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"My first review is dedicated to the classic that bought me into gaming"

Back in 1991 when I was a 3-years-old kid, I got a MegaDrive with STH packed in with it. Hence, STH became the very first video game I've ever played and it certainly is one of the best platformer around up to date. Alright enough of history, onto the review...


STH is a 2D platformer released for the MegaDrive/Genesis in 1991. It marks the debut of the famous blue hedgehog that rivals Nintendo's plumber Mario. Savouring huge amount of popularity, STH spawned a considerable number of sequels and branched out into other series as well as other systems, handhelds and consoles.

The premises of STH consists of 6 zones, each with 3 sub-divisions known as acts. To complete the game, the player must run Sonic through all 6 zones and defeat the final boss. Sound ordinary? Well it certainly is...not! Read on to learn more about this gem.

Story - 6

Dr. Robonik has captured Sonic's bird friends had them encased in his minion robots called badniks. It's up to Sonic (alone) to save his friends and defeat evil Dr.Robonik. Not the best story huh, but nevertheless a good story isn't really necessary for a platform game. At least that's how I feel.

Graphics - 9

From the lush greenery of Green Hill Zone to the psychotic Scrap Brain Zone, I was treated with colourful graphics that compromise the theme of each zone. A lot of effort were put into the design of the foreground as well as the background graphics. The spirits look great especially for Sonic who appears to be very well drawn. Most importantly, the frame rate of this game is high, which made smooth animations for every movements possible. Such standard of graphics is present in only a handful of MegaDrive games.

Sound - 10

With the weak sound chip of MegaDrive, it is almost impossible to produce quality gaming music back then. Despite that, STH became an exception. The music of every zones closely matches the environment and set the mood for better gameplay. Complementing the musics are the effects which sounded as they ought to be, the cute explosions, the jump of Sonic, and the bouncing springs, everything sounded just right. This game even can stand up to today's standard in the sound department.

Gameplay - 10

Rite..onto the core of the game. In this 2D platformer, you play as sonic (of course) who is able to run at punishing velocity. Sonic must reach the end of each act without dying, he does so by running through the acts, collecting rings, and destroying badniks and subsequently the Egg-o-matics. Besides the basic objective mentioned priory, Sonic can also get power-ups (invincibility, 1up, fast shoes etc.) by destroying TVs. Though this game is relatively hard compared to its sequels, any gamer should be able to complete it within 1 1/2 hour, or merely an hour for more experienced gamers.

Replayability - 10

This game is too addictive to cast it aside after the first playthrough for it is extremely enjoyable to control Sonic. You'll find yourself going back to play this game very frequently as I did up to this day.

Final Recommendation

BUY IT NOW!! if you can find a copy that is, or else borrow/steal it from your friends. Get this game in your hands by any means for it'll last you at lease a decade (it did for me). The only downside I can think of is the lack of a good story. So yea, after 16 years I'm still playing this masterpiece, and you should now be doing so too if you have it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/15/07

Game Release: Sonic the Hedgehog (JP, 07/26/91)

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