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"The game that single handedly saved the video game industry!"

This is it, the most important and influential game ever made. It may not be the best, but it sure hell is up there! Long ago Nintendo made the NES and started monopolizing the video game industry with its evil contracts and schemes. It was headed the Microsoft way of having control over everything and making its own standards. That is, until the heroic SEGA rose and made their systems to compete with tyranny and evilness.

The Genesis was released early and competed a bit with the NES. Although it was vastly superior in every way, not many saw the need to buy it and instead opted to wait for the SNES. SEGA knew that in order to beat Nintendo they had to come up with an anomaly, something new that would beat Nintendo and their fat plumber. A bunch of designers gathered and locked theirselves in a room to make a game, to make the ultimate game, the game that would show people who was boss. And Sonic the Hedgehog was that game.

Sonic EXPLODED into the scene, and everyone with a sane mind knew that they had to buy it in order to not miss out on one of the greatest games ever. Nintendo was destroyed, Miyamoto cut himself night after night. Polls showed that Sonic was more popular than the 'stached plumber after only two years in his lifetime. A feat only the greatest of mascots and characters would have the chance of achieving. Playing with the Genesis was the cool thing to do, because Sonic provided us with something never seen in a video game before - speed.

Sonic is fast, real fast! Unlike the Nintendo mascot who is fat and slow and ugly, Sonic is cool and badass and really fast and awesome! As fast as the much deserved recognition SEGA obtained after this title, Sonic rushed past Nintendo and was the sole reason they didn't completely rule the market and remain with their monopoly even today. Sonic is a hero of all ages, and the best mascot ever by far!

It's a platformer kind of game, where you move from lest to right and evade/kill enemies and jump over blocks and other things. The level designs have to be the best in platformer history, possibly only behind Sonic 2, Rayman and Abe2. Everything is placed in a clever place and puzzles and secret areas are found everywhere! Because there's a timer at top, you have to make it through the level quickly or else you lose. This makes Sonic an adrenaline rush from start to finish. Unlike that Mario fellow whose adventures are repetitive borefests (yawn).

Sonic moves so fast you can barely have your eyes keep up with him! And since you have to quickly get the rings, secrets explore areas and then complete the level, the excitement found is unmatched! You can kill little enemies not only by jumping over them, but by ramming them at high speeds as well. And if something harmed you you won't die, but instead drop your coins which you can collect right back and use as additional shields. Everything about this game just screams out FUN! Sonic = Fun. 'nuff said.

The speed is only possible through the Genesis' super strong processor which was unmatched even by the SNES which was released two years later! Nintendo fanboys make fun of SEGA by creating the "blast processing" phrase and making fun of those exposing the SNES for the ***** system it is. Anyway the processor is so strong you move Sonic at ultra fast speeds with no graphical problems whatsoever, unlike the slooooooowwwwwwww jjjuuuuuuuummmmmmppp mmoooooooovvvvee Mario. Ugh.

But not only was the processor very strong, but the graphics are also top notch. All of the backgrounds move and are extremely pleasent to look at. All the objects and enemies look superb, and the effects found here pwn even the greatest looking of SNES games, despite having a weaker graphics chip. Same with sounds, as the music and sound effects are nearly as good as the Playstation, which is really saying something! The songs are so memorable and excellently composed that they are the final block of perfetion in this perfect game. And those who disprove are nothing but blind fanboys.

But not only is the gameplay/graphics/sound/everything excellently presented, but so is the story. The evil Dr. Robotnik has turned cute innocent animals into robots in order to rule the world or something. Anyway Sonic to the rescue! Sonic has to save the animals and stop the Dr. Robotnik from fulfilling his evil plans of world domination through monopolizing the video game industr- errr, through controlling robot animals. The story is cute yet original and badass. You can feel Sonic's emotions as he saves animals, plus whenever you kill an evil animal robot, they tuen into their cute innocent pre- counterpart, which is an awesome graphical effect thanks to the great processor of the SEGA Genesis.

Sonic the Hedgehog is probably only surpassed by its sequel, but its historical importance is its most important featre, despite having Perfect story, gameplay, sound, graphics and everything else. If it weren't for Sonic, Nintendo would be now ruling everything with no competition and video games would be soon dead because of its crap games like Zelda and Mario (BARF). I dare say that reviving the market with Mario Bros. shouldn't be praised, but rather scolded because it was the first step to having control over everything. Sonic is the unsung hero, and mario is the company that should be thanked for all of today's systems.

Huh? What's that, Mr. Director? Still 500 words short? That means I'll have to keep talking, and of course I won't word-proof because it's too much reading. Anyway the game is long, and with so many secrets and hidden areas that can't be all done in one run, you'll be spending months playing Sonic the Hedgehog without getting the least bit bored. Or maybe even years if you're one with an eye for masterpieces. And the different "zones" all provide variety such as green zone with grass and flowers, and underwater zone where you're in water (a rarity where the underwater levels are actually great in a game).

Add to that that there's a great minigame that you can reach by blowing up certain rocks or reaching special areas. The mini-game is a 3D grid where you collect more coins while evading obstacles, kind of like the Tron bike scene only much cooler. Maybe I'm mistaken and this mini-game is in Sonic 2, since I remember having Tails with me when I reminisce it. Or was Tails in Sonic 3? What about Knuckles? I'm a bit confused but I'm definite that there's an AWESOME mini-game in the game somewhere, even if I don't 100% remember it.

Unlike Mr. Overalls and army boots, Sonic has the most exiting bosses in all 2D platformer excluding Rayman. The bosses are great looking, have cool moves, and are both challenging AND fun to beat. And they create a lot of cool graphical effects like when one of them is beaten, everything burns down, and you go to the next zone, the hot desert zone. There are some crystals that you have to collect to stop Dr. Robotnik and you have to obtain them from super mega tough bosses no less. All hail SEGA!


I don't know if there is anything else to mention. Well, I'm sure there is, considering how perfect and well developed this game is, but I can't remember every single thing that's for sure. Anyway Sonic the Hedgehod is one of the best games ever, and only an idiot would say otherwise. Unlike some dumb borefests, Sonic is both a historically significant game, and a great development achievment as well, giving you absolutely NO EXCUSE not to play it and experience how magnificent it is. Forget Morio, Sonic is better. Heck, Crash Bandicoot is better. Even Gex and even Bonk! Sonic is ashamed to be compared to such things, and is in a totally new league of his own. And his first game certainly proves this to the nth degree! The Sonic series is also the number one reason the Genesis beat the SNES in the war, and those who say that it didn't win are liars who count systems sold long after the Genesis was cut in productions. Just don't listen to those dudes. Sonic is a 10/10 game. nuff said man!

Random Person: How would I know if I'd like this game?
Me: Are you two meter tall and weigh in the 40-50 kg department?
Person: Yes!
Me: Do you wear big glasses and raises your pants to your chest?
Person: Yep!
Me: Do you wear pocket protectors, like Star Wars and solve impossible math problems for fun?
Person: That's me!
Me: Then Mario is the perfect game for you. Don't go near Sonic you heathen!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/09/06

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