Review by joeyissoweird

Reviewed: 02/06/08

Sega's Mario is not a Human nor Ape

I won't mention in this review the flaws and compare it to other games in the Sonic series. I won't call it repetitive. No. Pretend this is the now defunct Sega Saturn Magazine that was in the UK. Actually, don't. This is me reviewing. I've had so much fun in this game. I remember when I was.. a very young age, my mom helped me beat the first boss. Heh.

This game shows a lot of the power of the Sega Genesis. May not be all the power, but this game shows quite a lot of the graphics that this video game console can have. I'd say it's pretty alright. You can still play Sonic and not have your eyes bleed like you're playing the Game Boy in the dark.

The gameplay is easy, but very fun. What you have to do is just go very fast, collecting rings and jumping on monsters. The coins are basically your HP. You get hit, and you have to collect your rings fast, or else you have lost a lot of your rings. I think this beats the HP and Hearts and other features in other games because you can have perhaps a billion, and you can be unstoppable. But I warn you, when you get hit, you lose a lot of the rings. Not just two or three. Maybe even all. I forget. The bad thing about this feature in the Sonic the Headgehog Games is because of the high speeds Sonic is moving, if he gets hit and there's another enemy to hit him after that, he dies. Even without the high speeds, you can still have that. So I guess this can be a challenge.

Each boss has their different unique ways of getting their rear end pwned by the elite skills of Ssonic the Headgehog. (I almost typed Headgebob!) Just like a lot of games with bosses. I'd say overall, the gameplay rules. That's what makes the score of the game a 10/10. It's a very fun game! You don't see Mario going 150mph and having rings for his HP. I thought so..

The sound is remarkable. The sound is what will be in your memory for a long time. The music is just fantastic. It's like Super Mario Bros.. if a Sonic game is released without their old classic music or something similar, fans will be slightly dissapointed, and maybe even grow to enjoy the new theme, but the old classic Sega Genesis theme will still be in their memory. I can hear it now.. Game Over ending sound..

Overall, this game is pretty fun. If you haven't played this but you have enjoyed the later Sonic games, hopefully not the one for the Xbox 360 where Sonic marries a female, I haven't played that or any other Sonic games besides this (I played one for the Dreamcast).. You will enjoy this game.. The classic side-scrolling adventure beats anything.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Sonic the Hedgehog (US, 06/23/91)

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