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Sonic The Hedgehog was Sega's answer to Nintendo's Mario. Sonic was popular for a while, until Sega released bad Sonic game after bad Sonic game. Sonic never recovered from that.

Game Play-

The game has one premise. Get to Dr. Robotnik as fast as you can. Rings are your health, and you lose them when you get hit by an enemy. You can recover them, but about half of them will be gone. You kill enemies by spin-jumping on them. Sonic can also use special items, such as running boots or temporary invincibility. My favorite levels in this game were the bonus levels. They were pretty interesting in the way that they were designed in. They constantly change tilt in directions, and you have to break blocks to get to the chaos emerald.


There are two basic moves. Jump, and Spin. Jumping onto platforms is difficult at times. But, look at all the moves in Super Mario World. (In all fairness, Mario used more buttons than Sonic did)


The audio is good, but not great. It seems as though a flute is always playing. The sound effects are good. The soundtrack shouldn't have been on Gamespot's Ten Best Soundtracks, but it's not the worst thing on the Genesis. It doesn't suit some levels in the game as well as others did. The music could've also used a little more depth to it.


The graphics are detailed and have nice backgrounds, but there seems to be some glitches. I don't know whether it's my cart, Genesis, or TV, but in certain parts of the game, weird colors show up. It's not bad, the game works fine, but it's a minor inconvenience. Also, Sonic's claim to fame was fast game play. This game isn't so fast. Besides, I thought the cheetah was the fastest animal. The bonus stage graphics were weird. There was a nice ambiance, and the colors would keep changing.


After beating the game three times, the game gets boring. The game is fun for the inexperienced platformer. A save game feature would've been nice. More power-ups and moves and more levels should've been in there.


Percentage of Gaming Goodness-70%


The game is a good game for the platformer fan, but this game's sequels were almost exactly like this. It costs about $5.00 used at most used game stores. It's a little overrated, but it'll do for the Genesis, baby!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/04/01, Updated 05/20/02

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