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"A game for all ages that every Genesis fan should play/have"

Okay... I'm only doing this review as part of my 6pak series. A lot can be said about this game, and it's probably already been said and repeated billions of times over. I'm still going to approach this game the same way I approach the others games. I'm going to review this game as if you have never heard of Sonic the Hedgehog. Of course, if you're a gamer, that's practically impossible, but I have a format and, so far, it works.

To me, this is one of the best games in the series, if not the best one of all. The only downside is that Tails isn't in it and there isn't a spin dash, although the famous move does make an appearance in some re-releases. Everything just seems right about this game. The music is not only great, but memorable. I have these songs on my iPod. Jesus, does that ever make me nerdy... The graphics are also great. For a while, this showed that "Genesis does what Nintendon't." I guess I'm gushing about this game because I grew up playing Sonic. This was the game that made me beg for a Genesis for many a Christmas and a birthday. This game is so great that even Bill Hicks liked it (google him, kids). He'd rent porno and video games, or at least that's what he claimed. I also grew up when Sonic had 2 cartoons on at roughly the same time period. So you Mario fanboys? That's how I feel about Sonic. Sure, Sega's good days are WAY behind them, but I still love the little blue hedgehog. And one last thing, Sonic should go back to being short and chubby. I don't like this tall, lanky, heroin addict-looking Sonic. His nose is three feet long and he looks like he should be in one of those "For just 80 cents a day..." commercials. Old Sonic > New Sonic. A lot of the old fans feel that way, and I'm one of them. Criticize all you like.

Enough of this mushy, nostalgic junk... Let's get down to brass tacks.

Sound: The score is just great, any Sega fanboy could immediately tell you what stage a song came from. The sound effects are unique and really suit the game's cartoonish feel.

Graphics: Two words. BLAST PROCESSING! Okay... so that wouldn't be hyped until Sonic 2, but I wanted to say it, anyway. The colors are bright. The sprites move fairly well. The backgrounds are certainly eye-catching. The only real complaint you could have about graphics is if you use the item creation cheat (look it up). Some of the things on the map can disappear, including some of the items you've created depending on the number.

Gameplay: Alright. Now we're talkin'. This game is in my favorite style-- sidescrolling. Of course, pretty much EVERY game from this era was a sidescroller, but I think it's a lost art in the gaming industry of today. Sonic, of course, is a platformer so you must just from place to place collecting the golden rings strewn about the map. I like the reward system for the rings. Of course, I expected a point to all of this, that's not what I was talking about. I like the extra stage and the ability to earn a ton of extra lives, even continues in the extra stage. And, like any game worth playing, there's a boss fight. And, man, are these ever good. The only boss stage that gets a little frustrating is when you face Robotnik... Time for a tangent... THAT'S HIS NAME! Not "Eggman" or "Slappy White" (a billion cool points if you know who that is) or whatever you call him because that's what they call him in Japan or on the TV show or whatever. He was introduced as Robotnik, so that's his name. Unless someone at Sega wants to write an official story about Robotnik going through an entire legal process changing his name from Robotnik to Eggman, he's still Robotnik. Many games, cartoons, and comics can back me up. Okay... where was I? So I bought these pants and the tag is just uncomfortable so I... What? Oh, the game... Sorry. The final boss fight is more or less a guessing game. It's easy, but if you're in a hurry to beat the game, maybe for a speedrun or something, you could be there for a while. The game is simple to pick up. Every button jumps. Start is pause. You run from side to side. Easy.

Summary: If you love Sonic but for some reason haven't played this game, shame on you. This game has been released so many times it isn't even funny. If you own a video game console, chances are, there's a copy of Sonic the Hedgehog for it. Even friggin' Master System got a version of it! There's no excuse for not playing this game. You can get a pass on the sequels, I guess, but you have to at least play this one. Every time I play this game, it brings back a lot of good memories. I seriously doubt that this current generation of gamers will ever know that feeling because all of the "cool" games are extremely violent and gory. As someone that's grown up playing video games, I glad there's a market for those games because my tastes have changed, but I can pick up Sonic and not feel like I'm playing a "kid's game." I feel like I'm playing a game. I don't have to shoot anyone or harm innocent bystanders. I just have to run to the right side of the screen. This is truly a game for all ages. Pick this up any way you can. I think the best way to get the game would be to pick up Sonic Mega Collection. Not only does it have this classic game, but it has the direct sequels and spin offs.

10 out of 10 Poptarts.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/31/07

Game Release: Sonic the Hedgehog (US, 06/23/91)

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