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Reviewed: 07/02/02 | Updated: 07/02/02

Great handheld to add to your collection...

I am a huge fan of Harvest Moon games and when I heard about this game around Christmas time, I asked for it. I was very happy to wake up and find it there. I played it for what seemed hours, only rivaled to Grand Theft Auto 3 which I rented. You're not here, however, to hear about me acquiring this game. So, on with the review:

-GRAPHICS (10/10): Superb graphics that are almost the same as the SNES version. They are in vibrant color and are very crisp. Much better than the other GB games.

-SOUND (6/10): This is where all Harvest Moon fall. The music is short and repetitive and only changes if you change the season. It repeats itself if you go in or out of a certain area, which only adds to the horrible experience. As for the gameplay sounds, there aren't much but they are accurate and appropriate.

-GAMEPLAY (7/10): This game has improved greatly from HM2. For example, you now have separate stalls different animals so you can have more than one. There are 4 fields for plating grass and you can now get married! However, the game revolves around farming so it gets boring during extended play.

-REPLAYABILITY (6/10): The game hasn't ended from what I have noticed (but I've only played 2 years), so the replayability isn't really high, but you might want to replay it so you can be a boy/girl, have a different pet, etc.

-BUY OR RENT: As with all Harvest Moons, you'll have trouble finding this game to rent but try and find somewhere that does since people either love Harvest Moon (like me) or hate it (like some of my friends). Personally, I'd say buy it all the way (its only $30.00).

-OVERALL (7/10): Although this game revolves around farming, I find that its great fun. It has its flaws, but it will keep you entertained for a while and give you something to do on the go. Go to your local retailer and buy this game, quick quick! However, if you own a SNES or Nintendo 64, have a lot of money and are willing to put some time into searching, look for the SNES or Nintendo 64 versions. They're better, but this game is still a great game boy color game to buy and add to your collection.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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