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"The beginning of the blue hedgehog's career."

Sonic The Hedgehog was the first of a fantastic platforming trilogy for the Genesis. It was a extremely good game and it certainly stands the test of time. The game really helped Sega and the Genesis lift off and the blue hedgehog Sonic quickly became Sega's famed and loved mascot.

Graphics:8.9/10:For one of the most early games on the Genesis Sonic The Hedgehog's Graphics were pretty good. Not the best or close, but still quite good. Most of the sprites are great and the level designs are a bit bland, but still good. Enemy designs aren't anything too crazy, but they get the job done. Graphics for Sonic The Hedgehog score a 8.9/10. While the Graphics were pretty good the Gameplay and Music is where Sonic shines.

Gameplay:9.8/10:The Gameplay in Sonic The Hedgehog is fantastic. It's mostly your typical platformer with Sonic being able to run and jump. However, it's a ton of fun and the level design is extremely good. As with just about every 2D side scrolling platformer you proceed through levels. Your health is determined in a different innovative way. You collect Rings and when Sonic gets hit you lose them and they scatter all over the place. The game gives you a small amount of time to get as many back as possible. To make things a bit easier you can also get a shield power up found in hidden spots at levels which allows you to take one hit before losing rings. The shield is not the only upgrade though! You can also get a invincibility one and another that makes Sonic run at a incredibly fast speed. So, aside from that by to the typical elements of platforming this game has. Like most platformers you'll go through the level defeating enemies and overcoming dangerous obstacles to reach the end of the level.

Normally you fight a boss after a world or at the end of a level in a platformer. For Sonic it's at the end of a Zone. Each Zone has three Acts and after the third Act is beaten you face a boss at the end. Once that third Act is beaten you proceed to the next Zone. In total there are seven acts. Normally, this length would not be a problem, but it is due to no save system.

In Sonic The Hedgehog there's no saving! You get Game Over and have no continues...Guess what? Your starting the whole game over again! YAY! Okay, but really this is extremely aggravating when you get a Game Over really far into the game and have to go through everything you just did before over again. Fortunately, the game was nice and if you have 50 Rings at the end of a level you'll go to a Bonus Stage. Here, if you collect enough Rings you'll gain another Continue. Plus, you can get the Chaos Emeralds and if you obtain all seven then you'll get a very awesome secret unlocked. Overall, the Gameplay is extremely good and if not for the minor aggravating no Save System flaw Sonic The Hedgehog's Gameplay would be just about perfect. So, Gameplay scores a 9.8/10. Last is the Music which was done masterfully.

Music:10/10:I absolutely love the Music in the game. Despite the sound limitations compared to future Genesis games Sega really outdid themselves. I love every song in the game and usually find myself singing along to the songs. If I had to pick two favorites though it would probably be Springyard Zone and the Labyrinth Zone songs. Music easily gets a 10/10. With everything reviewed and talked about how is Sonic 1?

Overall:10/10:Sonic The Hedgehog is a fantastic platformer. It began the excellent platforming triliogy and stands the test of time easily. It's extremely fun and has innovative level design plus a good difficulty balance. However, the lack of a Save System is aggravating. The Graphics despite this being a old Genesis game was done very well. Like the Gameplay, the Music is excellent and I love the soundtrack in Sonic The Hedgehog. So, overall Sonic The Hedgehog gets a 10/10 from me. It's nearly perfect and if you haven't played it...GO PLAY IT NOW!! What are you waiting for!?

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/26/08

Game Release: Sonic the Hedgehog (US, 06/23/91)

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