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"Where it ALL started...."

One fine day in 1991,a innovative,yet simple game launched that featured a blue hedgehog.This game was Sonic the Hedgehog.This is what turn Genesis from a failing NES wannabe,into the most succesful home console ever.It was one of the first games that used Genesis's awesome speed and power. (It's not Awesome now,but in 1991,the Graphics and Sound were awesome)

Graphics:9:As mentioned above,this was one of the first to use Genesis's awesome power and speed.This game was TOO fast for Genesis though,because Sonic often ran of the screen at his top speed,and things became blurred.Nontheless this game is STILL one of the faster games I've played.As for the actual graphics,this game is right in between Sonic 3D blast and Super Mario Bros. for NES.It was quite impressive at the time,and was clear.Hi Res graphics(compared to NES) helped this game ALOT.Plus there was more movement in the sprites.In SMB on NES,Only Mario's legs moved,but Sonics Legs move at different speeds.And His Hair moves too.This was the technical breakthrough Gaming needed to go mainstream.

Sound:10:The best music I've ever heard on a 16-bit system.Upbeat happy music is heard in upbeat happy levels,while bosses music is distressing and suits the theme.Some sound effects are used in SONIC ADVENTURE for DC(Only the sound has been slighty clarified).There is a sound for almost everything,jumping,picking up rings,losing rings,whatever.Music like this is what caused people to buy Stereo A/V cables.(which were rare and usless,unless you had a advanced TV.The music had one flaw.The Music was unclear,and crackles when you turn it up too high.Which is only minor,and doesn't take away too much.

Gameplay:9:GREAT gameplay.Not the best,only great.Plenty of secret routes and passages.Just like in most other Platformers of it's day,you run along a 2D track,and Jump to kill bad guy's.This is a good game that made Genesis popular.It doesn't have to many different bad guys.There is a wasp that is in almost every level,and some of the bad guys are too easy.

Replay Value:6:Once you beat it,you beat it.You might want to go back and find secret routes and get high scores.There is one MAJOR flaw,no way to save,or go back to your location.This game usually takes about 2-3 hours to beat,and after 2 hours,this game gets repetive.This is why it did not get a overall 10.

Overall:9:Only Suffers from replay value,and the fact there is no save or password feature.This is a great game that is worth $10 and a afternoon.Go buy this game!!!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/03/01, Updated 02/03/01

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