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"The little farming simulation that could."

The Harvest Moon games are about a person, who for one reason or another is forced to fix up a farm so that it, or its surroundings, can remain intact. This game is no exception.
The basic story is:
A girl's father passes away and the farm falls into disrepair. The girl decides that she will fix up the farm. A friend of hers decides that she needs help and asks a young man in another village to help. On with the review.

Good, for GBC at least. Corn looks like corn, and Mushrooms are Mushrooms. Fish are obviously fish, and the various houses look like houses, if a bit small. The characters, well...they are tolerable. Altogether good.

SOUND 7/10
There isn't much sound, and that which is there is not memorable. About all that you get here is the clunk of a hammer, or the thwak of an axe. Nothing special.

MUSIC 4/10
The music isn't bad, it just gets on your nerves. There are about five tunes in total and they get real old, real fast. Play this game with the volume off.

It is pretty easy to control your characters in this game. Using and selecting tools is simple. But, I've had trouble with walking for some reason.

As a farming simulation, you have to farm. This includes clearing the land, tilling the fields, sowing the seeds, watering the plants, and harvesting the crop. Sound boring? Well, if that doesn't toot your horn, then try raising animals.
Actually, you have a choice of either. Before you start, you can be a boy or girl. The boy's job is to take care of crops. The girl's, animals. Depending on your pick, you get different items, and the one you didn't choose becomes your farming partner. You can then give orders to them.
Harvest Moon fans celebrate! You can get married in this game.
When you're not farming, you are interacting with the villagers. When you're not doing that, you can shop in the many shops on the mainland.

There are many things you can collect and do. Fishing is one of them. There are also objects known as Power Berries that give your character a tasty treat.
After finishing the game with one Gender, you can take on another.

Rent? Buy? Avoid?
Buy. This game is one that, although it doesn't sound fun, will hook you immediately.

A truly good game that I would recommend to RPG fans of any kind.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/29/02, Updated 07/29/02

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