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"Harvest Moon 3, the best Game Boy Color game ever!"

Although i've never played the original Harvest Moon games, i enjoyed Harvest Moon 3.


I'm a very musical person myself (flute and piano) so i enjoyed the little rinky-dink tunes of Harvest Moon 3. Athough they were very redundant, you can still turn the sound off. My favorite would have to be Spring, and my least favorite would be Fall. Many players whine about the music, but you can always turn the sound off (duh! you're wasting batteries!)

I would give it an 8/10


I started out with a Game Boy Color at age 7, before purchasing a Game Boy Advance, so i was used to the animation. The graphics are very descriptive compared to other games, and the colors are much better than my old favorite Pokemon Red. Still, it can't compete with the phenomanal graphics of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire or Harry Potter for GBA. I can still distinguish between a cow and a sheep in this game, and the characters are colored very well. The backrounds are life-like, and the NPCs (non-playable characters) are surprisingly well-detailed.(ex:Cloe and her white cat) Although it's no PKMN Ruby, the graphics are the best of GameBoyColor, so ....

I would have to give it a 9/10


This game has a very cute storeyline: Boy meets Girl, they try to revive farm, fall in love, get married, have kids, successfully revive farm. Although you can't go past Year 3, the storyline is great.

I would have to give it a 10/10

Playing the Game:

When i first picked up Harvest Moon 3, i felt like i was in a real farm! I learned what a sickle was, and that you have to feed your animals every day. I enjoyed getting my fishing rod and boat, and i loved it when my animals had babies. The best part was when my dude got married. The second best part was when the kid was born (He's soooo cute!) The biggest pain is that the girl can't farm when she's pregnant so you lose money from milk and wool items. I still don't know what the heck a Powerberry is though, because that is never explained. I have beaten the game as a girl, because i got married, and i'm close to beating it as a guy. Unfortunately, it gets very redudant. You do the same thing for long periods of time, and with minimum access to a boat, it gets very hard to do new things. If you don't have a good attention span, than this game is not for you.

I would have to give it a 9/10


This game is very realistic due to graphics. Still, some things are lame. Ever heard of months? A year is 12 months long, not four 30-day seasons. Also, women are pregnant for 9 months, not for 60 days. Also, a women can do farm work until probably her 7 month of pregnancy or if she has medical problems. The girl in this game stops working the first day she is pregnant. She has little physical change, so she is just a wimp. Either that, or they're making the game more difficult for you. Still, most good games aren't realistic so..........

I would have to give it a 7/10

Beginning Difficulty/Total Difficulty:

Like playing the flute, this game starts out being very difficult, and gets easier as you go along. As soon as you get the boat this game is as easy as Diva Stars for Game Boy Color. Still, you start out totally clueless and you don't even know what a sickle or a hammer does. When you get used to the game it gets simpler. Again, this game isn't made for people with short attention spans.

I would have to give it a 6/10


Unless you know exactly what to do and visit GameFAQS for help like i did, this game is almost impossible to win. Still, it's a blast so who cares?

Overall, this great game gets a 9/10 and a stamp of approval from me!
Happy Gaming!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/10/04

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