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    Vs. Opponent Strategies by Anonymous

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      1. Blade moves slowly, and has no way to travel quickly across the
         screen.  When far, he'll usually throw a Tracking Blade or Stun
         Beam which you can block.  Up close, he'll try a Wild Fury Attack,
         or a Throw.
      2. To beat Blade, just move in *quickly*, and attack.  But don't stay
         too close when you've finished.  Jump away, then advance again.
      1. Jump kick her.  Usually she'll jump into it.  If she Phases, do a
         quick jump kick.  She should run into that too.  She's also
         susceptible to repeated throws.
      2. Don't let Jetta corner you - especially when Phased.  You will get
         pounded no matter how much you block.  If you get out of the leap
         and hit cycle, back away and try to start it again.
      1. Never, never leap into Larcen when he's on the ground.  He will do a
         Flip Kick and damage you every time.  When he's in the air or on the
         ceiling though, he's fair (and easy) game.
      2. Larcen is also very quick to block, so the best way to attack him is
         by waiting until he attacks you.  Determine how he's coming at you,
         then go for an exposed spot.  For example, if he's coming with a
         punch, counter it with a sliding low kick.
      1. Like Jetta, Midknight will almost always counter a leap with a leap.
         Determine which leap is effective for your character (ie. the Flying
         Downward Hit for Rax) and repeat.
      2. Midknight will also do a lot of Flying Wall Smashes and Mist Attacks.
         Learn to recognize the early frames of these animation sequences, and
         jump over him when he attempts them.  He will do them when far away.
      1. When far away, Rax will almost always try a Jet Knee Smash.  Learn to
         see this one coming, and jump over it.  Otherwise, you'll be cornered
         and prone for some pounding.  Also, when he starts his Lock and Load,
         jump straight up, and the projectile will go into the air instead of
         you.  If you get stunned by it, he'll jump over and do a toe pounding.
      2. Rax is very strong offensively, so you can't stay too close.  Go for
         moves where you move in quickly and strike.  Try to keep him blocking,
         let up (block/jump back) then strike again.
      1. Shadow is easy to beat once you figure out her pattern.  The trick is to
         stay away from her.  Preferably on the other side of the screen.  Jump
         over anything she throws at you.  Pretty soon, she'll get tired of
         throwing things and will disappear.  Wait around 2 seconds and jump
         straight up.  She should appear right next to where you were standing
         before and attack.  The attack will miss because you're in the air.
         Once you land, immediately throw her and/or get back to the other side
         of the screen.
      2. When she goes into a long move (like the Twirling Fan Attack) jump
         over her and kick or throw her from behind.  Low undercut kicks are
         also a good frontal counter for these attacks.
      1. Slash has a very easy pattern.  He'll throw a few Claws then try to
         do a Power Thud.  Block or jump the Claws then jump at him when he
         starts the Power Thud.  With Xavier, just press Z until he drops!
      2. A Running Head Butt can be countered with a low undercut kick.
      3. Trick Slash into walking towards you, then do a low undercut kick.
      1. Trident blocks everything (very frustrating!).  If you avoid him,
         he'll try to stun you with Plasma Bolts.  These are easy to see
         coming and to block (unless you're unlucky and he catches you in
         the middle of something or in the air).
      2. If cornered, Trident will either Throw you or do a Spinning Trident
         which is very damaging.  Don't let this happen!!!
      3. The best offense is to do some type of long distance special move,
         and avoid him the rest of the time.  Sometimes a low undercut kick
         will get through, but if not, jump back immediately!
      1. Be careful about getting close to Xavier, because you will be
      2. When Xavier starts to do a spell, he will hold his cane straight up.
         Jump forward immediately when you see this, and you will dodge the
         spell he's fired at you.  This is usually the best time to attack.
      1. You have to beat the Eternal Champion 5 times.  After the first, he
         will reincarnate himself from one of four images on the windows, and
         you will be given about a third of your life bar restored.  These
         matches are not timed - it's to the death - and you have to beat all
         5 with one life (you get 2 chances).
      2. Only attack the Champion when he's not flashing, and avoid or block
         everything that he throws at you.  Stay out of range, and learn which
         kind of leaps and advancing attacks are effective for your character.
                           ETERNAL CHAMPIONS OVERKILL LIST
    1) Overkills only work in the fight which will cause you to win (or
       lose) the match.
    2) Overkills only work if your last hit does more than 13% damage.
       Consult your manual for the appropriate moves, or just use a throw.
    3) Overkills are BACKGROUND DEPENDENT.  This means every character can
       do all the fatalities, and that every player therefore may want to
       learn all of em.
    4) Overkills occur when the first 3 criteria are satisfied, and when the
       loser lands on the magic spot on the background.
      Landing Position:
        The Loser must land centered at the bottom of the huge fan.
        Loser gets sucked into the fan, sliced up, leaving only a trademark
        item behind.
      Landing Position:
        The Loser must land in the middle of the gate.
        An earthquake occurs, and the loser falls into the fiery hole
        to his/her death.
      Landing Position:
        The Loser must land a touch to the left or right of the ticket booth.
        The Loser gets gunned down by a passing car, then again left to
        right, while blood flies out of the loser everytime the bullet trail
        hits the loser.
      Landing Position:
        Starting from in front of the hut to the left (the shorter part),
        finish the opponent so he/she bounces to the right and lands in front
        of the cow.
        The helicopter will launch a missile at the loser, blowing him up
        and leaving charcoal briquettes behind.
      Landing Position:
        The Loser must land just to the right of the dragon statue.
        Some UFO robots fly onto the scene, freezing the enemy and then
        stattering the loser-si-cle.  Then a vacuum robot cleans up the
      Landing Position:
        The Loser must land centered on the second letter from the left.
        Loser will fly into the letter, be electrocuted with lots of blood,
        explode, and drop an eyeball onto the ground.
      Landing Position:
        The Loser must land roughly one body length away from the far left
        or right of the background.
        The loser gets dragged off-screen by a dinosaur that you can't see
        (yet).  The dinosaur then moves on-screen while chewing happily on
        the loser.  Finally, a trademark item is spit out of his mouth.
      Landing Position:
        The Loser must land directly below the statue in the right half of
        the background (the statue with the water spout).  It has also been
        seen in front of the big rock located on the left side of the area,
        and centered in front of the sky city in the background.
        Three vines slowly wrap the loser up, then pull him/her under.
        A big series of splashes, followed by bubbles, lead up to a pool
        of blood where the loser fell.
      Landing Position:
        The Loser must land centered in the fire.
        The loser will be slowly burned to death, arms flailing, leaving
        behind a skeleton.  The skull then falls to the ground.
                                Larcen's Character Guide:
                                    by Chris Schneider
      General Info:
      So you want to play Larcen, eh? Excellent call. He's got a very good mix
    of speed, power, and defense. Combine that with what I think is the easiest
    throw in the game and you've just become a walking weapon. I've only got one
    combo to mention and it has become the mainstay of my Larcen arsenel. Use
    a leaping "C" kick and as soon as you hit the ground, go for a sweeping "C",
    and immediately jump forward again with a second leaping "C". Somewhere in
    the course of that flurry, you're probably going to get a shot or two (or
    three) in. Beyond that combo, I generally fight with what I call the "In
    yo' face" style, leaping over opponents and striking as often with "C" kicks
    and "Z" punches as possible. The opponent often has no chance to open up any
    offense or perform any charge moves.
      Your opponent can't get much off with you constantly in his
    or her face. Leap over your opponent with kicks and punches and keep the
    pressure up when you land. Vary your attacks high and low and above all,
    don't let up. When you throw, always use the "Y" throw. It's quicker and
    equally as effective as the "Z" one. If you get the opponent hurt and you fear
    jumping in, throw a sai. With a full IS load, you can throw 3 sais before
    needing to rest. Also, when throwing sais, it is easy to get into the air with
    a leaping kick right behind the weapon. They'll block the sai, but usually not
    the kick.
      vs. Blade:
      This is the epitomy of "In yo' face". Jump in from the get-go.
    You can get three easy leaping kicks because Blade will jump up. After any
    of them, you can elect to stay on the ground and walk up to him. As soon as
    he gets up, throw him. Back off and repeat the kick/throw as necessary.
    If he throws a tracking blade, it is usually possible to jump in and catch
    him with a leaping kick before the blade gets you, effectively killing it.
      vs. Jetta:
      You can bait Jetta into the air just like Blade. Just throw your
    kicks/punches early and she won't touch you. Jetta is very easy to throw, so
    exploit that. If she does her back hand spring (the one where she then jumps
    back at you) jump back and use a leaping "C". She'll jump into it every time.
    be ready to block if you can't stop that back hand spring, because her
    favorite combo is that with a rapid series of kicks. Don't bother with the
    sais, as you'll just leave yourself open and she'll plant you. If she
    phases, wait for a second and bait her into jumping into the air, so you
    can kick her out of it.
      vs. MidKnight:
      Another "In yo' face" opportunity. Throw your kicks early or he'll feed you
    his all day. If he is in the air and you're on the ground, block and throw.
    MidKnight has this real problem with projectiles. If you throw one, he'll
    immediately mist attack to dodge it. Somewhere along the line somebody thought
    it was such a good idea that he'll always do it unless he's in the air. Using
    this knowledge, just throw a sai and he'll mist up. Jump over the mist and walk
    toward it. You will not get hit, but he'll materialize right in front of you.
    Now throw. MidKnight is also easily corner trapped by Larcen using the leaping,
    sweep, leaping kick combo from above.
      vs. RAX:
      Watch jumping in! RAX will slam you at every opportunity. For some
    reason, RAX loves using that cyber-kick against Larcen, so watch out for
    that too. Your best bet is to jump in from long range (so you land outside
    of RAX's throw range and can duck the cyber-kick) and sweep. He may block
    it, but you're now close enough to start in on the "In yo' face" stuff.
    Use standing "Z" punches and occasionally jump away to launch a sai. When
    he goes for the jet knee, jump toward him (if you can get in the air early
    enough) and use the "C" kick. You can often kick him out of the attack.
      vs. Shadow:
      Have fun with this, because it's where you'll get the most
    practice with the knock-back projectiles move (hold back and hit "X" when
    the weapon is almost upon you). Since Shadow is so adept at launching stars,
    use them to your advantage. Stay away from her and knock back her stars. She
    rarely blocks them. When she goes for a cartwheel-fan, jump over, chase her
    down, and throw her. If she disappears, jump up and throw. If she does her
    spinning jump (that thing where she jumps and part way up rolls into a ball
    for greater height) simply jump back and use the "C" kick. Throw the
    occasional sai to shut up her "Coward" ranting.
      vs. Slash:
      What can I say? Slash loves to eat the leaping, sweep, leaping
    combo. Just play hard inside and he's yours. If he tries the running charge,
    block and leaping kick him. If he uses the de-claw, knock it back. Larcen's
    speed can easily handle the ground smash by kicking Slash out of the air.
    Standing "Z" punches work great too if you work them into patterns of jumping
    over Slash.
      vs. Trident:
      Not as big of a problem as RAX, Trident is much easier to jump
    in on. Constantly leap over him with a barrage of kicks and standing "Z"
    punches. The occasional sweep will hit, but not that often. Frequently, when
    you go to the air, Trident will roll away, with the intent to launch a plasma
    ball. Keep leaping at him, throwing "C" kicks. The extention of the leg will
    often take him down before the plasma gets going. If he does use the plasma
    from long range, throw a sai and block. Your sai will hit him while he's
    exposed and let you block in time.
      vs. Xavier:
      Keep him at a distance with your sai. The only way you'll be able
    to jump in on him is from close range, so you won't be thrown. Anytime he
    uses a dragon trap or throws the cane, leap over and use a "C" kick. If it
    connects, walk up and throw. Anytime he gears up to throw a spell, go airborne
    and kick him while he's exposed. It is possible to use the knock back
    projectile move on the spells, but their weaving makes it very difficult.
    When you get him off balance, proceed to the leaping, sweep, leaping kick
    combo for what's usually a moderately easy fight.
      vs. Champion #1:
      Piece of cake. There's a nice little pattern that will
    work against the Champions most of the time. When you're in close, jump away
    with a kick. He'll hesitate for a moment and then follow you. As soon as you
    land, leap back in with a kick. You'll come up underneath him and get a solid
    hit. If you stay in close and keep jumping over him, hammering the whole
    time, he won't have a chance to use his powers. Don't get too confident,
    though. It gets much harder than this.
      vs. Shark Champion:
      Use him as a refueling stop. By this, I mean take your
    time and plan your shots. The Shark is pretty easy to handle if you're
    careful and you can get back another chunk of that precious health you're
    going to need against the Tiger and the Dragon. Don't throw the sais unless
    you're comfortable with jumping the fin, because that's his favorite counter.
    Don't try for those quickie throws like you can cinch in against the regular
    players, because you'll catch a weak low kick. Use the leaping out then back
    in pattern I mentioned above to shut the Shark down.
      vs. Eagle Champion:
      Here's another refueling stop. The Eagle telegraphs his
    wall dive worse than RAX. It gives you plenty of time to go to the air and
    try to kick the Eagle out of it. Use hit and run tactics and throw alot of
    sais. Another quirky thing about this Champion is the repluser field. If he's
    on the left of you, you can't approach him. If he's on the right, however,
    you can press on, albeit slowly, and get in close. Once you're in range, use
    a "Z" punch to put him down.
      vs. Tiger Champion:
      Here's a rough fight. I suggest staying in the air and
    using the jumping out/jumping in pattern already mentioned. The cartwheel
    attack is hard to counter unless you use the sais. The speed of the Tiger
    is your biggest problem, though. Take your time and block his leaping attacks.
    This will leave him wide open for a throw. Keep your cool and you'll handle
      vs. Dragon Champion:
      Ugh. I hate this guy. I have yet to knock back one of
    his fireballs, so I can't say if it's even possible. Barring them, the other
    problem is that half-damage field he puts up. Hard to put him down when every
    punch and kick you've got does pitiful amounts of damage. If you can catch
    him in the jumping out/jumping in pattern, use it as long as you can. Your
    sais will give you some help, but don't stay that far away from him for long
    or you'll be eating fireballs.
                               Midknight's Character Guide:
                                    by Chris Schneider
      General Info:
      He's tremendously vicious in close when you can get the other character off
    balance. His Flying Wall Smash combined with a throw will spell fast death for
    those caught by it.  Another combo I love starts with the Tornado Attack, and
    when the opponent blocks it, hit the Ceiling Ram (repeat D > C, then U + C).
    This combo is easily modified to taste for the Stomach Punch or the Life Drain,
    but I find it easier to hit the Ceiling Ram, since you don't have to reposition
    your fingers to new buttons.
      Use the strongest kick as a hop kick (grab extra air-time).  Only use the
    kicks if you suspect you're going to be hit on the way down, such as Larcen's
    backflip.  The Flying Wall Smash is generally a safe maneuver, but can cause
    trouble.  Do *not* use the mist attack. It's pretty much worthless given the
    recovery time and how much warning it gives the opponent.  Only use the Stomach
    Punch and Life Drain in a combo or on a stunned opponent.  They seem to have
    a very low strike priority.  Another good one especially against human players
    is a Flying Spin kick followed by the Back Roll Twirl kick.  Same button (B),
    but you have to block high then low to stop it.  The crouching uppercuts (Y or
    Z with D) are nice for advancing on your opponent and will take them out of the
    air if timed correctly.  And when close, use repeated Y or Z punches (or with
    F for throws).
      vs. Blade:
      Go to the air.  Blade is probably the worst programmed fighter in the game.
    He's easily goaded into the air and then punched before he can get a move off.
    Quickly follow this up with a throw.  If the timing is right, you will nail
    him about 90% of the time.  Catch him just as he gets back to his feet and use
    the middle punch for the throw, rather than the hardest one.  His projectiles
    are a joke, since the Flying Wall Smash will soar right under them, hitting
    the often exposed Blade.
      vs. Jetta:
      Go to the air.  She'll usually try to meet you, but can be batted down just
    like Blade.  The followup throw will work if timed right.  Do *not* attempt a
    Flying Wall Smash, as she tends to phase when you make your move.  By the time
    you hit, she's invulnerable to the strike.  Keep moving and use a lot of
    throws.  Good combo:  U + F > Z, then repeat Y and F > Y.  It'll probably be a
    close one.
      vs. Larcen:
      Don't jump in on Larcen.  He loves that backflip and it can be used against
    him.  Jump in on him, and at the peak of the jump, use one of the two strongest
    kicks.  That added elevation will throw off his timing for the flip and can
    leave him vulnerable for the throw.  If he goes for his grappling hook swing,
    simply block and throw.  The Flying Wall Smash will catch him off guard maybe
    30-40% of the time, so use it sparingly.  Larcen is also a sucker for the
    Tornado/Ceiling Ram.  If you can get him off balance, use alternating high/low
    strikes.  The computer seems to have major difficulty with Larcen on shifting
    between blocks.
      vs. Rax:
      Use quick aerial punches and avoid jumping in if he's on the ground.
    Inevitably, he'll start in with the jet knees.  When he does, standing block it
    and then walk forward after he bounces off.  Once he lands, you can nail the
    throw.  If he hits with the jet assisted uppercut (the one that carries him
    almost off-screen) you can score another easy throw when he lands.  Rax is also
    a major sucker for the Tornado/Ceiling Ram combo.
      vs. Shadow:
      Use the standard Shadow defenses.  Jump straight up when she disappears and
    throw her when you land.  If she throws projectiles, either jump or block.  If
    she cartwheels, leap over and chase her down from behind.  You can usually
    catch her and throw.  Be careful with the Flying Wall Smash, or you'll end up
    being thrown.
      vs. Slash:
      Use alot of Flying Wall Smashes. He seems to love being hit by them...
    When he goes for the ground smash, knock him out of the sky. If it appears
    that you'll land without a hit before he does, use one of the stronger kicks
    to give you that extra "oomph."  The Tornado Attack usually gets you a nice
    club for the effort, so use it very sparingly.
      vs. Trident:
      With Trident, it's a matter of beating him to the punch.  I will usually jump
    at him at the start and kick quickly.  He's very vulnerable to the throw after
    getting knocked down.  If he goes for the plasma, go for a body launch.  Don't
    worry too much about a computer controlled Trident when he uses the fields.
    He'll usually block, rather than give you the damage.  If you're not in the air
    before him, don't try to meet him.  He's not nearly as forgiving as Blade and
    Jetta.  As with any character vs Trident:  Don't get caught by the plasma, or
    you may get the insta-death combo (spinning trident followed by another
    spinning trident).
      vs. Xavier:
      This is the one character I hate almost as much as the Dragon Champion.
    Xavier will block just about everything you throw and hit you with that killer
    combo.  The way to deal with Xavier? Defense. Let him come to you.  He'll be
    open after a magic spell, so jump over it and strike fast.  If he jumps in,
    block and throw. If you can get behind his standing cane throw or the dragon
    trap, go for the throw. He'll fall for the tornado/ceiling ram about 50% of the
    time.  The Flying Wall Smash will tear him apart if you catch him after
    throwing a spell and leave him open for a quick throw.
      vs. Champion #1:
      The first champion is a good introduction to the computer's cheating.  To
    deal with him, use the two strongest kicks as hop kicks.  You can catch him
    from underneath.  Don't try to follow-up with the throw or you'll end up
    getting smacked by a few low weak kicks.  The Flying Wall Smash will work about
    35-40% of the time.  The best way to deal with him quickly is the tornado/
    ceiling ram combo, since you can hit him with it twice in quick succession
    before needing to back off for your IS to replenish.
      vs. Shark Champion:
      The shark loves to counter the Flying Wall Smash with the fin move.  Don't
    use it unless you're comfortable with jumping over it.  Don't jump straight up,
    rather jump over it, trying to stay in the middle of the screen.  When the
    champ pulls back together, go for a quick throw. This battle will best be
    fought in the air.
      vs. Eagle Champion:
      Don't try to meet his body launch with a Flying Wall Smash.  Instead, keep
    this fight in the air.  The eagle's reach is a bear to deal with, but can be
    stopped if met with aerial attacks.  Beware his vertical "sawblade" strike.
    Use a lot of hit and run, and use your Flying Wall Smash often, provided he
    isn't going for it himself.  If he begins after you've launched, you'll catch
    him flush in the stomach.  The tornado/ceiling ram is another good bet for this
      vs. Tiger Champion:
      His speed is impressive, but he's dumb.  His aerial priority is seemingly
    low, so go high often.  When he uses his cartwheel attack, body launch. You'll
    hit him every time.  When he jumps in, block and throw.  Keep up the pressure
    with hit and runs and he's yours.  Expect to trade a lot of blows though.
      vs. Dragon Champion:
      This is the real test of your mettle. He cheats so bad that it's very
    difficult to stop him.  His aerial priority is very high, so stay on the ground
    as best you can.  His fireballs can stop the Flying Wall Smash and he'll
    usually strike with quick weak hits if you get close.  Your best bet is to
    block as best you can and try to catch him coming down from the air with a
    Flying Wall Smash.  Quickly go for the tornado/ceiling ram and you may get it.
    Don't jump in, but try to take him out of the air with uppercuts and middle
    punches.  This will be the hardest opponent you face as Midknight.
                                 Rax's Character Guide
                                    by Dave Woodall
      General Info:
      Rax is one of the strongest offensive players in the game - only Trident
    can match his sheer offensive strength.  And given the slightest opening, he
    can totally devastate his opponent.  Luckily for Rax, it is impossible to
    Insult and Block at the same time.  When Insulted, immediately fire off a
    "Lock and Load", then leap over *quickly* and give'em a "Toe Pounding" (close
    C).  Instant 45% damage!  It feels soooooo good!
      In most situations, use the strongest buttons - Z for punches and C for
    kicks (of course in combination with leaps, crouches, etc.).  I rarely use any
    of the others except with Special Moves.  Rax also has an amazingly fast Throw!
    Be VERY aggressive with it.  After you make contact with a punch or kick,
    immediately move in and Throw!  Very effective against most opponents,
    especially Jetta and Trident.
      vs. Blade:
      Blade is a major sucker for the Flying Downward Hit (U + F > Z).  You can
    easily win with this move alone, but that gets boring.  An occasional Lock and
    Load/Toe Pounding is fun, and when Blade does his Spin Kick, knock him off his
    feet with an Afterburner Thrust (D > C).  Blade's projectiles are slow moving,
    and easily avoided by pressing D.  For fun, finish him with Jet Knee Smash!
      vs. Jetta:
      Start every match by leaping away from Jetta.  At this point, do one of two
    things:  1) Fire off a Lock and Load and get ready to leap over for a Toe
    Pounding if it hits, or 2) Wait for her to Phase.  When she does, do a leaping
    Z (U + F > Z) and 90% of the time she will meet you in mid-air.  If all that
    fails, she will jump over to you.  At this point, IMMEDIATELY hold F and hammer
    on Z.  When she lands, you will do an instant Throw.  Follow every Throw with
    a leap back and a Lock and Load.  About 50% of the time it will succeed!
      vs. Larcen:
      Larcen is pretty quick defensively, which makes it hard to get many moves
    to connect.  NEVER NEVER leap in on Larcen when he's on the ground!  You will
    never win that encounter.  Basically, let Larcen come to you.  When he does
    the Ceiling Crawl/Drop, meet him at the top with a leaping Z.  Or, if your
    quick, fire off a Lock and Load and knock him down.  Counter the Long Distance
    Sweep or a leap with either a leaping Z or C.  Counter the Grappling Hook
    with an Afterburner (D > C).  A good combo against Larcen is D > C, D > A,
    D > A.
      vs. Midknight:
      Midknight is also fairly easy - but more fun to defeat than Blade.  The
    basic moves are U + F > Z, and D > C.  He's a sucker for both.  NEVER do
    either a Lock and Load or an Overload (A + C) - he will go for his Mist
    Attack every time!  Just leap to avoid the Mist.  If he jumps in close,
    do a quick Throw.  You can also do repeated Throws if you corner him.
    A satisfying combo against Midknight is the Jet Knee Smash (CB .5, F + C)
    followed by a Throw.
      vs. Shadow:
      Start every match with a leap away followed by a Lock and Load - most
    likely, she will begin her match with Insults!  If successful, leap over for
    a Toe Pounding, and if not, wait.  Block whatever she throws, and if she does
    the Shadow Mode, wait a second, jump straight up and press D > Z coming down.
    Counter her Twirling Fan Attack with an Afterburner (D > C), jump back and do
    a Lock and Load.  Do not leap in on Shadow - you'll get a projectile up your
      vs. Slash:
      Whatever you do, don't stay close to Slash!  If you do, you're in for a
    world of hurt.  What I've found that works best is to get about 2/3 screen
    length away, and slowly move forward.  When he starts to walk, do a quick
    Afterburner (D > C), and you'll catch him off guard every time.  You can
    repeat this until you back him into a corner, then leap to the opposite
    corner and try a Lock and Load/Toe Pounding.  Overloads will sometimes get
    through, but he often bats them back.  NEVER NEVER NEVER do an Overload
    when Slash is close - if he bats it, YOU'LL eat it!  Ouch!  Also, counter
    a Running Head Butt with an Afterburner (D > C).
      vs. Trident:
      Trident blocks everything (almost :-).  Start every match with 2 or 3
    Overloads followed by a leaping Z.  Trident has 3 ways to stun you, and
    the worst of these is the Plasma Bolt.  Don't get caught by this or you're
    dead!  To win a leap, you must beat Trident into the air, so more often
    than not, leap away from him.  If he leaps in close, do a quick Throw (hold
    F, and hammer on Z).  When he does an Advancing High kick or a Spinning
    Trident, counter with an Afterburner (D > C) - this is the only time he
    doesn't block it!  Of course, counter an Insult with a Lock and Load.
    Don't forget to follow a contact with a quick Throw!
      vs. Xavier:
      Xavier also is very good at blocking, and if you get close, he'll throw
    you.  He is also good at avoiding Lock and Loads, so use Overloads.  Most
    of the time, they'll get through.  At this point, Xavier will do one of
    three things:  Insult, a new spell, or a leap.  Counter the first two with
    an Afterburner (D > C), or let him leap over you then leap away.  You can
    usually get 2 or 3 Afterburners in a row!  When your Inner Strength runs low,
    block Xavier's spells and wait for .75.  If you fire an Overload before a
    spell has past you, they will cancel each other, so wait.  Not a glamorous
    win, but it works.
      vs. Champion #1:
      Fight this one like Blade.  Do lots of leaping Z's, and don't let up on
    him.  If you do, he'll go invincible or do a Special Move.  If you do end
    up on the other side of the screen and he insults you ("Fight!"), quickly
    fire off a Lock and Load (effective about 40% of the time).  Another thing
    I've found effective against any of the Champions is if you happen to kill
    one of them right next to you, do an Overload when the next starts to pull
    himself together.  Do not Throw this champion unless you are cornered.  He
    has a magic (:-) ability to counter it with a damaging undercut kick.
      vs. Shark Champion:
      Above all else, DO NOT use Lock and Load or Overload!  Like Midknight, this
    one will always go into his "shark fin" attack.  Use plenty of leaping Z's,
    and stay in the air.  He seems very good at blocking Rax's undercutting kicks
    (bummer).  If he goes into the "shark fin", jump the opposite direction he's
    going and jump high.  Or use any leap followed by Y for "extra air".  When
    doing the leaping Z, get into a pattern where you leap, jump back and
    repeat.  This works against all the champions.
      vs. Eagle Champion:
      Try to catch this one on the ground and do a Lock and Load / Toe Pounding
    combo.  He doesn't block the Lock and Load very well!!!  Do this twice and
    you've got 90% damage on him!  Other than that, try using well timed C kicks
    and Throws if you're cornered.  Avoid the Midknight style "Flying Wall
    Smashes" - you usually can't counter them.  The leap back and forth is also
    very effective.
      vs. Tiger Champion:
      Like the first Champion, use lots of leaping Z's.  This guy reminds me of
    Jetta, and you can fight him pretty much the same way - try to stay in the
    air because you'll get pounded on the ground.  If you get attacked on the
    ground, Block, then Throw (he's fairly susceptible to them).  Counter most
    leaps with a leaping Z, or if he goes high, use a Vertical Twirl (U > Z) to
    knock him down.
      vs. Dragon Champion:
      This guy reminds me of Trident with those @$)!($ fireballs.  DO NOT jump
    straight up to avoid them, because they travel too slow.  Leap over them
    and try to get in a quick kick!  He seems to have priority in BOTH the air
    and the ground, which makes it tough to fight him.  He will block most Lock
    and Loads, Overloads, and Throws (unless you're cornered).  Have patience
    when fighting this one - don't forget there is no clock.  It seems that the
    weakest punches and kicks get through more often than the strongest ones.
    While my normal strategy is to get in their face and pound away, you have
    to hit-and-run (block) this jerk-wad.  Like the Tiger, use a Vertical Twirl
    (U > Z) to knock him down if he goes high.
                                Shadow's Character Guide
                                    by Dave Woodall
      General Info:
      Shadow isn't the strongest of the Eternal Champion characters, but she does
    have some awesome Special Moves.  The best of these is the Smoke Screen, since
    you can control where you reappear.  The pattern is very easy to remember:
                      upper left:  X + Y      Y + Z   :upper right
                      lower left:  A + B      B + C   :lower right
    Most of the time, you can catch your opponent in the air with one of the upper
    positions, and you'll damage them almost every time.  For the remainder of the
    guide, I'll just say "Smoke Screen", but this means to follow with one of the
    above re-entry positions (the uppers are best, since you appear doing a kick).
    Another useful move is the leaping A, since it will give you "extra air" and
    can get you out a close spot very quickly.
      vs. Blade:
      Leaping C!  That's about it.  Fighting Blade is very much like Midknight.
    Other than the leaping C, Flying Mines and Smoke Screens keep things
    interesting.  If you corner him, give him a Throw.
      vs. Jetta:
      Jump away at the start of every match.  Let her Phase, and do a leaping C.
    Repeat!  Most of the time, you'll meet her at the top and win.  If she jumps in
    close, do a quick throw.  You might as well, because if she does her Flurry
    Kick, you can't block it anyway!  Starting with a Shadow Mode isn't always very
    effective since she moves around so fast it's hard to catch her.  If she tries
    a Choke Hold, do a Smoke Screen and wham her from behind.
      vs. Larcen:
      Play defensively against Larcen.  He can hurt you in a hurry if you let him!
    Keep your distance, but counter his offensive moves.  If he does a Ceiling
    Crawl, counter with a leaping C, or a Flying Mine if you're quick.  A Smoke
    Screen can also knock him off the ceiling.  When Larcen calls you a Punk,
    throw a Flying Mine at him.  Counter a leap with a leaping Y and a Power
    Sweep with a leaping C.
      vs. Midknight:
      You can win with only the leaping C!!!  This fight is best kept in the air,
    because Midknight will do that annoying Wall Smash otherwise.  Don't throw
    projectiles either because he will just get all Misty.  The Smoke Screen is
    also fun, and use a Throw if you get cornered.  And don't use the Twirling
    Fan Attack - he'll jump over it and attack your behind.
      vs. Rax:
      The toughest for me! (maybe because Rax is my main character).  I like
    to start with a Shadow Mode, and quickly hammer away with Z and Y punches.
    If you punch instead of Throw (keep your finger off the D button), you can
    get four hard punches in followed by a Throw - about 60% damage!  Do a jump A
    (straight up) when he does his Jet Knee Smash (zooms across the screen).  If
    you are at one end of the playing area, he will stop right next to you, and
    you can get 2 Throws in a row! (hold F and keep hammering on Z).  Use Smokes
    to catch him in the air, but don't do it when Rax is on the ground, or you'll
    get thrown.  Counter leaps with a leaping Y or Z.
      vs. Slash:
      Slash is a sucker for Flying Mines!  80%-90% they'll get thru - and they'll
    always get thru if you can catch him doing a Running Head Butt.  When he tries
    a Power Thud, either leap in with Z, or Smoke to the side he's on.  Starting
    with a Shadow Mode (see Trident's description) also works well.  Slash doesn't
    jump much, but if he does, leap back with C.
      vs. Trident:
      Start every match with a Shadow Mode, get over to him fast, and hit him
    repeatedly with Y and Z.  If you're quick, you can do about 50% damage before
    you come out of it!  Trident loves to jump, and that's a fatal mistake when
    playing against Shadow.  Do a Smoke, then appear in the upper corner that
    he's facing.  Whammo!  Flying Mines are also great if you can catch him in
    the air.  If cornered, Throw.
      vs. Xavier:
      Xavier is tough - he blocks everything.  Like Trident, start every match with
    a Shadow Mode.  After that, just wait for him to try a spell, and either leap
    over and kick him before he gets it off.  Also good:  Do a Smoke Screen and
    before you reappear, hold a Throw in the same direction he's facing (ie. Left
    and Z if he's facing left).  You'll appear behind him - and do a Throw!  Works
    very well!!!  Lastly, flying Mines only work against leaps, which he doesn't
    do very often.
      vs. Champion #1:
      First a general note on beating the Champions:  Start most matches with
    your Shadow Mode!!!!  Most of the time, you can do serious damage right off
    the bat, then back off and wait for your meter to refill.
      This guy is a lot like Blade.  Use lots of leaping C's and Smoke Screens
    to keep him off balance.  If you move away from him, he'll go invincible or
    throw the 5 "power balls".  If you try a Shadow, he will go invincible most
    of the time.  And your Throw is only effective if you get cornered.  One
    thing that is handy is to do a Flying Mine (CB, F > Z) when he leaps into
    the air!  This champion is very tough - only because he cheats so much.
      vs. Shark Champion:
      vs. Eagle Champion:
      vs. Tiger Champion:
      I grouped these three together because you can fight them pretty much the
    same way.  Basically, the tactic is to start your matches with a Shadow and
    inflict as much damage as you can.  Then start a leaping C then leap back
    pattern and wait for your I.S. meter to refill.  Repeat.  For these guys,
    your Throw is pretty handy as well.  Flying Mines and Smokes are also good
    if timed correctly.
      vs. Dragon Champion:
      What makes this guy so tough is that he: 1) Blocks everything, 2) throws
    those half-speed fireballs, and 3) executes moves that seem to be un-
    blockable.  Shadows, Smokes and Throws will work - granted you can get
    close enough to use them.  I try to lure him into a corner (by standing
    there myself) and try to get off 2 Throws and leap away.  If at a good
    distance and he leaps, fire off a quick Mine.  You can also try the leap
    in and out pattern, but he doesn't usually fall for that very long.  Above
    all else, young grasshopper - have patience!
                               Slash's Character Guide
                                   by David DAuria
      General Info:
         First of all, he's kind of slow.  That's o.k. since he has one main
    advantage:  the club.  The club gives him two main advantages:  A long
    reach and lots of power to damage with.
         Now, here's some tips and tactics.  First of all, learn to do the
    ground thump.(That's y+z.  He jumps way up into the air and drives his club
    into the ground)  It maybe be the slowest stunning move in the entire game,
    but if your opponent is on the ground when you land he will be stunned.
    (Even if he blocks.  I'm not too sure how well this works on humans since
    they'll probably try to knock you out of it instead of blocking.  It may
    be possible to fake a ground thump by jumping straight up and then just
    knock them out of the sky as they try to prevent a thump that's never going
    to come)  This move is very effective when the computer is far away.(At mid
    and close range, the computer will probably knock you out of it.  This is
    especially true of Jetta and Shadow.  Their speed and jumping power make
    this quite a dangerous move to attempt so be careful with it against them)
    Another thing is that Slash is quite effective in up close battle.  Just pound
    away with your club, doing y and z shots.  What's even better up close is his
    "Batting Practice" throw.  This is probably the easy throw to get started.
    It a good idea to try to get in close for this throw, since you will be
    successful quite often.(You do have to time your swing when your opponent
    comes down.  When they're about waist high is the right time to swing for
    the fences.)  Also, it seems to do more damage than any other throw.(These
    2 factors are probably there to make up for the fact you have to time your
    swing.  BTW it's really a bad thing when you miss.  Slash becomes so suprised,
    He's stunned!)  In the air, Slash has his z club swing.  The good thing
    about this is that if you jump back and do this, you reverse directions
    and move toward your opponent.  This can suprise many an opponent and
    is quite damaging and effective.  Finally, he has his declaw move.
    He basically shoots a projectile at an opponent.  I use this to keep
    an opponent on his toes.(I'm not sure if this move can be used in a combo
    or not)
         Now,  I'm not sure if Slash has any true combos.  It seems that hitting
    your opponent with y then z maybe a combo.  He does have the thump and throw
    combo.(Not a true combo but it is effective if timed right.)  Basically
    You stun your opponent with the thump.  You then go for his throw.(And don't
    miss it, against trident you'll probably lose if you miss)  After you
    hit him, go for another thump so that you land just after he gets up.
    (You'll stun him and get to throw him again)  Just keep this up as long
    as you can.(Of course, if you throw him or her first, then go for the thump
    when the get up trick.)
      vs. Blade:
      vs. Jetta:
      vs. Larcen:
      vs. Midknight:
      vs. Rax:
      vs. Shadow:
      vs. Slash:
      vs. Trident:
      vs. Xavier:
      vs. Champion #1:
      vs. Shark Champion:
      vs. Eagle Champion:
      vs. Tiger Champion:
      vs. Dragon Champion:
                               Trident's Character Guide
                                    by Ryan D Hose
      General Info:
      Basically, he's a kicker.  Use the strongest jumping kicks (jump and C) and
    sweeps (Down and C) for most of the moves.  But keep your finger on Z for
    fireballs and flips.  Awesome Combo - IS must be at full strength (or off).
    Lob a fireball, and if it hits, continue.  If not, don't.  When the fireball
    connects, walk up to your dazed opponent and do a Spinning Trident (XYZ).
    Then, as soon as the person falls back, lob another fireball, which will hit.
    Walk up, and throw your opponent.  Then walk up and do a foot sweep.
    Guaranteed to take off 80% of their energy.
      vs. Blade:  Same as Midknight.
      vs. Jetta:
      She was hard for a while until I realized something.  If she
    is just standing there (non-phased) you can jump towards her and do
    either a kick (C) or hit (Z) and she'll jump into it every time.  Watch
    out when she's phased though, just turn on the stun shield and then do
    the jumping again.
      vs. Larcen:  Same as Midknight.
      vs. Midknight:
      Just keep jumping at him and then try two or three sweeps.  If none of
    them knock him back, jump back and block before jumping back towards him.
      vs. Rax:  Same as Midknight.
      vs. Shadow:
      Jump back in the very beginning and wait for her to do one of these things
    and react accordingly:
      Throws shurkien, knife, bomb, star:  Stand and Block
      Jumps in the air towards you: Jump back
      Jumps in the air towards you, then goes higher for a kick:  Jump back,
        and as she comes down, hit hard kick (C).
      Teleports:  Wait a second, then jump straight up and hard kick (C).  Hit
        the ground pressing down and (C) several times, then jump back.
      Somersaults toward you:  Fireball, then combo.
      Anything else (rare):  Back off and wait for one of these things.
      vs. Slash:
      Same as above, but watch out for thorns.  Also, wait to jump at him until
    he tries to do a ground pound.  You can really mess him up that way.
      vs. Xavier:
      Keep a jump distance away from him.  When his staff raises as he's about to
    perform a move, jump in and kick (C) him, then sweep two or three times.  The
    sweeps probably won't land, and you might get thrown, but in the end you'll
    win.  If he keeps coming at you as you stay a jump distance away, lob a
    fireball at him and then jump towards him with a kick (C).
      vs. Champion #1:
      Jump kicks work best. Use Jetta's pattern.
      vs. Shark Champion:
      Same as First, but beware the bubble he throws and the Electric Fin.
      vs. Eagle Champion:  Same as Tiger.
      vs. Tiger Champion:
      Same as Jetta, but use fireballs sometimes too.  Stun shield is good here.
      vs. Dragon Champion:
      The toughest one.  Use stun a lot.  Don't try to jump kick him - he's
    too fast.
                               Xavier's Character Guide
                                    by Jason Adams
      General Info:
      vs. Blade:
      Same opening round instructions as for Jetta.  This sucker always jumps!
    His jump is too slow to get him over the Spinning Cane Attack, but if for some
    reason he does get over it, and comes in with his lightning bolt, you're in for
    a world of hurt.  You'd better block like nobody's business.  The snake does
    quite nicely against his shield.
      vs. Jetta:
      Ever noticed how pissed someone gets when they're going for a ceiling grab
    and you do the switch thing on them?  Very easy to cheese Jetta.  If you can
    throw her once, then you can just walk up and throw her again and again while
    she's getting up.  Always start out a first round against a computer Jetta with
    a jumping fierce punch.  She always jumps first thing first round.  Second
    round she phases first thing.  Jump in again, again with the fierce punch (to
    guard against the freak occurence of something other than her Phasing).  She'll
    block it as you're coming in.  This situation screams THROW!!!!!  That'll knock
    her out of phase.  The rest is cake.
      vs. Larcen:
      Can be a problem if you let him.  If he does the Ceiling Crawl a forward jump
    in conjunction with a fierce punch will dissuade him from doing anything else.
    If he is coming down the same will work, but if you're that late in doing it
    you're probably not quick enough to jump before you're hit.  The light punch
    works well on larcen, as well as the light kick.  They also work well in
      vs. MidKnight:
      Well, what can I say?  This guy's a sucker for the Spinning Cane Attack.
    I think that the fierce punch borders on cheese when fighting MidKnight.  In
    a fight with everyone's fav. vamp. stay mid-range.  Don't get close, because
    he's got the crouching double punch and a wide variety of other totally
    devastating moves from the inside.  Using Xavier I have a lot of luck throwing
    MidKnight right after he comes out of the Wall Smash.  And that's the only
    thing the Spinning Cane Attack can't stop.
      vs. Rax:
      Don't stand near Rax when you knock him down, or it's throw-slam city.
    Otherwise, his sliding crouching punches and kicks are best met with a medium
    crouching kick right after your block.  I don't usually use the fierce punch
    in this situation for one reason.  If the first hit knocks rax down, then he's
    gonna throw you through the second hit.  The cyber kick and punch are painfully
    obvious from the telltale sound and windup, so they're no problem to avoid.
      vs. Shadow:
      It's basically just a game of keep-away.  Make sure you stay clear of her at
    all times.  The standard wait a couple of seconds and then jump routine works
    when she has disappeared, but I would also say to use a jumping (fierce?)
    punch, the one that helicopters the staff above your head.  This way when she
    comes from the top corners of the screen she'll catch a staff in the legs.
    For her cartwheel thing, charge a snake in the air while jumping over her.
    If not, the Spinning Cane Attack always hits for some damage when you land.
      vs. Slash:
      You don't even have to be awake during this fight!! Slash is one of the most
    pitiful players EVER DEVELOPED against someone with a long-range attack.  Using
    Xavier's Spinning Cane Attack, you shouldn't even get scratched.  He shouldn't
    get closer than a cane's length.  You can also win by just pressing Z over and
    over.  Doesn't matter, he's dead either way.
      vs. Trident:
      There are two big dont's against Trident:
        1) Don't ever let him get in close.
        2) Don't ever eat a plasma ball.
      You can't stress these enough.  Let number two happen with a player who knows
    what he is doing and you are DOL (dead on landing).  Stay medium range so that
    a Spinning Cane Attack can cancel a fireball, but don't eat one at medium range
    or even a novice can get in and do the grand-slam.  Don't jump.  Don't rush in.
     Don't do anything except press the fierce punch, jump straight up and press
    fierce punch, or jump forward and press the fierce punch in response to
    Trident's moves.
      vs. Champion #1:
      vs. Shark Champion:
      vs. Eagle Champion:
      vs. Tiger Champion:
      vs. Dragon Champion:
      1) Yes, the computer cheats.  The most obvious form of cheating is when
         the CPU performs Special Moves when it has NO Inner Strength.  Some
         also believe that it cheats by blocking player attacks more effectively
         than possible, and by "breaking through" player's valid blocks.  But
         these are difficult to prove.  Sega only admits to I.S. cheating.

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