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Dude, I thought you said there was gonna be speed at this party?06/26/01Aussie2B
A great old-school experience for a gamer who didn't grow up with the classics11/20/13CaliGamer25850
Great game, but Sonic 2 is way better.07/02/12Chunkey Simmons
Nearly perfect...10/31/02cutiepie
A true Jump & Run all-time classic!11/10/06darthjulian
Faster then a speeding bullet and beloved jewel of Sega. His name is Sonic (the Hedgehog, that is)09/03/02Dogg
It's Definitely Revolutionary, but not a great start to the series.02/24/01HisDudeness
In the beginning...06/06/03Internet Nomad
I want to go, go, go, there's no stopping me01/18/06Mariner
The game that started the highly-rated series on its course, and it is easy to see why !!08/15/07Mister Sinister
Sonic's legendary debut may be rough on the edges but at the core is brilliant.07/02/12nastynate3118
Zoom into another warped history lesson courtesy of Overdrive....11/18/04Overdrive
Sonic's first outing was also his finest.01/29/07psyduck22
The game that single handedly saved the video game industry!10/09/06red soul
The game that put Sega on the map05/20/02Retro
If you like it, you shoulda put a ring on it.04/10/13Ryan Harrison
In the Zone09/21/14SethBlizzard
Weakest 2D Sonic game, but a strong start to the series01/18/11SniperNightOwl
A Classic Series First Trembling Steps On the Big Stage03/15/12Suprak the Stud
Sonic the hedghog a game that gives me heartache..12/01/03SweetEternity
Watch out! When he comes through -- Sonic the Hedgehog!05/30/06ZFS
The beginning of Sonic the Hedgehog.04/26/07Zylo the wolf

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Where it all started, and when Sonic was GOOD!10/31/11AntoG86
Sega's platforming icon started with a sonicboom, almost.01/04/06BigCj34
A Hedgehog of Blue Distinction04/02/09Dan_pentagram
Ain't nothing gonna break my stride...09/06/05discoinferno84
A classic game that led to a classic series09/29/04GavLuvsGA
The original Sonic the Hedgehog is always a blast!03/19/04hermitpenguinfrog
Sega's answer to Mario: Blue haired animal versus fat plumber...tough choice...02/03/02KasketDarkfyre
17 Years Later...06/26/08key_of_destiny0
The Game That Defined Blast Processing08/13/12leeko_link
One of the best 16bit era games, and one of my favorites.09/24/07Link165
A Faster Game the More you Give to It06/10/16Lord-Spencer
The legend starts here!01/20/04Numbuh 128bit
Good but not what it is supposed to be11/19/10Ofisil
Still, ya gotta love it for being classic12/28/04peach freak
In hindsight, Sonic 2 was way, way better.12/22/09Phediuk
The game that made Nintendo cry03/19/04Platinum Sonic 10
The original sonic game...02/02/04reddragonflame
Sonic has taken Megaman's title as the Blue Bomber! A classic game, this is.01/31/05Scarface
Another great classic05/21/06Shadeix
The first may not be the best, but still darn good!12/16/02Sinspawn_X
Beginner's luck?05/15/13SneakTheSnake
A game for all ages that every Genesis fan should play/have08/31/07SnerdWilliams
The beginning...08/08/05Sonic Singularity
What Really Made Sonic Special, And It's More Than Speed10/01/12TakuShaya
The beginning of a legend.08/28/12TKDBoy1889
The Game That Proved To All That Nintendo Was Only Second Best08/03/09Truck_1_0_1_
The true mascot for Sega!08/29/05Webster1209

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Review TitlePostedAuthorRating
I use to think Sonic Adventure 2 was the best sonic game ever until I played Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Genesis.....10/13/08BenhTheMan
A Great Start To A Great Series12/20/12BlackWarriorX
A decent game, but Super Mario World was a much better bet03/27/00Brak
Sega at its Finest11/09/15buruburu1
The beginning of the blue hedgehog's career.12/26/08Calamity
A fun, original Sonic classic!01/23/00CChan
Still one of the greatest platformers of all time04/27/09ChateauNoir
From The Book of Doodleheimer - Spiked superheroes are a necessity in today's world.05/20/02Doodleheimer
A blue blur in gaming history...10/27/01FrenZy
Where it ALL started....02/03/01Goku
The blue bomber's first appearance is worthy of standing against Mario.09/29/01GSephiroth
And So It Goes03/17/10hazuki_dojo_98
A decent start to one of my favorite series04/10/13irrewonderful
Sega's Mario is not a Human nor Ape02/06/08joeyissoweird
Super Speed, Super Game09/14/07JordanM
One of the best games in history.10/13/00JPeeples
Overall, Fun07/07/15Kwing
A revolutionary game from back when Sega actually cared about their fans10/06/02LordAtomic
The Original Sega Speed-side-scrolling Hog!09/29/01Mage
A Legend is Born; Room for Improvement11/22/01MManos
A good start for a classic series.01/13/09neonreaper
The Introduction of a Legend04/08/00NTsui
The beginning of a legacy.03/26/13Orbunaut1696
A good classic game, showed off the power of Genesis07/16/01Psycho Penguin
The great start to a great series. Ah. I love it when that happens!05/02/00Rick
It's Sonic, what's to say?11/25/06seebs1
Sonic returns, in all his 16-bit glory.11/29/06ShadowGuardian9
A Good Game To Start A Good Franchise!01/04/12SonicGamer74
The first game of Sonic where it all began!08/05/10SONIC_305
One of the best Genesis games06/15/01sonikuu
A platform classic which has earn its place in history02/25/01stonedwal
A must-have06/14/01Super Mario
The fastest thing alive speeds onto the Genesis08/28/01theshinerufus
Say "no" to a game like this? I think not.08/21/02Ultimante Life Form
My first review is dedicated to the classic that bought me into gaming10/15/07veryhandsome
The platform of a great character and series.02/05/09Vyse_skies

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