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"One of the best Genesis games"

Sonic the Hedgehog was a great game for its time(1991). This game saved Sega's system from failing like others of theirs(Saturn,Sega CD,etc.). This game eventually was packed in with the Genesis and sold tons of copies. While not as good as the later ones,it was truely great for it's time.


The graphics were great for it's time. Before,alot of Genesis games looked like NES games(some not all). The zones are extremely colorful and quite good. Sonic even taps his foot is you stand for a while(might not seem big now but it was one of the few games to do that in 1991 and before).
Sure,the graphics arent exactly as great as Super Nintendo graphics but this was on the first 16-bit system so you can't expect it to be the cream of the crop.


It's weakest category(besides story),there werent much sounds at all besides jumps and stuff. The sound wasnt paticularly good especially compared to games nowadays. I guess its beter than Mario's jumps.


The music is some of the best music to hit a home system. The first level's music is good enough but the other level's are also quite good. Sure the music may get repetitive but its good enough.


The story,in a nutshell,is you go around saving animals from Robotnik. At the end of each level,you fight Robotnik who always has a new contraption with him. Not exactly an epic story but most games like this dont rely on story anyway. At least its now save the princess like SOME games I know.


At first it may seem like Mario but there are differences. Its faster and Sonic collects rings. When you're hit,you lose rings. You must then get some rings before you're hit again. If you're hit with 0 rings,you die. There are also ALOT more enemies then any Mario game. Sure,theres not much variety in the enemies but oh well,you can't have everything.
You can also collect 50 rings to get access to a bonus stage at the end of each Act. In the bonus stage,you have to get the Chaos Emerald. Collect enough coins and you'll get a continue. You can't save so get as many continues as you can unless you're skilled.


Its basically in the middle. Some zones are harder than others. Some boss fights like the last battle with Robotnik might take a while to figure out if you're new. So the difficulty isn't too high.

Replay Value:5/10

Theres not much reason to replay it other than to see if you can get all the Chaos Emeralds. If you beat the game and got all the Chaos Emeralds theres not much reason to replay it.

Rent or Buy?:Either

If you're into Sonic games,then get this. Otherwise,its a rental.


Its a great game. Some might not enjoy it that much. The only thing I found lacking was Replay and Sound. Story was basically good for most games of this kind at the time. Its a great game. If you bought a Genesis,you might have this game already. Otherwise,its a solid buy unless you dont like speedy games and games with a weak storyline.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/15/01, Updated 06/15/01

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