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    Character Profiles/Endings FAQ by psychochronic

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    Eternal Champions Character Profiles/Endings FAQ:
    VERSION 1.00
    -Created, Edited and Compiled by: Psychochronic 
    (Brettdude in Gamefaqs) of Shoryuken.com
    Another form of Psychochronic Literature!
    Last Update: September 1, 2006
    Notes before reading this document:
    1) This document is NOT a list about tiers, combos, or any 
    sort of movelist. This is a text of every characters profiles/
    endings in Eternal Champions for Sega Genesis (that's not
    relating to the Dark Side version for Sega CD) so don't 
    expect anything answered like "Why is this character is 
    top-tier?" and anything relating to the Battle Room, "How
    to set up Tournaments" and "How to beat the Eternal 
    Champion". If this is not the information you are looking 
    for, please close this text now.
    2a) This document is protected by US Copyright Law, and 
    the Berne Copyright Convention of 1976. This document 
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    whose work I have included in this guide.
    2b) This document cannot be hotlinked to any other forums/
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    point #2a, this guide cannot be referenced, altered, or used 
    by anybody (including webmasters, publishers and magazine 
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    created and is owned by me, Brett "Psychochronic" Navarro 
    (aka. "Brettdude" in Gamefaqs) of Shoryuken. Plagarizing is 
    a crime and is punishable by law.
    3) This document is better read on Notepad with the Font 
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    Table of Contents:
    1) Version Changes
    2) Characters
        *Each character having the following in each game:
        ^Personal Information
        ^Fighting Style
        ^Ending (Good Ending)
    3) Contact
    4) Credits
    Version Changes:
    1.00 - September 1, 2006:
    Compilated on August 29, 2006 around 8:53am EST and 
    finished on September 1, 2006 around 3:50am EST. I got 
    the idea of doing this FAQ by playing a little bit of Sega 
    Genesis and finding my Eternal Champions cartridge. I've 
    been scouring through Gamefaqs and there are no character 
    ending FAQs so I decided to do one anyway.
    *Failure in defeating the Eternal Champion displays the
    bad ending which states:
    "Your performance has disappointed me. You are not worthy
    of the live beyond the life that fate dealt you. I have no
    choice but to return you to your death. This outcome was
    not as I had planned.
    I doubt I have the energy to bring others back for another
    contest. The world is left with little chance.
    I must return to my meditation chamber and see if there is
    a way to avert the certain disaster that awaits the future.
    You have failed ans because of this, the future is in doubt.
    My time is over...
    And so is yours..."
    *Successful in defeating the Eternal Champion displays
    the good ending as listed below in the characters' section
    with Eternal Champion stating before the ending:
    "You have completed the test. You have proven yourself
    strong enough to return to the life that was stolen from you.
    You will return a few seconds before your death. Use the
    knowledge of your fate to change the prior outcome of
    your life.
    Prepare yourself! You are about to recieve the ultimate
    The balanced must be restablished and it begins now!"
    1) Shadow:
    Full Name: Shadow Yamoto
    Occupation: Ninja Assassin
    Time Zone: 1993 A.D.
    Fighting Style: Taijitsu, Ninjitsu
    Stage Location: Black Orchid Rooftop
    Fighting Style:
    Tajitsu is a system of unarmed combat similar to jujutsu and 
    is a forerunner of modern judo.
    Ninjutsu is the feudal Japanese discipline embracing bushido, 
    espionage, commando warfare, occult powers and numerous 
    martial arts practices. Due to many terrortorial and religous 
    wars, Japanese mountain mystics were forced to develop the 
    are to protect their families.The ninja, the practitioner of 
    ninjutsu is the cultural opposite of the samurai. The ninja 
    not only masters traditional weapons, bit its also adept at 
    using daggers, dirks, darts, brass knuckles, smoke bombs 
    and a variety of poisons.
    Shadow was the best corporate assassin in the Black Orchid 
    Corporation. She performed many tasks ranging from individual 
    elimination jobs to ending large corporate takeovers.
    A true star at the Black Orchid headquarters, Shadow never 
    thought much about the morality of her career until she learned 
    that if a job wasn't completed to corporate satisfaction, a 
    person like herself would in turn eliminate her.
    When she realized the peril of her own morality, Shadow 
    found she couldn'tbring herself to kill others. The corporation 
    didn't allow resignations, so they arranged her fall from the 
    101st floor of the Black Orchid building. This stopped her 
    from telling the world about Black Orchid and corporations 
    like it, with all their dark secrets of hired killers. This knowledge 
    would have had a huge impact on international business
    going into the 21st century.
    When Shadow returned, she quickly avoided being
    thrown off the roof. She was surprised to learn that her
    boss had tricked her into coming to the roof. As she
    rolled to her left, her boss overshot her mark and fell off
    the building. Shadow immediately went to the police and
    was placed under protective custody.
    After several attempts on her life, Shadow testified about
    her role in the Black Orchid Corporation. This information
    saved a great many lives and changed business for the
    2) Xavier:
    Full Name: Xavier Pendragon
    Occupation: Warlock / Alchemist
    Time Zone: 1692 A.D.
    Fighting Style: Hapkido Cane Fighting
    Stage Location: Salem
    Fighting Style:
    Hapkido is a Korean martial art founded by Yong Shul Choi. 
    Its style is a selective combination of several martial arts 
    systems: power from Karate, leverage from Judo and Ki 
    (spirit) from Akido.
    Hapkido is distingushed by three essential techniques: 
    passitivity when opposing force, circular movements for 
    countering and attacking, and absoloute penetration of the 
    oppoenents defences. For instance, if the force is strong, it 
    must be met with a soft recpetion; if the force is weak, it must 
    be met with a strong reception. This union of techniques 
    establishes a fluid and perpetual rhythm as well as constant 
    mobility. Almost all hits and defensive actions are performed 
    with the cane, which is used in place of arms and legs.
    Xavier always made bad career choices, so it was no surprise 
    that his last job ended in failure. After nailing still-smoking 
    horseshoes onto the mayor's prized workhorse, Xavier found 
    himself with a shack full of smithy tools and no job.
    Stirred by a love for science, Xavier decided to try his hand 
    at the age-old quest for the formula which would turn lead 
    into gold.  Instead, he found a way to create an unlimited 
    source of cheap, clean-burning energy that would put Salem 
    on the map forever in addition, Xavier found his alchemy had 
    changed him, giving him strange new powers.
    Before he could begin to use this power and document it 
    for the good of future generations, Xavier found himself 
    bound and gagged as the people of Salem carted him off 
    to the town square. There they burned him at the stake 
    for the false charge of being a warlock.
    While some of Xavier's powers could be mistaken for witch-
    craft, they are all based on real science.
    When Xavier returned, he realized that there was only
    one way out of his situation. He asked his accusers if
    his equipment could be burned at the stake with him.
    Since they felt the equipment was just as evil as Xavier,
    they had no objection. When the unlimited power source
    was placed nearby, Xavier held his cane to it and drew the
    precious power it held. As Xavier drew power from the
    container, a strange wind quickly surrounded him,
    protecting him from the flames. The wind moved faster
    and faster until Salem itself began to change. Xavier had
    moved through the portals of time. He now had the power
    to travel through time.
    Xavier used his ability to move through the ages, becoming
    an expert on world history. He was able to fix key events
    in time, allowing the world to become filled with science
    and tolerance for the unusual.
    3) Trident:
    Occupation: Gladiator
    Time Zone: 110 B.C.
    Fighting Style: Capoeira
    Stage Location: Shores of Atlantis
    Fighting Style:
    This Brazilian fighting style was founded over three 
    centuries ago by African slaves. It is believed to have
    been originated by blacks in Angola, who performed 
    the movements as a religous dance. In the 16th century, 
    this "dance" was adpated into a fighting art as a defences 
    against the brutal slave traders. Capoeira is beautiful to 
    watch because of its graceful cartwheels, handstands, 
    handsprings, sweeps and flips. This grace combined with 
    strength makes thus art lethal. Practitioners of this art are 
    adept and evading attacks and countering with hands and 
    feet. The foot motions involve a great deal of leg sweeps, 
    leg blocks and kicks while in a handstand.
    Trident is so named because of the trident which replaced 
    the hand he lost in a duel with a shark.
    The people of Atlantis during this time lived above the 
    water.  They were competing with the Romans to see 
    who would control the Earth's surface, with the loser 
    being plunged into the watery depths.
    The Atlanteans spent their time in the pursuit of science. 
    They realized early on that a major part of the land was 
    going to sink into the ocean. To handle this, they built 
    great environments that were enclosed in bubbles so that 
    they could survive the ocean's depths.
    They then offered a fair settlement to the Romans. Half of 
    each each culture would stay on land, and the other half 
    would go to sea. The Romans would not agree, and would 
    only settle the issue through battle. So the Atlanteans had 
    no choice but to create a warrior that could stand up against 
    the warlike Romans. Trident was their champion.
    The Romans rigged the fight and crushed Trident under 
    a large stone pillar. With their loss, the Atlanteans were 
    forced unnecessarily undersea, and their culture was lost 
    When Trident returned, he quickly avoided the falling
    pillar. He was then able to face his opponent in a fair fight.
    Ultimately, Trident's skill proved too great for the Roman.
    As the exact moment of delivering the final death blow,
    Trident realized the futility of it all. Not only did he refuse
    to finish the Roman, but felt compelled to tell his people
    the error of their ways. Trident succeeded in convincing
    the Atlanteans and the Romans to work together.
    Together they formed a central government using the best
    ideas from each culture. Their ideas of government, science
    and society spread around the world. The great wars never 
    occured because the Atlanteans were nbot only the masters
    of the sea, but also of space.
    4) Jetta:
    Full Name: Jetta Maxx
    Occupation: Circus Acrobat
    Time Zone: 1899 A.D.
    Fighting Style: Savate / Pencak Silat
    Stage Location: South China Sea
    Fighting Style:
    Originating in France, savate, with its foot and fist fighting 
    style, emphasizes front side and round kicks to the knee, 
    shin and instep. The hands are kept open and low to defend 
    against groin kicks. Palm and heel strikes are used to attack 
    the face, nose and eyes. Street fighters who practiced the art 
    introduced both mid-level and high-level kicks.
    -Pencak Silat:
    Pencak Silat, the national fighting art of Indonesia, dates 
    back to the 6th century A.D. By the 14th century, the form 
    was the polished property of the nobility, and commoners 
    were barred from learning its tactics. Baru Silat, the Sumaturan 
    form, employs hand actions to block, parry and cover.
    Jetta was always a rebel: as a youth she changed her given 
    Russian name to Jetta Maxx to sound more like a performer.
    Born in Russia, cousin to Czar Nicholas II, Jetta traveled the 
    world as a performer in a famous international circus. During 
    her many travels, which included visits to France and 
    Indonesia, she learned gymnastics and martial arts.
    In 1899, her circus troop visited China. At the time, China 
    was being ripped apart by the Boxer rebellion, the Chinese 
    attempt to rid their homeland of foreigners.  Unfortunatly, 
    many innocent Chinese were also dying. Spurred by her 
    compassion, Jetta decided to help infiltrate the "Yihe 
    Quang", or "Rightous Harmony Fists" and get them to 
    turn their ways to pacifism before the major foreign powers 
    brought all their military forces to bear. In addition Jetta 
    foresaw that Russia's involvement in the fighting of the 
    East would further weaken her own government's stability. 
    Before Jetta was able to bring a peaceful end to the fighting 
    and change the history of Russia and China, she fell victim 
    to an act of sabotage by a radical from the Yihe Quang. 
    Jetta's safety net and tension wire were cut, Jetta plummeted 
    to her death during the grand performance for the crown 
    emperor of China.
    When Jetta returned, she quickly flipped off the high wire
    onto the safety of the platform. The saboteur left the
    grandstand and tried to escape. He was later captured by
    the imperial guards. Embarassed by the incident, the
    Chinese government pressured the extremist groups to
    turn to more peaceful negotiations. China was then able 
    to settle on a peace plan that would give them full demo-
    cratic control of their country.
    After these changes were in place, Jetta returned to Russia.
    Without the threat of war, the Czar was able to focus his
    attention on the homeland. Instead of fighting the Socialists,
    the Czar negotiated a govenment similar to the one in England.
    5) Blade:
    Full Name: Jonathan Blade
    Occupation: Bounty Hunter
    Time Zone: 2030 A.D.
    Fighting Style: Kenpo
    Stage Location: Syrian Desert Refinery
    Fighting Style:
    Kenpo teaches its disciples how to manuever so that 
    opponents unwittingly place themsleves in vunerable 
    positions. It combines linlear and circular moves, using 
    intermittent power as needed. Like water, it flows through 
    major and minor moves with fluid continuity. It is flexible 
    in though as well as action.
    Blade was one of the best cops that ever lived in the future.  
    Born in Syria, raised in Africa, Blade was dedicated to the 
    extreme, working some of the meanest parts of New Chicago.
    He had, however, one small problem: his temper. After almost 
    being killed several times by a suspect during a case, Blade 
    caught up to him. The suspect again tried to kill Blade, who 
    was able to sidestep the laser shot and grab the suspect. 
    Being only human, Blade was out of patience. He proceeded 
    to beat the suspect to near death.  The suspect survived, and 
    sued the police. 
    The police fired Blade to hush the scandal, and he ended up 
    moving back to Syria to become a Bounty Hunter, which 
    allowed him better use of his quick temper. His final case 
    dealt with a rogue scientist who had escaped a government 
    bio-weapons lab. The scientist was threatening to smash 
    open a vial containing a virus that would kill 95% of all 
    human life if the government didn't stop all bio-research. 
    The Syrian government hired Blade to safely retrieve the vial.  
    Blade agreed on one condition: they wouldn't interfere. They 
    agreed. He cornered the scientist in an alley and radioed that 
    the scientist agreed to peacefully give up the vial.  
    The government had followed Blade, and took this moment 
    to make their move. When shots from laser rifles filled the 
    alley the last image that Blade saw before he died was the 
    smashed and open vial of the virus.
    When Blade returned, he was able to pull the scientist
    aside before any serious damage was done. Enraged,
    Blade knocked out over twenty govenment agents before
    confronting the one who betrayed him. At this point, 
    Blade realized that he had accomplished nothing. This
    anger was the force that led him to the brink of death.
    This world incident led to a number of government reforms.
    A world peace council was established with Blade as
    president. This council went on to bring peace and
    stability to the whole world.
    6) Midknight:
    Real Name: Mitchell Middleton Knight
    Occupation: Bio-Chemical Scientist
    Time Zone: 1967 A.D. 
    Fighting Style: Jeet Kune Do
    Stage Location: Song Hong Delta (Vietnam)
    Fighting Style:
    This fighting style was conceived by the late martial artist 
    Bruce Lee in 1967. It's name literally means "The Way of the 
    intercepting fist". Jeet Kune Do, unlike other martial arts, does 
    not use a specific set of rules or techniques to establish a 
    distinct method. Instead it utilizes all ways and means to 
    serve its end, therfore making it "free". As a martial arts 
    form it possesses everything, while in itself it possesses 
    Mitchell worked for the CIA on loan from Interpol.  Born in 
    London, Mitchell was one of the best bio-chemical scientists 
    working in the intelligence community.  The CIA needed 
    Mitchell to work on a bio-chemical weapon to end the Vietnam 
    War. Mitchell created a virus that would weaken its victims 
    until they hung near death, waiting for the antidote. The virus 
    was to be introduced into the water supply of Vietnam, but 
    Mitchell wouldn't stand for that much human destruction. He 
    stole back his formula and fled back to London to hide. 
    Unfortunately, Mitchell was cornered at the airport by both 
    interpol and CIA agents. During the escape, Mitchell fell 
    from a nine-story building into a chemical storage used by t
    he airport.  The force of the impact broke the seal of the virus 
    container and released the virus into the chemical vat. This 
    mixture creasted an unexpected result.  Mitchell was trans-
    formed by the mixture into a living vampire.  Using his new-
    found cunning and strength, Mitchell escaped and fled to 
    London where he spent the next 133 years vainly searching 
    for a cure for his disease. No longer identifying with his past, 
    Mitchell came to be known as Midknight.
    The cure had become more important since the goverment 
    used the virus during the Vietnam War by using the contents 
    of the airport chemical vat. Many of the third-world countries 
    were now over-run with living vampires. Midknight was also 
    running out of time because his body, with the exception of 
    his neck and face, was rotting away.  This rotting was due to 
    the fact that Midknight wouldn't kill another person to renew 
    his life energy. Midknight was about to solve the last hitch 
    in the antidote when a government agent killed him by firing 
    a firing a magnesium stake through his heart.
    When Midknight returned, he quickly sidestepped his
    attacker to avoid the stake through his heart. He then
    used his superhuman speed to flash behind his attacker
    and drain his life force. Realizing that death was not the
    answer, Midknight stopped short of taking the man's
    life. Once in a safe haven, Midknight collected what was
    left of his lab and departed for Italy.
    Midknight restarted his work on a cure for the plague.
    After a few months of work, a cure was found. The dis-
    covery was bittersweet however, since the cure was
    based on his own blood chemistry. So while the cure
    worked for others, it did little to cure his affliction. It
    stopped his decay, but left him in his current state for-
    Midknight became famous for his efforts and became
    head of the World Science Organization. His immortality
    gave him the experience and wisdom to deal with most of
    mankind's major diseases.
    7) Rax:
    Full Name: R.A.X. Coswell
    Occupation: Cyber-Fighter
    Time Zone: 2345 A.D.
    Fighting Style: Muay Thai Kickboxing
    Stage Location: The Cyber-Dome
    Fighting Style:
    Muay Thai kickboxing is a mixture of powerful kicks and 
    devastating body blows. The fighter uses fists, feet, knees 
    and elbows to cause damage to the opponent. Kicks deliver 
    massive blows to the opponent's legs, knees and thighs, 
    making Muay Thai one of the bloodiest fighting styles in 
    use today. It ranks as the most popular spectator sport in 
    R.A.X. (Robotic Artificial eXoskeleton) is a cyborg.  Once, 
    Coswell was one of the best human kickboxers in the year 
    2345. Coswell's only problem was that the sport was no 
    longer about human competition, but a battle between 
    cyborgs, robotically enhanced human beings.  Since the 
    cyborgs could take and deliver more damage, the crowds 
    began to stop attending the human fights for the excite-
    ment provided by these new robotic combatants. Given 
    these changes, R.A.X. had no choice but to get cybernetic 
    implants and join the crooked game which was run by a 
    deceitful fight promoter. R.A.X. didn't trust this promoter, 
    but needed his financial support to afford the cybernetic 
    implant operation. 
    After the operation, R.A.X. rose through the ranks and 
    won the right to take on the champion.  He was killed as 
    a result of the corrupt fight promoter trading R.A.X.'s life 
    for a sure bet on the championship fight. The promoter 
    used an advanced electronic virus planted in R.A.X's 
    cybernetic brain during the implant operation to shut 
    down all of his vital systems.  This shutdown was 
    seconds before he was about to deliver the fatal 
    blow to the reigning champion.
    When R.A.X. returned, he quickly began to overload the
    systems in his body. As the ruthless fight promoter pulled
    the transmitter from his jacket, R.A.X. fired an energy bolt
    from his power generator. The energy blot flew straight
    and true to its target, knocking out the promoter and
    shorting out the transmitter. As his opponent closed in
    on him for a final blow, R.A.X. hit his air jets, avoiding the
    devastating punch. R.A.X. quickly countered and knocked
    the opponent flat to the mat.
    After the fight, R.A.X. had the electronic virus safely
    removed. The fight promoter was jailed for attempted
    murder. The public, outraged by all the corruption, shut
    down the cyborg fights and returned to more human and
    more humane competition.
    8) Larcen:
    Full Name: Larcen Tyler
    Occupation: Ex-Cat Burglar
    Time Zone: 1920 A.D.
    Fighting Style: Praying Mantis Kung-Fu
    Stage Location: Chicago Theater
    Fighting Style:
    This southern style of Kung-Fu was founded in the 17th 
    century by Wang Lang. The system relies heavily on fierce 
    grasping movements, clawing attacks, kicks and punches 
    for both offense and defense. Legend has it that Wang 
    Lang once captured a praying mantis. took it home and 
    studied it. He then combined the movements of the mantis 
    with monkey style Kung-Fu to form his new system.
    Born in an era of crime bosses and racketeering, Larcen 
    grew respecting and idolizing the many powerful crime 
    bosses who ruled the streets.  As a youth, he went to 
    work for Mr. Taglalini, one of the most powerful crime 
    bosses. Under his wing, Larcen grew up to be one of the 
    world's best cat burglars. He did many illegal jobs for Mr.
    Taglalini, including the planting of illegal evidence in other 
    crime boss hideouts.  There was one thing that Larcen 
    wouldn't do, and that was kill.  Instead, he used martial 
    arts to stop and drop his attackers.
    One day, Mr. Taglalini asked Larcen to plant a package 
    on a supposed crime boss who was recovering in the 
    hospital.  When he entered the room that supposedly 
    contained the boss, he instead found the now recovering 
    chief of police, who had been hurt in a prior assassination 
    attempt.  It seemed that the mob wanted the chief dead 
    because he was incorruptable, and was about to declare 
    war on the mob. Larcen suddenly realized that he had 
    been set up.  The package he carried probably contained 
    a bomb. At this moment, Larcen decided that he had chosen 
    the wrong side.  He wouldn't kill.  Larcen attempted to throw 
    the bomb out of the window, but it was too late. The bomb 
    explosion not only killed both Larcen and the chief, but also 
    most of the hospital, including several youngsters in the 
    children's wing.
    When Larcen returned, he quickly threw the bomb out the
    window. Larcen was captured by a couple of policeman
    standing guard around the hospitalized police chief. Larcen
    was brought to the chief's room. The chief was so impressed
    with Larcen's bravery that he made him a member of the
    special government task force against organized crime.
    After months of prep work, the task force took down Mr.
    Taglalini and his organization. Larcen went on to head of 
    the task force which eventually widened its scope to
    include international cartels. This task force was respon-
    sible for eliminating organized crime forever.
    9) Slash:
    Occupation: Pre-Man Hunter
    Time Zone: 50,000 B.C.
    Fighting Style: Pain
    Stage Location: Great Rift Valley
    Fighting Style:
    This fighting style uses any move or attack  that will cause 
    pain or inflict damage. This includes eye-poking, neck 
    throttling, nostril pulling and hair yanking. The most common 
    weapon is a large wooden club, which early hunters could
    wield very effetively. One technique involves the spinal 
    crush, in which the attacker jumps onto a foe and smashes 
    the victim's head, compressing the spinal column. Another 
    technique uses the "push off" lever for a high two-footed 
    Slash was always advanced for a pre-man creature.  He was 
    the greatest hunter and the greatest fighter of his generation.  
    These skills didn't just come from his great strength, but also 
    from the emergence of an early intelligence. Slash used this 
    intelligence in his fighting, which meant hecould out-think 
    most of his opponents. 
    His intelligence also got him into a lot of trouble. The cave 
    elders resented Slash for his intelligence, and rejected his 
    every idea, including an agricultural plan which would have 
    freed the clan from its enslavement to a life of drudgery as 
    hunter-gatherers.  The elders turned down this idea at once, 
    as they saw no value in having free time and enjoyed the 
    violence of the hunt. 
    One day, when Slash publicly spoke against the the elders 
    in a clan meeting,he was stoned to death by the clan when 
    the elders proclaimed him to be an evil force.
    When Slash returned, he quickly pulled himself free from
    the ropes that held him in place for the stoning. Once he
    was free, the clan members attacked him. With his new-
    found knowledge, he used their own force to throw them
    off balance. Slash finally used a trick from Xavier. He
    raised his club into the air and the tip became alive with
    fire. The angry crowed backed away in fear. 
    Once he had their attention, Slash was able to communicate
    his ideas. Eventually, he was appointed to head of the clan.
    This small change in pre-man history led to a life of peace
    rather than violence. This in turn saved the earth itself
    from ravages of war. 
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