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    FAQ/Walkthrough by G Loving

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    Date: Fri, 9 March 2001 ver.1 by G Loving  Ginthejuice92@hotmail.com
    X-Men 2 Clone Wars FAQ
    This is the first FAQ that I have written so bear with me. I wouldn't have written this
    FAQ until I found such a limited view on this game. Its true the game is outdated a bit
    but its still an awesome game. My only purpose here is to provide information on each
    level, the best character to use, and why.
    Out of all the characters in the game most levels can be completed with wolverine. I'm
    not a big wolverine fan but he is the best character for most levels.
    Anyone you chose is okay for this level. If you get a character who can stick on walls
    ex. nightcrawler, wolverine, or psylock you can take a few shortcuts when going over some
    Sentinel Complex: 1
    The best person for this level is wolverine. You can run through the level tapping A to
    kill everything on the level. By doing this you get through the level quicker. Wolverines
    claws also gives him added reach which allows him to destroy monitors and enemies through
    the floor.
    Sentinel Complex: 2
    Use the same strategy that you used on the first level.
    Sentinel Core:
    Use Cyclops in this situation. You can easily blast the panels off of the boss. Be
    certain to avoid the blast from the core and from the destroyed panels. After the
    destruction of the core head right for some life if you lost any. You now have 134
    seconds to escape. To escape you don't necessarily need one of the faster characters.
    Sometimes they go too fast a run into the explosions. Cyclops goes just fast enough to
    make it in the end with 55 seconds to spare.
    Asteroid Surface:
    Recruit wolverine for this stage as well. His speed and special attack make this level a
    breeze. As long as you can keep your life in the yellow you can kill anything with one
    hit. Avoid the mines and watch for the turrets and the guy in the background shooting.
    Inside Avalon:
    The idea person for this level is psylock. Her moderate speed and ability to hold on to
    walls allows her access to most of the levels power ups. Her ability to slide allows her
    to get close to the guys with the guns for an easy kill. As for the glowing guys with the
    sticks, wait a few seconds and use your psi-knife right before he stops glowing. He won't
    have a chance to hit you if you time it right. In the end you face the guy with the gun
    in the background. Your life should be full when you get here so 3 psi-knives will put
    this guy down.
    The Shaft:
    Cyclops is the man for the job here. Use his optic beams to blast the switches. By
    hitting the switch you automatically kill any guards on the platform. Make sure you jump
    before the bridge falls away so that you avoid mines and have extra room to see the
    lasers as you fall. You can also shoot the switches with guards in the way.
    The Chamber:
    This will be the first and last time you use Beast. Stand on the side and wait for Exodus
    to throw his bolts. As he does, jump and attack with your fist. Beast's hits are twice as
    powerful as anyone else's. After a few hits he'll start to blast the floor away. Avoid
    these holes and continue punishing him.
    Magneto's Quarters:
    Go back to the main man…Wolverine. His speed and special attack make getting through the
    barriers a breeze. On the last barrier you have to make Magneto break it. He throws bolts
    at regular intervals so you have to time your jump just right so he hits the wall. After
    he destroys it hit Magneto until he goes into the swirling light in the corner. Magneto
    is now accessible.
    The Climb:
    This level is a fast pace level that can be annoying. Falling boulders and mini tusk make
    this level difficult. Who are we going to call? Wolverine. Using his speed and double
    jump you can get through the level without taking much damage. Pick up power ups as you
    see them. At the top you meet the cause of the boulders and mini tusk. Before tusk can
    throw a boulder or release a mini-tusk, jump on the platform with him. As soon as you
    land on the platform, jump into the air. He should charge and if you timed it right he
    should miss you. When you come down punch twice and jump back up. He'll charge and miss.
    Keep doing this and tusk will be dust in matter of seconds.
    Inside the Fortress:
    After much trial and error I found out who is best for this stage. For once Wolverine
    cannot save us. Psylock fits the bill here. The numerous mini-tusks that flood this level
    are more dangerous than the spiked pillars. The mini-tusks tend to attack at varying
    levels. If you stand straight up and swing her sword you can hit the tusk no matter what
    they do. If they go high you get them if they go low you get them. Her speed also allows
    her to outrun the pillars.
    The Computer Room:
    This is the first of two times Magneto comes in handy. Simply levitate a little left of
    the computer core. Blast the blue mines that apocalypse tosses down. Sometimes he comes
    down for a little action. After the core is destroyed he'll come down for some real
    action. Simply blast him as he gets close. Eventually he'll fly off and you can do the
    Savage Land 1:
    When going to the savage land who do you want? Wolverine, Wolverine, he's our man if he
    can't do it no one can. There are a lot of enemies and dangers throughout this level.
    People usually have the tendency to take a lot of damage here so Wolverines healing
    ability comes in handy. If your life is blinking stop for a second to recharge. There is
    also a little trick you can use. If your life is at three bars jump into the green slime
    for a second. Jump out and watch as your life goes up to four bars. There are also power
    ups high in the trees so his climbing ability is useful here.
    Savage Land 2:
    Use the same strategy as on the first part. This level is a whole lot shorter.
    Tower Floor 1:
    Wolverine is the person here. You have to reach the top before you are consumed green
    toxic waste. There are several enemies that make this feet more difficult. Use
    Wolverine's speed and climbing ability to help you. All enemies require two hits if you
    don't have full life. It's hard to keep full life here so be careful.
    Tower Floor 2:
    This climb is more dangerous because there are more enemies standing in your way. Play
    hard and smart to beat this climb.
    Master Bryant's Quarters:
    Magneto comes handy once more. Simply hover and blast away at the boss. He'll change
    shapes so you blast him he'll keep changing shape and you keep blasting him. He'll
    eventually turn into a tank with a head and some missiles. Blast him. Sometimes he morphs
    and goes onto the ceiling. Come out of the air and continue blasting him. Eventually
    you'll defeat him. There are power ups all around the area if you need them.
    Phalanx Ship 1:
    Prepare to make wolverine your workhorse from this point. As long as you keep your life
    in the yellow you can kill anything with one special attack. This is also another level
    where heavy damage is taken. Don't feel ashamed about healing. The numerous areas where
    you have to jump spikes are a piece of cake for the agile wolverine. At the top you fight
    a big………….guy. Simply duck and punch as fast as you can. Its possible to hit him so much
    and so fast that he won't have the chance to attack.
    Wolverines ready to go. Simply stay in the middle, jump in the air, and do your special.
    You can jump from side to side taking the drones out. Power ups appear throughout the
    ride so that shouldn't be a problem. When the boss appears you can take her out with
    three special attacks if your life is in the yellow. If not you could be in for a long
    The Lab:
    Suit up Wolverine you're needed again. You basically go through the level destroying all
    the enemies. Watch out for the big insect things. If you hit them a few times they'll
    turn green and walk toward you. While they are green they are invincible and will damage
    you. This is another level where power ups are high up and a rare. You might even spend
    some time healing.
    The Maze:
    Make your way through the maze with Wolverine (Who else?) trying to cut down on the
    damage you take. There are numerous bug creatures around so watch out. Don't be ashamed
    of healing here as well.
    Phalanx Queen:
    The best person to deal with the queen is magneto. The bad part is that magneto sucks
    against the clones so Wolverines job is not over. The Queen has a distinct pattern. First
    she'll growl and right after she'll shoot a beam of light from her mouth. Jump to avoid
    it. Sometimes she may do two beams. Next she'll stop and growl. A green bomb thing
    appears above your head. She'll growl again, start walking, the bomb will drop, and
    she'll shoot her beam. Jump at the right time to avoid the combo. When she gets to the
    wall she'll growl and charge. You have to jump twice to avoid her. After she breaks the
    wall her brain will be exposed. Hit the brain as much as you can before her headpiece
    comes back. Sometimes she will call two green bombs and shoot her beam twice. Be careful.
    She keeps repeating her pattern so you'll catch on as time goes on. After you beat her
    run from the legs that pursue you.
    It's not quite over yet. You still have to deal with the clones. Each clone has its own
    pattern and weakness.
    Cyclops-This clone runs around the ground swinging his fist. He has no optic blast. You
    can run and do your special attack through him. After a few hits he'll start doing his
    morph attacks. First it'll morph and condense. Be on the ceiling when you see him start
    to morph. Before it full condenses start going across the ceiling. It will shoot out
    three energy balls in your direction. If you do it right they should miss. Stay on the
    ceiling until it smashes the ground twice. Hop down and attack. Jump back on the ceiling
    and do that until the clone dies.
    Nightcrawler-This is the only clone who can use mutant powers. First he runs at you and
    punches at you. Avoid his punch by jumping and doing your special above his head. Next he
    will teleport. As soon as you land after avoiding his punch do the same maneuver again to
    avoid his teleport attack. When he runs at you is your chance to hit him. Remember to
    avoid his teleport after you hit him. When he morphs, he changes into a worm and slams
    the ground. Be sure to have some distance between you to avoid his attack. He will change
    back and run toward you. Then he'll teleport and morph again. Avoid his teleport and you
    should be fine.
    Psylock: This clone is fast but Wolverine is faster. Her pattern is simply slide and 2
    sword slashes. When you hit her she retaliates with two slashes.(one to each side) Simply
    duck and hit her, run out of her range and once she swings your direction go back and hit
    her again. Keep doing this until she starts to morph. When she morphs she will stay in
    one spot. She will smash the ground on both sides. If you stay on the ceiling she can't
    touch you. When she morphs back she will slide, take 2 slashes, and morph again. Hit her
    right after she morphs back. WARNING! She swings right after you hit her so make sure to
    run right after you hit her. It's easy to get hit. She should be toast in no time.
    This clone is big and slow but very powerful. When he hits you loose two blocks of life.
    He basically runs, swings his fist, and run to pound the ground. When he pounds the
    ground two bolts come from each side. Avoid them by jumping. He has incredible reach so
    hitting him is hard without taking damage. Do him like you did Psylock. Hit and run. He
    has more reach than her so watch out. If you hit him he wont pound the ground but swing.
    Do this until he morphs. When he morphs it stays in one place. It shoots three energy
    balls in your direction. Avoid them however you see fit. He will then move and shoot
    again. Avoid them as well. Try to stay close cause you only have one chance to hit him
    after he returns to normal. Do this and Beast is history.
    You would think this clone would be difficult but he's weak. If you fight him like Beast
    and Psylock, he won't touch you. Be sure to duck and attack because he has better reach
    that way. Watch out because sometimes to clone does the special attack. When he morphs he
    will condense into a small ball. It then smashes the ground near you. No matter where you
    are it will home toward you. Avoid this attack by sticking to the ceiling. When he morphs
    back hit him before he morphs again. Do this and defeat the weaker wolverine.
    Gambit: This clone runs around swinging his staff in a crouched position. When you hit
    him he will swing his staff like Psylock. Hit and run is your best bet. Watch out his
    staff gives him decent reach. When he morphs he stays in one spot. Which ever side you
    are on is the side that he will smash. Hit him as he turns back normal. You can avoid his
    smash attack by getting on the ceiling. Gambit shouldn't be a problem.
    There it is. Everything I know about this game. I hope this helps someone out in their
    quest to be the best. If you feel I have left anything out or want to critique my work
    contact me at ginthejuice92@hotmail.com.
    Legal Stuff: X-Men are characters created my marvel and all rights to their name are
    their blah blah blah.
    This Document Copyright 2001 GianCarlo Loving

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