"The Third Harvest of your GBC"

When I played this game I realized that it was going to be different from any other Harvest Moon game that I have played so far, because of you can choose a girl instead of a boy, well I will tell you about this game in the next few pharagraphs.

Graphics - 8

The graphics of Harvest Moon 3 for the Game Boy Color are not that impressive, even tough I have seen some better games, only some, that have better graphics than this one, you may see the graphics really crappy, but that may be because you just came from playing the Nintendo Game Cube or something, but for the Game Boy Color this game's graphics are very good. The pictures of the vegetables are well done and you can tell apart what vegetable is what, and how they drew you, well, they drew you the same way as the last 2 game of Harvest Moon in the Game Boy Color. The terrain is nice drawn and the animal pets are not so hard to distinguish which animal is which animal. The graphics of this game are very good.

Gameplay - 8

The gameplay of this game, well, same as always, it is the gameplay as in any other Harvest Moon game. You have to wake up, buy the necessary equipment so that you can make crops harvest, like the Hoe and the seeds, the watercan also. Then, after the seeds harvest you sells them and use them to buy more seeds to harvest more and eventually by rich and so on until you get bored of doing the same stuff.
But this game has something different from the other two game of Harvest Moon for the Game Boy Color, in this game you can choose to either play as a boy and the girl is your assistant and she does what you tell her to, or you can also play as a girl and the boy is your assistant and he does what you tell him to. The boy takes cares of the crops and everything else, while the girl takes care of the animals, and until you get some animals, she will not do anything except stay at home while you are working, but if you are the girl you do nothing except tell the boy what to do. The gameplay of this new Harvest Moon game is a bit different from the las two, but it still has the same purpose, and it is still very addictive.

Sound - 7

The sound of this game of the same as always, the theme is different I think, but same as always, the music on the background and the sound effect when you cut the grass, pick up the crops, and prepared the land for future cultivation, and also taking care of the animals, well the sound effects of those activities are very good for the Game Boy Color, but that doesn't matter because in most of the games, if not in all the games, the thing that is important is the gameplay. But still the sound of this game is quite good.

Controls - 8

Well, same as always, the control pad is for moving around, the A button is for acepting and for talking to people, and the B button is for canceling, and the start, to pause the game and the select button is for selecting. Well, as I told you before this controls are the same as always and you would have figured them out, but putting them in a review, I think that is important.

Length - 10

The length of this game, well, this is the longest game that was ever created and it will never actually end, since you can harvest evrey year and after you reach year 99 your will continue but no record of years will be taken, but you can continue on you rgoal to be millionaire. This game never ends, until you stop playing it for getting sick of it.

Replay Value - 8

The replay value for this game is quite good since you will just to the same over and over again, the only difference fron starting again and continue in your game save is that if you start again you don't have money and the year is year 1, and also you have no crops but to get all those things are so easy that it is virtually the same thing.

Conclusion - 9

My conclusion for this game is that you should definitely buy it because if you rent it you will never get all the secrets of it, so buy it.


My overall score for this game is the following:

Graphics: 8/10

Gameplay: 8/10

Sound: 7/10

Controls: 8/10

Length: 10/10

Replay Value: 8/10

Conclusion: 9/10

Overall: 58/70

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/09/02, Updated 10/25/02

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