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"A platform classic which has earn its place in history"

The game that started it all. A classic by all means of the word. It was one of the main reasons the Genesis took off as big as it did. Much superior to his main opposition of the time, namely Mario, Sonic gave gamers something they didn’t have in platformers, pure speed. Sonic also provided Sega with one other thing, a brand new mascot (the previous mascot was Wonderboy). Sonic was also one of my first megadrive/genesis games, and is one that I still play to this day. It superior, in my opinion to many 3-D platformers out there, and I dare say even superior to its Dreamcast game, Sonic Adventure. On with the review.

Graphics: 10

My jaw hit the floor the first time I saw the graphics in this game. Nowadays they’re still pretty good, but they have been bettered. Wonderful use of colours; they are varied and generally help set the mood of the level. There is a little slowdown in some bits, usually only when you get the invincibility, but it doesn’t hinder gameplay.

Sound: 10

One of the best soundtracks I have ever heard in a video game. Music sets the pace and mood of a level (especially the boss music), and is generally very atmospheric. Sound effects are very well done, from the sound of smashing a monitor, to the sound of Sonic drilling through a wall. The sound is very crisp and clear.

Story: 8

Sonic was an ordinary old hedgehog. One day while he was frolicking, he managed to burrow into the laboratory of Dr Kintobor, a friendly thin scientist, who was working on several projects. He thought Sonic would be perfect for one of his experiments, a pair of super sneakers. While testing Sonic on a treadmill, Sonic ran so fast in the shoes that he turned blue and broke the sound barrier. Another of his experiments was a machine to destroy the Chaos emeralds, emeralds which contained the source of all evil in the world. Whilst going to chuck out some rotten egss, Kintobor’s machine started to malfunction. It blew up, and somehow mixed Kintobor with the rotten eggs to make him Dr Robotnik, a man completely the opposite to Dr Kintobor. Dr Robotniks started to gather up animals, many of which were Sonic’s friends, and trapped them inside large cages. Sonic vowed to get revenge and free his animal buddies.

Sorry if the story is a little out, I’m doing this all from memory. A good story, typical of this type of game.

Gameplay: 10

Fantastic. Sonic introduced many original concepts. The gameplay is fast, even frantic in some parts. There is enough things to focus on doing, such as collecting all the chaos emeralds. There are many different paths one can take through a level, you are not set on a path like in you average 2-D platformer. Enemies are varied too, some even look pretty funny. Bosses are great, although they don’t offer much of a challenge.

Lastability: 6

What more could you want in this game? A challenge. This game is just far too easy. Although you might not finish it first time through, its still fairly short. Chaos emeralds are a bit of a side track, but they don’t give you anything that special. Although you will come back and play it now and then, its not the type of game that will be stuck in you Genesis for months on end.

Overall: 9

A legendary game, brought down from being perfect by its lack of difficulty. Nonetheless it is a game everyone should own, or at least play.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/15/01, Updated 02/25/01

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