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"Great game in the Harvest Moon farming series"

Harvest Moon 3 for the Game Boy Color is the latest GBC Harvest Moon game. There are many new features, such as the boy and girl having different story lines and the new phone shipping system. HM3 takes off a bit different from the other GBC HM games; the boy can only take care of the chickens, and the girl can't work in the fields very well. However, an added amount of realism, such as the new shipping system which requires you to phone in your shipment, makes up for this.

Story: Better than other Harvest Moon games; the boy from HM2 leaves his farm to head to an island where he must help a girl run a farm. The girl's story is that her father has died and she is unable to run the farm by herself. The boy from HM2 comes to the island to help her run the farm. The girl's game ends when she gets married to the boy, and the boy's game ends only if after three or so years your farm is still pretty bad.

Graphics: Very similar to HM2, maybe some more color depth, great for a GBC game. 10/10

Sound: Standard Harvest Moon fare, cute repetitive music, good sound effects. Music gets annoying after a bit. 7/10

Gameplay: Wow! Gameplay is excellent! Raise many new crops, head to the mainland on certain days to purchase seeds and home renovations, fish for over 20 breeds of fish to fill the aquarium with, new movie theatre, assign tasks to your partner daily, first Game Boy HM with marriage, obtain a boat and go sailing, snowboarding mini-game....just a gigantic variety of things you can do and see. 10/10

Controls: Not as bad as the console Harvest Moons, hold down B to run, A to use tools and pick crops and talk, Select to access menu. 9/10

Overall, Harvest Moon 3 for GBC is a excellent addition to the Harvest Moon world. It does take off a bit from the traditional HM game though, unlike HM2 which offers home expansions and full animal care, but HM3 has a great variety of places to explore and things to do.

Rent or Buy?: Definitely Buy. Even if you can find it at a rental store, a five day rental could not possibly show you all that Harvest Moon 3 has to offer.

Final Score: 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/04/02, Updated 06/04/02

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