"Good, but not perfect like the rest of the series"

This game is very interesting. It is the first time that you actually have a partner help you in the game without getting married! This is a very nice game yet it still has it's slight differences that make it slip away from the whole idea of the real series.

Story: Same as in every Harvest Moon game until now but with a twist. You have one of two backgrounds that are respective to each character yet it's the same thing. You are there to either help a distant farm since you're so famous (boy) or try to revive your father's farm (girl). You soon learn that you have 2 years to do so meaning that you have to hurry up and be as good a farmer as you can be.
Since the game is simply too irresistible to simulation fans like me, the addition of this little twist on the regular plot spiced things up for me. I was very happy to know that you got to help out somebody other than either your parents or your dead grandfather! (see other Harvest Moon games to understand)
My grade: 8/10

Gameplay: The game is tedious, but that's EXACTLY what farming is! If you don't already live on a farm, have some pretty good patience and have a lot of interest in games that involve short term/long term strategy of managing crops and money, this is a pretty good game for you!

Graphics: Though they are not flashy and ''hyper cool cutting edge'' they suffice for such a simple yet incredible game. The series itself is not graphics intensive but that is a huge advantage for only farming. Since graphics aren't everything, I like them like that. This game has a lot of potential elsewhere than here but I like the graphics just fine since I'm a 2D graphics lover. Call me old style but I simply like older looks and gameplay styles that are simple and easier to learn.
My grade: 9/10

Music: Now this is something that was flawed. I liked the music and all but now I've been stuck with the same tune in my head for about a month now and it's bugging me. I also hate that annoying running sound that gets annoying after awhile. The ''shh'' ''shh'' of your feet while you run is the main reason why I walk around the place now. There are some notable tunes like the one in your menu screens but I prefer listening to some techno music after awhile.
My grade: 7/10

Replay factor: The game offers a lot of challenge for anyone who wants to try out different combinations of crops to grow and any combination of livestock to find what they are fit with growing while waiting for the evaluation. The fact that you can play any of the two sexes and that you get many different domestic animals to enhance your gameplay is just too vast for a simple person to experience all of the possibilities. This is one of the huge strong points in the series and I will stick with it. This game is too fun to pass up playing more than once.
My grade: 10/10

Buy or Rent? : I think that if you can even FIND the game anywhere, I would buy it as soon as I saw it on a shelf or on eBay. If you can even find the game in a rental shop I would bribe them in chances of buying the game. The game is that good. Of course, I already own it but I'm putting myself in your position. ;p
My grade: BUY

Here's a recap:
Story: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10
Music: 7/10
Replay factor: 10/10
Buy or Rent?: BUY
General: 8/10 (not an average)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/25/02, Updated 08/25/02

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