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"Another Great Game"

Harvest Moon 3, an ''expansion'' to Harvest Moon 64/2 is a great game.. When I first got this game, I thought ''Now, what kind of a game would you FARM in!?''. I tried the game out, and found it simply amazing! Though I haven't entirely played this game, I think that it is a great addition to the Harvest Moon Series.

Plot: A unique plot, comparing it to other harvest moon games. As a boy you start on a farm, and the mayor asks you to help out the granddaughter of a friend, which passed away, revive the farm on which she lives. As a girl you start playing with your grandfather (Memory) and then the plot meets and the boy and girl meet each other. I give this a 10/10.

Gameplay: Much, MUCH more interesting then the other Harvest Moon games. There are new and unique tools, and you can now be a girl in the game. The shipping system is much more realistic then the Harvest Moon 2 shipping system. There are new systems for many of the aspects of the game, and many more improved systems. Another great addition that proves just well enough that Harvest Moon 3 takes place further on from Harvest Moon 2/64 is that you can actually go see movies! I give gameplay a 10/10.

Graphics: The graphics are improved a lot from the original Harvest Moon games. Example of improved systems for gameplay, and of better graphics for this section: Choosing a pet you cannot only choose a cat or dog, but you can also choose a hawk and a pig, not only are the cats one color and the dogs one size, but you can choose from 3 common colors of cats and 3 different sizes of dogs!! The rocks and logs actually break when you smash them, and it actually looks as though the crops and bushes are being thrown when you throw them, you don't just press a and they're magically on the ground smashed up. I give graphics 10/10.

Sound: Though the sound does get annoying sometimes and the the ''Scuff, Scuff'' of your feet when you run get annoying sometimes, the sound is great! The music changes each new season on and around your farm, and there's unique music for the menu, as well as when you enter the storage shed. The ''splash'' of the rain, and the ''Plop'' kind of sound you hear when you pull a crop from your fields sounds so realistic. I give sound another 10/10.

Rent or Buy? One word, BUY!!

Overall rating? An easy 10/10!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/12/04

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