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"And So It Goes"

Back in the spring of 1990 a group of Japanese got together and had a discussion. In this discussion they mentioned that they didn't want just a game that would outsell the competition but to make a game that would feature the defacto mascot of the company in this case SErvice GAmes. A major theme that helped carry this company to success in the early 1990s was the speed associated with this new kind of platformer that was seen in the series as a whole. Another theme was the Daoist or Neo-daoist principals that were being played upon but in a subtle way especially at the beginning. Some other influence that may have been played upon could be the anthropomorphic themes much like the early Disney films. Both mascots in this case wore white gloves. They were considering to make Sonic a rabbit but this was scrapped so that this new kind of platform game could be seen as something different from something like the Super Mario series.

Yuji Naka is somewhat credited for the game as a whole being the chief programmer. This music is quite good and quite memorable despite being a somewhat short playlist. It's somewhat difficult to categorize the music. It's being played off of a synthesizer but it doesn't have a ton of the typical sawtooth and square lead sounds associated with the medium probably still in the early '90s. There are also a number of memorable sound effects that became standardized. The optics for this game are pretty good. They're obviously dated for today's standards here in the second decade of the twenty-first century. What I mean is that the overall presentation seems neat and orderly. I couldn't find certainly any major problems with it and for it's time it was quite relevant considering that it was the first official year of the 4th console generation--it was I think 2 more years until the first 32-bit games came out and the first 16-bits came in the mid '80s.

The gameplay in this game starts out pretty straightforward and naturally gets more advanced as you progress. I guess you could compare this to Super Mario but instead of attacking opponents usually by jumping on them and then taking their shell or whatever you may want to just spin forward once you have momentum to the next side-scrolled environment. You can take your time in this game but it seems to favour a more forward momentum. There's really nothing to the controls. You obviously move with the d-pad. The action buttons if you want to call them that are the other 3. in this game your amount of actions is confined to the point that you cannot even do a spin dash which becomes more important later. This is really one of the simplest games of its time in regards to its overall human to machine interface.

Does this game sell? Well it certainly did back almost 20 years ago. I think part of why it was successful was that it was really being billed as a flagship game. Some people have argued that this game is too simple which I agree with in the previous paragraph. I don't know how this blue hedgehog did it but he really made a loud voice in the world culture if you want to call it that. Back 15 years ago or so I can't think of 1 child especially a boy who had never heard of this. Is there replay value? I don't think there is tons but it definitely is one you probably will not mind popping in every now and then if not for pure nostalgic value. This game will probably become one of the most referred to games for the year it's associated with along with a few others like Bare Knuckle. That may be a somewhat forgotten time for some but for kids back then it was quite memorable.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/17/10

Game Release: Sonic the Hedgehog (US, 06/23/91)

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