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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Punisher_X2

    Version: 2.7 | Updated: 05/21/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Title: Spawn
    System: Game boy color
    Guide type: FAQ/walkthrough
    Guide version: 2.7
    Writer: Punisher_x2
    Table of Contents
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    1. Introduction
    2. Version History
    3. Story
    4. Controls
    5. Advanced controls
    6. Weapons
    7. Pick ups
    8. Enemies
    9. Walkthrough
    10. Passwords
    11. FAQ
    12. Credits
    13. Contact and info
    1. Introduction
    Hello! This is my first guide, and you might be wondering why I wrote about
    this game. I got really surprised that there isn't a walkthrough for this.
    So, it's my duty as a fan of Spawn to write a guide and tell you everything
    that I know about this game. Thanks for choosing this guide.
    2. Version history
    History of updates for this guide:
    Version 1.0 (21.05.09) - Guide created and uploaded
    Version 1.1 (24.05.09) - One new question added to the FAQ section
    Version 1.2 (26.05.09) - Fixed some grammar mistakes
    Version 1.3 (27.05.09) - Updated the contact and info section
    Version 1.4 (29.05.09) - Added another question to the FAQ section
    Version 1.5 (30.05.09) - Wrote a Spawn title at the beggining of the guide
    Version 1.6 (04.06.09) - Updated the credits section and also added another
    question to the FAQ section
    Version 1.7 (06.06.09) - Added two new questions to the FAQ section
    Version 1.8 (12.06.09) - Added one new question to the FAQ section
    Version 1.9 (24.06.09) - Fixed the 1st level's walkthrough
    Version 2.0 (27.06.09) - Made a new section, and added 2 new questions to
    the FAQ section
    Version 2.1 (30.06.09) - Updated the x section
    Version 2.2 (03.08.09) - Updated the x section
    Version 2.3 Version 2.3 (15.08.09) - Updated the x section and fixed a few
    grammar mistakes
    Version 2.4 (25.08.09) - Removed the x section and added my website URL
    Version 2.5 (30.01.10) - Added MySpace account URL at the contact and
    info section
    Version 2.6 (04.03.10) - Added Twitter and Facebook URls at the contact
    and info section
    Version 2.7 (04.05.10) - Added IGN account URL at the contact and info
    3. Story
    Albert Francis Simmons, born in Detroit Michigan, was a very intelligent
    and physically strong soldier in the United Civilized States Marine Corps.
    He later joined the United Civilized States Secret Service. Jason Wynn
    (the director of U.C.S.) and Simmons began to argue more often and Simmons
    planned to resign. Wynn ordered an assassin (Chapel) to murder him.
    Simmons was sent to Hell, due to his life as a mercenary, and made a deal
    with Malebolgia. Al was reborn as a Hellspawn
    4. Controls
    D pad - Move
    A button - Jump
    B button - Punch
    Start - Pause the game
    Select - Change weapons
    When driving:
    D pad - Drive
    A button - Wheel attack
    B button - Kick
    5. Advanced controls
    A button (hold) - Chain attack (costs health)
    D pad down + B button - Crouch and punch
    A button + B button - Air kick
    D pad down + A button - Jump beneath a platform
    6. Weapons
    There are three weapons in total in this game.
    Chain - Unleashes a powerful attack
    Pistol - A small gun
    Machine gun - Shoots bullets faster than a gun
    7. Pick ups
    There aren't much pick ups in this game.
    Spawn symbol - Restores a small amount of your health
    G symbol - Gun ammo
    M symbol - M. gun ammo
    8. Enemies
    This game has a ton of enemies to fight. Here is a list of the enemies.
    (not including boss descriptions. It'll spoil the fun.)
    No.1: City bandits
    Street bandit - These guys can be seen in blue, brown, green etc. They
    aren't armed, so they aren't much trouble.
    Shotgun thug - A shirtless guy with a shotgun. Nothing special.
    Hooker - Watch out! She's hiding something!!
    No.2 Police and SWAT teams
    SWAT member - These come in green or blue. They carry shields which won't
    help them much, and let's not forget their sticks.
    Police officer (woman) - Laddie officers who carry guns.
    No.3 Animals
    Dog - Dirty homeless dogs. They'll just be aggressive and attack you.
    Bat - Just some bats.
    Snake - They can be seen in Hell. They're hiding in the red water.
    No.4 Drivers
    Biker - Fat bikers who do nothing. Their only attack is running into
    you. Oh, let's not forget, they come in blue, green or yellow.
    Motorcycle thug - They look like ordinary Motorcyclists. The problem is,
    they'll come in groups and drive in different directions. Some up, down,
    up, or diagonal etc. Some of them even trow grenades.
    Car - Different colored cars with bandits inside. Nothing interesting,
    except they shoot from the windows.
    Boat driver - They can't be killed. They'll appear only in one stage, and
    shoot rockets from the background.
    No.5 Machines
    Mecha dog - Like an ordinary dog, only that it's a robot.
    Mecha spider - Giant mecha spider. It only moves back and fort.
    Turret - Just a turret.
    Rolling flamethrower - A little square with wheels. Shoots flame, but
    only upwards.
    Two eyed wire - A wire with two eyes in each of it's ends. The eyes shoot
    lasers.(It's shaped like a Z)
    No.6 Angels
    Guardian - Green or orange guys with pistols. Strange that their heads are
    on fire.
    Baby - Little angels with spears. Hmmm, Kinda reminds me of something.
    Blob - These are blobs attached to a ceiling.
    Flaming soldier - A body covered in fire. If he sees you, you better avoid
    getting hit.
    Axe warrior - A strange goat-like creature carrying an axe.
    Snake man - A giant snake with hands holding a big stick.
    9. Walkthrough
    I suggest you play the game on normal difficulty. If you choose easy
    difficulty, you'll get a stage select screen with only the first four
    chapters. You won't be able to play from the 5th chapter and so on.
    Note: I'll tell you exactly where to go and what to do.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Chapter 1: Spawn alley
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    This is where it all begins. That faithful alley. Spawn's journey starts
    here and your's aswell. Strange that the stage is filled with Korn tags.
    When you start, head only right. You will spot a blue street thug. Kill him
    and continue. Jump on the platforms to avoid most enemies. Get the gun
    (G symbol) and jump on the right platform. Then jump on the roof with the
    two clown faces. Then go down. You should see a manhole. Go next to it and
    enter the sewers.
    This is most likely one the easiest parts in the game. Just move right.
    Bats, dogs and street thugs will annoy you until you get out. After you
    reach a dead end walk towards the wall and Spawn will jump out.
    Abandoned building (outside)
    Another easy one. Just jump on every platform until you reach the top.
    Thugs and shirtless shotgun thugs are patrolling the area. If you need,
    collect as much health and ammo as possible.
    Abandoned building (rooftop)
    > Boss: The Clown <
    The first boss battle. It is non other than The Clown. This won't take
    long if you listen to me carefully. When you begin, Clown will be
    standing and laughing right on the platform next to you. He'll leave the
    screen and come from the left side. The painfull thing is that he
    has multiple attacks like belly crush, rolling and wallking into
    you. To beat The Clown, wait for him to come to the next platform
    and do an air kick. If you want it to end really quiclky, use
    the gun. And so from platform to platform. Oh, he's already defeated,
    nice job. Now, Spawn will enter the big hole (in the middle) and
    enter the building.
    Abandoned building (inside)
    You begin from the top floor. You may be aware that you need to reach
    the bottom. In each floor, there is a big hole on the ground. Go
    trough them untill you get to the exit. Street and shotgun thugs
    are inside, but let's not forget the SWAT team.
    Alleyway 2
    Back in the outdoors. You should notice the platform on top of
    your head. Jump on it, jump again to get the machine gun. If you
    go right you'll see a wall of barrels blocking your path. there's
    no way to jump over it so, head back to the platform where you
    got the machine gun. Keep moving only right. Now, there's another
    wall of barrels and a SWAT member next to it. Kill him, jump on
    the giant trash container. After you've passed the wall you
    should enter the next section.
    Abandoned warehouse
    > Boss: Overkill <
    Look what the cat dragged in. It's Overkill. To avoid damage,
    get on the roof above you. When he comes attack directly. If you have alot of
    health use the chain attack. When he dies, touch the Spawn symbol and see how
    your health goes up to maximum.
    Now that you beat the first stage, let's go onward to stage 2.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Chapter 2: The chase
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    This is a driving stage. Pay attention and listen good.
    As you start, two bikers will come from the right side. Ignor or kill them but
    it doesn't matter. Now that they're gone, get the gun that comes at you.
    Don't stop avoiding them and look very closely where they move cuz everyone
    drives in different directions. Before you reach the end of the section,
    please, take the health pick up if necessary. Guess where your going next?
    New enemies and new troubles. After you start, move up or down to avoid the
    car that comes from behind. Wait a second or two to see the machine gun. Grab
    it and shoot at the car. Oh no! A boat driver has appeared. Stay at the top
    left corner so he won't hit you with his rockets. Use this strategy on all
    boat drivers. Remember that they can't be killed. And never stay at the
    middle or down end corner. Unless, you want to get hit by a car. Oh, I can
    see some old friends here. Anyway, look out for pick ups and prepare for
    the next section.
    Watch out for the 2 bikers coming your way. New enemies? Make way for the
    motorcycle thugs! If you want to know more about them, see the enemy
    section. The first wave of motorcycle thugs will come from the middle end
    corner. Avoid them by going to the upper right corner. Be very caution from
    which direction the come from and where they drive to.To avoid the second wave
    ( they come after the 2 bikers.) stay at the bottom right corner. And grab
    the health pick up. Kill the last two (biker and m. thug) and get the
    gun and some ammo. Guess who comes next?
    Warehouse 2
    > Boss: Billy Kincaid <
    I sure wouldn't want to meet this guy in a dark alley. In other words,
    he's very easy if you hear me out. Ok, read me out. All he does is trow
    ice cream boxes off the back of his van. Strange thing is, who's driving?
    Anyway, go to the upper left corner. Make sure that you picked up the
    gun in the previuse section, because if you didn't, you have to wait
    minutes for one to come. He'll only move up and down. Wait for him to
    arrive at the upper end and shoot him. The cool thing is, that he won't
    trow boxes from there so, your 100% safe. Before he dies, he'll start to
    move faster. That won't be a problem for you, I hope. Now, his truck
    will begin blowing up. Nice job but there's still work to do.
    Highway 2
    Back on the road again. The same deal as the previus highway section.
    Only change is that motorcycle thugs are wondering around. Stay on
    the upper right corner for safety. Another set of bikers. This is
    getting ridiculous. Once they are gone, quickly go to the bottom left
    corner. Stay there until the two wave of motorcycle thugs have left.
    More bikers? And atlast, reach the upper right corner to escape the
    last two waves of m. thugs. Before the section ends, grab the two
    health pick ups and leave this highway once and for all.
    Watch out! M. thugs are on the loose. To Dodge all of them, simply
    go to the middle end. Ok, now who's next? Bikers? You know what to
    do right? My advice is to spare some ammo. You'll need it later.
    Reach the upper middle to avoid the next group of m. thugs. Great!
    Now, Spawn will park his bike.
    Boulevard 2
    > Boss: Priest <
    Duck! Whew, that was a close call, wasn't it? Priest is a woman
    with a machine gun. Make sure you have a gun and some ammo to
    beat her quickly. When you hit her, she'll fly back. Allways stay
    in crouched position to avoid taking fire. Aim really nicely
    because she might jump over you. Good thing is, ammo might fall
    off her so, your all set. She's dead? That was fast! Reach the
    big Spawn symbol to finish the chapter.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Chapter 3: City lights
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Spawn looks changed, like his costume has gotten... I think you
    know what I'm talking about.
    Small street
    This looks just like the first chapter. I prefer you to go to
    the rooftops. You'll clear the section alot faster. Street
    thugs, shootgun thugs and SWAT members are crawling all over
    the street. To clear the section, reach the last building
    and go inside the opened door. A street  thug will guard
    the door, but theres a health pick up next to it.
    Just like the Abandoned building (inside) section. Go trough
    the exit on the bottom floor. Looks like there new enemies
    lurking around here. Police officers, but they are female!
    This game begins to seem more and more interesting. Anyways,
    watch your step! SWAT members are also here. To notice the
    exit, there will be a health pick up. Take it and proceed
    Going right and you'll see a hocker. Oh, boy! Take her out
    quickly, now! Ok! Jump on the first platform, jump again to
    get the gun. Keep heading only right. Stick to the rooftops
    if you want. At the end of the section, you should see
    threes in the background. Guess who pay's a visit?
    > Boss: Tremor <
    When the battle begins, shoot directly.(If you have a gun.)
    Tremor will start jumping like and idiot. Just to inform
    you, don't jump on the platforms. Tremor will fly towards
    you and it will be hard for you to hit him. When he reaches
    his limit, he'll start to jump even more and more. If your
    health is atleast 8: 7: 5: 1 use the chain. Great! Now on
    to the next challenge.
    Another reach - the - top part. Kill the hooker first. Get
    ready for the shootgun thug waiting for you. You'll encoter
    more thugs as you go on. Get on the roof and continue right.
    There's a health pick up at the end.
    Busy street
    Collect the m. gun on the platform atop your head. Just to be
    safe, move only from the rooftops. If you're a brave
    adventurer, move only through the busy street. Some parts
    require moving on the roofs. I can't understand why did they
    build a church in a busy street?
    > Boss: The Curse <
    The Curse will be standing on a platform and jump on the next
    one. To kill him easily, equip the m. gun, and stay on the
    roof of the church. He'll come at you. Wait for him to get on
    the roof and shoot. This is suppose to be an easy victory.
    Great! Now touch the Spawn symbol. I though that this was an
    easy stage, you?
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Chapter 4: Angel orbiter
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Now things begin to get serious. Your main goal is to reach
    Heaven, and make sure not to screw this up, Ok?
    The orbiter is a complete mess. It's full of platforms and
    pipes which make my head spin. Ok, go right. My other
    inpression is that it's completely surounded by robots
    (well, at least they have "guardians".). You'll be stoped
    by a wall with a platform ontop of it. Carefull, theres a
    flametrowing machine there! Oh, boy! Theres a m. gun on
    the upper platform. Go left. Watch out! Theres a mecha
    spider. Jump on the other two platforms. But, the big pain
    is the destination between the two platforms (where the m.
    gun is.). Head only right ti'll theres another wall blocking
    you. Behind you there are two platforms. The first has a
    guardian on it, and on the upper, a mecha spider. Just to
    warn you, the next area is filled with turrets. My best
    advice is to use the m. gun on the turrets if needed. And we
    come to the third wall. I think you know how to use the
    platforms, do you? But this time, the platforms are smaller.
    Don't fall! If you want to reach the exit without having to
    see the fourh wall.
    It gets even more confusing. This time, you need to move left.
    There are new enemies here aswell. This is like the previuse
    section, only that you move left. Wall, platforms and weapons.
    Once you get passed the first wall, make sure to get the gun
    located under the first platform after the wall. Wow! Even
    mecha dogs make an appearance. And let's not forget the pipes.
    To notice the end of the section, there will be a health pick up
    next to the exit.
    Control center
    Jump on the four pipes, then jump on the four platforms. There's
    a gun waiting for you. This is another reach - the - top, but
    with multiple roads of platforms to choose. Your familiar with
    these parts, are you? Oh, and this is a very short level. You
    know what's next right?
    Control room
    > Boss: Sentry <
    This guy is perhaps one of the orbiter's last hopes. He'll drop
    from above and shoot lazers. Hit him when he reaches the ground.
    He'll also start spinning and come from beneath. Move at least
    two steps from your current position. In 3 hits, his arms will
    fall off (If you use the gun.). The funny thing is, that he'll
    start moving walking in the air. Air kick him. It's pretty
    easy. But look out. Sometimes he might walk on the floor and
    shoot from there. After his legs have fallen apart, he's only
    going to stay up in the air. You know what to do now do you?
    Two hits before he dies, he's going to spin all over the place.
    Put him out of his misery. Ok, theres still more work to do, is
    This is one annoying level. The platforms here are moving. I mean,
    they're with wheels. In other words, this is like the previous
    levels in this chapter. Jump on the first platforms. There is a
    floor with a mech spider behind you. You'll get some ammo for the
    gun there. And now, move ahead. To be safe, move only on the
    platforms. Well, at least 90% safe. I nearly forgot, theres another
    set of walls blocking you. Next: the most important part in the whole
    game, and guess what it is?
    You didn't think there's a boss yet did you? Get ready to reach the
    top, again! Yep, moving platforms, turrets, guardian, machines, it's
    one hell of a party! The good thing is, it's a very short level.
    Control station
    > Boss: The Redeemer <
    Get in shape for the final battle! If your playing on easy difficulty
    yes, it is your last battle. As for the normal and hard difficulty
    players, don't think it's over yet. To beat him very quick and easy,
    don't stop attacking. It's cheap but works. His only attacks are
    turning his hand into a gun and jump over you. Don't get folled by
    his "playing dead trick". He'll fly towards the sky and come back
    even more angryer. Finish him off with the same strategy. To leave
    the orbiter simply touch the big Spawn symbol.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Chapter 5: Heaven
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    You reached your goal. Now, show Heaven who's boss, won't you?
    Heaven is nothing more than rocks floating in the air (More like
    platforms to be exact.). The objective here is to reach the top,
    again. I think the enemies are stronger in Heaven. No problem for
    you I guess? It's annoying in some way, but it's short. Be sure
    to get the gun! You'll need it.
    Mountain 2
    Use the exact same strategy as the previus level. Look out for the
    baby angels, and collect as much pick ups as possible.
    Mystic ruin
    Things get a little more complicated. You have to use the floating
    rocks to get across walls that are block the road. At first kill the
    baby angel. Keep heading up and take the gun. Go right. Don't miss
    the one eyed lazer. Get passed the second wall, then go right without
    jump in the rocks. There's a passage (Like the wall is flying and you
    can go under it.). Also, get the health. Jump on some platforms again.
    It's like a stair. It helps you get passed the fourth wall. Before
    reaching the exit, grab the two health pick ups. Look who comes next!
    > Boss: Michaelangelo <
    A tall angel warrior with a sword. If he gets near you, you'll get
    attacked.When you hit him, he'll fly and come left, right, left or
    opposite. Everytime he flies he'll get lower and lower. Jump when
    he's on ground level. Then, he'll land and try to attack you.
    After a few bullets, his wings will fall of and he'll just be
    aggressive. Dead? Wow, I'm proud!
    Mountain 3
    I think you know what I'm talking about, do you? Only difference
    is that the place is swarming with enemies. Geting past this area
    might be a challenge. Also, pay attention to the blobs.
    Mystic ruin 2
    Another platform jumping level. An army of angels, machines and
    blobs are on the move so, that means kill everything that gets
    in the way. Ha! It seems Heaven was too weak to stop you. Now
    brace yourself for Heaven's last stand!
    Holy grounds
    > Boss: Tiffany <
    Not to be confused with Angela! This is the easiest battle in
    the whole game! Never stop punching or shoot her, that way she
    won't be able to move. Her attacks are lame. A sword and small
    pink balls coming from the sword are her only defence. Great!
    You did so much damage to Heaven, and now it's time to leave.
    Hope your happy?
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Chapter 6: Descent
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Spawn has his cape now. This chapter is very easy. All you do
    is fall down from Heaven to Earth and fight a few bosses. Press
    the down button on the D - pad to fall faster, if you want.
    Your falling from Heaven. Happy landing!
    Now your falling from Space.
    You almost reached the ground.
    > Boss: The Freak <
    A Small gun fight. Oh wait, you don't have a gun do you? Ok, then
    let's make this quick and painfully shall we? The Freak is standing
    on a van and shoots from there at you. Use hard combat like you did
    to Tiffany! He sure can take alot of hits doesn't he? Afterwards Spawn
    is going to jump trough a small hole after the battle.
    It's important to grab as much health pick ups as you can here. Did you
    notice the big faces in the background?
    Hell pit
    > Boss: Violator <
    Violator is really dumb as ####, don't you agree? If your health at max
    use the chain. He doesn't have any attack, only running towards you. And
    do be carefull because his stamina is pretty high! Violator (Or the clown)
    is finally out of the picture. But you don't believe that this was the
    last combat did you?
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Chapter 7: Hell
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Are you ready to take Hell itself? If so, your welcome!
    Giant fountain
    In Hell, things are not like your average city and angel sections. The cool
    thing is, you have to reach the bottom exit (Like in the inside building
    levels). Be aware of the flaming soldiers wondering around. Follow the
    fountains red water (blood.). Snakes are hiding inside the red water so stay
    Giant fountain 2
    Axe warriors have also appeared on the scene. Hell isn't that bad is it?
    Like giant fountain 1, go to the bottom exit. Just to tell you, parts of
    the ground is coverd in flames. Make sure to jump over or avoid the flames,
    Flaming room
    Listen to what I say! The idea of this level is to get passed the flaming
    wall. Walk right and jump on the grey platforms. This is the only way to
    get pass the flaming wall. Jump on the platform (ontop the flaming wall.)
    and kill the axe warrior. Do an air kick to hit the lizard man waiting for
    you at the bottom. The second flaming wall stands in front of you. Get on
    the platform next to the wall and jump on the small fountain with red water.
    Snakes are awaiting their food. Move right. Platforms after the fountain
    will help you reach the upper floor. There are two health pick ups and they
    are guarded by flaming soldiers. Continue right and youll never guess who'll
    you see next!
    > Boss: Lt. Al Simmons <
    It's Spawn versus... himself? In this battle, there's a glitch. If you can pin
    Al to a corner (left or right) and don't stop attacking, you can beat him within
    seconds, isn't that great?
    Giant fountain 3
    No need for description. Look for the gun located near the exit.
    Torture room
    Your one step away from the throne room. The health pick up in on the platform
    above you. I really hate how the water pulls you to the flame, I really do! The
    best and fastest way to clear this satge is to use the upper platforms. It's
    swarming with enemies but I think you'll agree with me. Sometimes using the
    platforms is the only way to proceed. If you are in desperate need, on the last
    upper platform there are two health pick ups and on the entrance to the throne
    Throne room
    > Boss: Malebolgia <
    Finally, the man himself that is none other than Malebolgia! To warn you don't
    fall from the hole next to Malebolgia's hand! It means death. Nothing can hurt
    him, not even bullets. And try not to touch him, you will suffer some damage.
    There are 2 doors on the floors atop your head. From there, Spawn clone
    will come out of the small doors. The idea is to make them fall and touch
    Malebolgia. It's pretty simple because that Malebolgia only sits on his lazy
    Do a combo and they should fall real quickly. Malebolgia's eye's will turn red
    that means he takes damage. It'll sound like he is farting. Yuck!
    You did it! And thanks to you, Spawn can now rest in peace, for now!
    10. Passwords
    Here you are the passwords for each chapter.
    Spawn, Blank, Heart, Skull  	Normal Mode: Chapter 01
    Heart, Heart, Skull, Heart 	Normal Mode: Chapter 02
    Heart, Skull, Skull, Blank 	Normal Mode: Chapter 03
    Skull, Spawn, Skull, Heart 	Normal Mode: Chapter 04
    Heart, Skull, Spawn, Spawn 	Normal Mode: Chapter 05
    Spawn, Spawn, Heart, Blank 	Normal Mode: Chapter 06
    Skull, Spawn, Spawn, Heart 	Normal Mode: Chapter 07
    Heart, Heart, Blank, Spawn 	Hard Mode: Chapter 01
    Blank, Heart, Spawn, Heart 	Hard Mode: Chapter 02
    Spawn, Skull, Blank, Skull 	Hard Mode: Chapter 03
    Heart, Spawn, Skull, Spawn 	Hard Mode: Chapter 04
    Spawn, Heart, Blank, Spawn 	Hard Mode: Chapter 05
    Skull, Skull, Spawn, Heart 	Hard Mode: Chapter 06
    Spawn, Heart, Skull, Spawn 	Hard Mode: Chapter 07
    11. FAQ
    I met allot of Spawn fans who asked me questions about this game. Here they
    Q: I heard the game sucks. Is it true?
    A: If you like the Spawn comics, you might enjoy this game!
    Q: Is this game better than the SNES version?
    A: I loved the SNES version! But both of them have good and bad things.
    Q: Are there any secret weapons?
    A: I don't know. If there is, I'll tell you.
    Q: Can I use this guide on my site?
    A: First you need to ask me. If not, you'll be fraimed in copyright abyss.
    Q: Can I help you to write a future guide?
    A: Of course. As long as you have something interesting to say!
    Q: I want to show my score of this game. What should I do?
    A: If I get more requests like this, I might create a scoreboard section.
    Q: May I give some advice about your future guides?
    A: Yes that would help alot.
    Q: Are you planing to make more guides?
    A: Yes. Actually I am working on a Genesis/Megadrive game.
    Q: Where did you get this game?
    A: If you want it, you could get it from Ebay.
    Q: Where is the next guide?
    A: I'm still working on it. It is about 61% complete.
    Q: Can I request a guide from a game that doesn't have an FAQ/walkthrough?
    A: If I have the game, why not?
    If you have a question and want it to be posted in this FAQ, please see the
    contact and info section.
    12. Credits
    Thanks to:
    Todd McFarlane - For creating Spawn
    Image comics - For publishing the Spawn comics all these years
    Konami - For making this game
    Special thanks to:
    My family - For supporting me
    My friends - For the helpful advice
    You - For reading this FAQ/walkthrough
    13. Contact and info
    If you want to ask/tell me something, inform me of any spelling mistakes,
    want permission to use this guide on your Website, then send me an E-Mail to
    this address: the_punisher_x@mail.bg or visit my website:
    Don't forget that Punishing X Guides is on MySpace too:
    Follow direct updates at our Twitter:
    Make sure to become a fan at our Facebook page:
    You can also read our blog and guides at IGN:
    Important: If I missed something (pick up description, enemy info etc.)
    please tell me.
    Support: If you like this guide, please send me an E-mail saying you want
    me to make more guides. Who knows, I might even add you to the credits
    Advice: If you don't like the style or the way this guide is written,
    tell me and give me some advice on how to make this guide better.
    Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Todd McFarlane, Konami or Image
    comics. Spawn is property of Todd McFarlane, the game is made by Konami,
    and the comics are published by Image!
    Thank you for reading this FAQ/walkthrough
    - Philip
    Copyright 2009 Punishing X Guides
    All rights reserved

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