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    FAQ by CMitchell

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       Fifa Soccer '95
     Copyright 1999 Colin Mitchell
      Table of Contents
     1. Getting Started
       a. Basic Controls
       b. Advanced Controls
       c. Violence
       d. Advanced Manuevers
     2. Options
       a. Options Menu
     3. Game Types
       a. Friendly
       b. Tournament
       c. League
       d. Playoff
     4. Tips and Hints 
     5. Cheats
     NOTE: Oppo. means opponent or other team player!
     1. Getting Started
       A. Basic Controls
          Your player has the ball:
         (A) Chips it into the air
         (B) Passes (dir. movement needed)
         (C) Shoots
          Other team has ball:
         (A) Slide Tackle
         (B) "Poke" with your foot
         (C) Speed Burst
       B. Advanced Controls
          You player has the ball: 
         (A) + (B)  Pass at chest level
         (d-pad) + (A) + (B)  Pass at chest level (d-pad direction to front of player)
                                                (farthest teammate out)
          Ball off ground, knee level:
         (D-pad)  Half Volley
         (C) Volley
         (D-pad) + (C)  Diving Header
          Ball in air, head level:
         (D-pad) + (A)  Soft Header  (d-pad direction to front of player)
         (D-pad) + (A)  Soft Bicycle Kick  (d-pad direction to back of player)
         (D-pad) + (C)  Sharp Header  (d-pad direction to oppo. goal)
         (D-pad) + (C)  Lofting Header  (d-pad direction to own goal)
         (D-pad) + (A) + (B) Passing or Sharp Bicycle  (d-pad direction to back of player)
      C. Violence
         Other team has ball:
         (A) Slide tackle, trips player [penalty] (sliding oppo. back side)  
         (A) Slide tackle, oppo. loses balance (sliding oppo. front or front side)
         (B) + (C) Push [penalty] (note: good injurer >:} 
      D. Advanced Manuevers
         Set Volley : Chest pass to a close teammate, teammate presses (C)
         Pass Volley : Chest pass to a close teammate, teammate presses (B) and (d-pad)
         Diving Header : Chest pass to a close teammate, teammate presses (C) and (d-pad)
         Give & Go : Press (B) + (C) to pass it, teammate will pass it back.
         Set Head Butt : Run wing inot corner and chip ball in front of goal.
          Goalie :
         Any button does the same thing, it's the amount of "pressure" you put on
          it that counts. 
         Tap it fast: No d-pad = Quick jump block      D-pad = Quick dive block
         Tap it moderatly: No d-pad = Jump block       D-pad = Diving CATCH
         Hold it long:      "           "              D-pad = "Reach Out and Block Someone"
     2. Options Menu
      A. Game options
        * Language (English, German, Spanish, French)
        * Type (Action, Simulation) Action: Players don't tire
                                    Simulation: Players tire with activity and falling over
        * Fouls (Normal, Off, No Bookings) Off: What do you think??
                                           Normal: Penalties are called and cards are given
                                           No Bookings: Same as NORMAL but no cards.
        * Injuries (On, Off)  On: Players can get hurt from being tripped or pushed
                                NOTE: Players only slow down to a jog or walk when injured
                        Another NOTE: Players are healed at the end of halves
                              Off: Players are not hurt by being pushed or shoved
        * Offsides (On, Off)  On: Offsides is called and a kick is given (see example)
                   Offsides:   X = Your team  O = Their team  .'. = Ball Path
                        |    O    '.           |
                        |           '.         |   
                        |             '.X      | 
                        |                      | 
                        |            O         |
        * Weather (Dry, Hot, Wet, Drenched) Determines how much the ball bounces. 
                         (Drenched is least bounce, dry is most)
        * Pitch (Artificial, Grass)  The playing surface. Artificial bounces more.
        * Length (2,4,6,8,10,20,45)    How long the game last (time is per half)
        * Goalie (Manual, Auto)  Manual: You control the goalie    Auto: Comp does it
        * Sound (Music off, Sound off, All) How hard is this???
        * Skill Level (Beginner, Expert) Beginner: Passes "home" on teammates.
                                         Expert: Passes do not "home".
     3. Game Types
      A. Friendly
           You choose the two teams, rules and time length. A one-time deal.
      B. Tournament
           A round-robin tourny with 5 groups. Games can be saved
           You can play as 8 teams.       
      C. League
           Same as Tourny except no Groups.
      D. Playoff
           Go straight for the World Cup!! 16 teams compete for the gold. You can
           have 8!
     4. Tips and Hints
       * Farther and higher shots from the goal score more!
       * If you control your goalie and oppo. has a corner, take goalie
          out and tap up the kick! It works!
       * To clear the ball fast, chest pass it to a buddy and volley it.
       * When going down, kicking for goal is different. Pressing down shoots
          it high, pressing left shoots it high and left, pressing right shoots
          it low and right, pressing up shoots it low.
       * Take your winger into the corner and have him chip in front of the goal,
          the, power-head it!!
       * To do the super-dribble, tap (B) when running, but don't hold it! This is
          a sure-fire way to lose defenders. You go faster and it is harder to steal.
       * Watch the penalties!
       * If a player is injured, replacing him doesn't fix the problem! You'll have
          to wait out the half.
     5. Cheats
          Author's editorial note:
              The use of these cheat codes makes the game by far more fun
          and enjoyable! Ignoring them will not be tolerated! (hehehehe)
        Warning !!  Going any further may ruin your conscience!
        To use the cheat codes, start up a game and goto the in-game
        options menu. Enter the below codes. Go back to the main menu
        and press (A) to get the cheats menu.
    Curve Ball:    B, A, C, B, C, C                      Gale winds, tornados, hurricanes, OH MY!!
    Super Power:   B, A, B, B, B, B, B, B, B, B          Kicking distance and speed is increased
    Super Goalie:  A, A, A, A, A, B, B, B, B, B          Increases the goalies' "block" area
    Super Offense: A, A, A, A, A, B, C                   Makes the computer defense more aggresive!
    Super Defense: B, B, B, B, B, C, B                   Makes the computer offence more aggresive!
    Shootout:      A, B, A, C, A, B                      Starts a shootout.
    Stupid Team:   A, B, C, A, B, C                      Chosen team(s) are stupid!
    Dream Team:    A, A, B, B, C, C, A, A                Chosen team(s) are faster and better!
    Inviso Walls:  C, C, C, B, A, A, A, B                Makes the field have walls around it!
          + End +

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