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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Sinspawn_X

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 10/21/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Sonic the Hedgehog Guide version 1.2 (Genesis version)
    By Whammychip (whammy.chip@verizon.net)
    Started 9.29.02
    Finished 10.7.02
    1. Version History
    2. Introduction
    3. Moves and Items
    4. Badniks
    5. Guide
    6. Codes
    7. Legal stuff and Special Thanks
    1. Version History:
    1.2: Found two all new secrets in Spring Yard Zone Acts 1 and 2 with the 
    help of DEBUG!
    1.0: The original guide. All information packed into one little guide, 
    spell checked, the whole nine yards. So, this'll probably be the only 
    version of this guide, unless something new pops up.
    2. Introduction
    Unless you've lived in a cave all your life, you probably know what 
    Sonic the Hedgehog is. It's a popular video game series for the Sega and 
    now Nintendo consoles. Sonic is in a league with those like Mario, Crash 
    Bandicoot, Donkey Kong, etc. So, in other words, it's very very famous. 
    This game, Sonic the Hedgehog for Sega Genesis, is the game that started 
    it all. It's probably the simplest of all Genesis Sonic Games, but still 
    deserves an FAQ. That's exactly what this is: probably the most detailed 
    one out there. I will provide for you the best route for each zone, 
    exactly what's to be found around every turn, and even walkthroughs for 
    the much-difficult Special Stages! Get ready to learn everything you 
    need to know.
    Meet Sonic. Sonic is a blue hedgehog. He lives on South Island, a once-
    peaceful island paradise far out in the oceans of the planet Mobius. 
    Sonic can outrun every living thing, can turn into a deadly blue ball by 
    jumping or rolling, and works for the forces of good. But of course, 
    every good creature needs a nemesis...
    Meet Robotnik. As you can probably tell by his name, Robotnik loves 
    robots. But how does he create and pilot them, you ask? Simple. He 
    captures the innocent animals of South Island and turns them into his 
    mechanical army. And trust me, these robots aren't out to help. Just to 
    harm. So, in short, Robotnik is an evil robot maniac.
    Lately, the animal population has had a severe decline. They definitely 
    need somebody to save them now, don't you think? Who will it be?
    Sonic the Hedgehog to the rescue!
    However, defeating Robotnik isn't as simple as socking him in the face. 
    When he isn't roboticizing the poor citizens of the island, he's busy 
    covering every last inch of the island with spikes, lava, and every 
    other type of deadly trap and hazard you can think of. But this doesn't 
    mean Sonic's a sure dead man, as his uncle, Chuck Hedgehog (heck, how am 
    I supposed to know?) has created special rings and TV monitors to aid 
    Sonic in his quest.
    So, the only questions in this matter are:
    Will Sonic succeed and give Robotnik a taste of his own medicine?
    Or will Robotnik make Sonic eat the cold, hard metal of defeat?
    Let the battle begin....
    3. Moves and Items
    The moves in Sonic are very simple. Use the D-Pad to move Sonic, the A, 
    B, and C buttons to make him jump, and Down while running to roll. Does 
    this mean I'm done with the never-ending list of moves? Yes it does.
    There are also not many item boxes, either. The boxes look like TV 
    monitors with pictures of what is to be obtained. The items are:
    Super Ring: Picture of a ring.
    Gives you 10 rings. I haven't mentioned this yet, but rings are what 
    Sonic needs to stay alive. They can either be found in boxes, or 
    floating in groups in the air. If sonic hits something harmful, he will 
    lose all his rings, but he can get them back. If he gets hurt with no 
    rings on hand, well, that means bye-bye Sonic. Lose all your lives and 
    South Island it as good as gone, unless you have a Continue, which is 
    explained further on.
    Shield: Picture of a blue plasma ball.
    Protects Sonic from 1 hit. Instead of losing rings, if Sonic has this 
    on, he will lose the shield instead. Be careful, as hitting a shield box 
    while already having one does nothing but waste a perfectly good box, so 
    only hit these if you need it.
    Super Sonic Shoes: A picture of one of Sonic's shoes.
    Makes you run super-fast. Simple as that.
    Invincibility: Picture of stars.
    Lets you plow through hazards unharmed. Use it wisely, as it runs out 
    after awhile.
    1-up: Picture of Sonic's head.
    Goody Goody! Another life for me! This is only one way to get another 
    life. The other ways are to get 100 or 200 rings or do something nearly 
    unachievable: get the legendary score of 500,000 points.
    4. Badniks
    A good video game wouldn't be anything without a well-rounded list of 
    creatures to avoid. Here is a list of every one you'll find in the game, 
    where to find them, and what to watch out for.
    Motobug: Found in Green Hill Zone.
    Simply moves back and forth. The easiest thing to kill in the game.
    Buzzbomber: Found in Green Hill, Marble, and Spring Yard zones.
    Jets through the air and stops briefly to shoot a bullet at you. Very 
    Crabmeat: Found in Green Hill and Spring Yard Zones.
    Don't let this hang around for too long, or face the punishment of its 
    bullet-shooting claws...
    Newtron: Found in Green Hill Zone.
    These hide among the walls and become visible when you get close to 
    them. The red-eyed ones drop down and fly towards you, while the yellow-
    eyed ones spit a bullet at you and disappear.
    Chopper: Found in Green Hill Zone.
    Found on bridges, it jumps up and tries to have blue hedgehog for 
    Caterkiller: Found in Marble and Scrap Brain Zones.
    Use a roll to kill them, but be careful, as their spiked bodies will 
    scatter around. Jumping on them will get you nothing but hurt.
    Batbot: Found in Marble Zone.
    Simply drops down from the ceiling and flies towards you. Often found in 
    Roller: Found in Spring Yard Zone.
    Very rare, it's a robot clone of you! It rolls down steep hills, uncurls 
    briefly, and then continues rolling. Only attempt to kill when uncurled.
    Spikebot: Found in Spring Yard Zone.
    Again, roll to kill these, but at least they don't explode as the 
    Caterkillers do.
    Orbinaut: Found in Labyrinth, Star Light, and Scrap Brain Zones.
    A tiny ball with smaller spiked balls orbiting around it. The ones in 
    Labyrinth and Scrap Brain eventually shoot their balls at you, but the 
    ones in Star Light don't, so avoid those.
    Chop-Chop: Found in Labyrinth and Scrap Brain Zones.
    Simply swims in the water. Very easy to smack.
    Burrobot: Found in Labyrinth and Scrap Brain Zones.
    Pops out of the ground and tries to take you down by surprise. However, 
    they didn't take into consideration their giant protruding noses...
    Boombot: Found in Star Light and Scrap Brain Zones.
    Explode into 4 fireballs if you get close to them, so try to avoid 
    Ballhog: Found in Scrap Brain Zone.
    These shoot giant blinking balls at you, so be careful.
    5. Guide
    It's finally the moment you've been waiting for. It's the guide to every 
    zone, every act. If you need help on a particular part, here is the 
    place to turn to.
    Green Hill Zone:
    These once quiet hills are the perfect place to practice and master your 
    hedgehog skills. This zone is fairly easy. The only thing you need to 
    worry about are the numerous spike pits.
    Act 1:
    Grab the 3 rings at the start, and then nab the Super Ring on the ledge. 
    Use the spring hidden in the first tree right of the ledge to nab some 
    more rings, cross the bridge, and get the hidden invincibility box in 
    the second tree right of the bridge. Now, run up the ramp, climb the 
    stairs, cross the bridge, and use the yellow spring to catapult up to 
    the ledge. Be careful, as the protruding part of the ledge crumbles when 
    you step on it. Head right but drop down where two more collapsing 
    ledges are. Go left, use the spring to get 3 rings, and then head right, 
    jumping over spikes and nabbing 3 Super Rings and another Invincibility 
    box. Then jump up, head left and plow through the Checkpoint. In case 
    you don't know, the Checkpoint looks like a pole with a blue ball on the 
    top. When you touch it, the blue ball should spin and turn red. Next, 
    ride the platforms to the ledge, where you can nab a Super Ring, and 
    then hop across the platforms to the top of a loop where you can get a 
    shield. Be careful, as the platforms fall after a while. Then get the 
    rings on the loop and ride the platforms to the next ledge. Grab the 
    rings, but DON'T enter the tube! Instead, head back and go further up to 
    the roof of the area. Nab the rings and head left. Drop down to the 
    bottom (where you exit the loop if you're heading right, not to be 
    confused with the area where you got rings and encountered four Red-Eyed 
    Newtrons), ride the S tubes, and if you didn't stop anywhere, you should 
    catapult up into a myriad of rings. Next, head right, getting rings, and 
    then get the Super Ring on the ledge. There is also one hidden in the 
    tree to the right of the ledge. Finally, drop down and head right to the 
    Bonus Round #1
    If you got more that 50 rings and entered the giant ring at the exit, 
    you should have been warped to a bonus stage after your score was 
    tallied. The bonus stage is a giant, colorful rotating maze, with 
    different objects that do different things:
    Squares: The walls of the maze.
    Red and White balls: Have no special effects.
    R Circles: Reverse the rotation of the maze.
    UP/DOWN Circles: Speed up or slow down the rotation of the maze. Some 
    change, others stay put.
    Star Circles: You bounce off of these, so watch out.
    GOAL Circles: A wall of these can be found at the end of certain 
    corridors, and these take you out of the maze. Avoid these at all costs!
    "3-D" walls: These surround the Chaos Emerald. They change from blue to 
    green to orange to red to gone. Wearing away these walls will give you 
    access to the emerald.
    Chaos Emerald: Your goal. Grabbing this gives you the Emerald and exits 
    the maze.
    Rings: 50 of these gives you a Continue, 100 an extra life.
    Well, anyways, you are spinning throughout the course of the whole maze 
    and you must rely on jumping and maneuverability to get through. You 
    have very little control, so if you're careless, you'll most likely find 
    yourself careening towards a GOAL, so watch out. Anyways, move down the 
    long hallway you start out in, and then try to go down the hall with the 
    transparent circles to go to the chamber with the Emerald. Wear away the 
    walls while avoiding the goals to get the Blue Emerald.
    Act 2:
    Head right, cross the first bridge, and use the spring on the rock to 
    get 5 rings. Then cross the next bridge and use the third rock to get 
    the Shield hidden in the tree right of the rock. Next, ride the platform 
    to get more rings, and the drop down to access a path with all sorts of 
    goodies. Nab the Shoes, and then walk to the edge of the same ledge 
    you're on.  Then, charge towards the wall and roll into it. If you don't 
    bust the entire wall, repeat this process until you reach an area where 
    you can grab 2 Super Rings and a Shield if you need it. Then head right 
    and use the swinging platform to reach some falling platforms. Cross 
    them and head right, jumping over the two red springs and onto the 
    third. Nab the rings and extra life and fall off the left side of the 
    loop. Head left, nab the rings on the ramp, and then head right, nabbing 
    the rings on the loop and the invincible hidden in the tree directly 
    above the ramp. Now be careful in this next section, as you can die even 
    with the invincibility. Jump from platform to platform, keeping in mind 
    that some shift, get the checkpoint, and then head right. Climb the 
    stairs and jump on the platform to your left. Nab the Super Ring and the 
    rings gotten by using the spring hidden in the second tree to the left. 
    Then cross the bridge, and when you reach the place where the ledges 
    collapse, let yourself drop down and then head left. Nab the shield if 
    you want it, and then cross the spike pit via the swinging platform. 
    Ride the moving platform, jump over the spring, grab the Super Ring and 
    then jump back up to the mainland. Then head right to the exit.
    Bonus Round #2
    Head into the chamber and then make a turn into the chamber with an odd 
    triangular shaped hole in the wall. Make a turn where the corridor goes 
    at a diagonal slant and then don't make any other side turns until you 
    reach the place with two extremely narrow side-by-side corridors. Be 
    careful, as the bumper that divides the two could bounce you straight 
    into a goal. Here, the diamond blocks have an inner and outer layer; you 
    must go through the outer layer and then break through the blocks in the 
    inner layer to nab the Yellow Emerald.
    Act 3:
    First, nab the invincibility in the second tree from the beginning, and 
    then spring up to the top platform. Get the shield and then head right, 
    getting all the rings you need. Then drop down and head left, getting 
    the 2 sets of rings, and then head back right. Now, instead of springing 
    back up or using the platform, roll into the wall, and ride the long 
    tube. BE CAREFUL, as there is a spring that could bounce you back up. 
    Instead, jump over it and go right, collecting rings and killing robots 
    until you get to a yellow spring with a small bed of spikes beyond it. 
    Jump on the spring and head left. Get the shield in the tree, and then 
    use the spring to the right to get past the S tube and you should careen 
    into a Checkpoint. Stop here, and take the upper path, nabbing rings (be 
    sure to get the Super Ring hidden in the second tree on the platform 
    above the yellow spring) and then ride the platforms until you get to 
    the one that falls. Let yourself fall with the platform, and you should 
    land on top of a loop with a 1-up on in. Get it, and then head right and 
    use the spring AGAIN to get to the top of the tube. This time, continue 
    left, and then drop down. You should now be in the place where you 
    rolled through the wall to find a secret area. Proceed through the area 
    again, but this time DO NOT use the yellow spring!!! Instead, jump over 
    it, and over the spikes to uncover a secret area with 5 Super Rings and 
    a 1-up. Then proceed right, and then use the tree spring to bounce up. 
    Then head LEFT, grab the 2 Super Rings hidden in the trees, and go right 
    to the next platform. Nab the Super Ring there, and then drop down to 
    the platform below. Proceed right, using the swing to cross the spikes, 
    and use the tree spring next to the tall platform to get rings. Then hop 
    up to the platform above the ramp to get a Super Ring. Then just 
    continue right to your first boss.
    BOSS FIGHT: Mad Robotnik and the Ball.
    This is somewhat easy. As soon as you can, jump up and hit him until he 
    unleashes his weapon: A GIGANTIC checkered wrecking ball! He'll start 
    swinging it back and forth, so just jump over it (Contrary to popular 
    belief, the chain doesn't hurt you, folks.) and try to get as many hits 
    in as possible. Try to keep at least 1 ring with you at all times. 8 
    hits will send him flying off, quite burned. Hit the button on the 
    prison egg to release bluebirds and rabbits and also to finish the 
    FUN FACT: Did you know that in the beta version of this game, the 
    wrecking ball Robotnik uses was supposed to be a normal obstacle? Cool!
    Marble Zone:
    This level is a bit harder than the previous level. The badniks aren't 
    the trouble: it's the lava. Avoid it at all costs! Even the fireballs 
    can prove deadly. Also, weights, shifting columns, and spiked 
    chandeliers are definitely to be avoided.
    Act 1:
    First, proceed right, getting rings and avoiding badniks and lava. After 
    the second shifting platform you should beet a new nemesis: the dreaded 
    Caterkiller. You have two options with this: avoid it (more preferable) 
    or try to kill it (only if you're daring or have a sure shot at it). 
    After doing what you need to do with him, head right until you get to 
    the hill. As soon as the platform at the bottom reaches its lowest 
    point, go left to uncover 3 Super Rings. Continue heading right, being 
    cautious around the oddly curved platforms. Standing on them too long 
    will cause the lava to burn the platform to burn you. Get the point? Go 
    down the hill, nab the shield, and head left into the dungeons. Most of 
    the Marble Zone is in dungeons like these, and trust me, they can be 
    pesky. Proceed through the shifting columns and kill the Batbots at the 
    end. Now you should reach a button next to a spiked chandelier with an 
    odd block on it. When you press the button, you'll find that the 
    chandelier rises, but letting go of the button causes it to drop back 
    down. What to do now that there's no possible way to hold the button and 
    get underneath the chandelier at the same time? Or is there? That block 
    isn't there for nothing. Push it onto the button, and voila! The block 
    does all the work while you get the benefits. Drop down, avoiding the 
    spikes that pop out of the wall, hit the Checkpoint and get the shield 
    if you need it, and then evade the shifting column. Jump across the 
    blocks that fall into the lava and then jump onto the chandelier that 
    suddenly falls. While on top of the chandelier jump left through the 
    wall to discover 4 hidden Super Rings and an Extra Life. Use the 
    shifting blocks to exit the dark dungeon. Be careful, as the lava will 
    now spit out fireballs, but as long as you're careful you should make it 
    to the exit that lies just barely ahead.
    Bonus Round #3
    This is a large free-roaming area, where the only goals lie on the 
    sides. The Pink Emerald encasement is wide in the open: just break the 
    blocks to nab it.
    Act 2:
    Proceed right, getting and avoiding whatever you need until you reach 
    the button. Hit it to lower the column, and then push the block into the 
    lava. Ride it across the molten substance, jumping on the platforms when 
    you need to, and when you reach the platform in which lava is being 
    dumped onto hit, jump right to nab a Super Ring and a shield. Then head 
    left and down, avoiding the fireball cannons, and then push the row of 
    blocks in to reach the bottom area. Now, listen carefully. RUN LIKE A 
    MADMAN HERE!!! Lava will chase you and melt you into nothing more than a 
    blue blob if you're too slow, so move it!!! If you succeed, get the 
    rings on the platform and move on. Use the swings to cross the lava, 
    kill the caterkillers (you have a clear shot) and use the button to 
    lower the column. Jump up and nab the shield on the high ledge. Then 
    push the block into the lava and ride it across the lava. Ignore the 
    lava geysers for now, and after the third geyser, jump into the wall to 
    uncover 2 Super Rings and a 1-up. Then, ride the block back across the 
    lava, and repeat the process over again, except this time jump on the 
    third geyser to reach the platform. Climb up the blocks to reach the 
    checkpoint and a Super Ring, and head right, grabbing the Super Rings 
    under the hill, until you reach the blocks. Jump on them to bust them, 
    and the more you bust consecutively, the bigger bonus you get for 
    busting it (a maximum of 1000). When you hit rock bottom (no pun 
    intended), nab the shield and get the invincibility box after crossing 
    the two lava pourers. Now dash across the lava and hopefully you can 
    jump onto the chandelier before it rises again. Then, jump from 
    chandelier to chandelier to finish off the level.
    Bonus Level #4
    Just follow the path, and don't make any side turns unless an arrow of 
    rings tells you to. The Green Emerald is in a quite simple encasement, 
    with few blue blocks.
    Act 3:
    Proceed right, getting rings and killing badniks as usual, but when you 
    get to the part where there is a place just like those in the previous 
    acts where you got some Super Rings, DON'T take that path! Trust me, 
    it's not worth it. Just keep going right, nab the Super Ring, and then 
    head into the dungeon, avoiding lava cannons. Use the falling blocks and 
    weights to go across, and then when you get to the next collapsing area, 
    just run across and get the shield beyond the shifting columns. Now drop 
    down into the newly formed pit and use the button to lower the column. 
    Push the block into the lava, and after you are somewhere in the lava, 
    jump left back onto dry land and head left. The column should've 
    returned to its initial position, so you can nab a Super Ring you 
    couldn't get before. Then push the block back into the lava and this 
    time take the path. Don't jump from the first geyser, but instead wait 
    for the second. Then jump on top of the chandeliers and jump through the 
    wall to the right to nab a 1-up. Now, jump through the right wall for a 
    shortcut past a particularly hard part of the level (no real benefits 
    gained from not taking the shortcut) but watch out, as there may be a 
    chandelier blocking the exit. Wait for it to raise, get the three rings 
    to the right, and then head left, dodging pop-out spikes and lava 
    cannons, being sure to pick up the Super Ring along the way. Then use 
    the weights to get across the next area, and watch out for spikes that 
    suddenly pop out of the floor and also the several Batbots you'll meet 
    along the way. Then get out of the dungeon, and it's only a short way 
    right until you reach the boss.
    BOSS FIGHT: Goodness Gracious! Great balls of Fire!
    As long as you're careful, this is EASY!!! Hit him a couple of times, 
    and he'll move to the left side of the arena and drop a fireball on it. 
    It'll catch on fire. Then he'll move to the right side; where you are. 
    Hit him a couple of times, and then jump to the left side (it's cooled 
    down by now). Repeat this process until he and his ship become what he's 
    been attacking you with. Then head right to free seals and squirrels.
    Spring Yard Zone:
    Don't let the flashy lights, fun springs and bumpers, and cool music 
    fool you. THIS LEVEL AIN'T CUTE AT ALL! You'll be bounced around like a 
    pinball and riding platforms most of the time, and though this may sound 
    fun, it may as well send you careening towards that giant spike ball. 
    Always keep your eyes open in this zone; the walls are filled with 
    countless surprises.
    FUN FACT: Did you know that this zone was originally dubbed the 
    Sparkling Zone?
    Act 1:
    Jump on top of the light and nab the two rings above it. Then kill all 
    the Buzzbombers and Crabmeats you can, and use the spring to reach the 
    next ledge. When you're launched off the ledge, hold down left, and 
    hopefully you'll land on a moving platform that takes you to a ledge 
    with a 1-UP and a Super Sonic Shoe, along with a couple of rings. Then 
    drop down from the right side and continue through the tunnel. Use the 
    next spring and get as many rings as you can from the clutches of the 
    bumpers, and then head right, getting rings and using the platforms to 
    reach the next area. Roll down the hill and let yourself hit the spring. 
    You should hit a Roller that was about to try and kill you. Now go back 
    and jump over the spring. Get the rings on the platform and hit the 
    button. Jump back to the platform quickly, as it's about to rise. Jump 
    to the area to the left, and you should encounter one of this level's 
    biggest problems. What I mean by that is that these things in general 
    are the biggest problems, and this is only one of them. It's a pair of 
    giant spike-balls rotating around a half-pipe. Jump on the platform in 
    the middle and then continue left to nab a Super Ring and a shield, and 
    then head back across the spike-ball trap. Now jump on the shifting 
    staircases to reach the next platform. Don't roll down the hill, but 
    instead walk so you won't miss the next platform. Get all the rings as 
    you jump from platform to platform, and then hit the Checkpoint. Drop 
    down (it's safe, folks) to grab an Invincibility Box, and then spring 
    back up. Take a side trip to underneath the platforms and hug the right 
    wall; you should eventually fall through it. Nab the rings, and then 
    head back up. Jump on the platform, roll from half pipe to half pipe, 
    watching out for the spike-balls, and then use the springs to get the 
    rings floating above. Spring up to the platform, kill the crabmeats, and 
    then drop down and again use the springs to get the rings. Get the Super 
    Ring in between the springs you just used, and jump to the right. Hit 
    the button to open up a shortcut that leads you straight to the exit.
    FUN FACT: Did you know that the Spikebots were also in the Marble Zone 
    in the Beta game?
    Bonus Round #5
    Just don't make any side turns whatsoever; keep going straight ahead. 
    The encasement of the Red Emerald isn't too hard to bust.
    Act 2:
    Head right (or use the spring if you so desire) and drop down. Hold down 
    while falling to execute a roll, which will send you flying. Land on the 
    platform, kill the Crabmeats, jump to the platform and then kill the 
    Spikebots. Jump from platform to platform while avoiding the Spike-
    balls, and then either use the moving platforms or the spring to reach 
    the shifting stairs. Move left to grab some rings and an Invincibility 
    box, and the go right. Kill the Crabmeats and the spikebots that lay 
    across the platform pit. Jump into the pit and use the springs to get 
    the floating rings and then hug the right wall. You should fall through 
    it. Use the spring to nab the rings, and then head LEFT. Use the 
    platforms ahead to move down, get the rings that form an arrow, and then 
    hug the right wall, and, once again, you should enter it. Keep going 
    right, avoiding platforms that can crush you, and get the 1-up that lies 
    at the end. Use the spring to go up to the shield. Get it, and get all 
    the rings you can here. The use the platform to continue right. Jump on 
    the platform, move down the hill, avoiding spike-balls, and hit the 
    checkpoint. Use the spring when it's safe, and then cross the platforms 
    that grow wider and then shrink again. After crossing these platforms 
    and others, drop down between the wall and bumper, and hold down to 
    execute a roll again.  If you jump at just the right time when you reach 
    the ramp, you may reach a secret ledge filled with rings. If not, don't 
    worry to much. Either way, just head right towards the exit.
    Bonus Round #6
    The final and easiest of them all! This level is just like #3, except 
    this time you'll drop right onto the emerald encasement at the start! 
    Just hang around this area and bust open the encasement to get the Gray 
    Emerald. You did it! Unfortunately, Super Sonic will have to wait until 
    Sonic 2. Sorry, folks. However, the good news is that you get a good 
    ending from your hard work! If you messed up one bonus round and/or 
    didn't get enough rings in an act to qualify for the Bonus Round, don't 
    worry. You can retry the ones you missed up until Scrap Brain Act 1, 
    where the Bonus Rounds are no longer accessible.
    Act 3:
    Head right down the hill, killing Buzzbombers, and get the Shield from 
    under the bumpers. Use the springs to reach a platform high above and 
    ride it to a ledge with rings and an Invincibility box. Then drop down, 
    get the Super Ring, and plow right through the hazards here. Drop down 
    and jump through the wall to the left to nab some rings. Now climb up to 
    the top and head left. Bounce up to the platform and head right, hitting 
    the button to open the doors. Then jump past the spike balls, into 
    another cavern, and you'll encounter another set of platforms. Climb up 
    and head left. Then hop onto a platform and head left via the shifting 
    stairs. Grab the rings on the ledge and then ride the platform down to 
    the place where you hit the button. Repeat from there and this time when 
    you reach the top of the square platform pit, head right. Kill the 
    Spikebot and then hop down, remembering to hold down to roll. Hug the 
    right wall after you pass the cavern to nab some Shoes and 
    Invincibility. Then, plow through the cavern and use the spring further 
    on. Head left, and ride the platforms to the ledge. Kill the Crabmeats, 
    and then ride the platforms down the shaft. Head up the hill to your 
    right, and use the spring to hit the Checkpoint. Head left, use the 
    springs to get the rings, and then nab the Invincibility. Spring up, and 
    then use the shifting stairs to reach the boss arena.
    BOSS FIGHT: Spikey vs. the Spike.
    Robotnik will fly overhead in his Egg-o-Matic ship. Try to hit him, but 
    if you stay in one spot, he will come down with a spike protruding from 
    the bottom of the ship. It can easily be avoided, but the spike takes 
    part of the floor with it. Try to kill Robotnik before the floor gets 
    too small. Then head right to release chickens and pigs.
    Labyrinth Zone:
    HARD HARD HARD HARD HAAAAAAAAAAAARD!!!!! Robotnik has somehow recovered 
    Atlantis from the depths of the oceans and has attached it to his base. 
    With a little bit of strategic trap placing, he's made it the hardest 
    zone in the game! Almost everything here is a severe hazard, including 
    the water, which can drown you after a bit. Suck up air bubbles to keep 
    your air supply up. Be prepared to lose several lives here.
    Act 1: 
    Head right, getting rings and killing Burrobots, and get the shield past 
    the swinging spike-ball. Drop into the water and kill the two Burrobots 
    to your left, and grab the Super Ring beyond. Then use the button to 
    open the door, and hit the next to open the next area. Hop out of the 
    water. After drying off (well, not really), get the Super Ring, and then 
    head right, killing Burrobots as they come at you. Then drop down into 
    the water, killing Chop Chops as you go until you hit rock bottom (no 
    pun intended). Head left, hit the button, and grab the Super Ring. Then 
    head right, hit the button, and then ride the vacuum tube to the next 
    area. Drop down, avoiding platforms that rise and can impale you in an 
    instant, and then head right. Kill the 2 Chop Chops and get the 4 rings 
    hovering overhead, and then climb up the stairs, avoiding swinging 
    spike-balls and then hop out of the water. Now you should come to an 
    area with rocks moving along a rope. Don't do the obvious and ride the 
    rocks, as then you'll have to face the punishment of the spikes. 
    Instead, jump to the other side, and then jump up, rock by rock, until 
    you reach the button, and then drop down. Hit the Checkpoint and then 
    use your best low jumps to get past the spears. Hit the button, and then 
    continue down this spear-ridden corridor. Somewhere along the lines, the 
    water should begin to drain. But be careful, as it will fill back up as 
    you climb the stairs. Ride the cheese(?) up to the ledge, where you can 
    grab several rings and kill a Burrobot. Go back in the water, and dodge 
    the spikes the Orbinaut shoots at you. After taking car of it, ride the 
    rocks until you can see another ledge (above the stone dragon head). 
    Beware the fireballs they shoot and head right. The water should fill 
    even more here, so avoid standing on any cheese. Also beware of the 
    Burrobots. They're especially deadly here, as the corridor's a tight 
    fit. Then hit the button to open the door and climb the stairs. Then 
    head right to the exit.
    Act 2:
    Head right and ride the water slide into the H2O. Grab the Invincibility 
    and head left. Go past the Chop Chop and then drop down, killing two 
    more of the menaces. Then grab the 2 Super Rings and head right. Grab 
    another 12 rings and then kill the Burrobots ahead. Ride the vacuum tube 
    to the next area, with rings galore as well as a shield. Underneath one 
    of the Super Rings is a button. Hit it to open a door nearby. Then head 
    right, get the Checkpoint and the Invincibility Box on the ledge to the 
    right. Plow through hazards and open doors until the Invincibility runs 
    out, which should be near the fireball cannon, so I'll continue from 
    there. Maneuver past the spears, and kill the Chop Chop and Orbinaut as 
    you continue along. Climb the stairs, kill the Orbinaut, and ride the 
    rocks. When you approach an overlapping set of rocks, jump on it, or 
    else be impaled. The leap out of the water and head for the exit!
    Act 3:
    Head right, killing 3 Burrobots and getting rings, and then ride the 
    water slide. The slide is endless, so when you are on the slide that 
    moves you left, keep jumping and eventually you'll reach one ledge with 
    a shield and another with a button and a Super Ring. Hitting the button 
    will cause the wall opposite the ledge to open up, revealing a new 
    section of the level! Then hit the next button, which will open the next 
    path but close the wall behind you again, so make sure you have 
    everything you need before hitting that button. Then delve into the 
    water and DON'T HIT THAT BUTTON JUST YET!!! Instead, head left and get 
    the rings from the ledge: a total of 20 in all! NOW hit the button and 
    go deeper. Dodge the spears, and don't stay on the tile between spears 2 
    and 3, or you'll drop into a more dangerous path. Instead, continue on, 
    evading spears and spikes that pop out from the floor. Hit the Super 
    Ring ahead, and then jump out of the water. Dodge spikes and swinging 
    spike-balls here, and don't forget the Super Ring on the platform. Then 
    head right, killing Burrobots, and then ride the rocks until you reach 
    the ledge with the invincibility box. Then hit the button inside the 
    spike pit (underwater) and then drop down. By the way, I hope you got 
    the 5 Super Rings and the 1-up scattered around the area.... Hit the 
    button and then proceed through the dead vacuum tube (I guess Sonic Team 
    either never got around to or forgot to put the vacuum effect here). Nab 
    the Invincibility box and just plow through the next area. When you 
    reach the spot with the tiny platforms, try not to fall into a gap, or 
    you'll end up in the harder section. Beware of the Orbinaut at the end 
    of the section as well. Kill him when it's safe, and nab the shield 
    ahead. Then jump from platform to platform, being careful of the 
    swinging spike-balls, and then ride the rocks up to the button. It 
    should reverse the direction of the rope when pressed, so jump on top of 
    another rock and ride it to the next open platform. Kill a whopping' 
    FIVE Burrobots, and then ride the slide down to the Checkpoint. Ride the 
    cheese and then keep climbing as the water fills. Grab the shield if you 
    need it, and then face a now-cowardly Robotnik,
    BOSS FIGHT: The Labyrinth!
    This really isn't a boss fight at all. You can hit him for kicks, but 
    your real goal is to evade fireballs, spikes, and spears as you make 
    your way to the top of the shaft. Be careful, as the water is still 
    filling, and since no air bubbles are available here, it might as well 
    be lava. The only point getting caught in water is safe at is near the 
    top. Once you reach the top, release you penguin and seal pals. You've 
    finally made it out of that deathtrap. Whew!
    Star Light Zone
    After that nightmare of a zone, you need a break, and the Star Light 
    Zone is it. No mad scientist's fortress is ever big enough, and Robotnik 
    is no different. This is the construction site of the newest wing of his 
    fortress, and it has tons of loops and ramps. As long as you take the 
    high path of this zone at all times, it's very simple. Only 2 types of 
    Badnik are found here: Boombots and Orbinauts, but both are extremely 
    deadly if taken lightly. This level has a beautiful cityscape in the 
    background, and the most soothing music in the entire Sonic Series. In 
    short, an easy level with cool elements.
    Act 1:
    Head right and hop onto the ledge. Step back as the Boombot explodes, 
    and continue up the stairs until you reach the spot where the floor 
    sinks in to form a staircase. Head right, but after going a short way 
    head back. Hopefully, the staircase is back up, so you can nab that 1-
    up. Then go back to the right and roll down the ramps so you'll pick up 
    maximum speed when crossing the dangerous gap ahead. Next, use the 
    spring to reach the next platform and to the overlapping ledge. You 
    can't go in the opposite direction of the fan, so it's a one-way trip 
    from here. Beware of the Orbinaut ahead; unlike the ones you saw 
    previously, these don't shoot off their protection, so don't bother 
    trying to kill these (unless you're invincible). Get the rings and then 
    go back left. Hit the flashing yellow platforms, and if you hit them 
    right, they should jiggle and eventually form stairs. Jump up them and 
    use the spring to get rings and to the high ledge to the right. Then 
    roll down the ramp and onto the next ledge. Don't stick around, as that 
    thing behind you is a lava cannon. Instead, go right, dodge the 
    Orbinaut, and jump on the rotating platforms. Try not to fall off; if 
    you do, you will encounter this level's biggest hazard: a bottomless 
    pit. After scaling the platforms, go up the ramp, avoid the 2 orbinauts, 
    and then roll down the hill to pick up max speed around the loop. Get 
    the Super Ring above the ramp, dodge the Orbinaut, and drop down into 
    the pit that opened up after you left the loop. Nab the Super Rings 
    (you'll have to roll into the one to the left) and continue right.... to 
    the exit.
    Act 2:
    Use the spring to the left to launch yourself up the ramp. Dodge the 
    Orbinaut and roll down the hill to go around the loops at the speed of 
    Super Sonic! Head right from the ledge and jump up when you reach the 
    platform with the Boombots. They'll blow soon, so step back. Then jump 
    up and use the spring to reach the next ledge. Dodge the 2 Orbinauts and 
    roll over the hills. Then use the stairs that form out of the strange 
    floors to go lower. Then hop on the flashing blue platform to go even 
    lower and then use the new stairs to the right to continue on. Here 
    you'll encounter 3 strange seesaws. Step on the side without the spike-
    ball, and it will launch the ball into the air. Get to the other side, 
    quick, as that ball will be coming down on the opposite side soon. When 
    it lands, you will be catapulted into the air. The more you do this (it 
    has to be consecutive) the higher you will be launched. If you go high 
    enough, you may pick up a few extra rings.... Ahem, anyways, use the 
    seesaws to get to the next ledge. Dodge the 2 Boombots, and use the 
    rotating platforms to reach a ledge with FIVE SUPER RINGS!!!!! Now go 
    back and use the blue platform to go even lower. Now just roll down the 
    ramp to reach the exit.
    Act 3:
    Start by heading right, collecting 6 rings and dodging an Orbinaut. Then 
    roll down the hill and up the ramp. This next evil fan will suck you in 
    towards it, but will shut off eventually, so it may take a couple of 
    times to proceed. Dodge the Orbinaut ahead, and use the spring ahead to 
    launch up the ramp and collect a load of rings! Next, head left,, use 
    the seesaws, and take the high road to become invincible after the 
    second seesaw. Use the next one to catapult to the ledge above the place 
    where you got your invincibility, and proceed right. Don't roll down the 
    next hill, as you can jump right from the top of it to reach an easier 
    ledge. If you roll down this next hill, you will go right under the next 
    3 Orbinauts and careen over the next 3 loops. Use the flashing blue 
    platform ahead to get past the boombots and go higher. Go up the ramp, 
    go left to get a shield, and head right past the ENOURMOUS half of a 
    spike-ball to land on an even higher blue platform. Go up, and continue 
    right. Use the seesaw to rocket up to a high ledge... higher than the 
    one you already see, idiot. Roll down the hill, across the loop and 
    towards the boss.
    BOSS FIGHT: Seesaw Land
    Here is 3 empty seesaws. Robotnik will fly overhead and start dropping 
    spike-balls that will explode after awhile. You have two options for 
    Robotnik this time:
    1. Operate the seesaws as normal, and hit him as you're launched up, or
    2. Launch the spike-balls at him.
    After this easy boss goes up in flames, go right to release bluebirds 
    and pigs. Done!
    Scrap Brain Zone:
    This is it. You've made it to Robotnik's fortress, and boy, is it a 
    doozy! Electrified balls, flamethrowers, and factory-related elements 
    fill this zone to the brim. Good luck... you'll need it! And a simple 
    warning: the special stages are not accessible in this zone.
    FUN FACT: Did you know that this zone was originally called the Clock 
    Work Zone? Moreover, when the name of this zone appeared on the screen, 
    the W was missing, so it said "Clock Ork"!
    Acts 1 and 2:
    Sorry... but... I just can't write a walkthrough for acts 1 and 2. There 
    are multiple forked paths, each with the same amount of prizes, 
    surprises, and dangers. It would take me years to write what exactly is 
    to be found down each and every path. Thus, I leave these acts for you 
    to complete, with these hints to help you along:
    Flamethrowers are not to be taken lightly. Be patient around these.
    Electric balls are also a danger. Avoid these whenever you can.
    Conveyor belts can help or hinder you, so avoid those that harm and use 
    those that help.
    Yellow-and-blue platforms cannot be stepped on when spinning.
    Collect every ring and item box that you possibly can. Trust me, you're 
    gonna need 'em.
    Don't look for secrets unless you're in a good position. Your main goal 
    here is to just get outta here.
    After your score is tallied at the end of Act 2, proceed right and you 
    will encounter Robotnik, whom is hiding behind a force field. He'll hit 
    a button, causing the floor beneath you to crumble. This leads you to
    Act 3:
    the badniks, all the hazards, and all the elements of Labyrinth are back 
    to give you a final lashing. The only difference is the colors (woo). 
    Well, first hit the button and get UNDERNEATH the platform before it 
    stops. Hit the button and drop down, dodging spears. Avoid the duet of 
    swinging spike-balls and jump from platform to platform, being careful 
    not to drop down or hit a fireball. Jump out of the Mega Mack, dodge the 
    spike ball, jump over the pool, and, after killing some Burrobots, drop 
    down. Then move right, climb the stairs, killing Burrobots and dodging 
    spike-balls along the way, and then use the spring to propel yourself to 
    Final Zone.
    Not really a zone, but it IS your final encounter with Robotnik. Though 
    somewhat challenging, as far as final boss battles go, this is 
    disappointing. Four pistons are in this room along with a small red 
    light. Two of the pistons will try to crush you. Robotnik will be in one 
    of them. Hit the correct piston when it pops out to nab Robotnik. Don't 
    worry if you hit the wrong piston, as the only penalty is a longer 
    battle. After the pistons return, the red light will shoot four pink 
    plasma balls simultaneously. They will hover above you for a brief 
    moment, so find the right spot to avoid them. Then they will shoot down 
    at you. Normally, if you're in the right position, you can just stand 
    there and the balls won't go near you, but jump just in case. Then the 
    process will repeat itself. After 8 slaps on Robotnik, he will retreat 
    to his Egg-o-Matic. Hit him for kicks, or let him fly away; it doesn't 
    really matter what you do. Congratulations! Mission Accomplished!
    The ending theme shows Sonic running through the Green Hill Zone, with 
    the animals celebrating. If you got all the emeralds, Sonic will hold 
    them in his hand, and they will fly off in a circular pattern. If you 
    didn't, then Sonic will simply jump at the screen.
    Then, after the credits, Robotnik stomps on the word END. Kooky way to 
    end the credits, but at least it's better than watching him juggle the 
    emeralds you missed on top of TRY AGAIN.
    6. Codes
    I unfortunately do not gave any Game Genie Codes for this game, but I 
    will provide the button codes for this game.
    At the title screen, once Sonic starts shaking his hand, press Up, Down, 
    Left, Right. You should hear a ring chime to indicate you did the code 
    correctly. Then hold A and press Start to activate the Level 
    Select/Sound Test menu. This code was actually discovered when people 
    just started toying with the buttons!
    Again, wait for Sonic to start shaking his hand, and then press Up, C, 
    Down, C, Left, C, Right. You should hear a ring chime to indicate you 
    did the code correctly. Now, whenever the game is paused, hit A to reset 
    the game, B to go in slow motion, and C for One-Frame-Advance mode.
    Put in the Debug code, and then hold A when the zone name is displayed. 
    Keep holding it until you see Sonic. If you see hex numbers where the 
    score should be and the time isn't moving, you did it correctly. Hit B 
    to activate/deactivate Construction Mode, A to change sprites (sprites 
    vary from zone to zone), and C to place the sprite.
    Just hold A+B+C during any demo (including the credit demos) and Sonic 
    will start to act strangely, trying to push walls and running straight 
    into hazards. Green Hill Act 1's demo is especially funny, as he runs 
    straight into the Motobug! With some well-timed button pressing, you can 
    even make him get the Chaos Emerald in the Special Stage Demo!
    7. Legal Stuff and Special Thanks
    Did I ever say I created Sonic the Hedgehog and all related characters? 
    No. SEGA does. So leave me alone.
    This document is Copyright 2002 by me, Garry O'Brien, a.k.a. Whammychip. 
    If you steal anything from this F.A.Q., reproduce it, or use it on your 
    site without my sole permission, I unfortunately can't beat you to a 
    bloody pulp with a baseball bat. But, I can sue you and take legal 
    action. See you in court, jerk.
    For the information in this F.A.Q., I thank myself and only myself. I 
    played the game, I wrote the F.A.Q., and I did the work. Stop trying to 
    take credit for what I did.
    However, I would like to thank sonicroms.co.uk for showing me a place to 
    download the ROM for this game so I can play it forever and ever. And 
    hopefully I can thank GameFAQs.com and Gamewinners.com for giving my 
    hard work a home.
    Until then, this is Whammychip, signing off.

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