get the ever handy miracle glove, but if you are the girl, you get an Adult female cow. In this game, only female cows and chickens produce milk and eggs, and you need a rooster for your chicken to lay eggs. 9/10
Should you rent it or buy it? Well, if you own HM64, then you might want to rent the game, instead of buying it first. When I got it, it wasn't as good as I expected. The 64 game seems to be much better than this, so if you want to buy this game, I suggest you rent it first.

My Score of Harvest Moon 3- 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/25/02, Updated 02/25/02

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